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New York City Mayor and civilian disarmament jefe Michael Bloomberg (courtesy

“MAIG [Mayors Against Illegal Guns] provided significant financial support for Sen. John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron, recalled in September, including a $350,000 donation from Bloomberg himself,” reports. A fact that recall organizers used to their advantage. It’s deja vu all over again with the recall effort against Senator Evie Hudak. And now in the Virginia gubernatorial race. The NRA’s flagging Bloomberg cash injection into gun rights battles in California cities and towns. In all cases, pro-gun folks are playing the “big city out-of-state politician interfering with Colorado politics” card to major effect Not to mention the fact that Mayor Bloomberg is a Jewish big city out-of-state politician interfering with Colorado politics. Actually, let’s talk about that . . .

Did anti-semitism play any part in the anti-Bloomberg, anti-Morse and Giron backlash? It wasn’t mentioned overtly but Hizzoner’s moniker leaves no doubt as to his ethnicity.

As a Jew who lives by the words “never again,” as someone who views Bloomberg, Feinstein and Schumer as traitors to their people, I gotta say it. With Bloomberg the de facto head of the civilian disarmament movement, anti-semitism could be working in favor of The People of the Gun.

Your thoughts?

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    • I will touch this conversation ! I am tired of every liberal, progressive Jew, who for what ever reason, wants to tell me how to live my life. Or any other progressive POS for that matter. If they wish to be an easy mark, so be it, but stay out of my life !!

      • No.

        Antisemitism isn’t good for anything anywhere. Hating anyone for there religion goes against everything this country was founded on. It proves to all those who would take away our rights that we are the monsters they want us to be. I’m ashamed this headline was even published by a gun rights website.

        • You need to look into the roots of antisemitism in Eastern Europe. There are places where people had good cause to hate Jews as a social class if not an ethnicity or religion. The fact that Jewish bankers more or less propped up the petty European nobles that treated their people as chattel for generations is easy to forget. It’s hardly an excuse for being impolite or worse, but it does explain quite a bit. The fact that those banks appeared to be treated better than common peasants and lived lifestyles very similar to their noble clients makes it very easy to associate a religion with a social class. When the wheels started coming off in Russia at the start of the 20th century, the Boyars fed their bankers to the mob before they themselves got overrun. Modern antisemitism is a byproduct of centuries of European barbarity.

        • Given that the author of this article is Jewish, I think he has the credentials to ask this question.

          In answer to the question, I will have to say no. If I didn’t know from other news stories in the past that Bloomberg was a Jew (ok, the name is a good clue, but not a guarantee), then I wouldn’t know period. It hasn’t been a factor. Unless he comes out and states that he wants to ban guns in the name of his faith, it should not, and really does not, play a role.

          If anything, I would think that the Jews as a people would be staunchly pro gun and pro armed population, given what they have experienced.

    • As a Russian, I will say that there is a reason why some people still use Jew as a pejorative. It’s not polite, it’s not “politically correct” but centuries of helping keep the Czar’s and Boyar’s boot firmly planted on the necks of an entire country are not easy to forgive or forget. I don’t mind Judaism as a religion or ethnicity, just like I don’t mind German as a nationality… However, acts by certain Germans and certain Jews in the past make that difficult at times. In my mind… Bloomberg is playing to the old stereotype of Jews supporting the powers that be to oppress entire populations. (I know it only ever was a tiny minority of Jews, but the fact that my ancestors were effectively slaves well into the 20th century and that a certain group was complicit in perpetuating that is difficult to forget.) In doing that, he’s not doing his people any favors.

        • Oh… I am well aware. I am also well aware that the average peasant does not care and had no say in that. The Jews were oppressed by the church and the nobility. Then they turned around and helped the church and the nobility to oppress the peasants… Do you really think that the peasant will care that they were “forced” into this?

          Like I said…

          It’s not right, it’s not pretty. It is, however, history. A small group of Jews were complicit in keeping in power people who treated their subjects like property. Are you shocked that these subject then declined to thank them for that assistance?

