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Over at, David Cordrea writes about the nomination of Keith Ellison for head of the Democratic National Committee. “They’re showing their desperation. They’re also showing they haven’t learned a thing about the people who opposed their agenda in last Tuesday’s election, and are set to repeat all the miscalculations and blunders that led to such a sweeping electoral rout.” Ellison not excepted; the Rep who joined the House Democrats’ “sit-in” gun control protest after his mom called and ordered him on the House Floor.

What is it with these people, this Party? How many times do pro-gun voters have to kick Dems’ proverbial ass before they’ll realize that civilian disarmament is a complete non-starter with the majority of American voters? What happened to the so-called “Blue Dog” Democrats who supported gun rights? When will they ever learn?

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  1. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

    “Guns” ain’t the only problem with the liberal_progressive_communist_globalist [&] (D).

    If they can’t get rid of your ability to stop them, they can’t enact UN”s 2030 Sustainability Agenda (Under which they think they will ‘rule’ America). The problem is, is that THEY HAVE BEEN PAID FOREIGN $$$ TO DO IT, AND THEY’VE ALREADY CASHED THE CHECKS.

    Chelsea can’t pull that cart, and their hoping that mid-eastern $$$ will flow to them if they elect a muslim.

    • We had a dem mayor in San Francisco who famously stated in the 90’s, ” If you can’t take peoples’ money and screw them, then you have no business being in the business.” Don’t put too much stock in domocrats taking money and following through with their promises. Gun control comes from the heart. These people are true believers.

      • When it is ok to walk around San Francisco naked, smoke Marijuana, have sex in public at the Folsom Street Fair, shoot up with your favorite intravenous drug and then just throw the used government provided hypodermic needle on the ground, you are set for all of this wonderful freedom.

        You don’t need a gun in San Francisco. You’ve got Cocks not Glocks, the city government provides you with so much free stuff. Of course the people will always vote democrat.
        It is a libertarian paradise.

        While growing up in California only Harvey Milk supported gun rights among the homosexual leadership. The rest were anti-gun civil rights.
        Also the Marijuana intoxication legalization leadership was never pro second amendment. They hated guns.
        California voters got the type government they always dreamed of.

        • 1.) Nice political commentary aimed at the Libertarian party. But, usually their very pro2@ unlike some RINO’$ in the GOP. Unfortunately, the Libertarian party was choking on “Bitcoins” this year when their only candidates was a guy who ended his political campaign by doing a striptease act for the media…And the only ones available running the cart were Crazy, Democrat. Gary Johnson–“Not a Libertarian!” And ex-RINO/GOP. Governor from Massachusetts–“Definitely NOT a Libertarian!” But, don’t mix apples and oranges…Crazy Demo-erratic, Liberal Progressive politicians, or inmates are absolutely NOT Pro2@ Libertarians….Lastly, We all know San Francisco is the next ” Sodom and Gomorrah” —don’t have to be a Bible thumping Christian to figure that out…One day it with just fall into the ocean along with the rest of California….

        • Libertarians would have you believe that “live and let live” is how we get along. It is not, and it’s not even what creates the environment for how we get along. Conservatism is where it’s at.

  2. It’s the single most obvious issue that separates the parties. It is the litmus test. It signifies the acceptance of personal responsibility, instead of state responsibility.

    Democrats survive on “shared responsibility” — we’ll all chip in to buy us a police force to protect us from criminals. We’ll all join a union to protect us from the evil companies we work for. Give me Roe v. Wade to protect me from having to face the responsibility of my own actions. It takes a village. You didn’t build that by yourself. The bigger the government, the better, because the more powerful the government is, the more it can do for the people. It’s endemic to their worldview.

    Accepting personal responsibility and individual sovereignty is diametrically opposite to this “theology” they cling to. Accepting the concept that you are your own first responder, you are your own protection? That is antimatter to their entire argument and the whole of their existence.

    So no, they will never acquiesce. They cannot. Their whole worldview depends on dismantling and disarming any potential alternative to their beneficent all-powerful government. For the good of all, in their minds we all must all submit — and gun owners don’t submit. So we will forever be locked in this battle, and they will never under any circumstances learn this lesson.

    • Excellent summary. Yes, gun rights are the condensation of all individual rights. It’s easy to waffle on hate speech, due process for suspected terrorists, cross-i-urine obscenity, and a lot of individual rights. But even the simplest of gun right curbs are easily recognized for what they are. No conceal carry? No open carry? No carry in post offices? Universal background checks? Sporting purposes? Doesn’t take much to see them as useless-as-stated but useful-as-curbs.

