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Interesting series of photos from the Burger King security camera make for a choppy video. What’s clear is that the robber has virtually no tactical sense, no backup, little situational awareness and focuses on the money. If anyone there had a firearm and felt threatened, this guy would have been done. Notice that in the last two or three images, he has his hand off the pistol grip, muzzle pointed away from anyone, eyes focused like a laser on the loot . . .

The video is grainy enough that I can’t be sure if what he’s holding is a real AR-15 type rifle or a facsimile. Given that he has very little muzzle discipline, I suspect the latter. I can’t help but think that, given this happened in Florida, this fellow probably doesn’t have a long career ahead of him.

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  1. of course, since Shannon Watts(TM) does not frequent BK (yeah, I don’t like the fried either), well, this is not her concern.

  2. Dressed in TrayVon (TM)-ware fashion as well.
    A lone robber with his back to the door is an easy target. Nice clear shot at the head and body and you can use the door frame for partial cover.
    Yeah, he’s not gonna make i in this line of work.

    • It might be a tactically sound decision, but some gun-hating AG or Civil lawyer will try to burn you at the stake since if you came in and shot them, they will try to argue that you were not threatened, and negate the fact you were defending someone else.

    • It could happen, but my sense, after reading and posting about thousands of such instances over a number of years, is that such prosecutions are rare.

      Remember George Zimmerman would never have been prosecuted, except that Trayvon Martin’s family was able to obtain professional help to misrepresent the circumstances and shop it to the old media, just at the time the administration wanted to gin up black support for the coming election.

      Those circumstances are, fortunately, quite rare.

  3. Man, that could’ve been pretty bad. I’ve heard about those assault rifles, it’s amazing that no one died.

  4. Yeah I wouldn’t be giving tips to would be criminals even for sarcasms sake… but this is the rule of hoods, not the exception. They aren’t exactly seeking out training and spending a lot of time at the range so they lack marksmanship and situational awareness.

    Unfortunately so are a bunch of the CC/OC’ers out there so it cuts both ways. It’s also common place that if you see a guy or gal packing a gun they’re almost always packing about 50 pounds of gut, too. The most important part of being ready for a fight is being physically fit enough to handle the fight. Adrenaline only carries one so far.

    • While there are myriad and important reasons to maintain good physical conditioning, armed self defense isn’t really one of them. Having situational awareness, a gun, and the ability and will to use said gun will take a man with no legs much further than the most athletic among us lacking any of those three basics.

      • You have your thoughts, I have mine. I recall multiple stories of OFWG’s involved in DGU’s that dropped dead of coronaries after the situation ended. An adrenaline dump puts more pressure on the heart than anything else imaginable. Better safe (and fit) than sorry I say.

        • If such sudden demand on the heart results in failure, that individual was only months from a heart attack anyway. Also, given that such a cardiac event would be more likely to occur after the shooting is done, it’s hardly a failure at self defense and more of a ‘natural death’ issue.

  5. It should be easy to find the guy with a NFA registered assault rifle… oh wait, it’s not really an assault rifle, just another modern sporting rifle. Nevermind…

    I’m sure the police showed up with their defensive weapons to defend the public from a criminal. Or to put it another way, the police arrived with assault rifles prepared to assault a citizen.

    $5 says it’s an airsoft clone…

  6. I’d say it is defiantly an air soft rifle. Seriously, look how casually he waves that thing around with one hand. I don’t care who you are, that shit gets heavy fast.

  7. It sure points like an airsoft gun. Initially he was pointing it one handed as if there was simply no reason to support it with his empty left hand. Maybe he’s crazy strong but my guess is that it’s made mostly of plastic and has virtually no weight.

    On another front, with a $1000 plus dollars worth of gun to pawn, why would you rob a fast food joint for a couple $100?

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