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So now you know, courtesy “America’s anchor man” — who reckons people don’t carry one in the pipe — and his full-figured¬†friend.

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  1. Sheeeeet. Next thing you know they’ll be telling us we can’t pistol whip someone for Stupidity In Public. Damn world is going to hell, I tell you. And STAY OFF MY DAMN LAWN!!!

  2. Looks like someone has a little issue with their decision tree. Maybe she can work on that in the clink. Hopefully no one will mix up her lunch order.

  3. Perhaps this deserves the IGOTD more than the young lad in the previous article.

  4. What in the hell did I just watch? Some woman at an odd camera angle seemingly designed to ensure at all possible cost that her cleavage was in the shot, followed by some guy who thought he’d do his best “Samuel L. Jackson meets Chris Rock” impersonation, mixed with the worst editing in the history of video, followed by videotaping the TV screen and commenting on the report with brilliant insightful commentary such as “unh” and “huh?”…

    One wonders whether he knew he was filming with a “dutch tilt”, or if he just couldn’t be bothered to level the camera?

    And then, after all of it, a big prominent credit to make sure everyone knows who this masterpiece was “directed” by.

    Welcome to the future of news, America. Free speech is alive and well. And “professional” news has decomposed to the point where literally Shepard Smith stands there in his mega control room, reading TWEETS for crying out loud.

  5. Stupid is as stupid does,… Heard that somewhere before.

    Than again, a woman is suing Starbucks for $5 Million for too much ice in her ice coffee.

    At least she she didn’t get her Glock over it.

    • a woman is suing Starbucks for $5 Million for too much ice in her ice coffee

      That’s not as unreasonable as you might think. Starbucks has been overcharging for decades, overfilling the cups with ice and underfilling the cups with the product that people are paying them for. In effect, Starbucks is charging for the drink and giving their customers water. Not cool.

      I think she has a great case and Starbucks deserves to cough up big bucks for defrauding the public.

      • Then quit patronizing Starbucks. Personally, I think their coffee sucks which is why I am not a customer. Save legal action for situations that do serious damage to your life.

        • Then quit patronizing Starbucks.

          I can’t quit because I don’t patronize them in the first place. But they have been stealing from people who have bought their products.

          If I read you correctly, you are suggesting that people who have had money stolen from them by a business have only one recourse — don’t go back.


      • Careful Ralph, your litigator is showing….

        I get it, though. I’ve noticed at at least McDonald’s and Burger King there is a line on the cup showing the workers where to fill the ice. I’m sure it’s only there so they don’t screw it up, but it also serves as a notice to the customer just how much ice to expect. I only VERY rarely order Starbuck’s, and only when I’m with my wife when SHE orders, and I don’t order iced coffee…but if no such line exists on the Starbuck’s cup it’s going to be a tough fight. What is “normal” ice?

    • I wonder if she has the same attorney who won for that woman who sued McDonalds because her coffee was too hot?

      • The hot coffee case is one of the most misunderstood cases in modern history. The coffee was served at essentially boiling temperature. Way too hot to drink or even be safe. The woman was completely correct to sue because had someone actually drank it like that they could have burned their throat bad enough to require hospitalization. As usual, though, some low info people read the headline and thought “hur hur shes suing cause her coffee is hot!”

        • I was one of those people for long time, on this particular case. Then my buddy told me read the case after making the standard “sue for hot coffee” joke.

          If I remember correctly, the coffee machine serious failed and the thermostat safety switch broke. Which allowed the coffee to reach near boiling temperatures, clearly, too hot for consuming, or handling in a paper cup. And it was served to the public anyways.

        • I understand the facts of the case, but still disagree with the finding. Fresh coffee is supposed to be that hot if you want it brewed right. Coffee fresh out of my Keurig is 192 deg. F. I don’t apply it to my crotch.

  6. “An Incorrect Chicken Wings Order is No Cause to Pull A Gun…”

    You ain’t frum ’round dese parts, iz yu?…..

  7. We don’t know any details. Was the staff rude to her instead of acknowledging and correcting their error? Was the order correct and the woman lying? Whatever happened, it didn’t justify getting into a fight much less pulling a gun on the staff. I’ve had mistakes like this and, unless it’s something catastrophic like bringing me a burger when I ordered steak, I don’t make much of it. At most, I point out the error to the wait staff and accept what they brought. Invariably, they are pathetically grateful that I didn’t get them into trouble.

    People like this are why Hillary can get away with complaining about solving trivial problems by reaching for a gun. Most of us, including the majority of black people, behave better than this. Personally, I feel no obligation to share space in the world with people who behave this badly. Keep them away from the rest of us by putting them in prison.

  8. Ok. I watched it. I want that 6 minutes back.

    …..Really three minutes…I skipped a bunch……but I should probably get six anyway.

  9. Woman brandishes gun in front of cops after threatening store clerk….and is still alive, while man who happens to be in the car, but not involved in any apparent crime, is arrested for resisting arrest. Would that scenario play out the same way if the genders were reversed? I’m thinking no.

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