      Whether one likes guns or not, they represent individual responsibility at its simplest.

      • ” It’s easy to waffle on hate speech, due process for suspected terrorists, cross-i-urine obscenity, and a lot of individual rights”….No, it’s really not.

        • “Is not” as an answer is hardly persuasive. Try some actual rebuttal, some logic, something other than 3rd grade playground words.

        • You made a blanket statement/opinion about the ease of dismissing individual rights. I called you on it. Sorry if that made you feel uncomfortable.

      • Blue Dogs are gone. Long gone. They were forced to vote Yea on Obamacare and then immediately voted out by their rural constituents. As planned my Pelosi and Obama. Fortunately for the Blue Fogs, they held out for plenty of mammon prior to voting, so they are good. Our ex-Blue Dog is a pariah in his small hometown these days. But he’s plush with cash.

    • You might be right about the well-meaning democrats (debate the percentages of you want), but I’ve always assumed that many of them know that many of us would rather fight, kill, and risk death than suffer through what they have planned.

      I mean, if you gave a democrat a button that would magically turn the entire US into Chicago, what do you think would happen?

  3. Shannon’s Sugar Daddy and other anti-gun bigot billionaires have spent decades and hundreds of millions of dollars trying to manufacture propaganda, and the appearance of popular support for gun control. The dollars they dangle in front of democrat party politicians are irresistible. They follow them down the path to their own destruction. That is just fine with me.

  4. Because everything the Democrats (and Reps when it suits them) support requires state violence (or threats of) to enact. You being armed hinders “progress.”

    • All laws require the threat of state violence, in order to work at all. That’s why there should be the fewest number of laws possible.

      • “When you vote, you are exercising political authority, you’re using force. And force, my friends, is violence. The supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived.”

        — Jean Rasczak, Starship Troopers

        • The movie is pretty standard anti-military propaganda. The book is an exploration of what it means to be a soldier, a leader, and the ethical and moral implications of military service on the personal and social levels. All this while being a great romp with guys in powered armor killing giant bugs. Heinlein was a genius.

          The book is on the USMC Commandant’s Professional Reading List for the grade of Captain or Chief Warrant Officer 4. If you haven’t read it, check it out. It really is awesome, on multiple levels.

        • Starship Troopers, a great book. Except for the coed shower scene, the movie was trash.

          The Democrats were the pro-slavery party. After the Civil War they created the KKK to disarm the former slaves. In the North, the Democrats “enslaved everybody” to their political and criminal money making schemes. They treat everybody as a slave.

          They have so perverted the school system that the inmates don’t know that Lincoln was a Republican. It is possible that JFK and HHH were not such pro-slavery Democrats. Perhaps that is why LBJ [rumored] was part of the JFK plot?

      • My friends have told me I’m ridiculous for saying that same thing. The state can’t do anything without the threat of violence at the point of a gun. I tell them not to pay their taxes. Eventually a man with a gun will come and take you away. I remind them about that big dude in (I think it was) NYC who ended up dieing while getting chocked out by a cop. That whole thing started because he was selling loose cigs which was breaking a tax law.

  5. “Double Down”. Right from Alinsky playbook. The radical left does not need, nor care about, majorities (either way). The only need influence the few who have real power.

    The right acts like the Taliban (believe my way, or eat s—-t and die!), but the left moves left because the different factions are quite happy if they only get one thing they demand, in the current or next election.

    Leftists are unified in the desire to control people, regardless of the details along the way. The Right is mired in endless, mindless arguments about process and principle. Look how difficult it was for opponents of Hilary to become unified around her defeat…because Group X, Y, or Z didn’t meet with complete approval of members of other groups. It was a near-run thing to defeat Clinton.

    The popular vote cannot be ignored. No matter where they live, numbers count when taking the measure of the voting public. Numbers tell you how things will likely play-out in major areas of Demoncrat control.

