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Introduced in November of 2016, the Kilo 2400 ABS expands on the Kilo line of rangefinders that SIG debuted several years ago. New for 2017, the ABS model includes better, faster, stronger ranging capabilities and an integrated Applies Ballistic engine for providing the solution to your long range shooting woes.

Similar to the Bushnell/Kestrel system I tried out last year, the Kilo 2400 ABS integrates with your smartphone, either iOS or Android, to provide a live view of the ballistic solution. Management of the device is done through the same smartphone interface, though the device can work completely independent of a smartphone connection by storing up to four profiles onboard.

Users can pick from one of three reticle options to provide for effective spotting.

Included with the Kilo 2400 ABS is a tripod adapter and WeatherFlow wind meter. The wind meter was not on display during range day, but having used one in the past with other ballistic calculators, I’ve found it to be quite effective.

The tripod adapter is a slim little unit that the Kilo slides in to and is the very definition of minimalism. Out on the range, I had no problem ranging reflective targets at upwards of 2200 yards, and the ballistic solution for elevation and windage holds (preprogrammed) popped up immediately.

At a street price of $1499, this isn’t the cheap rangefinder you’re looking for. However, it packs literally every feature a long range shooter would need into a palm sized package that won’t take up too much space or weight on a long backcountry hike. We’ve asked for a test sample so watch this space for a full review.


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  1. Is it just me or is that tripod adapter pretty much exactly the same as what Chad Dixon over at Long Rifles, INC designed and has been selling for a while now? Is he making them for Sig or did they just help themselves to it?

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