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The Good Man Project is confused. The title of their pet Fudd’s video asks “Do you feels safer with more guns?” The caption asks “Do guns keep us safer?” Two totally different questions. I like the first one: does owning more guns make you feel safer? For me . . .

It does! I have a carry gun, a bedside pistol, a home defense shotgun, a hunting gun, a trap shooting gun and an outside gun (SCAR 16). And a few guns for the neighbors should I need backup in a SHTF scenario.

That makes me feel safer. You too?

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    • I grew up with guns as farm tools and I have to agree with the video in that I’ve met CCers who scare the crap out of me with their flippant and fake GI Joe attitude about carrying a gun. In their short gun life they had to fabricate an artificial relationship with their gun to the point they give magical powers and gains them entry into some special big boys club

      So for an old guns-as-tools guy, these repressed cop-wannabes are not only dangerous, but a blight on the face of the gun owner. Like those idiots who buy the corvette then immediately crash it because owning it does not mean skill with it.

      Now before you pour on the hate, just know that I am all for everyone who can legally own a gun and who wants one to have one or three or 300, but the respect for the gun is also the public face of the gun community just like it is for the hunting and fishing sports.

      • Charlie Mike Mike,

        … these repressed cop-wannabes are not only dangerous, but a blight on the face of the gun owner.

        Where are all these “repressed cop-wannabe” of which you speak? I have yet to see one.

        More important, are rapists a blight on the face of faithful husbands? No? Then how are “repressed cop wannabe[s] … a blight on the face of a gun owner”?

        • You should spend some time at my local public range in the national forest. Scare the living shit out of you.

        • I suppose that public range in the ooky-spooky woods would scare the sh!t out of me if Charlie Mike Mike and The Gay Poseur were there.

  1. My gun makes me feel safer, other people’s guns neither make me feel safer nor less safe.

    • I told the local paper that I’d feel safer on a bus with everybody armed, which in this area includes a lot of Somalis (a point they brought up), than one with just one person other than myself armed.

  2. can’t carry at work, can’t avoid stupid places at work either-looking for a job change because I feel way less safe when I’m unarmed

  3. I am certain that other users of a trap & skeet club feel safer when a gunowner owns more than one gun if the “only” gun in question is not a shotgun.

  4. Well hell yes I feel much safer being a gun owner but also what adds to it is the fact I can lawfully wear it when I leave the house. The world has changed with the times. Both locally and globally there is far more violence than there ever was in the past. My wife and I both are armed and we rest much easier because of it.

  5. I can only safely and accurately use one firearm at a time. Having a nice battery is comforting, however.

  6. I don’t feel safer when I ride at night armed.

    I *AM* safer riding armed at night. Next time a four or two legged threat wants a piece of me I have more than my two legs to get away from the threat…

    EDIT – One of the ads on the right side of the screen is for a Sig P238 ‘Nightmare’.

    Why in the HELL would I want to buy a ‘Nightmare’?

    I’ve owned (and dated) Nightmares. I don’t want any more Nightmares.

    Is Sig serious about that name?

  7. I don’t do feelings. If you have one gun and keep it accessible all the time having two guns makes you no more safe. This feeling is just an excuse to buy more guns. I don’t need an excuse. If I want another gun I just buy it.

  8. Kind of irrelevant right? If we’re talking about the guns in my safe or in the control of myself or a trusted, proven friend or relative, then yeah, they make me feel safer than I would versus being unarmed.

    However the question kind of plays into the whole guns having a will of their own thing. Does a plastic fantastic scare me? No. Does an idiot or criminal holding a plastic fantastic scare me? Yes.

  9. What no crew serviced weapons just in case!

    Seriously the only time I feel unsafe is in airports and similar “gun free” places.

  10. I like that I have more options with a gun than without. But if I’m honest? I already feel real dang safe. So it’s hard to feel noticeably safer.

  11. I feel better with more guns. Guns are fun, and more guns is funnerer.

    Do I feel better when other people have more guns? Depends on the people; peers?…for sure. Idiots?…not so much, but I don’t think they should reproduce either…or breathe. But I don’t get to choose now do I?

    What is with that video image? Who rests a barrel on the rest? Just asking for POI shifts.

  12. The Fudd in the video link above demonstrates once again how Progressives operate on altruism, fantasy, and emotion. Here is what the man said,

    Or do we want to live in a world where we can feel safe without having a gun, that we don’t need to feel safe because we have a gun, but that we can feel safe even when we don’t have a gun.