    The Repubs have a so-called “mandate” because they control the majorities in legislative branches, governorships and some towns. But the tide of leftism only ebbs, it does not disappear. With the country split 50-50, leftists can still destroy the country,

  6. “[Democrats are] also showing they haven’t learned a thing about the people who opposed their agenda in last Tuesday’s election, and are set to repeat all the miscalculations and blunders that led to such a sweeping electoral rout.” — David Codrea

    The explanation is so simple and profound that it bears repeating: the Democrat/Progressive brain operates on altruism, fantasy, and emotion without any regard for facts. This is what allows Democrats and Progressives to ignore reality so persistently and repeat the same mistakes over and over. In other words they will never “learn” unless something changes the way that their brains function.

    • As to gaining as wielding power, all those mistakes haven’t had much impact. Have they? If I could have made as many “mistakes” over the last 40 years, and kept my job(s), I would have been ecstatic (and retired by now).

      • “If I could have made as many ‘mistakes’ over the last 40 years, and kept my job(s), I would have been ecstatic (and retired by now).”

        Unfortunately, the fact that they were able to make so many mistakes and actually keep their jobs reinforces their delusional mindset that altruism, fantasy, and emotion actually serves them well in their lives.

    • Here is how the Progressive brain views the last election:

      — Progressive ideology leads to utopia.

      — Utopia is actually possible.
      — Full-blown Progressivism will usher in utopia.
      — Only a few “backwards” people reject that Progressivism brings utopia.
      — The masses only rejected Progressive candidates this election because Trump deceived them.
      — The masses, once properly enlightened, will embrace Progressive ideology and and vote Progressive candidates into office en-masse.

      — It feels bad to think that Progressive ideology does not lead to utopia.
      — It feels bad to think that a LOT of people truly reject the “fact” that Progressive ideology leads to utopia.
      — It feels bad to think that a LOT of people embrace firearm ownership and would vote against Progressive utopia.
      — It feels good to think that someone/something deceived the masses who mistakenly voted against Progressive utopia.
      — It feels good to think that elite Progressive minds will break through the deception before the next election.
      — It feels good to think that the masses, finally and correctly enlightened, will embrace Progressivism and vote for Democrats.


    “Hmm!?! I have a plan! We’ll energize White working class voters. Let’s choose a far left, Black Muslim to lead our party. Yep! That should do it!”

  8. Well if the all encompassing power they seek isn’t available, might as well continue to go through the motions so they can continue to suck at the tax-funded tit that is their livelihood.

  9. The Democrats are on the verge of turning their party over to the Muslim Brothethood. The Party that claims to be all about love is about to put a Jew hater and gay basher in charge. The irony is delightful.

    • “The Democrats are on the verge of turning their party over to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

      They were already trending in that direction … Hillary, er, I mean the Clinton Foundation (but I repeat myself) accepted something like $40 million from countries the likes of Saudi Arabia and Yemen in the Middle East. And Huma Abedin was Hillary Clinton’s top aide and chief of staff for Hillary’s campaign as well as Hillary’s activities as Secretary of State. Why is that relevant? Look into Huma Abedin’s cozy relationship (directly and through family members) to the Muslim Brotherhood and similar organizations.

  10. So when did nominating a moose-lim stop Dumbocrats? I truly hope they “never learn”…and I will NEVER vote D regardless of any pro-2A overtures.

  11. The Democratic party doesn’t support individual rights. Only the rights of the ‘collective’ (i.e. da gubmint).

  12. “Why Won’t Democrats Support Gun Rights?”

    Because gun rights belong to us, and we won’t bow to them.

  13. Its about differentiation and collecting votes of groups. Just turns out the number of people who are put off regarding their stance on guns is greater than those who aren’t.

    It will be interesting if the Libertarians can get their shit together about supporting the 2A. I thought the Libertarians offered this time around were really weak on support of the 2A.
    I think they could pull more socially liberal republicans, but who are ardently progun, from the Republicans, than they can pull democrats to libertarians. It is my opinion is that libertarians want freedoms and Democrats want you to do it their way, so they aren’t as compatible.

  14. They can’t win primaries.

    My dad (who is registered as a democrat to vote against people twice and get them to waste a few dollars every year sending him stuff) got an ad for a democrat candidate in the primary. I called the guy, expecting at least to get some amusing crazy stuff. I found he was actually very reasonable and he agreed to introduce legislation to repeal the NFA and especially the CSA (in particular noting his law enforcement friends have told him it hasn’t worked).

    The guy came in 3rd out of 4 with half the votes the winner (an absolute nut) got. It was unfortunate because if he won the primary and stuck to those promises I’d have gladly voted for him over the do-nothing Republican incumbent (who’s chief of staff has been very rude to me when asked about these requests).

