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Over and over again, Joe Biden and his party insist that we need to add more bureaucracy into the gun-buying process. Indeed, were “universal background checks” to be imposed upon the 37 states that have thus far declined to add them, Form 4473 would be a part of every single gun transaction — including, in many cases, wholly non-commercial transactions. Why, if it’s so obviously pointless?

I do not envy the position that Joe Biden is in with his son. But he is the president of the United States now, and he is using his position to call for much stricter laws to regulate the exercise of an explicit constitutional right.

If he wants to show that he is serious — and, more important, if he wants to show that he’s not trying to create a confusing thicket of rules that will end up being enforced capriciously — he should be in favor of prosecuting his son and his accomplices.

It is a federal felony to lie on Form 4473. Joe Biden supports this. It is a federal felony to bring a firearm within one thousand feet of a school. Joe Biden not only supports this, he wrote the law.

If only he knew someone in the White House who could ensure that these violations were more rigorously prosecuted — yes, even against his own son. Surely, it’s just “common sense”?

— Charles C.W. Cooke in It’s ‘Common Sense’ to Prosecute Hunter Biden for His Gun Crimes

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  1. LULztastic. If dreams were nickels we’d all be fabulously wealthy.

    The author should find more constructive things to do with their time. Like maybe suggestions that have a prayer’s chance in Hell of coming to fruition.

        • I can’t believe I voted for his father.

          How could I not see what filth they are?

          Why am I such a f’ing schmuck?

        • Why am I such a f’ing schmuck?

          Eureka, the moment of epiphany… You finally asked the question that everyone else has been asking for quite some time… Now if only you had the answer…

    • This is why everyone needs to do as Donald J. Trump says and donate your money to the Save America PAC and do not donate any money to the RNC. Donald J. Trump demanded the RNC not use his likeness in any fundraising activities. If you see His likeness being used by the RNC report it to the Save America PAC. Trump needs your money to make sure candidates He selects are placed in future elections. Those candidates will make sure all of our rights are protected. Donate to the Save America PAC. Donald J. Trump needs your dollars to Save America.

      • fyi
        Donald J. Trump is not a “Republican”. Which is why so may republicans voted for him.

      • And DJT is correct. There are many Republicans out there that want to masses under their control. Personal freedoms were thrown out after the civil war – it got worse and worse. We got some back in the 60s, only to have them assaulted again. Gun laws have been under assault ever since the civil war.

        • Yep, I quit donating money to Republican Party years ago because I didn’t like the folks they spent my money on. Now I just donate to individual canidates. That way my money doesn’t go to the ones that support the corporations that want to ruin our country and take away our rights.

      • “This is why everyone needs to do as Donald J. Trump says and donate your money to the Save America PAC and do not donate any money to the RNC.”😀

        • It’s a damn shame that winning an election has come down to how much more money one sleazebag can amass over another… I’ve got a better idea… How about WE say fuck you politicians AND political parties and use OUR money to enhance our own security to protect ourselves from ALL of these controlling, power hungry bags of shit who just want the general populace to be subservient to THEIR will… Fuk them, fuk them ALL to death… Keep your money use it for something that will help you survive…

        • Donate to Trump’s Save America PAC???
          FYI, Trump has been pocketing 75% of those donations and funneling them directly into his personal account.
          Im not defending Biden but it is comical amd pathetic to still see people support this lying corrupt sleeze bag too. A corrupt man that had complete control of both houses for 2 years and only accomplished huge tax breaks for the super wealthy and tripled the deficit in a bull economy.
          Hunter, Hunter, Hunter but how many millions did Trump Jr, Ivanka & Kushner make while holding public office and how many times did they use Airforce 1, the Secret Service, etc to do so? Trump was not the answer to corruption but rather a forerunner for it.
          For the love of God, think for yourselves…

    • “The author should find more constructive things to do with their time.”

      Everybody can’t hit it out of the park all the time. This one of his was surprisingly weak. It’s quite unlike him.

      He’s a Brit expat that earned his US citizenship because he wanted the 2A. He has written some of the most eloquent and articulate defenses of the 2A out there. He’s a serious intellectual heavyweight and we are very lucky to have him on our side.

      Present disappointing article excepted.

      (Really – He’s a *seriously* good writer when he’s on his game…)

    • Rest assured if this was a son of POTUS DJT there would be a lynch mob of democRats with joe biden leading the charge. Or if it were an ordinary citizen it would be hell to pay.

      Such democRat hypocrites have gotten away with murder and are never held accountable. Like everything else this topic will be forgotten within 24 hours and that’s a fukin problem among self proclaimed gun owners with cronic low attention.
      If it were democRats and the target was the DJT’s son it would go on for days, months and years. That goes without sayin.

    • Not the GBs.

      Who ya gonna call?

      J. Dub and A.G….

      Sorry, got carried away in the moment.