      • And do you know why Jews became bankers and traders and other “dirty” occupations? Because Christians treated them as outcasts and wouldn’t let them take “honorable” occupations.

        Same thing played out in Japan; merchants were the lowest of the four classes (samurai, peasant, craftsman, merchant) because money was considered so dirty. Then when the feudal structure betrayed its awful central planning and the samurai needed money, they had to turn to the merchants.

        • Well, and because for a long time the Christian faith didn’t permit believers to be bankers. (“Neither a borrower not a lender be,” remember?)

        • That was Shakespeare, not the Bible, and was life-lessons from a father to a son, and is only the first half part of a phrase that has the next line of “For loan oft loses both itself and friend.”

          It’s often repeated as “Don’t loan money to a friend, lest you lose both.”

      • I don’t know about that “banker” crap-my great grandfather was drafted and served 25 years in the Russian Army in the 19th Century-many Jews were drafted for that length of service-hardly a wealthy lifestyle.My grandfather came here at age 16 on his own and lived into his 90’s-his stories of life under the Czar were not pleasant-and because his father was in the Army the family was not directly affected by the pogroms.A very small percentage of East European Jews were wealthy or held positions of influence.
        This being said,I a disgusted by the prominence of liberal Jews in the gun control movement-it defies reason.They can go to hell as far as I am concerned.Sandra Froman,recent past president of the NRA is Jewish so I don’t think it’s numbers as much as the fact that people like Schumer push themselves out front on the issue.

        • You’re absolutely right… However, don’t forget that that small percentage were the acceptable targets for generations of badly oppressed peasants. You could not gripe about the boyar as doing so would quickly get you a head shorter. Griping about his banker, however, was acceptable. The social isolation of the eastern european Jewish community did not help matters. After hundreds of years, peasants started seeing ALL Jews as lackeys of the nobility. Which, ultimately, let to them taking out their frustrations about the policies of said nobility out on the people who they could realistically get their hands on. Until 1917, that is…

        • I personally know of one Jewish family that were bankers in Western Europe their bank was seized by the Nazis.. None of whom are related to me. My family was in Eastern Europe, my Great Grandfather was in the Latvian army during the Great War one great grandfather was born stateside and in the American Army.. The Latvians brother was drafted by the Russians to fight the Japanese in 1903. After WW1 my great grandfather became a roofer.. My otherside of the family were farmers and merchants. All Jewish men were expected to serve in the Czars Army
          for 25 years.. Which was basically a death sentence. They spent their down time being treated as subhumans and worrying about the next pogrom. When the roofer moved to America he opened a plumbing supply store and worked his ass off and paid for the rest of his brothers to move here. Several of those brothers fought for America in ww2 and were amongst the 750,000 Jews from America to do so. The side that were merchants made their way down South and opened corner stores/delis.. Same became involved in local government. My parents were sales people and did well for themselves going to college and making excellent money in the 80’s. I was born in the 90’s I am finishing my degree and plan on becoming a police officer. After thousands of years of being outcasts, we can now stand shoulder to shoulder as citizens of a great nation. Today in America there are many Marxist holdouts but there are many well known Jewish conservative voices… And there are many Jewish firearm owners. Some say” Never Again”, but I mean it. God Bless America, and long live the Republic!

    • Agreed….NO! and I find his assertion a distasteful one at best.

      I imagine there is a laundry-list of reasons for the backlash, and I would dare say that Anti-Semitism is probably numbered on that list, along with a host of other superfluous reasons why people do shit.. But, its going to be very low on that list, and to shine a spotlight on that issue is to give it more credence than it deserves and insult those that hold their views, and fight this fight, for nobler reasons that racial hatred.

      • +1
        BDub said exactly what I was going to say.

        I wouldn’t care if his name was Hitler, or some nice and comforting name! He is on the wrong side of an issue that I care about greatly. So I will oppose him every way I can. (Although, I think he would have less success spreading his fascist views if his name were Hitler.)

