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Like dozens of gun sellers [list here], our friends at Florida Gun Supply are about to run a Black Friday sale. Their electronic portal opens at 12:01am on Friday morning and closes at 12:01am on Saturday morning. To make sure they stock the right guns at the right price, FGS is asking customers what firearm(s) they’d like to buy to mark the end of the ritual turkey sacrifice? [Click here to fill out their form.] Good question. If you’re planning on purchasing a firearm or two or three on Black Friday, what gun will be enjoying a little family time this weekend?

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    • I know someone who loves their Shield 9mm, but make sure to try before you buy if you haven’t already. The trigger takes a bit of time to get used to.

    • Yup.

      The day to have gun (and ammo) sales is the first tuesday after the first monday in November.

      I understand firearms retailers want to get in on the overall sales hype, but there’s already a day when your customers will be alert and inclined to buy, and you won’t need to compete with every other retailer for their attention.

  1. I am sorely tempted to buy a Savage 111. Savage has a $75 manufacturer’s rebate offer right now, such that the sales price at Dick’s, including a Nikon BDC scope, is $420. Savage rifles are button rifled and target crowned. Their mags suck, but other than that, a fine rifle.

  2. No. My LGS is closed tomorrow and Friday. But they’re having a Cyber Monday sale, and I’m picking up a SCCY CPX-2 for $239. Then going home and making holsters for it.

  3. I avoid smelly, heavy breathing, unruly crowds and idiot drivers at all costs.

    Not a good time to go out, Black Friday is. That’s only one day out of 364 other options.

  4. I’m not planning on buying any more guns for a while, so no. I’d rather get better at shooting the ones I already own. So I might hit the range on Friday.

  5. I’ll be in the woods Friday looking for fresh meat, so no. However, if I were in a store I’d be looking for the re-released 92 Brigadier. Especially if the promised Inox were available

  6. Sig store has free shipping this week. I just ordered a .22 conversion kit, so that’s kind of a new gun for me.

    I’ll be out in the country on Black Friday, thank God, with the family, and we’ll be taking the kids shooting.

    • Sweet. There’s been some parts I wanted that my LGS doesn’t keep in stock, but the shipping would have been more than the parts…. thanks for the heads-up.

  7. Still trying to decide between another AR, AK or a pistol…decisions, decisions….

    Wonder if Farago has a Black friday wish/hit list….

  8. I want a Ruger AR-556 Autoloading Rifle 5.56NATO 16.1in Black 30 Round magazine but no one has them in stock!!! A lot of sellers show it selling for $599 but they all say back-ordered.

  9. I’ve already bought new two firearms this week: Mossberg pump action shotgun in .410 bore and a Henry lever action rifle in .357.

    I bought one online and had it shipped to my FFL. I bought the other online from Gander Mountain and had it shipped to their local store. Swung by midday and picked each up. In and out, done.

    I rarely do in-person Christmas shopping and I certainly don’t do Black Friday. Besides, I read an article on newsmax today reporting how swamped the NICS crew is on Black Friday, which is supposedly the busiest firearms buying day of the year, and how they bring in temps to cover the surge. They don’t want to make a mistake on their watch, so they’re certain to delay your decision if there’s any kind of slight hangup or ambiguity.

    As a licensee, I skip that myself, but with so many people lined up at the counters, many of them infrequent firearms buyers, and so many clerks who call in checks rather than go online, it’d be a madhouse just to get served.

  10. Ordered mine last week – picking up monday (cali-wait).

    S&W M&P 15 Sport. My first AR.

    The shop im buying at is giving me the black friday discount when i pick up / purchase.

  11. If I had $ yep. Very unimpressive sales at LGS-especially Cabelas. I’m leaning heavily to internet deals. Anyone ever use Auction Arms/gun auction?

  12. No. The waiting time for a NICS check is liable to be excessive. I’ll wait until after Black Friday and get the same price with no wait.

  13. Yes but not exactly as a “black friday sale”. The gun stores where I live suck so I ordered one to a local shop in my hometown which I’ll be picking up on black friday. But to be fair it was over $100 cheaper than I’d pay where I live and it also has an additional $75 mail in rebate so I guess that counts.

  14. Don’t really need anything…

    The Cabela’s flier had an interesting RI 1911 9mm/.22lr combo at a good price, however:

    1) It’s a door buster item, “limited to stock on hand.” That means two units.

    2) I don’t do door busters

    3) I don’t shop on Black Friday

    4) My wife an I have purchased 4 firearms in the past 2 months…we’re set for now.

    5) Well, maybe just one more.

    • Actually that 1911 is 9mm and .22TCM not .22LR. I have a friend who is hot and heavy for one and keeps gassing on about it. I don’t know the difference but HE seems to!

  15. Not on Black Friday. Already bought my Mossberg Maverick 88 Field 12 Gauge 28″ at Academy in Florence, SC for $189.99, $10 discount from regular price. That has me covered now for pistol, rifle and shotgun. No money left anyway.

  16. Guns, no.
    Gun safe, yes.
    Also gonna hit the range to try out my first AR (built out a couple weeks ago, and haven’t had the chance to test it, yet).

  17. I was thinking about it. Now I will spend Friday looking for a new job since my company announced their latest round of layoffs last week and I got the lump of shit in my stocking. Bah-bloody-humbug!

  18. I will be buying a pistol-grip stock for the 10/22 Takedown I got at the last gun show… not because it is Black Friday but because it is PAY Friday!

  19. I”m in the market for a S&W M&P 15-22, I know they have been on sale before for 300, so I’m really hoping to see that price again…this time I have a money available for it.
    Let me know I you see anyone advertising that price for a black one with a 25rd mag.

  20. Not likely. Maybe cash in on a super cheap stripped lower and build it out over the next year or two.

    But I am all spent out

  21. I have to take the Sheltie to the vet on Black Friday. Planning on buying Daughter a 20 gauge youth shotgun as she is small later on.

  22. Wish I could but that would mean no money for the kids presents. Maybe I should get a BB gun for my daughter.

    I AM going out shooting with friends. Only one week till 594 criminalizes sharing firearms so…

  23. I almost did…

    Last week I was going around the local gun shops and one of them had a good price on a new Glock 19 gen 4. I mulled it over but didn’t buy it right then. I checked with a coworker that has an FFL and even he couldn’t get one at that price. I wasn’t sure if they’d even be open today since it was a small shop but I figured I might go see, not because I thought they’d have a sale but because I had the money burning a hole in my pocket. At this point Black Friday was irrelevant. Then I saw on Facebook that the gun store was having a Black Friday sale, everything was 5% off. By the time I got there they had sold the few G19’s they already had.

  24. They let me do it early. Got a Delton kit and a Anderson stripped lower. Have the 10 day wait here in Cali, so I pick up the lower Monday. It will be my first assemble built, putting the buffer tube, bullet button and trigger parts in.


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