      Break it down!
      We’re goin’ straight… to… the Wild Wild West…

  2. What we will see here in this case is another demonstration of the Ruling Class motto, “Rules for thee and none for me.”

    Or, as they say in the military, “Rank has its privileges.”

    And, the final pearl of wisdom for today, “It is not what you know — it is WHO you know.”

    • My military brother just told me “different spanks for different ranks.” I think that phrase is gold.

    • We threw out the aristocracy in the revolution only for it regrow itself. Screw the bidens, clintons, kennedys, bushs, and every other political “dynasty”.

  3. Soooo…does lyin’ Hunter’s fib on a 4473 supercede being a chinese agent & funneling 10% to the “big guy”?!? Hmmm? Huh? What?

  4. I would hope there would be some intellectual consistency and honesty. With the drug legalization crowd regarding Hunter Biden. He was kicked out of the military for his illegal drug use. Which caused behavior in him that the military was not going to put up with.
    Now should such a person still be able to buy guns and possess guns? Should drug use in the military no longer be illegal? This way you would not be court-martialed for it and forced out of the military service.

    Currently alcoholics can be forced out of military service. There is drug rehabilitation available to service members. But they have to volunteer for it.

    There is no draft military. Service is strictly voluntary. So the military sets the rules if you want to serve. Homosexuals are allowed to serve now. So why not people who use drugs?
    Do guns mix well with alcohol and Other Drugs?

    • It’s absolutely acceptable for the military to enforce rules that have no place in regular society because the military functions on discipline. An inability to follow rules indicates a lack of discipline which indicates one is unfit for service.

      This is part of why the UCMJ forbids cheating on your spouse or banging someone else’s spouse.

      • Wow! You surprise me. You sound like one of those conservatives??? Seriously. I have never believed that the military should be used for social experimentation. It’s interesting that the same people who support homosexuals being allowed to serve in the military, also have no problem with allowing trannies to serve in the military. And have taxpayers pay for their surgery and Medical Care.

        While I was in the military I served with potheads, alcoholics, cocaine users, and gay people. All of them cause discipline problems. Because eventually they could not keep their private activities private.

        And during the Clinton years the sexually liberated publicly asked that the military laws against adultery be repealed.
        I can just imagine what would happen in the military if this were to happen. I’m sure the sexually liberated would be very happy. However a lot of military personnel would be killed. And the destruction of military families would not be good for morale.

        However the sexually liberated certainly would be enjoying themselves. I don’t remember when he said it, but General George Washington did have some some very poignant things to say about adultery in the military.

        • Perhaps it’s a sad commentary that it is surprising to find a person having a consistent philosophical point of view about civil society.

          UCMJ rules exist for a reason; because the military is its own society parallel to civil society.

          Military society exists for the purpose exclusive purposes of breaking shit and killing people. That is a society that absolutely must be disciplined in ways far more extreme than the civil society which the military society protects.

          There are certain things that one might wish to do which require a higher standard of behavior than regular old life does. These things are not required of anyone and for those seeking acceptance into that group there is nothing wrong with that acceptance coming with strings attached.

    • I’m not sure of his military status. The story I heard is that he got a special dispensation to join the Navy because he was otherwise too old. When he reported, he failed for cocaine, so I don’t know if he was ever inducted or took an oath.

      • Come on now. Be honest with me. Should cocaine use be a reason to be denied service in the military? Or be denied being able to buy guns?

        • fyi
          The drug legalization crowd will continue to vote for the democrats. And expecting a differetnt result. Than the result that really happens.

          “White House Staffers FIRED For Past Weed Use!”
          video 12 min long

    • “Kicked out of the military for his illegal drug use.” My understanding is that he did not ENTER the military until far in excess of the maximum age for non-lawyer/MD types, yet no one ever asks just how he pulled that off. Not sure about his (late) brother, who also drew some taxpayer bucks wearing a uniform.

  5. Oh these kids nowadays, let’s just try and hide it best we can.
    Dont want to upset Grandpa.

  6. It is a federal felony to bring a firearm within one thousand feet of a school.

    Guess I’m already a felon… They built a new elementary school across the street and I am well within 1000 feet of it… When I leave I pass one high school and two middle schools to get to any shopping area near me… Looks like I’m a “bad guy” too, oh well, come get me JoeMalla, I promise to go peacefully… Any way you must have missed the fine print in Joes bills, they all include a disclaimer that states “Does not apply to anyone named Biden including any future crackhead son I might have”…

  7. Joe Biden Wrote One of the Laws His Son Allegedly Broke.
    I will respond on behalf of Joe and the Democrats: So… what’s your point?