    And the way that we are going to get there, is to make sure that people that shouldn’t have guns, don’t have them. And that the guns they have, are the kind of guns that we can use for sport, defense, or enjoyment, without feeling that we are going to war every time we go out.

    (1) Violent, nasty, evil people are real, they are all around us, and they attack us all the time. This has happened throughout all of human history. It continues to this day. It will continue into the future.
    (2) Evil people attacked innocent victims before there were firearms. Criminals attack whether or not they possess a firearm. Criminals attack simply because they want to. If a firearm is not readily available, criminals will use whatever alternate weapon is readily available. Thus, eliminating firearms will not reduce attacks.

    And the man in the video dismisses those cold hard facts because they feel icky. Instead, he proposes an alternate altruistic world which is only “possible” through fantasy. Of course he fabricates this fantastic, altruistic world because it feels much better than the real world.

  13. Jumper cables and fire extinguishers in my vehicle don’t make me any less susceptible to breakdowns, but they do allow me to hopefully handle limited problems quickly without need of outside aid. Guns are the same way, don’t make me feel safer, just better prepared to handle unexpected problems quickly without need of outside aid. As to number my armory is currently limited to one rifle, one shotgun, two handguns. Therefore some backup and a choice to suit varying situations (like taking out those evil clay pigeons on a Saturday morning) or should the need arise arm the wife or stepson for mutual defense. I would like to add three or four more firearms to the list just because I like to shoot recreationally and variety makes it more fun.

    • “… my armory is currently limited to one rifle, one shotgun, two handguns.”

      That is a great start. Now hurry up and purchase more firearms! Better to have and not need than to need and not have.

  14. Yes, frankly.

    That’s why I don’t get toooo upset about Cop Carveouts for things like sports stadiums or the rodeo. I’d be happiest if I could carry myself, but if I can’t, I’m happier that there’s SOMEONE there that could stop something bad from happening.

  15. I agree with a poster above. I don’t “feel” safer with my guns, I AM safer. My wife and I have two shotguns, one AR and one handgun deployed for protection. We both carry. We are not paranoid nor frightened; simply, we are prepared.

  16. Guns keep me safe from crime the same way that fire extinguishers keep me safe from fires. In other words not at all.

    But, what they give me is the most effective tool to react to a situation that requires their use instead of helplessly standing by.


      • Johnny had a little drink
        But Johnny drinks no more
        Because what Johnny thought was H2O
        Was H2SO4

        One of the Little Johnny rhymes my brother was fond of quoting when we were kids.

      • Yup, Trimix! O and N are diatomic molecules and therefore “2”. He is a noble gas.

        I know a different verson of that rhyme:

        Little WIlly was a good boy,
        but Willy is no more.
        What he thought was H2O was H2SO4

        -from my Dad, a science teacher 🙂

  17. with certain guns, sure I guess I “feel” safer, however a 30/06 isn’t really made for personal or home protection, so as far as having a good selection of hunting rifles, that sit unloaded, and in a safe, how could they possibly help me in a position of staying safe? I have a few pistols, and like to carry any of them really, but I’m more likely to defend myself against a rattlesnake than a human being, so that feeling is minute. most of my town carries, weather open or concealed, and with most people here, it is a sense of security knowing most of these folks want to fight for the neighbor, not against.

  18. it’s not so much the gun as it is my ability to use it that makes me feel safer. if simply having the gun makes you feel safe, then you have transformed that machine into a talisman, which does nothing on its own.

  19. I have fire extinguishers and thug extinguishers… and I feel safer with both. Also, I’m happy to have the appropriate tools for different jobs. The fire extinguisher in my truck is smaller than the one in my garage. The 642 in my pocket is smaller than the Glock 22 in my nightstand or the 12 gauge in my closet.

    • Thug ‘repellent’, perhaps?

      The degree it can repel can be adjusted to meet the threat.

      (‘Extinguisher’ might be taken to mean by some as actively desiring a permanent result…)

  20. Do I feel more safer with more guns? No, I have more than enough to “feel safe”, and I won’t be any safer no matter how many I own. And some, like .22s and muzzle loaders, have a very limited defense utility. But owning more guns is more fun. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. (I just wish I could afford all the ones on my “I want this next” list.)

    • That’s funny, because .22’s are my first choice go to rifle in any SHTF scenario. A 10/22 TDSS with Nikon 3-9×39 BDC scope and thousands of rounds all in one easy carry bag give very nice reach out and touch up to 150 yards. What’s not to like about that? And I like rabbit and squirrel.