  1. And we all hate barry cause he’s black. Or is it cause he’s the worst president ever? I can’t speak for the other 3 gun owners in America, but for me it’s about your stand on gun control. I don’t care if you’re a Conehead, just leave my guns alone.

    • Exactly. America’s supposed to have a race relations problem, yet we’ve elected a mixed race president twice in a row.

      Antisemitism simply isn’t as rampant in America as it used to be, so I wouldn’t expect it to be a big enough reason to make people hate Bloomberg. He’s got enough going for him 😉

  2. Anti-semitism has very little or nothing to do with it. If this were Eastern Europe I might think differently, but I don’t think it’s at all widespread here in America.

    A scumbag is a scumbag.

    • What he said. Also, RF, while you would have a better perspective on the ethnic issue than I ever could, until you mentioned it I never even thought about whether Bloomberg was Jewish or not. Never crossed my mind. I suspect that anti-Semitism is not nearly so prevalent as it has been in the past, I suspect that there are fringe groups that still consider this worth their time and effort to pursue, but I rather doubt it has much to do one way or the other with opposing civilian disarmament politicians just because they are being financially supported by a Jew. Seems a stretch.

      • I never thought much about his majesty the mayor’s religion. I had always assumed that he worshiped the image in his mirror. It has been quite a while since we have had a politician on the national level that is so full of his own importance and his obvious disdain for the dirty unwashed masses he rules over. I mean this guy’s behavour is BLATANT beyond description. And THAT is what I think turns off the majority of folks outside of New York City. Most Americans don’t want to be told that they can’t drink a soda larger than 16 oz., that they can’t have National Guard protection after a natural disaster (Hurricane Sandy), or that they are not to be trusted with protecting themselves, and only the “highly trained” police are capable of defending the city from criminals.

  3. I had no clue any of them but Bloomberg was a Jew! No, it’s probably not good if it’s on that basis, but just because we oppose them and they happen to be Jewish doesn’t mean that I hate Jews.

  4. I do find it academically interesting that most of the top gun controllers in the country (Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, Lautenburg, et. al.) have Jewish surnames. Beyond that, I don’t care at all – wouldn’t matter if they were pagans or neo-Nazis; just keep your damned hands off our civil rights.

  5. I didn’t know Bloomberg was Jewish until this article. Those disarmers who are Jewish are probably, to a man, ethnic but not practicing Jews.

    • Oh, they are “practicing” Jews alright.
      The same way my 13 year old nephew is a “practicing” Jimi Hendrix.

    • That’s not what matters, what matters is how they talk. Its all about the Jewish identity.

      Though you should remember whitey, race is a social construct, but mixed race children > white children, but mixed race children=black children. Also they’re more beautiful than whites.

      • LOL… I worked with a guy once who was from Barbados and like many people from the Caribbean, he was a completely mutt – mixture of everything. Tony was sort of café au lait colored. He had literally worked or traveled around the entire world and he used to say that the only place on earth he was black was in the US. Damn, but the man did have fine skin.

  6. I doubt racial or religious differences matter to the vast majority of those people as much as the cultural ones. Bloomberg is a meddler and a carpetbagger, which is still a grave insult in VA (at least the parts more than 10 miles from DC).

    • “Carpetbagger”! That was the word I was looking for! And his majesty the mayor is one, in the worst, most evil, most vile sort of way. His picture should be next to the definition of the word in all dictionaries.

  7. Absolutely not. No hatred of any kind is good for gun rights. Except hatred of laws that violate the second amendment. 🙂

  8. Just as there are pedophile priests, cops who are thiefs, and lesbians with dildos, there will be Jewish people with bad memories.
    Honestly, I think Bloomberg is just a power mad psycho.
    That’s why there are words like conundrum and oxymoron.

  9. I just wish the JFPO was more vocal as as vocal as the NRA to show to the anti Semites that it isn’t a Jewish conspiracy to steal the guns.

  10. I have nothing against Jewish people, but to understand their contemporary role in American gun control politics and the stereotypes against them you need look no further than Communism for the reason behind it.