  8. This is racist gun control in effect. If you are a very wealthy white person. And politically connected. And your high enough up on the food chain. You don’t get prosecuted for a gun related crime.
    Whatever happend to that white Chiraq city councilman? Who was arrested with 25 guns in his office. Located inside the city hall building. Oh ya, he is a connected white democrat. Just like Hunter Biden.
    President Trump’s son was not high enough up on the food chain. Which is why they started the process, to try to send him to prison.

    • “It’s still not known if the guns that were found in November were discovered at Burke’s ward office or at City Hall, but it’s hard to miss the irony of a staunch gun control advocate having to turn over 23 guns as a condition of his bond.” I couldn’t find info on a disposition.

      • There’s a lie, Roger! It certainly *IS* known where those guns were discovered (rather distinct, could someone tell you “yeah, I found them but I don’t know where.”?), but they are not going to TELL you.

  9. If you have to be a wealthy white person to get a pass, it isn’t about race. It’s about who’s elite. White and black brothers aren’t getting a pass.

  10. Yup, this does sound like a prosecution under a “Common Sense Gun Law” that needs to happen.

    Also, how about security camera footage from the gun store? You know, of those two Secret Service guys?

    That should be online ASAP!

  11. I grow weary of the adulation many conservatives continue to display for Trump.

    Here are some facts:

    The U.S. House of Representatives is now in the control of the Democrats.

    The U.S. Senate is now in the control of the Democrats.

    Only the Supreme Court seems safe, so far.

    Biden, et. al. is toying with doing away with the filibuster, which would be a disaster for conservative principles.

    The conservative movement, as a consequence, has been set back perhaps as long as a decade or more.

    Trump’s incompetence, particularly with respect to Covid-19, did it to us.

    Every time I take a healthy crap I look into the toilet bowl at the excrement which I call Donald Trump and give it a flush.

    What the Dickens is wrong with you folks who continue to support Trump? He was the worst purveyor of destruction for the conservative movement in decades.

    • Libertarians are worthless when it comes to fighting for Liberty. And finally some Libertarians at least are talking about that fact. video 35 minutes long.

      Ep. 1833 Did the Libertarian Party Ignore the Biggest Issue of 2020? Tom woods show

      • David Walters, since you obliviously had your head stuck up enuf’s ass (How enuf has room for both of you IDK) during the 2020 election.

        Here is some facts that precede your “facts”;

        The election of 2020 was…

        A Farce

        A Sham

        A Travesty

        Was Rigged

        Was Fake

        Was Bogus

        Was Phoney

        Was Counterfeit

        Was Fraudulent

        Was Concocted

        Was Fabricated

        Basically an Ersatz

        • Another dupe of the conspiracy!

          So you think the election was rigged, so of course you have mortgaged your house to donate to Sidney Powell‘s defense fund, right?

          Will you be sending fox noise your disability paycheck as well, they’ll be needing some money for their legal bills and judgment soon.

          You know, Sidney Powell said in her filing with the court that only really stupid people would believe the lies she was spouting, at last you found a club that will allow people like you to join.

        • Now how could Miner49er mortgage the whole house?

          Miner49er only owns (well lives in) the basement portion.

          And why am I answering my own posts?

          I’m not well.

    • He was the worst purveyor of destruction for the conservative movement in decades.

      Actually it was the hatred for Trump and the lies laid upon us by a bunch of pissed off politicians and news media that had invested everything in Hillary (Trump made the mistake of embarrassing them by winning)… It would have happened to whomever beat her… The shit got so deep and was repeated so often EVERYWHERE that it got so bad that no matter what Trump did it would be conveyed to the public as anti American, destructive, self serving or would kill everyone… The RINO “Republicans” were complicit in this as well which added validity to the bullshit being spread by the Left (at least in the weak uninformed mind)… All Trump did was grow the economy, rebuild the military, tell China to fuck off and put more people back to work than at any time in our history… Yeah real “BAD” guy… I’m not even going to address your ignorance about Trumps alleged “incompetence” over the “WUFLU”…

        • Except maybe to add “told our other rivals to fuck off without embroiling us in any new wars”, “stopped paying protection money to Iran”, or “stopped welcoming criminal invaders of our country through our southern border”

        • Yeah that too… AND he killed most of the regulations that stifled growth, shut down family run farms, kept us dependent on foreign oil, AND turned the US into a “service” country instead of the powerful industrial engine that built America… WOW, what a REALLY bad guy… And he forced other countries to assume more responsibility for their own security

        • “Bu-but, other than that, what has he ever done for us?” – every douchetard RINO ever

      • You are out of your mind. Trump was a disaster for our Republic. A non-conservative, non-Republican, barely an American at all based upon his demented and criminally incompetent behavior.

        We are all lucky to have survived his ego driven insanity.

        • We are all lucky to have survived his ego driven insanity

          PLEASE, by all means, enlighten us oh great one…
          The moron is STILL strong in this one..

      • “ all he did was tell China to fuck off“

        All while his daughter, Senior Advisor to the President of the United States, was negotiating with the Chinese government for 31 different trademarks to do business with the Communist Party of China.

