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Responding to our Question of the Day: What Gun for Houston Rescue Mission? the majority of respondents reckoned a concealable handgun is the firearm of choice. Jon Wayne Taylor’s still in the Bayou City delivering medical supplies and helping where he can, armed with a Lone Wolf non-GLOCK GLOCK.

The former combat medic reports that lots of folks are carrying handguns, many openly. But as Houston dries out, it’s time for a rethink.

What gun to deter/deal with looters? I reckon a shotgun — any shotgun — is the right choice. What’s your take?

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    • Yep.

      To quote a buddy who was Army EOD: “If you’re wearing flip-flops, you’re useless as a man. You’re not effective at running towards danger, and you’re likely stumbling if you’re trying to run away.”

      • May be useless in flip flops. But if you have lost everything in the flood including all of your shoes, you make due with what’s available.

        • Just like dog owners, these task force guys look like their guns.

          Cheap beer and an armed militia. It’s what’s for dinner.

      • Of course it’s a joke – looked at that dag-nabbed flag they’ve got! Anyone with any sense knows that a t-sip doesn’t know how to operate a weapon – now a d!ldo, that’s another story!!! (And to be completely clear, this is tongue-in-cheek sarcasm, all the way! I love my Austin brethren, and all that they are doing to assist!) –Sincerely, Aggie

    • While I agree in general that good solid shoes/boots are far superior to flip-flops, the persistent flood/water conditions are a SEVERE problem for shoes/boots. (As in trench foot.)

      Believe it or not, flip-flops might actually be a better choice depending on the exact conditions.

    • “Tactical flip-flops” is the definition of oxymoron. If it’s all that survived the flood do with what you have but swap those out ASAP.

  1. I’m kinda hoping that photo is some sort of staged joke. Beer, flip flops and firearms, way to stereotype Texans and gun owners!

    • Good grief, Hank Hill and the rest of the “King of The Hill ” crew with arms…….. Only thing missing is the propane Accessories. 😉

    • We don’t need help stereotyping ourselves, thank you very much.
      Down here we mix live ammunition and alcohol and call it a family outing.

  2. AK-47, the very best there is. When you absolutely, positively, got to kill every motherlooter in the ‘hood; accept no substitutes.

    • Miller has a big brewery in Fort Worth, Texas. That beer could have been made in Texas by Texans, just saying.

      • Mmmmm, Shiner.

        A couple years ago (okay, a decade ago) I went down to Florida to visit my folks for the holidays after I had moved back to Oklahoma a few years earlier. As is our tradition my father and I went to a local range and afterwards stopped at Winghouse in Largo for beer and wings.

        I asked the bartender for a Shiner and she looked at my like I was insane and told me that Largo was not located in Texas. The Bud she poured me tasted like crap.

      • Shiner makes a fair number of beers; some are even drinkable.

        Regardless, there are markedly better beer choices in Texas. Thankfully.

      • Yup. Shiner. Just the plain bock if you please.
        Lone Star is swill… beer-flavored water like Miller Lite.

    • +1

      And in addition to the guy manning the punt gun, somebody with a combination shotgun/rifle in 12 GA and 7x57R. That way I think everything’s pretty well covered! (-:

      • Staring down a 2″ bore on a 10′ long shotgun would be a real fast attitude changer. Or underwear changer.

  3. Just the stereotypes we need. All in that pic.

    Sometimes we are our own worst PR enemy.

    Although, I would be ok with a gun bunny in that pic.

  4. Auto loading 20 gauge with #2 buckshot , my S & W 4506 open carry on my belt , my PMR 30 tucked inside my waist and under my shirt and my NAA black Widow 22 WMR in my pocket .

    • PMR 30… Don’t think I’d trust a Kel-Tec jam-o-matic in the best situation let alone dealing with looters.