    Communism was very popular among Jewish people in the twentieth century, there is no denying that it was in competition with Zionism for some time. Jewish people have a history of fulfilling roles as technocrats going way back because they could do certain things Christians or Muslims could not. Men like Bloomberg today are every bit as receptive to Marxism as they once were. They certainly do not represent all Jewish people, just one undercurrent within that community.

    So I don’t think it is anti-Semitic at all, not until someone starts shouting “Hail Victory!” and goose stepping.

  11. I knew many of ’em were Jewish, but my answer is no, it’s good for neither Jews nor gun rights.

    Actually, I think it’s specifically bad for Jews. If you were to look for a “result” from the situation, I think it’s far more likely that the result would be “Jews are bad because they support gun control” than “I’m gonna be pro-gun because that Jewish guy is against it.”

    Does that make sense? I think any potential upside to gun rights is outweighed by the downside to Jewish folks, even if that downside is coming from small-minded people looking to support their own prejudices.

  12. “Anti-Semite” is used by the right the same way the left uses “racist”. Both are terms with no meaning and only serve to demonize your opponent when you can’t defeat the argument being made.

    • I object. I have yet to hear a conservative politician or blogger
      start calling someone an “anti-Semite” simply because they
      disagree with someone who has a Jewish sounding name.
      On the other hand, just how many times has a conservative
      been called a racist regardless of the issue. Alfonzo Rachel
      of ZoNation has some great youtube gems on this subject.

  13. Bigotry never wins long term in the marketplace of ideas, no matter how tempting in the short run. Let’s keep it classy.

  14. As a Jew, I can say that Bloomberg, Feinstein, Boxer, Waxman, Sugarmann et al, have switched their religious preference from Judaism to Liberalism. Real Jews have a long and hallowed tradition of defending their freedom, with violence if necessary. These modern-day apostates are no more Jews than the Maccabees or the defenders of the Warsaw Ghetto were Hari Krishnas.

    • Yes. The message should be “real Jews support gun rights.”
      Liberals try to shame us, by saying things like “real Christians oppose war” and so on, so when one says you are a bigot for criticizing Schumer or someone that should be the answer.

  15. Regarding the three you named, I’ve never thought about them being Jews. I’ve only thought of them as arrogant big-city elitists who look at people like me as flyover country hicks who need to be told what to think. Which I naturally resent. I don’t really think antisemitism is as much of a factor for the vast majority of people as the arrogance of the urban, liberal elitism.

    • My own response is the same: they are not *Jewish* opponents of civil rights, they are opponents of civl rights who happen to be Jewish.

      No doubt there are some who focus on their Jewishness, and oppose them for that reason. I daresay that there are others who focus on their Jewishness, and *support* them for that reason.

  16. I never heard any disparaging comments regarding Bloomie’s being Jewish.

    I heard lots of them regarding his being a New Yorker meddling in local politics, though.

  17. Let’s not read too much into this. As a Catholic, I get sick when people ask me about Biden or Pelosi.

    Bloomberg is just one guy. One fantastically wealthy guy.

  18. I would have to say no.
    Yes the connection if you look at the names it clear as day, but I think people are more upset with the actual law, not the person making or pushing it. Ok well maybe at a personal level they are, but none the less, I do not feel religion has much to do with it.

  19. I don’t think the Jewish descent of Bloomberg, Feinstein or Schumer plays into the efforts against them nearly as much as their rabidly anti-gun, anti-self defense agenda. It does, however, make their pushes for more and more governmental control all the more shocking. Are they really so ignorant of their history? Or do they just want to be on the other side of it if it happens again ?

  20. The problem with Bloomie is certainly not his religion. His views on the scope of government power are the issue, and on that one it was demonstrated clearly that he is an outlier with respect to the average Coloradan. As others have mentioned, national gun-control advocates inserting themselves into local and state level election is noxious regardless of their choice of worship. I’d expect that Coloradans and Virginians (outside the sphere of beltway influence) don’t appreciate his intrusion into their political processes. Seeing as how thus far he’s been political poison for everyone he has chosen to support, I hope he continues on the same course for as long as he is able.

