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[H. Alexander] Duncan, whose political positions include staunch support of the Second Amendment and what he says are conservative fiscal beliefs, believes the [Democrat] party has turned its back on him, even though he previously won a county-wide election (in 2012 to the County Water and Soil Conservation District Board) and performed well against high-profile County Commissioner Brenda Carey in the 2016 election.

Duncan said he grew up around guns and hunting in Geneva, a rural community in northeastern Seminole, and his family has a long history of military and law enforcement service. He has convinced a lot of Democrats with similar backgrounds, particularly African American Democrats, to share his support for gun rights.

“I have body armor … I have stocks of ammo like a Neo-Nazi … I own guns galore … I take my children shooting … I do everything the old black people of Eatonville and Geneva told me and taught me,” Duncan wrote in one of his Facebook posts. “And, not much of it lines up with my party.”

– Scott Powers in Florida Senate candidate pushes gun rights for black men and Democrats

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        • Why bother voting when those with a D or an R behind their name represent everyone BUT We the People?

          The GOP doesn’t even bother talking about the National Debt or small government. They are as corrupt as the other party.

          Voting just gives them legitimacy. I refuse to give them that. They don’t represent me.

    • They are not single issue voters.

      I know a lot of Democrat gun owners who vote Democrat because the Republicans don’t want them around.

      Look at the Arbery killing an an example.

      Democrat gun owners are mad that many Republicans are saying those white men killed in self defense but they don’t give Arbery the “stand your ground” defense. They say he is dead because he tried to disarm people (committing felonies against him). They are asking why are the Trump Republican white males getting the benefit of the doubt and the young black Democrat is a “thug?”

      This is why Republicans need to support Black Guns Matter and reach out actively to their fellow countrymen. Don’t let this be a repeat of Virginia.

      • Stop it with this Arbery nonsense. The man had both a juvenile as well as adult criminal record. There is also video evidence of him trespassing inside of a dwelling (which he casually strolled up to NOT JOGGED) and as soon as a neighbor comes out on the phone with the police he takes off at a full sprint. In addition, McMichaels had previously worked the Arbery case and actually recognized him from the previous burglary/theft case which was a violation of his probation for WEAPONS charges. Furthermore, the autopsy results show wounds consistent with being shot during a hand to hand struggle and not at distance like an execution. God forbid we wait for the facts before convicting the McMichaels of murder………

        • Gun control is racist.

          You are proving the point of the Democrats. Your argument is he has a huge criminal record, that he is a thug, that he was a fleeing felon. You know how he became a felon in the first place? Gun control laws that were created to disarm non whites! Joe Biden’s [Democrat] and George Bush’s [Republican] lovely gun control got him a felony and probation.

          The only thing you could point to is his attempt to steal from Walmart 2 years ago. A crime for sure.

          But “once a thug always a thug” because he be one of those darkies. A black man in a white neighborhood must be up to no good, he should just stay on the black side of town. Call the cops a black man is running down the street, he must have committed a felony, he is black after all. I’m mean, it’s statistical. Even if I am wrong about what my racial bias is telling me, I have a damn good chance accusing him of being a criminal, he is black (you know?).

          Black people have come to realize no matter what they do or don’t do you are going to call their men “thugs” for simply being black. Of course you don’t care because you probably got that privileged skin tone and you don’t live with minorities to hear their stories.

        • Chief Idiot: his conviction for having a firearm wasn’t some innocent mistake.
          He was illegally carrying a gun to a school function, and when discovered, he tried to flee.
          Doesn’t sound like much of upstanding citizen going back to that incident.
          But yea, it’s everyone else’s fault he was a criminal.

        • Any previous criminal record is irrelevant. Whether or not he was known to the McMichaels is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether “reasonable and probable grounds of suspicion” that he was fleeing a felony. If they can’t show that they did, their detention of Arbery was false imprisonment and his subsequent death is felony murder.

          If they can show that, then discussions about who initiated the confrontation can happen. If the judgment is Arbery did, then the legal jeopardy is probably minimal at that point. However, if it’s decided the McMichaels started the confrontation, then they have no claim to self-defense, likely committed aggravated assault, and are also therefore guilty of felony murder.

        • @Hydguy

          Gun control was created to disarm native Americans and African slaves. There shouldn’t have ever been laws to prevent humans from owning and carrying firearms. But because of white supremacy the constitution was ignored to empower one race and oppress the others.

