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I apologize for the low volume of the pro-gun control speech above. Or not. As we’ve previously reported, Ms. Moore is leading Scientology’s Everytown for Gun Safety’s Hollywood insurgency. I’m sure that they will find fertile ground, given that Tinseltown is a hotbed of leftist/statist activism. Meanwhile, Hollywood producers are cranking out movies that celebrate armed self-defense, seen by millions worldwide. So . . . who cares? Here’s some other news from the world ‘o guns . . .

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Paul Moder (courtesy

Port Arthur Massacre filmmaker Paul Moder supports relaxing guns laws – But not too much! “People who have passed the extensive checks and balances currently in place, have proved themselves worthy and capable of owning any firearm, they should not be penalised because of the actions of people they don’t represent.”

Dallas police to be outfitted with ‘sponge guns’ as less lethal optionAnd TASERs? What could possibly go wrong?

[Utah] State sanctioned guns delayed, not as advertised, say purchasers – Government-administered bait and switch.

Boy, 14, shot dead in Thurston, Suffolk [UK] while friends ‘messed around with air rifle’ – There ought to be a law! Oh wait, there is.

Violence in Mexico Is Rising and Spreading – “In total, Semáforo Delictivo registered 4,456 homicides during the first three months of 2016 — up from 3,862 in 2015 — putting Mexico on pace to have around 18,000 murders this year.”

Sitting ducks – terror attack fears as PSNI [Police Service of Northern Ireland] officers guns withdrawn – “Police officers in Northern Ireland carry weapons for personal protection – it isn’t the same as England where it’s mainly for armed response or very specific emergencies . . . This is in the context of a severe threat level where an unarmed officer faced with an individual intent on doing them harm is effectively a sitting duck.”

Indian Teen Fatally Shoots Himself While Taking a Gun Selfie – Oops.

Tasmanian Government rejects call to limit access to Adler lever-action shotgun – Proof that not all of Australia has gone full retard.

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  1. Everytown – if you are about “Gun Safety”, where are your gun safety courses being taught? Haven’t seen a single one.

    Indian Teen – I thought India was a gun-control haven?

    • From time to time, we should reach out to Everytown and ask those questions:

      “When and where is your next class? Can you come speak to our group? Are your instructors licensed in [my state]? Does the class result in a certificate valid for obtaining a firearm permit in [my state]?”

      Or how about: “Do you have classes on safe gun handling or are you proponents of abstinence only gun education?”

      I wonder how often that happens?

      • Odds are, never. Tough to hear anyone else when you’re screaming in an echo chamber.

    • Everytown for Gunfiscation believes real gun safety comes from sensible gun control laws that prevent anyone from owning one legally. That way the criminals, who are emotionally scarred from their underprivileged childhoods where it was common to only have one or maybe two pairs of $200 Jordans, won’t feel threatened when they confront you with their passionate plea to acquire some of your privilege. Without the likelihood of escalation due to a privilege holder having a firearm, privilege transfer can be worked out amicably, and you might even become friends afterward, secure in the knowledge that transferring your privilege has made the world safer — at least for the amount of time it takes to get and drink a 40.

  2. Pellet guns are absolutely lethal weapons and should be treated as such. Too bad the kid learned the hard way.

    • The kids’ Daisy lives in the safe or a locked hard case. I’m thinking of making the case the permanent home – while still a weapon I’d classify it as less-lethal and don’t know if it should be mixed in with a rifle.

    • Plenty of vids on YouTube shooting feral hogs with Gamo pellet guns! Yes they are potentially deadly! Lewis and Clark had a pneumatic rifle on their trek west and almost killed a bystander during a demonstration. Needless to say, as with any projectile emitting device, safety is of prime importance!

  3. In 14 year-old shot dead with air rifle…

    “A lot of people have air rifles around here and we never believed they could kill someone.”

    I guess the UK should outlaw those darn air rifles along with kitchen knives, hammers, and any other tool that MIGHT kill someone. (You know, all by itself.) /eye roll/

  4. I might listen to her, (and yes I watched to whole video) if, she:
    A: Disarms her personal protection detail,
    B: Doesn’t allow ANY armed person, including others protection details that are near her to be armed.
    Yes for me not for thee type thinking. If she really wants her 14 year old little girl to be safe, teach her about guns, firearm safety, and how to shoot. Not to mention hand to hand self defense and disarming tactics after all that. Just a thought.