  21. Most politicians worship at the alter of power and control. Religion is just another means to an end. I did not know that Bloomberg was a practicing Jew, and honestly it has no basis on my rejection of his politics on gun control. For that matter I rarely see the religious viewpoints of a politician relevant unless said politician makes their religious views part of their political platform.

  22. I didn’t know he was Jewish, and I couldn’t care less. He hates guns, and has contempt for gun owners. He’s also a big city, nanny-state, control freak, who uses his millions to force people to conform to his social beliefs.

    I can’t stand Bloomberg

    • Well, I was born in 1957 in West Texas. I heard my whole life growing up that Jews killed Jesus. Yeah, I know. It’s stupid. But people said it and I suspect they still say it in some places. They don’t say it around me because I don’t tolerate stupid anymore. I spent 7 years living in NJ and lost any pretense to social politeness around an idiot.

  23. I am reminded of an old Chris Rock routine, back before he became such a Obama-following twit. He said, “Black people don’t hate Jews. Black people hate white people!” I think that there is the possibility of some folk from the heartland looking with disfavor on Jews. Come on, it’s out there. But what people from outside the heartland tend to miss is that distrust or disfavor is more about people who are big-city-back-East-living (or up-North-living), fancy-school-attending, big-money-spending, loud-obnoxious-and-rude, New-Yorker-reading-elitists… People from urban, coastal cities who simply consider the rest of the country a fly-over territory, of no value whatsoever.

    What gets people from the non-coastal states is there perception that everyone else are snobs that look down on them without even taking the time to know who they are. I don’t think people segment those snobs by religion, or school, or neighborhood…

  24. Did anti-semitism play any part in the anti-Bloomberg, anti-Morse and Giron backlash? It wasn’t mentioned overtly but Hizzoner’s moniker leaves no doubt as to his ethnicity.

    Was it even mentioned covertly? Did any one even think of this before you dredged it up? I haven’t heard that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Louis Farrakhan where involved in the recall.

  25. Hitler couldnt have done what he did, without a little Jewish help, there’s a percentage in every race and creed that’ll throw ‘their kind’ under the bus if the reward looks good enough. Whether or not that saves them from the machine they choose to serve is another question entirely.

  26. I have noticed that a large percentage of top-tier gun-banning politicians are Jewish, but that doesn’t really intrigue me. What intrigues me is that many of them also happen to be left-leaning, anti-gun, statist politicians, who seem to wish to emulate a lot of the same policies that slowly crept in the introduction of the Nazi political machine.

    I would think that the Jewish community would notice this and demand a change, but I guess not.

  27. The fact that Bloomberg is a Jew (news to me) means NOTHING to me. I can’t imagine why someone in Colorado felt they needed bring up that fact. Seems almost…counter productive.

  28. Umm, wow……. I would actually think the opposite, hence The 1938 German Weapons Act that restricted access to firearms by Jews.

  29. Bigotry and prejudice have no place in the gun rights debate. Anyone who supports that kind of thinking will never win my vote or financial support.

  30. It’s like if you disagree with the policies of dear leader you just HAVE to be racist. The only way a person could possibly disagree with Bloomberg’s “common sense” proposals is being an anti-semite, Also, let’s add in being against terrorists makes you an islamaphobe.

    Call me all of those enough time and it loses it’s effect.

  31. Liberal Jews are often the most anti-God, anti-Torah people out there. The sad thing is for right & wrong Jews are still putting Ha Goyim to shame. Look at political theorists and leaders of the last couple of centuries – a disproportionate number are Jews. The political stripes vary but there are Jews at the top of most of them . . . same w/ science, economics, and almost every other endeavor that involves academic rigor.

    Leaders are readers – and any kid who can learn Hebrew before he can ride all the rides at 6 flags stands a good chance of leading something.

  32. I despise these elitist, gun fearing politicians, but that has nothing to do with their Jewish heritage!
    As a Christian, I’ve always felt I owed the Jews a debt of gratitude. No Jews = no Christianity.

