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DoubleTap Defense (courtesy Jeremy S for The Truth About Guns)

“With its relatively low ammunition capacity and not-a-revolver-not-an-auto-loader design, this lightweight, three-inch double-barreled handgun really has only one purpose in mind: punish your hand like a psychotic school marm wielding an aircraft grade aluminum ruler.” Just kidding. The stated singular purpose: “last-ditch self defense in extremely close quarters where one or two shots may be all that’s needed to end or escape from an attack.” That’s‘s not-so-surprisingly positive “exclusive” take on the DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol (reviewed by TTAG here). While I get the idea that “a” gun is better than no gun, a “better gun” is better than a “less good gun.” Nine millimeter Kahr PM-9 all day long baby. But if I was going to carry two guns, then sure, why not? But then why? Aren’t I better off carrying a spare mag for my compact .45-caliber 1911? What’s your take on carrying a back-up gun?



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  1. No, because the miniscule chance of needing one isn’t worth the extra hassle of carrying one every day.

    • +1

      And if I did have one it, it wouldn’t be an answer looking for a question like the Double Tap.

    • Isn’t the entire concept of carrying a gun preparing for the miniscule?

      Just trying to play devils advocate here.

      • It’s true that there is a fairly small chance of needing to use your gun, but needing a SECOND gun is just a whole different level of improbable.

        If we start preparing for chances like that, we should all be wearing helmets around all the time, you know, just in case.

  2. The need for a firearm is already tiny. Having to be in a DGU is like a reverse lottery, where you received all the bad luck. If things are so bad you need a back-up gun you are either the unluckiest individual on this Earth or breaking all the rules about not doing stupid things in stupid places with stupid people at stupid times.

    • That’s kind of my thinking too. If I run into a situation where my 7-round P-64 isn’t enough, with an extra mag, then I am probably done for anyway. The only counter-argument would be, of course, an FTF or some such, where reaching for a BUG might be faster than clearing the jam. But I don’t really have a decent BUG to carry anyway, and when I did, I only occasionally carried it. The odds just don’t justify it for me.

  3. I usually do. My reasons are fourfold (in no particular order). First, I’ve had a handgun fail. Second, I’ve had to hand off a second gun to an unarmed companion. Third, NY reload. Fourth, when quickly searched or disarmed at gunpoint, the assailant might not find the BUG.

    • “Fourth, when quickly searched or disarmed at gunpoint, the assailant might not find the BUG.”

      Now that is a compelling reason to have a backup gun … especially if you carry your primary gun openly in plain view.

      • Yep. My primary is usually OCed or half-assed concealed. It’s funny how some will become fixated on the visible firearm and not even think about concealed guns. At one time, I chose to carry three everyday in my AO. They were 1911, SP101, and NAA Mini. The 1911 was primary and carried as described. The other two were concealed. Now, it’s usually a Talo New Vaquero in ACP as primary and usually a NAA Mini as BUG; rarely, a SP101 in place of the NAA. However, if I were to go where I used to under similar circumstances as then, I’d carry the three with the 1911 as primary and a small 9 MM Kahr Arms replacing the SP101. I do carry a spare 1911 magazine most of the time as it serves as a speed loader for the Vaquero if I’m not carrying a 1911. 😉

    • +2

      I carry a BUG (mouse gun) every day for these reasons. I’d rather at least have a chance at a last resort if needed.

      • My Back up gun weighs next to nothing, provides me a second gun with 7 extra rounds, should my primary for some reason, fail.

    • Well done John! I can only add, “leave BUG w/spouse while I run an errand out of the car. I have had one revolver and 2 auto’s fail me on the range so that they’d be useless in a fight. Mr. Murphy is alive and well.

    • Agree to all John and I’ll throw in another: I carry my primary strong side belt and my BUG on my inner left ankle. Stopping my access to the primary may allow me to reach the secondary.

      And another, if we must struggle I may whish to ditch a detected primary by simply throwing it away to prevent the attacker gaining control of it. Then, my highly retained BUG is the only gun in the equation, or else my opponent went after the primary, and is apt to be shot if he touches it (and yes nay sayers, I train that exact drill with a bottle of water standing in for my primary and I’ve yet to have the fasted partners reach even a tossed primary before I can draw and begin firing the BUG).