      • A long time ago a guy from Idaho was telling me about an Indian he knew who hunted moose with a single shot .22LR. I guess the moose hardly noticed they were shot. Probably thought it was a bee sting or something. So he’d get 3 or 4 shots into the moose’s lungs and follow it around for 2 or 3 days until it dropped dead. Of course I cannot personally attest to the accuracy of the story, but it seems plausible at least if you could get a couple shots from each side puncturing both lungs.

    • ^^^^THIS ×1000!!
      I’ve answered the “why do you feel you need to carry a gun?” question many times this way: That’s an odd question, feelings never came into the equation when I decided to start carrying a gun. I carry a gun with the hope and a prayer every time I strap it on, that nobody ever does anything so heinous or stupid that I have to use it.

      • I’ve been in stupid places doing stupid things with stupid people before being armed. I never won a stupid prize though. That was decades ago. I never “felt” unsafe. I was just stupid.

        I didn’t start buying and carrying guns out of “feeling” unsafe. I did it for pure logical reasons. I didn’t want to be a hypocrite. After it was reported that some of the people in the Aurora Theater weren’t carrying their guns, my first thought was that they should have. But I won’t ask another man to do something I am not willing to do.
        As far as owning more guns, it’s just a good idea, not a matter of feeling safer. Like I said, I never felt unsafe.

  21. I never really thought about it until I had to hand my CCW in. That first week without it was awful. I had forgotten what it was like to not be able to defend myself if push came to shove. Being relatively new to guns I hadn’t ever really thought about it growing up either (raised by a single mom who is a PA big city Democrat so that should just about sum it up) until I was robbed at an ATM taking money out to go Christmas shopping. But now that I had been exposed to guns and had become comfortable carrying one not having one wasn’t really an option. I don’t know that having more makes you safer or if it does there’s probably a limit on that statistically speaking but I know that not having one makes you a sitting duck when SHTF

  22. Yes Mr. Fudd it would be lovely if we didn’t need to carry guns and criminals couldn’t get them. But the reality is they can get them despite laws prohibiting it. They have theirs so I want mine. Also my tactical guns don’t make anyone less safe. Thet give me an advantage over the armed bad guys, among other practical advantages like modularity.

  23. Why yes, yes I do. And I am a very safe feeling guy. Much safer than my wife thinks I should be. Much.

  24. No.

    My carry handgun makes me feel prepared to possibly respond to a dangerous situation. And there are no guarantees I will succeed, but I will at least have a fighting chance.

  25. ‘Safer’ and ‘more’ are relative terms. Without defining a base in which to compare them to the whole exercise is moot. If I have 10 guns would I feel safer with 20? Probably not. If I have 1 gun would I feel safer with 3? Maybe. Do I feel safer with a gun than without? Absolutely. Do I feel safer knowing my neighbors have guns? Yep.

    • You trust your neighbors more than I do. Anyone who consistently leaves his dog s**t 10 feet in front of my porch is not someone I trust at all.
      And when his situational awareness is SO BAD that he doesn’t notice the pile of s**t I helpfully moved to HIS doorstep, and he steps in it, I REALLY don’t trust him.

      • Well, some neighbors are more trustworthy than others. But I’d rather live in a neighborhood where everyone owns firea rms than one where nobody does.

  26. Once an owner has the major bases covered — handgun, rifle and shotgun — owning additional firearms improves proficiency, as long as the owner takes the time to learn each gun and shoot it well. And proficiency is safety.

  27. I never really thought of it in terms of how a gun makes me “feel” because they don’t evoke an emotional response in me.

    They’re kind of like my drill press or the other tools in my garage: I have them to enable me to do certain things without relying on other people, not because I get a boner thinking about precisely drilling holes in metal or wood.

  28. “Do you feels safer with more guns?” …“Do guns keep us safer?”

    In reverse order:

    I don’t own or carry guns to make “US” safer, I own and carry them to make ME safer. If my safety makes you safer too, then bonus points for you.

    And then why do you think my feelings are important regarding firearms? If I was scared of them or somehow thought they were dangerous then I wouldn’t own or carry them. The fact that I do kind of answers your question, doesn’t it?

  29. If you wear your seat belt in the car, and keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, you are exercising the same logic one exercises when they decide to carry a gun.

