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Hickok45 demonstrates what a snub nose .44 Magnum can do to a piece of paper held next to the cylinder when it’s fired. As the pressure and burning powder from the discharge are released, anything next to the cylinder gets a shower of hot debris. If you value your digits, take heed.

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  1. The guys on “Myth Busters” did this and created a human hand “analog” with some chicken parts. The result was NOT pretty.

  2. How not to shoot a revolver? Single action. Man up and learn that double action pull, then learn it fast! The only exception is guns that are range toys.

    It makes me cringe seeing “girly mans” thumbing that hammer back when the gun is DESIGNED to do it for you!

      • I think the wise (sarc) Goodacre should watch some Dirty Harry movies, where SA and DA were utilized from Calahan’s revolver as needed. That’s why the option is available. Did he fire six shots or only five……….

        That was almost a new keyboard moment when I read it.

    • “Girly mans” eh? How good of a group can you shoot double action? Give me a moment to take my dress off and we’ll go find out!

      • I put 36 rounds on 6 targets, best edge on an inch at 10 yards. I’ve been shooting club GP100s for about 6 months and I think I’ve reached a plateau until I can be responsible for my own firearm maintenance, load development, sight adjustment etc. But that’s getting personal.

        I didn’t mean to rustle so many feathers hey. :/ But to me it’s just like cars which were designed with manual boxes and tracks in mind, being driven with a lousy 4 speed auto. It’s like the shooter isn’t getting the full experience.

      • Two years ago I took Ayoobs MAG 40 class. Of the 22 students, there were 2 revolver shooters. I was shooting a stock GP100 and the other revolver shooter was shooting a 586. To graduate from the class, you have to shoot a qualification course. B27 style targets at ranges between 7 and 20 yards. Ayoob shoots the course and then gives a signed $1 bill to anyone who ties his score and $5 to anyone who beats it. He handed out 4 1s and a 5. I took a 1 and the guy shooting the 586 took the 5. We only shot double action. If your groups are bigger shooting double action than single action, you are doing it wrong

    • I am offended by your comment. As a quadriplegic with limited hand function the only safe way for me to fire a revolver is single action. Not everyone has fully functioning hands.

  3. This is why competent training is valuable …watched a new revolver owner slide his fingers too far forward (he had big hands)….he didn’t hear me yell….it tore up 2 fingers pretty good….

  4. My first handgun was a Ruger LCR 38, did not have any experience shooting a revolver, but knew proper way to grip it, so still have all my fingers. Thank you Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke, I watched with my dad.

  5. I’ve seen this before and it gets me wondering about close quarters dgu’s with revolvers. You never hear of collateral damage from revolvers, but it must occur. Anyone know of occurances?

  6. Wow that was wild! I was not aware of how dangerous it could be holding a revolver with an improper grip like that. Always learning from Hickock.

  7. When I took my last state mandated CCW course before applying for the license, the instructor tried to tell me that in drawing and shooting from concealment that one should fire the gun next to hip/belly while leaning back. I told him he was crazy and that if I had to shoot like that to pass his course, I was done for the day and to give me my money back. He “allowed” me to shoot anyway I wanted to which by the way was arm extended, point shooting style. Might not injure yourself with an auto but you are definitely going to ruin some clothing at the very least with a revolver.

  8. Having shot revolvers as long as he has leaves me wondering why this video was even needed.

    The very first rule of handling anything mechanical is knowing how it works….or be trained on it’s operation. If you do not know how a gun operates, don’t touch it!

    Btw, did I not hear him use the word ‘headspace’ when referring to ‘cylinder gap?’

  9. It would be nice if revolver handles were more slanted and less vertically-oriented to the frame so that we could actually do the thumb over thumb style grip. Some of us believe the left thumb is actually pretty important to a tight, stable grip; but with a revolver, your left thumb is relegated to just staying out of the way and not getting blown off your hand. Hickok crosses his thumbs in this video – a huge no-no with an automatic.


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