        Have you seen in the financial disclosure reports where Jared and Ivanka report earning tens of millions of dollars while they supposedly served the people of the United States of America?

        They are laughing at you for being so gullible.

        “Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner received at least $36 million in outside income in 2019, according to financial disclosure forms.
        The couple continue to receive a substantial income from a range of businesses, investments, and other assets.
        Both Trump and Kushner are senior White House advisers, and their outside earnings have raised conflict of interest issues.”

        • I’m a moron

          “Cutting And Pasting”

          “Cutting And Pasting”

          “Cutting And Pasting”

        • Kake Miner, I understand why you are threatened by the exact text of these facts, they show that the Trump family made hundreds of millions of dollars, much of it from foreign governments, during their time in the White House. During the Trump administration, our government was for sale to the highest bidder. Just take Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, during her time she was rewarded with hundreds of millions of dollars in profit from her so-called ‘business interests, all while she supposedly held a full-time cabinet position working for the American people.

          And a word of caution about your personal situation, while I don’t have access to the code for this forum and can’t possibly ascertain your identity, I might point to a recent news article that should give you pause.

          It seems Rebecca Mercer is not the insurrectionist supporter you thought she was:

          “Hundreds of users have responded to a post published by the official Parler account on Thursday that called for “an investigation into big tech collusion” that, it alleged, “took place just as Parler began to pose a credible threat” to Facebook and Twitter.

          The post linked to an article by The Wall Street Journal detailing how Parler made more than 50 referrals to the FBI ahead of the violent siege. If the company thought the post would garner a positive reaction among the site’s users, they were wrong.”

          But I am sure you appreciate Rebekah Mercer’s good citizenship by doing her patriotic duty and making the FBI aware of the insurrectionists’ plans.

    • Guess you didn’t look at the makeup of Congress in 2009-10, huh? Republican losses have been in spite of Trump, not because of him, and there are a bunch of GOP “never Trumpers” who should pay for that at their next election.

      • If you supported Trump for the 2016 GOP nomination then you are responsible for Biden being in office now. You were warned, you did it anyway.

        Shame on you.

        • you are responsible for Biden being in office now.
          No that would be Dominion..

          You were warned, you did it anyway.
          No, we were “THREATENED” and we told them to fuck off…

        • Phew, guess that makes me safe from your ire, since I didn’t vote for him in the 2016 primary.

          But, there was the 2016 general, the 2020 primary, and the 2020 general. Mea culpa.

          And let’s lay the blame for Trump’s 2020 loss where it belongs–at the feet of the election riggers. Judges are beginning to abandon their “monkey see no evil” program, and all those sworn affidavits and other forms of evidence are getting some daylight. Notice it was a loss for Trump, not a win for Biden.

        • Actually, I blame the Democrat party and the left for nominating and voting for the disaster that is known as Jiao Bi Den.

      • “No that would be Dominion.. “

        Hilarious, you still believe the fraud.

        Haven’t you heard, the kraken who started the fraud said anyone who believed her was an “unreasonable person”.

        So tell me Maxine, when will the US Army units be returning from Germany with the servers full of the evidence?

        What’s that, they sailed from Southampton on a ship called the titanic?

        • Sometimes my mama kraken the whip on me!

          “You just a good for nothing lying troll” she will say.

          I just say “But mama, Soros pay me pesos to lie”

    • Regardless of how you feel about Trump he was a symptom of the disease. He wasn’t the disease and certainly wasn’t the cause of the disease.

      Poke through a series of FRED graphs and you’ll see that the roots of the current problems started to be observable in the mid-1970’s and were fairly obvious by the mid 1990’s.

      When you figure out the connection between 1990, 2020 and 301% you’ll have found the the major symptom of root of the problem. Then the trick is to see if you can figure out what that major symptom means.

  12. The troll David Walters said: “Every time I take a healthy crap I look into the toilet bowl at the excrement which I call Donald Trump and give it a flush.”

    It’s a sad day when trolls starts calling their excrement by name.

    As is common with libtard trolls, they hate everyone and everything, including their own excrement. Unfortunately, there is no way to cure this disease while they are still alive…

    • “Unfortunately, there is no way to cure this disease while they are still alive…”

      Sure there is. I prescribe a colonoscopy on alternate days, with IV fluids and nutrients.

  13. The world is watching a demented Homer Simpson step by step destroy the one country that saved the world freedom of countless countries and fought their wars, only to inexplicably be destroyed by the hatred of one political party over a freedom loving patriot that worked to improve things for all!

    • The world is watching a demented Homer Simpson step by step destroy the one country that saved the world freedom of countless countries and fought their wars“

      Yes, the last four years have been difficult for America, but now we have a bright future ahead of us as competent leadership now occupies the White House.

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