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Propper makes all sorts of bags, cases, pants, shirts, jackets, BDUs, body armor, boots, and other tactical apparel goods. Apparently, they’ve been doing so for 50 years now. Some interesting (I swear) achievements and milestones in their military contract and civilian production history are detailed in the press release that follows…

Propper Celebrates 50 Years

St. Charles, MO — Military and tactical gear and apparel company Propper International turns 50 this year. To honor the company’s strong history and its commitment to build upon that heritage, Propper is celebrating all year long with promotions and special events throughout 2017, starting with the launch of a redesigned website (, an iconic 50th Anniversary logoed badge and a brand new corporate video chronicling the company’s heritage and vision for the future.

Started in 1967 by William S. Propper, the company’s first contract was making the iconic white Dixie Cup hats for the US Navy. Over the next five decades, Propper grew to become the largest supplier of military BDUs and ACUs. Some of Propper’s many achievements over the years include:

  • Over 120 million garments produced for the US military
  • Over 30 million military personnel have worn Propper garments
  • Over 8.1 million tops (combat shirts, ACU coats, jackets) to the US military
  • Over 11.8 million trousers to the US military since 2001
  • Over 1.5 million gloves to the US military since 1999
  • Nearly 1 million ABUs and RABUs to the US Air Force
  • Over 1.4 million coveralls to US military since 1998
  • Over 260,000 Marine Corp ILBE Systems since 2003
  • Over 260,000 USMC 3S 3-season sleep systems since 2009
  • Over 1.2 million MOLLE bags, pouches, and accessories
  • Over 1 million Gore-Tex units for Air Force, Army, Marine Corp, and Coast Guard since 2004
  • Over 2 million FR sets (starting with the Marine Corp Frog combat shirt) since 2007
  • Over 1 million MCCUU sets to the US military since 2004
  • Over 500,000 ACUs to the US military since 2005

Building on its success as a military supplier, Propper added a commercial division in 1991 and today has a strong presence in the law enforcement and civilian tactical industries with offerings that include men’s and women’s tactical pants and shirts, jackets, boots, everyday carry bags, backpacks and a full selection of NIJ-rated concealed and tactical body armor, including the innovative 4PV 4-panel vest line.

To see the newly redesigned website and the complete line of products, visit

On a related note, I’ve been testing out a trio of Propper bags/cases since late summer and they’ve been awesome. Full review coming soon…

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