  33. I’m doubtful. I think that Bloomberg is despised because he’s a big wallet, small dinkie New York City b@stard who wants to control everything from the size of your Big Gulp to your ability to protect yourself. He’s the overdog in an underdog world. He could be a Unitarian and he’d still be hated. As well he should.

    • +∞
      Bumberg, Frankenstein and the lot of them who would have you loose your rights so that they may have their MIGHT all represent some megalomania. They want control over anything else and they go out of their way for it.

  34. Even in my part of the world anti-Semitism is almost completely non-existent. There are some whose cultural background (which politically-correct newspeak will deny me identifying beyond MEA {Middle-Eastern-Appearance}) who still profess and practice anti-semitism as a way of blaming the world for their own problems. The only other groups who openly practice anti-semitism are wannabe fascists including Aryan Nation, National Action, One Nation, etc.

    I wouldn’t care if Bloomberg was a born-again Christian Fundamentalist. He is still an omnipotent moral busybody who can’t leave other people alone who are not doing anything unethical, illegal, or immoral. And for that reason is why I detest Blameberg.

  35. I didn’t think of Bloomberg as a Jew (it actually didn’t enter my mind until RF brought it up). I just thought of him as the idiot that wants to ban Big Gulps and guns.

    Idiocy isn’t a protected class (for now).

  36. It is fairly tiresome to hear coastal billionaires suspect racism (anti-jewish variety) when their grand schemes to impose a way of life suited for cattle on the rest of us meet resentment. Very rich people often have an opinion about everything, including matters far from their experience and competence. When challenged they always suspect it’s about their Quaker, Catholic, African, Jewish or other background. Never for a moment do they suspect that people simply think their attempt to impose their ill-formed views on others is presumptuous and unattractive. I expect the backlash outside of CA, IL, and NY to only grow. Big surprise.

  37. Bloomberg is an asshole. Bloomberg is Jewish. So, he is a rich Jewish Asshole, but my dislike of him is not religiously based. He is just an asshole who wants to take away my rights. Much like Eric Holder. We are both Black, but that doesn’t mean I hate him because of his race. No – he is an asshole.

    Actually, my bigger concern is this blog post may give legitimacy to those who want to take away our rights that we can be dismissed b/c it must be hatred. Giron tried that shit in Colorado when the recall began and claimed it was because she was a Latina and a woman . . . . that could be the only reason for the recall, not because she was a female asshole who happened to be a Latina in a heavy Latino district.

    I lose respect for people who throw race or religion or gender out when they have done something wrong. Hillary did it when she lost to Obama and cried she was being picked on as a woman. Obama did fine by dismissing racism as the cause of opposition to him during the first campaign, but he since retreated to over-playing the race card. Now if Bloomberg is held to this lesser standard, then we must all channel our inner Hitler instead of just being Americans who believe the Constitution says what it means.

  38. Well I am Jewish and proud of it.
    He doesn’t represent anything but the stereotype.
    Bloomberg is frikken little sad assed PUTZ!!!!!
    Sticking his 2 worthless cents into everyones business.
    Only a fool doesn’t take free money.
    Regardless of where it comes from.

    • I have to disagree. It is a well-known truth that there is no such thing as free money. It always comes at a cost. Therefore the source of the money does matter. Granted, the place you spend the received money will not know its source, but you will know and the giver will remember if he feels betrayed by your subsequent actions.

  39. Its not necessarily a Jewish thing, as much as a SECULAR, atheistic, libtard (democrat) Jewish thing. the State seems to be the God of the American libtard Jew. It went a long way towards making people stand in front of fake showers and inhale Zyklon-B in the past, and it may well make people do other awful things in the not too distant future.

  40. Anti-Semitism isn’t good for anything. Ditto racism, homophobia and similar, irrational hatreds. Gun people need to publicly and forcefully disavow the haters.

    What I can’t understand is why people refuse to acknowledge that the Holocaust ended only because the Allies killed somewhere between 7 and 9 million Germans.

  41. The only religion that these people believe in is POWER. Power over others, in this particular case money and the power it buys. Little napoleon of NY is on his way out and he wants to stay relevant buy( not misspelled) screwing with everyone’s life.

