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No, not shot placement, ammo placement. As in where you keep your spare ammo for quick reloading and follow-up shots when hunting. Or even when not hunting. I keep a spare mag in my front pants pocket for self-defense, which is hardly ideal. In my defense, it sits there all by its lonesome; no spare change, keys or phone competes for its attention as and when. And yes, I practice extraction and insertion. (With the magazine, too.) Anyway, here’s Gunsite’s (and the NRA’s) Il Ling New explaining her take on the spare mag while hunting thang. I wonder what “emergencies” she’s talking about . . .

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  1. Emergencies, huh? I am reminded of that recent u-tube video where the hunters were tracking a wounded lion–that was tracking them, and charged one of the hunters. Died in the hunters arms….Yeah, I’d call that an emergency….

  2. 2 handguns around the belt, rifle on the shoulder. This woman is tooled up. and we don’t even know what’s behind her back or in her boots! Don’t mess with her!

    • See also “stopped clock” theory. They keep yacking and sooner or later….. Or if you listen to them, will you ears bleed first?

  3. Good idea. I like that belt holster for bullets.

    My Win70 in 270 carries 5 but it would be nice to have another 5 handy to get at, rather than in a jacket pocket, or camelback compartment, wrapped in a ziplock bag to keep them dry and not so jingly, which is where I carry them now on a long hike in, anticipating needing maybe them.


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