      I’ve found that with a larger opponent on top of me on the ground my primary can be hard to get to but my secondary can almost be brought to my hand, and better, it’s behind my opponents field of vision.

      I wouldn’t argue that everyone needs a BUG. But I would argue that two guns are better than one.

      addendum: my BUg is a .380 S&W BodyGuard and all my primaries are significantly larger/higher capacity. I wouldn’t carry a DoubleTap if I were given one.

  4. I actually carry 2 full size handguns. A STI Spartan 1911 and a S&W 1905 4th change .38 special. You just never know.

  5. Doo doo occurs and can happen anytime, any place. I’d rather have a backup(LCP) and never need it than the alternative.

  6. If I could somehow incorporate dual shoulder holsters and wielding both akimbo while saying “Aaaaaaahhh!” into my everyday carry routine, by God, I’d do it.

    • They have to be 1911’s, one lefty, one righty. Or just with full ambi control so you can switch off.

  7. No, but if I were to start it wouldn’t be a DoubleTap. I’d probably choose a small revolver and gain three extra rounds.

  8. My primary carry gun is an M&P9c. However, I will sometimes carry my Kahr CM9 in an ankle holster at the same time.

  9. Am I using my primary tool enough that there’s a definite chance it might break (or get dull, have a battery fail etc)? Then yes. Otherwise, not a chance. 2 chef’s knives? Yep. 2 cordless drills? Also yep. Expensive hunting trip? Yep. BUG? Only in a war zone.

    • A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state

      Our nation is unique in the world. You might very well live in a sort of “war zone” and not yet realize it. There might not be time for you to run back home to get a BUG. Ideally, we’d all have a long gun close at hand everyday (even if it is in the trunk or a rack in the back window of a vehicle).

      • When the antis talk about ‘gun nuts’ who live in another world, they’re talking about you.

        • Lets be realistic, Anybody on this site falls under their broad definition of gun nuts. Their definition pretty much includes everyone but Fudds who are exercising their right to a SxS shotgun for hunting purposes, just like the 2nd amendment was written for.

        • IIRC, Hannibal is an agent of government. Therefore, he doesn’t like the hegemony threatened. Have another doughnut on me, Hannibal, and argue with a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state. Defense and deterrence against corruption of the power that you might wield is part of what the Second Amendment is about; like it or not. Of course you wouldn’t like the peons being armed and well regulated… 😉

      • I keep a long gun permanently stored in my vehicle too. It’s been handy on several occasions (none a DGU). And I am that gun nut, the world I live in is rural Ohio and guns are as common as gravel roads and white tail around here.

  10. Very seldom have I ever carried a BUG, just too low on the utility/risk management spectrum for me.

    First, my lifestyle and location remove a considerable amount of risk from my life (I’m an avid believer in the avoid stupid people, stupid places cliche). The likelihood of needing my primary arm, much less a back-up is ridiculously low (BUT, I always have my pistol anyways!).

    Second, my chosen concealed carry pistol is reliable and accurate, and carried in a durable, comfortable rig. Adding a back-up takes away from my ease of carry.

    I do carry a spare magazine, believing it is the most likely failure in my system. I also carry a flashlight since I live in a rural area without many streetlights. I have a knife and most often a multi-tool on my belt as well. Adding a back-up to what I already carry would only add unnecessary weight or remove a pocket for other useful, necessary things like a wallet, coins, whatever.

    A back-up gun, for my circumstances, adds very little utility and does very little to reduce my risk. So no, no BUG for me.

  11. Oh heck no. I moved up to a double stack EDC gun and now my pockets and waistband are plum out of space. Because I love carrying my Smith 640-1 but want more than 5 rounds, I have toyed with carrying that plus my P3AT, but at that point I might as well be a woman with all the straps and snaps I’d have to negotiate.

  12. Nope – one reliable, tested handgun and a spare mag will handle any situation I could think of. Rather than carry a BUG, I’d be much more inclined to carry pepper spray. This is far more likely to be deployed than a BUG.

    Funny story from a class I took with Insights Training in Seattle. Greg Hamilton was relating the story of one of their students, who’d become involved in a situation at a local shopping mall theater. The student was defending himself and his girlfriend from some sort of scuffle or other minor fracas. He prevailed, cops were called, etc.