  42. Anti-Semitism isn’t even the issue here. Both sides of this “debate” — which our side won in 1791 anyway but that’s apparently completely besides the point — need to stop with all this Moving The Goal Posts fallacy nonsense.

    What is in question are the positions of DiFi, Loonberg, and Schmucker on civil rights, particularly the right to keep and bear arms.

    The only reason why their heritage is even mentioned is because of the history of “their” people, which is in direct conflict with their decidedly anti-rights, anti-Humanist, anti-self defense, anti-self reliance, regressive, fascistic Statist agenda. I put “their” in quotes because, as mentioned above, they are traitors to their people, because their people would not have pushed for this. By extension, they are traitors to all of us, as is everyone who seeks to diminish our individual civil liberties for any reason.

    Their views are wrong. The science has in fact settled that fact conclusively, and beyond the shadow of a doubt. They know that their views are wrong. We know that they know. We know that they know that we know. Everybody knows.

    What matters is that they simply don’t give a shit, and they don’t give a shit on purpose. They’re only in it for the money. It’s always been all about the money for them. It always will be all about the money for them.

    • It is about the POWER, of which money is only a part (albeit, a big part). Their God is little g (government), however, and they do BELIEVE they are smarter than you, and can spend YOUR money better than you. Most of the problem resides in the non religious, atheistic, secular humanist, statist, Jew, which is a different animal.

  43. As a fellow Jew and gun owner, as well as the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, I can certainly agree with your “Never Again” sentiments. That’s why I donate to the Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership… perhaps the most “out there” 2A group.

    As for the question of whether anti-Semitism is good in this case, the answer is undoubtedly NO. It’s never good. There’s no question that the basic tenets of Talmudic law tend towards socialism and citizen disarmament, but the last thing we need is to have the anti-gun label slapped on us Jews as a whole and ostracize us from our fellow Americans practicing some form of Christianity.

  44. I actually hadn’t ever assumed Michael Bloomberg was Jewish, just an anti-gun hypocrite with armed security and a self-righteous, authoritarian pr1ck. Was I supposed to assume he was Semitic just because his name was XXXXXberg? Polemist Alfred Rosenberg, author of ‘The Myth Of the Twentieth Century’, denounced Jews as well as Bolsheviks and Christians.
    With this in mind, I try never to assume a person’s lineage just because of the sound of their name. To those trying to play the religion card: just put it back in the deck.
    They’re both pieces of good advice I offer freely to all.

    • Well, for what it’s worth, Obama has self-identified with racial issues quite a few times, from his unprecedented offering of an opinion on the arrest of Henry Louis Gates (leading to the beer summit) to his unprecedented offering of an opinion on the Trayvon Martin case. I know there have been at least one or two others, but those are the ones that spring immediately to mind.

      Bloomberg, on the other hand, has never self-identified with “Jewish issues” that I know of. So it’s not quite the same thing. I do understand where you were going, though.

  45. Sure, it is inevitable that anti-Semitism is working in favor of the RKBA movement to a degree (how much effect it has had I have no idea). Secular Jewish progressive politicians with their socialist political values are definitely motivating a number of people into becoming anti-Semitic. Secular progressive Jewish politicians have motivated me to be more critical of and less tolerant of Jews who identify as being part of the Reform Movement and are modern era liberals.

  46. Jewish or not Jewish does not have any impact on this situation at all. Bloomberg’s behavior is mirrored in others who claim to be Christian, Mormon, and Native animists. The issue is liberal vs. conservative, no matter what religion individuals in either group are. The nut job liberals from San Francisco are doing the exact same damage to our nation as the NYC nut job liberals.

  47. Actually some of the most rabid anti 2A politicians-Hillary Clinton,Joe Biden,Martin O’Malley,Dannel Malloy,Andrew Cuomo,Dick Durbin,Nancy Pelosi,Elizabeth Warren,etc aren’t Jewish by religion or ancestry-I think it comes down to being a scumbag anti freedom “progressive”elitist.