          This history has pushed black Americans and native Americans to think the constitution of the U.S. was written for white people only. It didn’t help things when native Americans were not allowed to be citizens so white Americans could make an argument for denying them of their human rights. And so too was Asian Americans human rights not respected, they were illegally put into concentration camps and their land confiscated because of their race (which is why there isn’t many Japanese in America). White America also banned Chinese from immigrating to America because white Americans didn’t want no “orientals” changing their white America.

          Arbery was convicted at 19 for illegally carrying a handgun on a gun free zone. Democrats and Republicans created these laws to stop non whites from being able to exercise their human rights and to have a method of imprisoning non whites by selective enforcement. Most of the gun control came out of the KKK Democrats until the parties started to merge. Arbery should have never been convicted of felony for keep and bearing arms.

          White kids used to be able to take their guns to school for recreation and hunting. Non whites didn’t get to experience that in the same way. Today no one is allowed to go into a gun free zone unless they have a government privilege. Now white kids are being killed by other white kids inside schools. Gun free zones have created areas of major white on white crime. Gun control in general has created entire neighborhoods with “black on black” crime where innocent Americans are unable to defend themselves from gangs.

          Black Americans, whom live in areas where they can’t easily have guns, want to move out to the white areas where they can and it’s safer. However, what racial profiling cases have shown is that white people are not all that welcoming of black people in their “white neighborhoods.” A lot of white people don’t want diversity in their areas, they want their 1950s artificially forced segregation to remain forever.

          Right now non whites are talking about the Arbery “lynching” and the Kita “lynch mob” as evidence that America hasn’t fully cleansed itself of their immoral foundation.

          Very horrible optics for the Republicans.

        • Cry more Chief Idiot.
          I know far more than you about the history of gun control, and it’s racist riots at the behest of Democrats like you.

        • #1 Criminal history doesn’t matter unless it is known at the time. People without histories do bad things, and someone with a history won’t necessarily do a bad act if given the opportunity.
          #2 Self defense requires that you aren’t doing something wrong. A robber using a gun doesn’t get to shoot his victim in self defense when the victim grabs for the gun.
          #3 My understanding of Georgia law is limited, but the arrestor seems to need personal knowledge of the felony. Unless the arrestors viewed the recording beforehand and it showed a felony in commission, it doesn’t contribute to their knowledge.

      • No response. You are marinated in the racialization of every damn issue. There si no taking with you. Their is no debate. You are to be left alone to wallow in this this dank existence where you see everything that happens to you to be the result of racial discrimination.

        You might consider, but you won’t, that persons of pallor (white people) really don’t give a shit what color you are. No one has time for that crap. You black privilege won;t let you see though to this reality.

        • Lol!!
          Try that shit in Africa!
          You want to see how bad blacks still have it elsewhere? They still practice slavery, and regularly slaughter each other with anything they can cat their hands on.
          Or you could try China.. or Japan, or 80% of the world.
          Your ignorance isn’t surprising, as you are a dem.

  1. News flash, the day of the REAL democrat is long gone! You’re either a socialist/communist or might as well come over to the dark side.😈

    • The Democrats are moving over to communism and the Republicans are moving over to socialism.

      Republicans love their Trump bucks [UBI].

        • After Trump tweeted that Democrats are locking people in their homes.

          I am hearing Republicans asking each other what they are going to spend their Trump bucks on. They are so happy to get a government check to spend it on a new gun.

          When I was outraged by UBI and the government take over of the economy Republicans got angry with me. They allowed their pandemic panic take over the logical portion of their mind. Too late now.

        • A one time stimulus payment to help people with their bills isn’t the same thing as UBI.
          You sure love throwing your stupidity around.
          And everyone who filed taxes, and those receiving SS and Veterans benefits got money.
          So the reality is that because of the overreaction by the government, the economy tanked, and states forced businesses to close. So that $1200 pales in comparison to the lost wages.
          UBI is a whole different ball of wax, and you should know that.
          But again, taking your clearly sub-average intelligence level into account, I’m not sure you can even grasp the clear differences..

        • Well I won’t be spending any because I didn’t get any welfare check. I also never stopped working.

        • Because bills have to be paid, and the banks are not freezing mortgages. They will allow you to suspend payments but the interest accumulates. And when you do go back to work you then have to catch up the mortgage.

    • Precisely. Can’t even trust them 6′ under in a pine box. I’d feel compelled to dig them up periodically, and verify manually.

      • You don’t need to go through all the trouble and work of digging them up. Just place a mail-in ballot near the grave, and you’ll see a dead Democrat’s hand reach up from the soil to grab the pen to sign it.

    • Because that’s all they know. It’s what their grandparents raised their parents to be and what their parents raised them to be.