      • I own THREE PMR 30’s , yes three , and two CMR 30’s , no jams , no jams , no jams . function flawlessly . You should not go on the yankers of others . Loaded correctly , in a strong wrist grip , the PMR 30 is a very formable weapon .

  5. I don’t usually chide people for their gun choices but a scope on top of a carry handle is really derpy to me.

  6. They look like normal Texans to me. You don’t have to look for looters, they come to where the stuff is. Might as well have a cold one while sitting at home guarding the homestead waiting for things to go back to normal.

    • They have a “TU” flag. They’re either fakes or Longhorns. ‘Nuff said.

      @TTAG staff: I think it’s time that Longhorn gear was censored. It triggers me. =P

  7. Something semi auto and magazine fed in .308. One and done. Faster to reload than a shotun, range to reach out and touch someone long distance, and mild recoil.
    Second choice, m1 garand.
    For a handgun, something chambered in .357 magnum.
    12 gauge for up close.
    If those are not an option, then what ever you have.

    • You need reach out and touch someone distance for dealing with looters? I’m not sure the local DA or LE will be too impressed with you picking off someone you thought was a looter from 300+ yards.

  8. Pretty sure that I’ve read that any military-looking semi-auto is designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible.

  9. Doesn’t really matter I reckon… Your average looter is probably after an easy score, not a firefight. Thus my answer boils down to “the gun you have”.

    If you’re visibly armed chances are they’re not going to want to mess with you.

  10. It doesn’t matter if it’s a staged photo or they are actually deterring looting. I bet 100 to 1 odds none of the keyboard warrior fuzz-nuts who have never been in anything more than a playground fight and punched holes in target with thier BSR would dare looting with these hillbillies roaming around loose.

  11. Here I am again touting the flexibility of the good ole .22LR. So I say a 10/22 with a Nikon 3-9 BDC scope. One in the leg and one in the ass as they run away. Good cheap target practice…

      • Title 2, Chapter 9, Subchapter A, Section 9.42 (B) of the Texas Penal Code:

        DEADLY FORCE TO PROTECT PROPERTY. A person is justified in using deadly force against another to protect land or tangible, movable property:
        when and to the degree he reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary:
        (A) to prevent the other’s imminent commission of arson, burglary , robbery, aggravated robbery, theft during the nighttime, or criminal mischief during the nighttime; or
        (B) to prevent the other who is fleeing immediately after committing burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, or theft during the nighttime from escaping with the property;


        For reference, though, this provision has protected shooters who’ve hit, sometimes killed, thieves stealing a tip jar with $20 in it, a guy stealing a case of beer, and a 13 year old kid who broke into a vehicle looking for snacks. All shooters in these cases walked. Again, your circumstances may be different.

  12. Since it is legal to open carry in most states around Texas I wonder how many people have come in from other states and do not realize they are breaking the law by open carrying in Texas without a license.

  13. I guess I’m the only one that read the title and thought you were recommending firearms for looters to use.

    My answer is whatever gun they’ve already stolen.

    For the intended question: Any firearm you have available, regardless of what you’ve chosen to wear that day. I don’t dress like a tactifool, although tennis shoes at a minimum. You never know what you may step on that the flood washed in…

  14. Mk 19 with 900 rounds HE, couple M-60s with 10,000 rounds 7.62mm, dozen M-16a2, couple GAU-5s, 50,000 rounds 5.56mm, and an M-203 or M-79. What? Oh, yes, I forgot, a few claymores. Still not enough? 🙂

  15. What gun to deter/deal with looters?


    Oh, more specific? I like a shotgun or rifle for the visible deterrence value.

  16. Well while I’d like boots or even some low top hikers, the Vietcong seemed to do ok wearing sandals .

    Back in I think ’64 my city had a decent riot, lots of arsons , police helicopter crashed downtown and so on . My Grandfather and his neighbors stood guard on the block with their hunting guns, his was a side by side 12 ga Reminton . Not sure of his footwear but knowing his love of beer , I’m sure that was along on post .