    You’re saying, “The world is an unpredictable place, and by acquiring this tool and having it ready, I can provide myself with a hedge against disaster, because my safety is ultimately my own responsibility before anyone else’s.”

    Not many people live in mortal fear of car accidents or house fires, just like most CCW holders don’t sit around wringing their hands about violent crime the way antis think we do.

  30. Having more guns doesn’t make me feel safer. I can only run one at a time.

    Having more magazines does.

  31. On a scale of 1-10, I feel about a 5 with 1-3 guns, about a 7 with 4-7 guns, about a 9 with 8-11 guns (assuming at least one is a 12 gauge repeating shotgun), about an 8 with 12-16 guns (without a shotgun), then about a 9.5 with 17+ guns( as long as there is a 9mm handgun, a 12 gauge repeating shotgun, a semi auto in 5.56, a six inch medium frame .357 revolver, a .40 handgun, at least a couple of .380’s, and other assorted revolvers, handguns, shotguns, and rifles)

  32. Sure why not…I feel safer with more guns. Am I safer? Dunno’ but it’s like having insurance. You hope you don’t need it but if you do…never drew a gun on anyone.

  33. The vast majority of “safer” is produced by the first gun. The difference between no gun and gun is a lot bigger than between any particular types of guns. Adding a trunk gun, a home defense shotgun, or whatever may flesh the planning out a little, but the real paradigm shift in self defense is acquiring one gun. Once that is done, any additions may marginally increase that safety, but only marginally.

    And, there’s a limit to how much more guns make me feel safer. They’re just tools, and once you have a tool for every job, there’s not much more to do. Any further guns are just toys, or collector items, or plain addiction.

  34. An old man who advocates for societal change based on how things feel or how things should feel probably has a girl friend half his age.

  35. Or do we want to live in a world where we can feel safe without having a gun, that we don’t need to feel safe because we have a gun, but that we can feel safe even when we don’t have a gun.

    And the way that we are going to get there, is to make sure that people I identify as bad are hacked to pieces, along with their families, wherever they try to hide: churches, schools, movie theaters. Show no pity nor any mercy! For they are the enemy!

    I may have edited that a bit, but each sentiment is equally supported by the premise.


    Only response to gun-grab FUDD

    This should’ve been in the top 3 posts somewhere.

  37. so, the rule has been “three is two, two is one and one is none” so I figure sixteen is fifteen, fifteen is fourteen………. and extrapolating, “sixty-four is sixty-three…”

    see where I am going with this?

  38. One gun makes me safer than no guns. Having a backup in case that one stops working makes me safer still. After that we are getting into more specialized uses. If you are a violent criminal, then my having a gun doesn’t make you safer. If you are a law-abiding citizen and my having a gun makes the criminal skip me and go to you, then it doesn’t make you safer. If my having a gun removes the criminal element from both of our environs, then my having a gun makes you safer as well.

  39. I’m one of those odd persons who thinks everyone should have as many arms as they can buy. The second amendment has nothing to do with training. Training is necessary to be a safe and good shooter. But you don’t need training to have gun civil rights. Good people with no training have killed home invaders. John R Lott and AWR Hawkins write about them all the time.

    Total strangers with guns do not frighten me. If you are afraid then how can you support the second amendment???

  40. Yep, and I don’t go where I can’t carry. Today I have two on me counting my BUG. I carry when I get up until I am locked in my bedroom period. I shoot weekly and take defensive lessons monthly Be safe out there and always chin up and aware..

  41. The night that somebody tried to run a friend and me off of the interstate an HK93A3 certainly made us safer.

    We didn’t get carjacked and he took off for parts unknown.

  42. Do I feel more safe with a gun? Yes, do I feel anymore safe with more guns? Not really. I feel safer carrying with a gun than without for sure, but I don’t feel safer when I carry a backup or a backup for my backup. More prepared maybe. But not more safe. One is enough to make me feel safe as long as I’m proficient with it. Problem is one isn’t enough to make me happy, no matter how proficient I become with it. 🙂

  43. First, I didn’t read past the headline for this post. Second, the reason I didn’t was the still from the video with the barrel touching the front rest. Third, I did not watch the video because of number two. I have 2 handguns and 1 tax stamped SBR in my vehicle at all times. What am I afraid of? Not a damn thing.

    • I didn’t watch it until I read your post. Then I remembered watching it 8 months ago. I had a pretty good discussion with the video poster on his youtube channel. I got chastised for calling the old coot a Fudd.

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