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The New York Times Sunday Magazine ran an article last week entitled Does a More Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex? Spoiler alert! Yes. Yes it does. Or not. You don’t have to have Nick Leghorn’s analytical skillz to realize that Lori Gottleib’s conclusion is based on extremely dodgy analysis of incomplete data – not to mention anecdotes that challenge a Cosmo mag “exposé” for their lack of authenticity. All you have to do is read this bit: “Correlations don’t establish causation, and especially when it comes to sex, there’s always a risk of reporting bias and selective sampling, not to mention the mood of a subject at the time of the survey.” So pseudo-scientific politically correct titillating B.S. then. Still, what if it is true? I can’t think of a more “equal” couple than one where both members are armed. The question must be asked: do you/have you had more frequent sex with partners who are into guns or ones that weren’t?

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      • As did I. It’s nice to know that Brad Pitt and I share a firearms connection. I’m just glad we don’t have the same taste in women. I wouldn’t trade my wife for a dozen home-wrecking Angelina’s.

    • My very first pistol! A Christmas present from Santa, no less. I never did get that Red Ryder rifle I wanted, though.

  1. Do BB guns count??? That’s what dude has in this image…I’d guess her disgusted look is because he’s a poser…

    • Try clicking on the pic… It links to him being quoted as very pro-gun. So before you hate on him for what was probably a prop the camera guy had, consider his words.

    • I’m a rather large target that gave his wife, amongst other weapons, a shotgun. My son has stated that I’d better behave, no way could she miss my big ass with a shotgun. I think I’ll take his advice.

      • A guy I used to work with used to say that he taught his wife to load their single shot twelve with a .22 LR. He figured if she decided to shoot him in his sleep he’d feel the .22 bounce off his head and wake him up….

  2. “________ ‘s conclusion is based on extremely dodgy analysis of incomplete data – not to mention anecdotes that challenge a Cosmo mag “exposé” for their lack of authenticity.”

    Summarization of all NYT articles written.

    • From the few articles from Gottleib that I’ve read, “dodgy analysis” is pretty much par for the course.

  3. I’ve dated pro-gun and anti-gun girls. Though the anti-gunners result in shorter relationships by far, I can say there is no difference in sexual activity in either group. That is until the inevitable disagreements begin with the few girls that didn’t change their minds after they actually tried shooting.

  4. C’mon, at least make it interesting! How about “are people who are into guns more or less likely to have unprotected sex?” And cue the inevitable joke from Austin Powers.

  5. Well I have only been with one woman, so I can’t compare. But I can say when I buy new guns there is sometimes a decrease in said activity.

    • Try buying the new guns for her and see what happens. Best case she is appreciative and shows you that appreciation in some wonderful way. Worst case you still have another gun.

      • I bought her a rifle for her birthday, she shot a couple deer with it but complains to this day. I’m allowed to buy her guns on unbirthdays.

  6. The ladies I’ve had …?…target practice with, weren’t into guns & I prefer it that way. A purse gun would be fine though for protection. Yes, my knuckles are dragging here, let the boo’s begin, Randy

  7. The most i’ve ever had in my life was with a seriously deranged anti-gun nutbar. My current is pretty much on the fence and it’s all a little blah. Anti-gunners are normally a little disturbed, and disturbed people tend to be better in bed.

    • My previous crazy was of the right wing sort, I still agree with your general thesis that the crazy ones bring something interesting to such activities…

      • I hope it isn’t too personal but could you come up with some examples? I always hear the “crazy people are good in bed” but how?

        • frequency was a big part of it. as was location. she was a ‘anytime, anyway, anywhere’ kinda gal. the mental ones also tend to be a lot more vocal, both about what they want and that you’re… eh… giving them what they want. much more open about adventurous things as well.

          full disclosure, i’m only 24 and she was only 21 at the time, and you know how crazy us young folks are 🙂

        • The crazier they are the better (except fully blown nuts)…college library, elevator, anything goes…etc.

        • Well I’ll throw in my .02.. Around ’05 I dated a pretty liberal chick who, as I learned, was abused by various men in her youth – although her father wasn’t one of the abusers, he was a no-show. Then she went on to enlist in the army and during that time “discovered” that she was bisexual, before she sustained a major injury in AIT and was discharged.

          Let’s just say daddy issues seem to make women either a) completely disinterested in sex with men, or b) interested in any and all kinds of sex with men, including multiple men and women. She was willing to do almost anything I had ever thought about sex-wise (I was young and all I knew was from watching porn, so it wasn’t that much), but the line was drawn for me when she proposed threesomes and foursomes. Not something I was ever interested in, even if some of her lady-friends were pretty hot. I’m not a prude but I prefer monogamous sex. Relationship ended soon afterwards, part of the reason being that I wasn’t “experimental enough.” Sex was like THE most important thing to her, before anything else. She was more obsessed with it than any guy I’ve ever known.

          The real crazy comes in after that.. She wanted to become a sex counselor, but never did anything about persuing her education, or doing any long-term planning at all. Her reason? She was convinced that the world was going to end in 2012, so there wasn’t any point to planning for her future. She was just going to party until the end of the world. I kept in touch with her as friends, and when the end of the world didn’t happen last year, her FB page went awfully quiet about it.