  17. Serious question(s):

    Since I wasn’t even aware of what was going on in Texas until around noon today, is it actually legal to shoot looters?

    That is, someone who poses no actual immediate threat to your physical safety or that of another, but is engaged in theft post-disaster, is fair game in Texas? How does that work in other states?

    Also, I’ve been out in the mountains for two weeks and the Name/Email autofill thing still isn’t fixed? Wow.

    • “is it actually legal to shoot looters?”

      Yes, with a hunting license. They are considered an invasive species, so there’s no bag limits either. 🙂

    • The answer is yes and no, but check out Jonathan – Houston’s comment. The use of force laws are pretty much all in the chapter he is referring to.

      I won’t answer any questions because I can’t receive them.

  18. Kel-Tec Sub2000. Easily transportable and almost as easy to conceal as a pistol. Uses Glock 17 mags and can eat 33 rounds of 9mm at a time.

  19. If you a dealing with looters (but don’t actually want to have to shoot anyone), deterrence is your friend.

    Driving around the neighborhood in a big truck with guys armed with long guns is likely to scare looters (who are cowardly by nature) away.

    Not many (if any) looters have been shot because potential looters know Texans will not hesitate to shoot them. They stay home.

  20. Why do you need a gun? Just put up signs informing the would be looters that they’re in a looter free zone. I’m sure they’ll just move along.

  21. Speaking as a Houston native, a 23 year lawyer and 14 year Board Certified criminal law specialist in the State of Texas, don’t bring too much gun to defend property. These are thieves, not killers. The police will take your gun, and they will refer the case to the DA. You don’t want the lady ADA on call to see your skull shaped Sharp’s Bros. lower with the words “righteous justice” carved on the side. Go for something with a walnut stock. First choice would be a Marlin lever action carbine in .357 or .44. If you have to have a semi-auto, then a Ruger “Ranch Rifle” looks and sounds less threatening than an “assault rife.” (Yeah, I know you prefer the term “modern sporting rifle” but that’s not what the grand jury will call it.) Also acceptable would be a Springfield M1A Scout Squad in walnut or even an M1 Carbine reproduction.

  22. Visibility to deter looters, just be seen around your property clearly armed and they will choose softer targets. Just have your biggest most intimidating gun you have for extra intimidation. If all you have is a Deer Rifle or a bird gun that’s fine. AR, AK, 700, 10/22, 870, pistol or great grandpa’s musket. It doesn’t really matter just as long as you are visibly prepared to defend what is yours.

    Do have to respect the guy in the back right of the photo rocking the Garand.

  23. A fixed bayonet to a Mossberg 590 shotgun. That was the original crowd control combo. It has never failed. Extremely intimidating.
    Many say the bayonet is obsolete. I disagree. Now is the time for fixed bayonets.

  24. An AR-15 would be ideal, but in reality, if I was stuck at my house for days because of flooding or some other disaster, I wouldn’t have an AR-15 slung over my back constantly.

    So, here’s how I’d do it:

    For most of my day, either my Kimber 1911 Pro carry II 9mm or my Springfield XD Mod.2 service 9mm would be in a holster on my hip – I wouldn’t be toting around an AR all day. If I was actively standing guard, then I would have an AR-15 on a sling over my shoulder and the sidearm would be the same as above. If I happened to notice a group of folks that looked up to no good – before they were in my yard – I’d quickly go fetch a pre-loaded and ready AR-15 and stand guard. If I didn’t notice them until they were in my yard, I’d at least have one of those sidearms ready to draw if they appeared to be aggressive or want to loot – and would tell my wife to grab the AR and bring it to me.

  25. i say shotgun, cylinder choke. you’re given a little forgiveness in aim and i think it’s better for legal reasons. once the bad-guy is in range he is much more likely to be a danger to you, from the jury’s/ prosecutor’s perspective.

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