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Documentary producer and director Martin Durkin has launched an Indiegogo fundraiser to finance the production of a film that explains America’s unique relationship with guns including the true, original purpose of the Second Amendment. From the trailer, it appears they’ve assembled an impressive group of contributors for the project.

From the Indiegogo page:

Recent years have seen freedom eroded by government across America. This movie is part of a movement to save America’s freedom. We have seen the government try to pass Red Flag Laws. We have seen the government pass magazine restrictions. We have seen gun-owners, ordinary Americans, demonised by the Mainstream Media and the government. We have had enough. We are making this film for liberty and freedom. A life which is freer. A society that is freer. An America that is freer.

How your donation will change America:

  • ‘Guns and Freedom: The Movie’ will expose the Tyranny in our Senate. Unlike in our schools, our documentary will show America that it was founded on firearms and freedom.
  • Government across the nation want to shut down your liberty. Funding this film empowers Liberty’s Voice against them.
  • Your backing will give a much-needed voice to the Constitution. Everyday, the Mainstream Media tramples on it. They trample on you and your families. Backing our documentary will help put a stop to this.
  • Our film hopes to keep gun rights in the USA secure for the time being. We hope that ‘Guns and Freedom’ will be a textbook demonstration of why gun-suppression is freedom suppression and how it always leads to tyranny.

As the page describes . . .

The film will have a cinema theatrical release and will then be made available to terrestrial and cable TV channels, for broadcast in the U.S. and abroad.  The film will then appear on various video-on-demand platforms, will be made available on DVD, and will then be made available on-line. The film is expected to generate a considerable amount of publicity, and will also be promoted via social media, and by various other methods of viral marketing.  All funds raised in addition to the money needed to produce the film will be used for promotion, advertising, publicity and marketing.

They’re looking to raise $400,000 and are 5% of the way there so far.

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    • My question exactly, because to get in theaters, it’s necessary to be accepted by the companies that own the theater chains, and they probably don’t want to piss off Mr. Bigshot Finklestein or any of the companies that make the movies that bring in $$$.

        • Dinesh should have been deported back to India. Naturally, Trump loves a liar, an adulterer and an election cheat. The pardon being a simple act of professional courtesy.

        • His movie was great. The Clinton judge put him in a maximum security prison for giving too much money to a friend who was running for office. (Others who did that were given a fine.) It was illegal. He admitted it.
          The murderers in prison laughed when they heard why he was there. He taught English to some of the prisoners with him. He said he learned a lot from the men and was glad he met them.

    • With a few exceptions, docs don’t go to theater chains. They go to art houses and mom & pop theaters because nobody watches them. If they’re lucky, they get into a couple festivals. Even Moore and Gore, who did get popular distribution, have bombed with their more recent releases.

    • No one really goes to theaters anymore. We need it on a major streaming site. Think of how “making of a murderer” spread around like wild fire on Netflix. That’s an easier and more effective strategy.

      • Waylon,

        No one really goes to theaters anymore.

        The jam-packed parking lots at the motion-picture theaters in my neck of the woods beg to differ.

        • Then they must be thrilled, I mostly don’t bother and I can go for free since my daughter works for one as a second job. None of the theaters near me ever seem to be all that busy when I am out and about, but that could be that there were few good movies out this last year.

  1. While applaud the intent, it’s too little and too late. The soap box (which is all this is) is spent. Likewise the ballot box and the jury box. None have been effective in halting the slide towards tyranny. There’s only one box left – y’all know what it is.

    • “The soap box (which is all this is) is spent. Likewise the ballot box and the jury box.”

      Let’s just wait and see how the ‘NY Pistol’ SCOTUS case is ruled by that jury of 9, OK? 🙂

    • The ammo box is the last resort of a civilized society. It has its purpose and has been used before, but should only be in defense. Unless/until a hot war begins at the behest of those who would deprive us of our guns, we continue to use the Jury & Ballot boxes as much as possible.

      • I agree in principle. So did the founders, until the evils became insufferable and; “a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States”, became apparent and could no longer be ignored.

      • I Haz a Question,

        Unless/until a hot war begins at the behest of those who would deprive us of our guns …

        Those who would deprive us of our firearms are actively doing just that.