    Police report read (to paraphrase in part….): “Mr. X was found to be carrying a primary handgun, a spare magazine for the handgun, a backup handgun with spare mag, pepper spray, and two Spyderco pocket knives. Seemed overly prepared for a night at the movies.

    • Greg Hamilton. Interesting and, let’s say, intense, teacher. Big thumbs up for Insights, I’ve taken a number of courses there.

      I remember one thing he said one day, not so much about BUGs but about how some of us (ok guilty) keep buying guns, and he said “instead of buying one more gun, how about some body armor? Or a good carry knife and a knife class?”

      • That’s good advice. I’ve often pondered that if I should need to face down on intruder in boxers and a bathrobe at 2 am, I’d be much more comfortable with a vest on under that robe.

    • Ok, so I’m THAT guy, you know the one who doesn’t think your friend had enough ammo! I can only imagine what the report would read if I were arrested.

  13. Nope, only one, and even then I give myself the “comforting not comfortable” speech.

  14. I still carry a backup if the situation warrants and can keep it secure. As stated above Sh*t happens, possible loss or failure of my primary pistol, missed by someone during a situation. I don’t ever expect to need it but it’s a whole lot better than throwing my cellphone as a last ditch defense.
    I still carry a COP or a Taurus model 85 as backup 4 & 5 shots respectively. The double tap looks interesting and a solid concept. Two shots might be a limiter but that is 2 more than you might have w/o a backup.
    In fact it a lot like 1/2 of a COP.

  15. I’ve had glocks and xds fail, 1911s fail and revolvers fail. If u shoot enough your tool will fail. Does that mean you should carry two? I don’t know, that’s your decision. I just know I’m not someone who is willing to call my g26 infallible, it’s not. It’s just a good reliable gun, doesn’t have any issues. Second point, even if your gun doesn’t fail what if it’s taken from you? Presumably you will be very close to someone if they don’t have a gun and they are assaulting you. Not a bad idea to carry a second, just definitely a pita.

  16. What’s the old expression? Oh, yeah. “One is none and two is one.” If that math is correct, in order to have two, I’d need to carry three, which would represent a serious drag on my pants. So I carry one, which is not none.

  17. I work as an Executive Protection Agent. on duty I carry a primary gun and a BUG as well as spare mags for both. I also carry 2 to 3 knives, a Flashlight, a multi tool, on my person. Why cause I have had times that the person I am protecting who’s unarmed needs a gun to cover my six and allow me to go on the offensive rather than defensive. I have had times that I could not get to one gun but could get to my BUG same thing with carrying multiple knives in various places.. Off Duty I tend to carry the same unless I am just running out to the grocery store.

  18. If I am carrying more than one handgun, then I’m going someplace really bad. I try really. really hard to not go to really bad places. In fact, I try so hard that I actually don’t go, so the answer is no, I don’t carry a second gun.

      • Weaklings, When I go to Chipotle I carry not only 3 long guns but also six pistols strapped to my chest and a flaming gas propane powered katana. Anyone that looks at me cockeyed is obviously suicidal in their ignorance of preparedness.

    • Thank you Paul, now people are looking at me weird for sitting alone while laughing very hard.

  19. At work I carry my issued Glock 22, and a 26 on my ankle. I prefer 9mm ( and have a 17 at home) and find it much easier to control and be accurate with than a 27. I’ve also come to see after talking with some of my co workers that instead of remedial action if they were to have a malfunction they would transition to their secondary instead of trying to bring the larger weapon back into the fight

  20. Do I carry a backup gun? Generally, no. Why not? Because all of my pockets are full with other stuff. I have a wallet in one pocket. A MiniMag LED flashlight and cell phone in another pocket. Car keys and pocket knife in another pocket. Driver’s license and concealed carry license as well as a spare magazine in my last pocket. There is nowhere left for a backup gun. I could wear one on an ankle holster if I was wearing pants but I often wear shorts. And since I carry a full-size pistol on my belt, carrying another bulky object on the other side is next to impossible to conceal.

  21. I have a pair of custom boots I wear daily which house modified IWI Desert Eagles protruding out of each toe.

    I also have a baseball cap with a secret Derringer compartment (surprise!).