  5. Flame me if you all want but I don’t happen to care what some one in Hollywood who earned their living using guns has to say negatively about them. They just prove daily what hypocrites they all are. Having armed security like they need it?? Then making millions shooting up the screen. Then say I cant have my guns. I don’t think so.
    The only thing about any gun that ever made me jump. Was when I was about 10 and shot a full power single shot CO2 pellet pistol. I didn’t expect it to have any power. This one did. Anyone who thinks pellet guns aren’t deadly. Wouldn’t want to be 15 ft away from my Daisy pellet rifle. Its an old pump gun and will go through a 2×6 easily at 15 feet with just 3 pumps.

  6. I think that Mr. Jeremy Roberts better get himself an attorney PDQ because he is about to be sued, and it sure smells like he has a lot to answer for. Nothing like a little official corruption to spice up the day. Questions No. 1: What is your percentage of ownership in Guerrilla Arms? If the answer is none, the second question is how much did you receive from GA to place the order with them?

    • From what’s in that article, it smells to me like bait-and-switch.

      Since they were $750 a pop, at the very least it sounds like a small claims court case.

      It might qualify as a class action suit, or maybe some type of organized scheming to defraud…

      • Halfway through the article, I wanted to buy a gun from Tegra. And at roughly $150 for a CF lower, that sounds like a pretty good deal.

        But they still have the commemorative rifle listed, for $1150, but as sold out. Now I’m even more confused about what is going on in UT.

    • Come on, guys, we all realize this is criminal activity, flat out stealing money, breaking contracts, being a government goon, all manner of capital crimes. The guy (Roberts?) stole the damn money, and is dodging and jinking trying to stay out of jail long enough to skip the country.

      And, $750 for an AR with a CF lower? And somebody believed that? There’s a sucker born every minute.

  7. Julianne Moore’s video has like / dislike as well as comments enabled! TTAG is a great echo chamber, but it’s good to have your voice heard outside.

  8. Julianne Moore said “terrorist” on her speech… That’s a micro-aggression. She means brown people, we all know it.

    Clearly, she is a racist, bigot. And fugly. Have you ever seen her crying face in a movie? It looks like she is trying to sh*t a baseball.

  9. “Ms. Moore is leading Scientology’s [struckout] Everytown for Gun Safety’s Hollywood insurgency.”

    For the record, I do not know why that little bit of “humor” was included in the opening, but unless doctrine has changed dramatically in the last few years neither L. Ron Hubbard nor the Church of Scientology is anti-gun. LRH served in the navy in WW II, was quite fond of his issue Thompson submachine gun, and had a personal collection of firearms as well.

    And as near as I can tell from Internet biographies Julianne Moore self-describes as an athiest and has no connection to Scientology.

    • I think he is saying that like Scientology, Everytown is a for profit cult with no redeeming value.

      • You are certainly entitled to hold an opinion based on ignorance of the facts, just as the anti-2A gun grabbers do. My point is that this is not the proper forum in which to discuss, much less denigrate, ANYONE’S religious beliefs and especially a religion that holds no animosity towards the Second Amendment. As for Muslims, they are entitled to believe whatever mythology they choose, they are just not allowed to kill people who disagree with them. Otherwise all religions should be off-limits.

        “One man’s religion is another man’s belly-laugh.” – Robert A. Heinlein

        • i don’t know, if you’re going to talk about Islam’s “mythology,” you PROBABLY shouldn’t talk about people denigrating other religions. or, in Scientology’s case, “religions.”

        • I at least knew and worked with many Muslims and took the time to educate myself thoroughly on their belief system before drawing my conclusions. I did not base those conclusions solely on biased and ignorant media reporting intending to make a buck by sensationalizing someone else’s belief system.

          See Heinlein’s quote above and keep in mind that he was best friends with Hubbard.

    • My religion is better than your religion, nanny-nanny boo-boo. All religions are concocted by men to gain control over the actions of other men. There has never been a god. Get over it. Or have him kill me, here I am, come and get me. Can you detect a lie?

  10. Ohh….poor, poor Julianne Moore. Like every vapid actor, she just has to insert herself into the story to feel as though she’s a part of it, to feel relevant, to feel like she’s the center of attention.

    It’s grotesque and obscene the way she tries to make Sandy Hook about her and her heroic efforts to allow a repeat by denying people their right to self-defense. You don’t honor the fallen by rendering vulnerable the living.

    Tell me, sweetie, if a feeling falls in the forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it still sound like a sanctimonious prig?

  11. I will shed crocodile tears for Ms. Moore and her paid armed guards that guard her ivory tower.

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