    • I also support congressman Keith Ellison for DNC chair. I look forward to hearing him say the next terrorist attack by people who call themselves Muslims, he will say are not Muslims.

      He will cause the republicans to win the next three presidential election cycles.
      Go go congresman!!

  15. The power of the bully pulpit is in the hands of Donald Trump, this power is now wielded by someone who will truly have the ability to use it better than anyone since Reagan. He has tools that Reagan never had. He can tweet out a message, call up conservative talk radio, place a call to Chris Cox or Wayne LaPierre, the left has just discovered “you can’t stop the signal!”

  16. Good. Let them triple down on their anti-American agenda. They’re one state legislator away from being unable to stop Constitutional Amendents. Article V convention of the states looks more achievable than ever.

    • I know many people have wet dreams about a “constitutional convention”, but the pathway from the convention goes directly through the congress. A congress made up of people who are already opposed to any new amendments, from any source. Proposed amendments would die in congress, because there is no established time frame for congress to publish the proposed amendments to the states. There is also no mechanism to force congress to publish the amendments. The only way to get proposed amendments from convention to the states is to unconstitutionally bypass the congress, making the amendments void….as will be decided by federal judges. The founders knew how they subverted the Articles of Confederation, and created an entirely new form of government. The were not about to let that happen again, even via the “consititutional convention”.

  17. It’s pretty simple, really. Big government policies and wealth redistribution (of the extreme European style that Democrats drool over) can only be enacted after the people are disarmed and cannot resist. There’s a reason why every socialist / communist country bans guns.

  18. They will double down on Muslim. Expect San Francisco or Philadelphia … to elect a Muslim mayor or two.

  19. Lefties inability to articulate a rational reason for their proposals leaves only one plausible explanation for their wishes: they wish to do things that they know would spark an armed resistance.

    Quite frankly I’m rather sure someone like Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi would love to have their minions line a lot of Americans up against a wall and shoot them for holding “improper” opinions.

    Never forget: The progressives called for a “humane gas” to “liquidate the undesirables” in society and golf clapped for Hitler when he did it.

  20. Some Democrats are staunchly pro-gun, and get good grades from the NRA. In Michigan, for example, Rep. John Dingell was famous for being pro-gun, because his constituents–many UAW members–were pro-gun.

  21. They hate the constitution hate the fact there is no King/Queen, want the USA to be a socialist nation, and they do not trust and hate anyone who does not think they way they do.

  22. “Why Won’t Democrats Support Gun Rights?”

    Pragmatically, because they’ve calculated this is a “wedge issue” for them, yielding a net gain politically.

    Philosophically, the current US “Democratic” party is about as far from Jefferson’s coalition of free Yeoman farmers as you can get. They don’t envision government as an association of free people. Indeed, there are on “free people.”

    They are universalist statatists: “Everything within the state; nothing outside the state.” The notion that individual people can act in their own behalf; have their own interests; exist independent of the “Volk, is anathema. You have the protection the hive deems for you. No guns for you!

    Literally everything they do, from their “leaders” through to their apparatchiks, paid shills, and street muscle is entirely predictable before the fact, from just these two assumptions. The goal is the state Uber Alles. And every choice is calculated in terms of political advantage, to advance toward that ideal.

  23. This election, we purchased the 2nd Amendment at the price of literally everything else.
    I fear it was the wrong choice.
    I also fear it was the right choice.

  24. My guess is they will start some time before the 2018 elections. The reason Ins that 28 democratic senators are up as opposed to like 6 republicans. And many of the democrats ( and none of the republicans ) are in contested states. Baring some change dems could lose 10 or more in the senate in 2018. They don’t want a blood bath.

  25. Gotta brown nose RF on this one. He stated: “Gun ownership is the ultimate symbol of individual sovereignty.”

    Democrats cannot stand an individual lawfully protecting themselves.

  26. To quote the film “Tropic Thunder,” the DNC “is going full Retard.” They seem determined to go and ignore the 2016 results. They are risking loosing the union vote base forever from Michigan to W. Virgina by going ultra lefty.

    • The Demoncrats announced in 2010/2011 that they were abandoning the traditional base, and moving to capture the “rainbow”, because there were too few in the traditional base. The Dems have no intention of trying to recapture the traditional base (despite recent statements) because the numbers continue to decline.