    Finally, to complete my “motif”, I have a dummy wallet which is compromised of those special knives in which are modeled after debit/credit cards (or, as the older generation would say… “charger plates”).

    No, seriously, one M&P 40 is all I need 🙂 It does its job nicely so long as I do mine. No “BUG’s” required here, knock on wood.

  22. I carry some pepperspray, a good tactical folder, multitool and an additional magazine. Different tools for different threats. If I carry a BUG it’s usually in a pocket gun in a back pack.

  23. If size and weight are important, an NAA mini revolver in 22 magnum is a choice to consider.

    A remark on a couple of comments I’ve seen above: If you need to carry that much (two full size guns) you had better not get to close to a swimming pool. If you fell in. you would probably go strait to the bottom, never to be heard from again!

    • 😀 I’ve gone in the drink before and it’s amazing how powerful the desire not to drown is! It’s just like with wearing boots, which I do most of the time… upper body strength is a must if you go for an unexpected swim.

      • I figure my EDC (counting wallet and other ‘non-tactical’ accoutrements on a weekday goes 6 lbs. Figuring that’s only about 4% of my body weight, I don’t think it would impair my swimming much at all (not that I’m a great swimmer). Now if we’re talking about treading water long term, I’m going to start ditching gear.

        • I’m a good swimmer and the boots were the biggest problem for me. (Yes, I’ve gone in the water more than once. 😀 ) I agree, long term treading water and the gear, including boots, is 86ed.

  24. Umm – I thought the pistol WAS a back-up weapon?

    Of course, my EDC pistol is tried and tested, and I carry a spare mag (or speedstrip if I’m going old school), folding knife, and mobile phone. But, just in case of zombie apocalypse, I have my briefcase full of fun in my car – filled with a Keltec Sub-2000 with three extended mags, surefire flashlight, and Emerson CQB. Plus my emergency kit with food, water, etc.

    Which should be enough to get me home.

  25. Carrying a backup gun is fine IMO, but it damn well better have more than 2 shot capacity.

    • This^, if I’m going to bother with a BUG (I do) it’s not going to be a 2 shot that’s bigger than a whole slew of 6 and 7 shot pocket autos. Excepting thickness and including weight that thing is bigger all around than a 6+1 .380 bodyguard (my BUG). Yes, .380 isn’t a powerhouse, but 7 of them beats the crap out of a hard to shoot un-ergonomic 2 shooter any day.

    • +1

      And, that’s a valid point. It’s a personal choice based on personal risk assessment and what that individual is willing to do. Each individual is responsible for his own safety and each individual’s preparations are the domain of that individual.

      • I kid friends who are gun guys about only carrying one, but it’s not entirely a personal risk assessment that drives me to carry two. It’s more that I can, it’s not even hard to do, it’s not stopping from doing anything else I want to do, and if I need it, it’s there. My BUG is more a habit and an artifact of a former life than something I think I’ll actually need. I think the larger point is that anyone who chooses to carry a second is free to do so, and any one who doesn’t, just a free in their choice.

  26. I don’t carry a gun, laws and stuff, carry a knife. If I did, most likely two. Something like the NAA Mini in an ankle holster and a Tokarev IWB or in a shoulder holster, most likely IWB since I don’t wear a jacket much.

    • Lemme guess, you dual wield them? Nice to not be the only one who knows how to dual wield.

      Also, is there a chance they are AMT Hardballers?

    • I used to be able to dual wield 2 Needlers, but after Halo 2 I lost that ability.

  27. No. The risk in my little town of meeting up with an armed assailant outside my home is negligible. Yes, the meth dealers are almost all armed when busted, but they aren’t running around mugging people either; and since I am not a member of that “culture,” I am unlikely to have dealings with one. The meth heads are more into strong arm or knife point muggings (having sold their guns for drugs), for which eight rounds of 9 mm HP are more than sufficient–having a gun is more than sufficient. The homeless (whom we have in abundance) are either harmless beggars or opportunity thieves, snatching unattended property, but rarely engaging in acts of violence. The greatest risk here is burglary–and since I have a home office and dogs, and more than sufficient firepower available at all times, I see no reason to carry about two firearms.

    • Mark, I wonder if we both live in the same town, your place sounds just like my town, Hmmmmm.