          Also her favorite movie maker was John Waters.. Should’ve known right then and there.

        • Jeff, my first wife was the same. Abused and she went completely buck wild. Nothing was too wild or risky for her. Unfortunately she was just plain nuts the rest of the time.

          And lolinski, aren’t you a little young to be asking those questions?

        • Maybe I am trying to find out so I don’t screw up too much and wind up getting a brick with a love note thrown trough the window (happened to a friend). Just curious, would prefer not to find out all the stuff the hard way.

          But you are probably right.

        • lolinski, not being critical of you. Just bear in mind that for every truth you’ll hear on a website populated mostly by guys you’ll hear 9 parts bullshit. There’s more trustworthy places to get life advice than the web.

        • My experience was the opposite (mirror?) of Jeff’s. My abused, liberal, vegan, PETA supporting, Bush hating (she’s still blaming him for stuff), Obama loving ex was completely uninterested in sex beyond the occasional makeout session.

          I married the one that’s into guns. After a few years of dating, she revealed she’s bi, thinking I would be upset. Where Jeff expressed a disinterest in threesomes and foursomes, we’ve embraced the idea and have really enjoyed ourselves in that regard. It’s definitely not for everyone though. At any given time, my open browser tabs tend to be TTAG and adult friend finder.

        • The “1 part truth, 9 parts bullshit” I am used to in my normal life so I know about that (should become a lawyer when I think about it).

  8. The article was referring to the fact that men who take on women’s traditional roles kill their partners sex drive. Any man should be well aware that acting like a woman won’t get you laid.

    Sure, your wife might want you to do more chores, but it makes her less sexually attracted to you.

    • This.

      If you’re not having regular sex you’re either doing something wrong or there’s something wrong with you.

      Best remedy is to be in shape and stop acting like a woman.

    • “your wife might want you to do more chores, but it makes her less sexually attracted to you.”

      “Suburban” chores I agree with. Tying on your apron, donning you gloves and scrubbing the toilet would make any woman less attracted to you.

      But interesting things have been known to happen in the aftermath of “manly” chores….felling, splitting, stacking an acre of standing timber in a day, walking in covered in mud smelling of sawdust.

      Such things are good, very good for the love life. ‘Course, my wife has always been an outdoor girl….

    • I’ve found that to be untrue. What surprised me is the level of good sex we continue to have even though we’re grandparents. Not as frequent as in our youth, but good quality.

  9. The Girl™ fires her pistol for practice about half as often as she “fires mine”. I’m very satisfied with out intimate life, and her range accuracy with the LCR .38sp, PM-9, and 22/45. Med school gets in the way of things more than anything else.

  10. What a dumb conclusion; of course you are more interested in and attracted to someone who shares the same hobbies and interests as you do. That’s why you stay in a relationship with someone.

  11. My girlfriend carries infrequently, is very good with most guns, and has become quite good at locating and safely removing my holster without looking at it.

    She’s an only child, so if for no other reason, I should lock her down for her father’s 50+ guns…

  12. The stooooopidist thing I ever did was give my crazy ex-gf her own pistol. Diddling crazy is dumb, but arming it is heroically dumb.

      • We live 1200 miles apart, so that may have something to do with it. And I’m tooled up to the eyeballs, which may also be helpful.

    • I gave my now former wife a .22 semi pistol for Christmas many years ago. She was surprised. She wasn’t really into guns, but wasn’t opposed to them. She turned out to be a natural pistol shot.

      The pistol was lost in a burglary some years later, a few years before we split. So, unless she’s tooled up again-which I doubt-I think I’m probably OK there.

      I hope. . .

  13. All the one’s I’ve dated were into guns. All the rest… well… I never found out. What’s your stance on the 2ND amendment? Also, what’s your last name? Never mind, I’ll just call you Katie-Pro, much better than Molly-No Guns.

  14. My wife is tolerant.. But then again twice a day every day keeps your hair shiny!
    I don’t really have much perspective on how others live..

    • A man isn’t compleat until he’s married. Then he’s finished.

      Marriege is a fine institution, if you don’t mind being institutionalised.

  15. Lemme just say that my wife and I have been together for nearly 17 years. I finally swayed her from her anti-gun ways about a year ago and there has been a significant uptick. YMMV.

  16. After 30 years of marriage, we have hallway sex a couple times a day.
    We pass in the hallway, she says something unintelligible, so I reply “blow me”, she then retorts, “up yours”.
    So, yeah. It’s pretty much oral sex, all the time now.

  17. Saw a Playboy sex survey years back said the two demographics with the best sex lives were jazz fans (the music, not the shitty NBA team) and gun owners.

    More to the point of the author, if you read the Times article, you saw it was about traditional gender roles, specifically in housework. I’d assume that a couple who both carry would be very “equal”, but also more likely to be more traditional in their household roles. Ergo, more sex.

  18. I have noticed a decrease in sex since I started CC. Taking off my holster, belt, and gun during our interlude and see if that increases the frequency.

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