      Dems must ignore the results of the election, or abandon the high moral ground that the election was illegitimate because we are a democracy, and majoritie of the voters rule in all cases. This latter is the reason there is so much complaining about the EC; the EC buffers the majorities. The Dems also realize that if the EC is eliminated, there is no reason for a Senate, as that institution grants the same number of Senators for each state. Since the Senate was designed as yet another buffer against pure democracy, the Senate is irrelevant. They will ge to this understanding eventually.

  27. There used to be fiscally conservative, pro-2nd amendment Democrats, and I used to support them. Nowadays, the party of JFK is no more (he would have been a republican).

    Obama did this to the Democrats. The blue dog Dems were defeated one by one post-Obamacare.

    The people leading the party are only borrowing it temporarily. They will fight over direction, for now, but ultimately the voters will decide. In 2018, they will gradually start to replace the stock and by 2020 maybe the party will be on the road to recovery.

  28. We’re working on it. A lot of people are rethinking their opinion of armed self-defense right now for sure, with the uptake in racially and religiously motivated attacks (regardless of whether you believe it’s real or not, it definitely looks real to anyone getting their news primarily from liberal sources). And some, faced with a prospect of a single party that they see as extreme in control of all three branches of government, and checks and balances swept aside, are starting to ask the right questions about the Second Amendment and its place among those checks and balances.

    If you actually want gun rights to become a prominent part of the liberal platform, you can help, by reaching out and telling those people that as a conservative, while you disagree with most everything else they believe in, you still support their right to own a gun to defend themselves, and, should it come to that, their ideas, against government overreach – even (and especially!) when it’s your government now.

  29. I though everyone knew by now that yhe Demo-erratic party was long ago hijacked by completely corrupt,and crazy people !-Those that shouldn’t have any political power, or be allowed a platform to assail others, our US Constitutional-Bill of Rights, etc…Wasn’t the out of control Demo-erratic parties SJW inmates engaged in riots truth enough that all laws or amendments made into law should be deamed unconstitutional! The DNC should be dismantled completely as a danger to the General population and our fine republic!

  30. I can’t speak for the early history of the D and R parties, but to elevate the discussion a bit, I think the current incarnation of D hoplophobia began with the assassinations of the 1960’s. Kennedy, Kennedy, and King. Only one of the three assassins fit the narrative of racist Whitey. The Kennedy’s were of the political class, yet shot by a Communist sympathizer and a Muslim. So it had to be the guns themselves. And the recent era of D gun control began. LBJ gave up the South and other rural parts of the country to get the Civil Rights Bill passed (and gave up most suburbs, too, until very recently), and the D had nothing left but the big cities. Big cities are not gun-friendly, even though, especially in the 60’s, the crime rate was much higher. Why? Because the European immigrants and internally migrating Afro’s whose children populated those cities came from a background where they had already been disarmed, and only criminals and the State had guns. So the same in NYC or Boston or Chi or SF was normal. The pattern has simply fed upon itself for the last 40 or 50 years, and the county by county map shows it clearly. Amazingly, things may be turning a bit, with urbanites more open to owning guns in large Southern and MIdwestern cities. But still, that county by county map shows it clearly. Illinois, Georgia, NC, even NY and CA. Cities D; most suburbs and all less populated areas, R. It’s not only about gun ownership – it is about most issues. If the D actually put Farrakhan’s shoe shine boy in power, they can kiss all except the big cities good bye. I think a lot of Independents would drop them at that point. It will be interesting to see what happens if Ellison becomes the DNC chair and there are massive urban riots this summer. I expect there will be, and they will be put down quickly and aggressively everywhere except in the usual big cities, where like Baltimore this summer, the cities will burn. I expect he will excuse and maybe egg on the violence of his supporters, and will further deepen the clear divides in this country. One can only hope that the D’s will thereby put themselves out of power for at least a couple more terms, so that this country can get back to normal and to a strong leadership position in world affairs..

  31. It’s the same old thing: the filthy rich that run everything are afraid of citizens possessing “military style” weapons and rising up to overthrow them. “The aristocracy is alarmed, that the workers have become armed.”…………………elsullo

  32. Are gun owners “gettable” for Democrats? Are there significant numbers of gun owners who would support Democrats but-for the gun-control agenda? Or do substantially all gun-owners swallow the Republican Kool-Aid on estate taxes, Dodd-Frank, fetus funerals, and “teh gays coming for your children”?

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