  28. nope.

    yes, it’s always good to have a backup because firearms (especially semi-autos) can and do fail. however, i make sure to put enough rounds through my pistols to make sure they’re reliable.

    if that fails, i almost always carry a pocket knife on me and train with it regularly. if my bang stick fails me, i’ll be going rambo on my assailant.

    i figure wielding two lethal weapons is sufficient for self-defense. if i don’t succeed for whatever reason, then i suppose it’d be time for me to meet my maker. you can’t fight fate. 😉

  29. In a past life it wasn’t uncommon for me to be carrying a glock 23 behind my hob IWB with a glock 27 near my appendix on my weak side (I am almost dominate with both hands/ eyes). In the winter I would typically carry the 27 in an inner coat pocket depending on weather. During this time I also had my Glock 22 in my vehicle, along with my AR.

    These days I tend to carry one gun the vast majority of the time. If I do carry 2 my secondary is typically a .38 special in a pants pocket

  30. At the moment, no, I do not carry a BUG. Largely due to cost, honestly. I just can’t justify the of cost for a special micro-gun intended to sit in an ankle holster (or cargo pocket rig when in shorts) given the likelyhood of my needing it. I do carry a spare mag for my EDC.

    Instead I carry a Cold Steel Safe Maker I and a Kershaw JYD 2.2 as my ‘oh frell’ backups. Just in case my XD and BubbaStik are not up to the task.

  31. My true EDC is a p938 in front pocket, sometimes IWB is not deep enough concealment for certain activities. When I do carry IWB its no extra sweat to keep the p938. I am not religious about a BUG due to the already stated fact of the likelyhood of a DGU (which does vary by person to person). I live, work, and only travel to good areas currently; if unavoidable circumstances consistently put me in more dangerous situations I would change that, although I cannot imagine an example scenario.

  32. When I am conceal-carrying my one gun IS a backup and it’s unlikely I’ll even need that, much less another due to some contrived situation. I carry guns that work. I also harbor no hero fantasies of being able to hand guns out in an emergency to a bunch of grateful people, or becoming a ninja and going guns akimbo into some bizarre situation.

    That said, whatever floats your boat…

  33. The only real time I’ve carried a BUG is when I decided it was lighter and easier to throw an LCP in my pocket than to carry the spare double stack 45 mag for either my Glock 30S or HK45c.

  34. I carry a BUG more often than not…

    Main reason: I’m pretty much the only one in my immediate family who is armed with any regularity.

    I carry an extra weapon for my loved one who don’t typically carry. I can leave my wife in the truck with the kids while I go into the store, give her my BUG, this allows her to be armed, but not disarm myself.

    So, dispite what people say sbout the low probability of needing a BUG, in that particular scenario, I “need” my BUG often.

    • Considering what we think about anti-gunners who try to tell us what we do and don’t “need” based on statistics and probability, I’m a little flummoxed that so many people of the gun have the same compulsion to do that to each other.

  35. I don’t carry a BUG because between the rest of my EDC, there is practically no room on my person.

    I did recently start carrying a spare for my USPc40. 25 rounds of pdx1 SHOULD be enough…

  36. Well, on my rare day off performing acts of heroism as a member of my mall Elite Strike Force and Felony Interdiction Security Team (ESFFIST), I like to get rid of all the real hardware like my silenced Kriss .45 acp sub gun, the Barret in .338 Lapua and of course, my brace of customized by me combat enhanced Glock 17s and just kick back around the house. Naturally, I am still armed but I tone it down it around the little woman and the rug rats and feel secure with mt Wilson Combat 45 in a shoulder holster backed up by S&W 3rd generation custom that i created and I call the Asp. Of course, I have the odd Remington 870 spotted here and there around the house as a sane precaution. Going to the store? I dress pretty casually with just what i have on and feel pretty good about my safety with the turret mounted original General Electric M134 minigun. (None of that flash in the pan new stuff like the Dillon Aero copy)

  37. I keep a Ruger LCP riding in a Desantis no-slip pocket holster to complement my XDs, which is normally my go-to piece. The reason is that the little .380 is small enough that it can go everywhere I go with no one the wiser, so at times when I can’t wear a jacket or untucked shirt, or otherwise discreetly tote my .45, the LCP is my primary gun. When it comes to the things I carry on my person, I plan ahead as though at any moment I may be suddenly be deposited in the wilderness to fend for myself, so to that end I always have a good knife and separate multi-tool, a light source, a way to make fire, and at least one gun if not two. If trouble comes a-knocking when I’m not packing the XDs, I’d rather have a .380 than nothing.