        Are they conducting wide-scale “door-to-door” raids of the general populace? No, of course not. They are, sadly, conducting selective raids. And these selective raids will intensify as “Red Flag” processes gain traction.

        Furthermore, try walking down the sidewalk with a pump-action shotgun in a scabbard strapped across your back in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., or New York City and see how quickly government agents forcibly deprive you of your firearm.

        Finally, watch the various videos of police in Florida forcibly depriving good people of their firearms while fishing in Florida (carrying their firearms in conformance with all Florida firearm laws even though such laws violate the United States and Florida Constitutions and are thus null-and-void).

        Government agents are already forcibly disarming good people of our nation — good people who have not harmed anyone and do not wish to harm anyone. We are already in a “hot war”. The only reason it has not turned really ugly/bloody at this point is because the good people of our nation are not fighting back, even though fighting back is righteous and justified at this point.

        And before anyone argues that fighting back is not righteous at this point, riddle me this: if seven armed men and women with guns drawn suddenly approached three police officers, pointed their guns at the police, and demanded that police surrender and allow the seven armed men and women to disarm and arrest them, would the police have any righteous obligation to comply? Of course not. If, in response, police presented their firearms and shot at the seven armed men and women who were attempting illegal arrest and disarmament, would the police be righteous? I believe so. Well then. If it is righteous for police to respond with deadly force to unrighteous arrest and use of deadly force, why isn’t it righteous for good people to respond with deadly force to unrighteous arrest and use of deadly force? Why does it matter whether or not someone is a government employee wearing a government uniform? Quite simply, it does not. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Period.

        • We are experiencing government actions at about the level of the Stamp Act, the Townshend Acts, and the Intolerable Acts. They need to rethink their positions before they discover they have attempted an equivalent of the march on Concord. We aren’t to the level of the cartridge box yet, but the Democrats sure seem to be hell-bent on taking us there! God help us all!

  2. First of all, the director of this thing isn’t even an American.

    Second, “Our director, REDACTED, has been described as the ‘Michael Moore of the Right’.”

    Uh, does anyone here think that Michael Moore is not a total ass wipe? Do we really want to give his mirror image our money?

    Is this foreign Michael Moore style nut job really the best we can do? Hell, is he even the best half-assed we can do?

    • My concern with this film is that it might end up being like those local news reports where they interview the most ignorant human beings who saw the tornado.

      • RGP,
        After watching the trailer, I hope not.
        There are some very notable folks speakers no there. Very pro 2-A.
        Walter Williams being one.

    • Just because he was called that you automatically believe it?

      Hey look up at the ceiling. It spells gullible.

  3. This could be a trap or a setup job. I’ll bet they’ll cherry pick the footage that presents firearm owners as paranoid, illiterate, unintelligent, and borderline law breaking people who need to be restricted and controlled.

    • You are probably right. It suddenly made sense when someone mentioned Sascha Baron Cohen, someone else that the producer is foreign. The greatest laughing point would be that this anti2A film was funded by the pro2A ala Sascha Baron Cohen.

  4. Having just read the Oscar win list, I have to laugh.

    This film, if made….with A-List actors, Scorsese directing, Marvel money backing, with No other movies released that same year….anywhere on the surface of the earth….

    …..would ever…..

    be allowed to win an oscar

  5. I smell foreign influence on this one.
    Exhibit A: “demonised.” Americans would likely spell this with a “Z.”
    Exhibit B: “Freer.” Anyone with a fourth grade command of the language would use “more free.”
    Pleez tel me if im rong.

  6. Hollywood already makes plenty of ultra violent John Wick style movies that celebrate the RKBA.

    And we thank them for their devotion to the 2nd Amendment.

  7. We need more of these films. You can’t rely on socialist filmmakers to be honest with anything they produce. “Assaulted” was one of the first of this type of film. The JPFO has also done similar films.
    Gun confiscation during Hurricane Katrina, Part I

  8. Come on! “terrestrial and cable TV”? Was this written by a Russian via Google Translate?
    It’s a good thing that English is such a convoluted language – its idiosyncrasies help native speakers pick out the fakes.
    TTAG, where was the publisher?

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