  48. Robert,
    Your premise is false, and I’m surprised that TTAG, being operated primarily by Jews, would perpetuate the false stereotype that gun-rights supporters are any more anti-Semitic than any other cultural group. My personal experience has been in competitive shooting sports, where I encounter overwhelming philo-semitism and unconditional support, if not love, for Israel.

    For various reasons, Jews are at the forefront of many political issues on both the left and the right, *including PRO-2A causes*, but the mainstream media suppresses Jewish involvement in conservative issues (just as the mainstream media suppresses conservative issues generally). I have documented this extensively on my blog:
    and many other posts illustrating the widespread Jewish involvement and leadership in pro-2A causes.

    There are Jewish leaders in the NRA, the firearms manufacturing industry, Pro-2A legal causes, Pro-2A politicians, Olympians, gun bloggers…the list is endless.

    So if your premise had even the slightest basis in truth, why do we never hear “don’t buy a SIG, their CEO is a dirty Jew!” Or “that dirty Jew Alan Gura is taking the job of a good christian lawyer!” We don’t hear those things, because, by and large, the pro-2A community is not anti-Semitic, despite attempts of the mainstream media to paint is as such.

    Why is the JPFO so well-known (and generally well-respected) in pro-2A circles if your premise had any viability?

    Now that being said, I do dislike Bloomberg because he is Jewish, in as much as I am ashamed of him.

  49. Well, if it reveals the same repressed animosity in the public discourse as it did here……..mmmmmm, no. Overall it’s probably better to know what people really think. But a totally hypothetical query, I noted some recall injustices many decades to centuries old. When is the score settled? Walloing in a victim mentality benefits no one and cripples those who do. There are multitudes of current issues more worthy of suspicion and anger that are unfolding on a daily basis. Squabbling among ourselves over heritage keeps us from uniting on real issues. Like it or not we are all brothers.

  50. My Opinion is that Bloomberg does not care about the people anyway. His only goal is the legacy of gun control he leaves across America. No Constitution! The Government in control of the people. Thus, once his laws are in effect in Virginia, the people are nothing but fodder, trash to be thrown away.

    • No, I think it’s his legacy of CONTROL that he leaves behind is what rings his chimes. He seems to be pushing the boundaries of Socialism a little further with every week that passes.

  51. I tend to judge people by their actions + intents. Besides, horrible people come from all walks of life and in my experience no particular group seem to have a monopoly on assholes. Its a mixed bag no matter how you look at it.

  52. “Did anti-semitism play any part in the anti-Bloomberg, anti-Morse and Giron backlash? It wasn’t mentioned overtly but Hizzoner’s moniker leaves no doubt as to his ethnicity.”

    It could be construed as antisemitism if that’s what you’re looking for.
    However I think it has far more to do with the fact that most Jewish-Americans are aligned with the far left. I’m equal opportunity. I don’t particularly care who you are or what your background and ethnicity are. I think gun shows in the Atlanta area demonstrate that – there’s usually a good smattering of different ethnicities and peoples, enjoying their 2A rights.

    It boils down to this, for me and many other gunners.
    If you love freedom and can live and let live, we’re on the same side.
    If you try take my freedoms or my guns, you are my sworn enemy.

  53. f the anti-gunners use this as an excuse for their losses, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I haven’t even had a thought about Bloomberg’s ethnicity/religion cross my mind. I’m too hung up on his stupidity and hubris to let his being Jewish get in the way.

  54. Bloomberg is a Jewish name?

    He’s a member of the secular religion of Progressivism. And other religion he claims to follow is secondary.

  55. I’m sure the media could dig up someone somewhere who say something anti-Semitic like “We don’t need that there jew-boy telling us what’s what.”

    But I’d bet it more likely has to do with the fact that no one wants their city/town/state to be end up like NYC, and everyone knows that mini-mike is the biggest nanny in America right now. I’d further bet that the idiot’s support probably pushed some people who were on the fence over to our side, under the thinking “If bloomberg supports it, it can’t be good.” And they’d be right.


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