    Paranoid? Maybe, but I usually solve that problem by not giving a crap about what anyone else thinks. Works pretty well for me.

    • Ditto the knife, fire source, light and I do routinely carry two guns. Around here a simple break down can mean either one heck of a long walk or a night on your own. Having been on a couple of those long walks I like to at least have the ‘bare essentials’, no matter where I was planning to be that day.

  38. Extra mags? Sure. Extra gun? No way. IWB carry is rather uncomfortable as it is.

    The only way I’d carry more than one firearm would be in an open carry state. One on each hip. Revolvers of course, because those are classy as shit.

  39. No.

    Why not- its simple.

    State legislators in CA have decided that citizens may not arm themselves for self defense outside the home.

    And when the Courts disagreed, the Presidents Most Attractive State Attorneys General reversed course, and interfered in the decision.

    How many innocent lives will be lost, that could have been saved, by free law abiding citizens who lack the means to defend themselves againsts nuts like Rodgers, or gang bangers, and car jackers and 7/11 robbers, the bad guys who simply dont obey the law? Thats what the victims parents and families should be asking in press conferences.

    The wealthy Elite who control Sacramento (and DC) dont care – they live in gate guarded enclaves, work in armed guard protected safe workplaces, get driven in their limos to work and
    have nothing to fear,

    except how to decide “Whats Best for the Rest of Us Little People”, who clearly cant be trusted with a gun.

    Whats pathetic is the paid for faux Chief Associations, who will dance to their tune, for campaign contributions to elected Sheriff and PD Chief offices.

    Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.
    As any street cop will privately agree.

    This isnt rocket science. Its the simple Truth About Guns.
    Pass it along.

  40. Glock AIWB, and more often than not a Ruger LCR either pocket carry or IWB at 4 o’clock so I can access with either hand.

    I like how light weight the LCR is – a BUG is no good if it’s too heavy to carry regularly – and when the zombie apocalypse hits (or more likely a big earthquake in my area that cuts off basic services/transportation infrastructure/etc) it’s nice having three caliber options (the 357 LCR can eat 357 or 38, I usually run 38+p). The revolver is also simple enough that I can hand it off to someone without a tutorial on how to operate it, and it can be used reliably in a contact/grappling situation/shot through a pocket. It’s also nice to have a BUG that uses a completely different ammo arrangement – so that I don’t confuse mags for two different pistols, for instance. Solved by carrying a big Glock and a baby Glock, I know, but then the weight and concealment issues start going up.

  41. +1 Rokurata…I always have a pepper blaster and a knife. And an axe and a baseball bat in the truck.

  42. I can see the logic behind having a back-up gun (such as if your gun gets shot and breaks during a DGU), but carrying a Double-Tap is just stupid.

  43. I don’t. I guess I figure if God forbid I ever need to pull out the G19 (statistically low probability in my area), and then somehow it fails on me (another statistically low probability), then I’ll just die and be done with it. I’d take that as a message from the Big Guy that it’s my time to take a nice long dirt nappie

  44. I carry a second gun, not simply for extra firepower, but for different firepower. My EDC IWB is the primary and is what I’d draw in defense against some active shooter scenario, because it’s larger. However, it’s difficult to carry in suit pants, or more accurately, it’s difficult to present while wearing suit pants and tucked in shirt.

    That’s not a problem if the first shot I hear is down the hall, as there’s time; but in a sudden presentation scenario, it’s problematic. So I also carry a small .380 in a back pocket holster. That’s something I can draw while seated or while a mugger is demanding my wallet. It also gives me a second handgun to provide to someone else while we’re escaping a bad scene.

  45. Not unless I am carrying a bag for some reason, in which case I do usually have a second handgun concealed in the bag. (Hiking, etc.)

  46. I am new into the gun world. Was raised around them and then kinda stepped away for many years. I’m now 41 and waiting for my cpl to come in the mail. Any day now. Don’t own a pistol yet but have many friends that do and have been learning about them all and shooting everything I can trying to make the best decision on what I want to purchase in the next week or so as a EDC. Since I need to conceal for work and I work all the time I am looking at smaller 9mm guns to start with. I really like the SIG 290. Feels good in the hand and small enough to hide. I have not fired one yet unfortunately. I live in a tiny town. Crime is low. I do travel for work daily and can end up in shady places. My ultimate goal is to carry a Glock 30 or 19 when not at work and the sig as a BUG. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  47. Yes I carry a BUG its a glock 42 in my pocket. Reason why I carry a BUG is because my main carry is a sig 2022 in .40. Throughout the day I might be going to places where its very hard for me to conceal my Sig or the people that are around me dosent like the sight of one so out of sight out of mind.

    For example, today I was visiting my grandpa at the hosptile, he dosent like guns at all and i k ow that he would want to hug me and what not and he may rub up against my sig. So I had my glock in my pocket. He never knew then as soon as I was out of the hospitle to carry on (pun inteded) with the rest of my day the sig went back on my hip

  48. The double tap is the dumbest gun in the world. For what it weighs, you could put a Kahr P380 in your pocket and have 7 rounds of .380. Yeah, I know .380 won’t stop anyone even with a million hits on the CNS. But I’d still rather have 7 accurate, quick, controllable .380 shots than 2 wild, uncontrollable .45 ACP or .357 magnum shots.

    The double tap is simply man jewelry. Useless but pretty. Think of it as masturbatory machining.

  49. I do, but I prefer to think of it as a ” second gun”, rather than a backup gun. A j frame in the pocket can present you with a different option at times when you don’t need to dramatically sweep your shirt and fully telegraph your intent to draw. I have been in situations before that were potentially uncomfortable, and putting your hand in your pocket to grip the revolver is quite inconspicuous and comforting. Having two different draw options is quite helpful. On top of that, it serves as an NY reload, potential arm for an unarmed friend, and if shit has really, really hit the fan, then it is my backup. But “backup gun” is its last priority.

  50. No i dont because i am not a paranoid fuck.
    The gun it self is a backup to common sense security.
    I avoid bad areas and keep my home secure.
    If i cant flee the area then the gun is used.

  51. I carry any of a number of different combinations of firearms, but I always carry two for one simple reason; life has taught me to be prepared. The normal carry configuration I use is a Hi-Power “Detective” with 2 spare magazines and a Kel-Tec P32 with 1 spare magazine, but that is for a cooler environment and my normal mode of dress (jeans, t shirt, button up shirt for cover up). If things are warm enough to warrant shorts and no cover up garment, I will typically carry a Taurus PT709 with spare magazine and the P32 in a pocket carry. Things can fail, and typically when you need them most, so not having a back up makes no sense to me. Sure, ammo is getting more expensive, but my life is worth it, let alone my family’s.

  52. I have been carrying concealed for years now due to the increased violence in my area I have purchased a BUG (S&W 642). When I first got my permit we were told that it was advisable to carry a BUG. My primary is a G26, I carry a BUG because I don’t want to be a victim, I don’t plan on just saying Oh well it’s my time. I would much rather carry one and not need it .Carrying concealed isn’t about convenience or cost or comfort, it is a commitment to myself and to my family.

  53. Depends on the day for me. my conceal carry is a NAA earl 22mag. I know its not the best or biggest but I like the gun and its easy to conceal and get to for me. When I open carry I ether carry my rock island 1911 or my 454 ruger(usually when hunting or fishing) and still carry my NAA concealed.

  54. Yep.
    I’m a mama bear. 2 guns, 2 knives, all the time, with spare mags in my purse.
    Like Lord said above, I don’t think of the little Bodyguard so much of a BUG as just another option.
    Variety is the spice of life, right?

  55. I haven’t read all the dozens of replies, but one thing that occurs to me as a “regular civilian” is that if you are in LE it is probably the very best thing to do to carry a backup gun, whatever your choice for favorite is. However, for someone in my shoes, in the minute chance that I have to defend my life with my CCW, having a back up gun on my person could make me look in the eyes of the court like I was “looking for” a chance to get into an armed conflict. The aftermath of a shooting defense can often be more devastating than the initial event.

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