    • Not all are DemoRats. There used to be a decent contingent of the Blue Dog Democrats that were fairly independent of the party itself and alot of times voted more Republican than the Republicans. Sad to say, not many are left (maybe 25?) and they have been severely marginalized by the mainstream party.

    • @NAM62 – they remain democrat because they understand that in a multicultural democracy, politics is a skin game. That’s how blacks roll, and it’s how everyone is going to roll sooner or later.

  2. God bless them.

    However, many blacks living in urban plantations look at gun ownership as being for crooks and cops. And they don’t really trust either cohort. They’ve been well brainwashed. We at Guns Save Life are working hard to change that in Chicagoland and elsewhere in Illinois. But change like this took decades to achieve and it will take a long time to unwind.

    • You have to go listen to them right now. I would say 9 out of 10 are saying they need to be armed, it’s the only way to save themselves, stand your ground applies to black people too. I only heard one person say they need to get rid of guns and self defense laws, of course it was the “black civil rights” group who said it. Don’t stay in your bubble, your safe space, go listen to what they have to say.

    • The Party of Diversity is only interested in diversity of skin color and sexual preference, not diversity of thought. Being a pro 2A democrat is useless at this point just like being a pro-life democrat. The dems will toss those people aside that don’t toe the ideological line the first chance they get.

  3. “Black woman stands outside of her home posing with all the firearms she owns to protect her son (standing in window) and family.”

    That’s a powerful photo, and I agree with the message. But, at the risk of being “that guy” (sorry!), I would feel very uncomfortable publicly showing both my entire collection of firearms and where I lived in the same shot.

    But, that’s just me. More power to the lady for doing it her way.

    • ( +1 ) Unfortunately, it’s an invitation for theft. I would have at least cropped the photo a bit more so someone couldn’t search on houses. Kudos for being prepared, but don’t advertise your location.

    • Rookie,

      My guess is that it is well-known among his constituency and neighboring communities that he has plenty of firearms and that he, his wife, and their children know how to use them.

    • “I would feel very uncomfortable publicly showing both my entire collection of firearms and where I lived in the same shot.”

      Exactly. I’ve told no one how many guns I have, or ammo stockpiled, or even where they all are. In the event that something happens to me, I’ve prepared such info (items, locations, combo to the main standing safe, etc.) for my wife, eldest son, and brother so one of them can remove as much as possible from any unwanted eyes (police, extended family, etc.)

      The only photos of my guns that exist are archived in an electronic file, and only for the very rare possibility that I should ever need to declare a stolen gun and present the pics to the Sheriff Dept. Otherwise, whenever I’ve ever gone to the range or desert with anyone over the years, I always run through the Four Rules, then add Rule #5: “No photos allowed without the owner’s permission, and no posting on any social media under any circumstances.”

      One of my former friends went to the desert with a large group of friends and extended family, and they posted dozens of photos to Facebook showing all their faces, their hardware, and their vehicle license plates in the background. Complete lack of OPSEC.

      • I’ve posted a couple of my Vepr project. Not overly concerned about it, the photo’s are remarkably unidentifiable, with #’s obfuscated when a pic of that side of the receiver is posted. Aside from the fairly unique features of my particular gun, nothing can be gleaned from the image. I mean, someone might be able to id the tree type from the photo’s, but they’re ubiquitous nearly across the entire country. No other unique identifiers exist, purposefully.

        Image EXIF data’s stripped out, posted through a TOR friendly high security VPN to an outside the country image host. Even in the event an exit node was captured, trail only leads back to non-cooperative countries that have strong data protection laws, aren’t one of the “eyes” affiliated countries, and physically hardened secure non-logging servers. All of which are located on former secure military installations, and that’s just layer 2. I’m largely unconcerned, as one can imagine.

        • Perhaps being a little more specific is called for, NO social media. Dedicated sites only, which are off the radar for just about anyone.

        • Dedicated sites only, which are off the radar for just about anyone.?

          Yet YOU were able to find it AND access it? Oh well, rest easy knowing that no one in any of the myriad of Intelligence agencies around the world lack the knowledge or expertise to delve into a part of the internet that they originated for the very purpose of moving secrets…. Ehhh, nothing ever goes wrong in the real world….

        • “Image EXIF data’s stripped out, posted through a TOR friendly high security VPN to an outside the country image host.”

          So I’m not the only one who takes these same steps. 🙂

        • I’m guessing you missed the part where I’m on a high sec system with layers upon layers of redundancy, image is sanitized, and out of their jurisdiction servers are used. Btw, the fedz have publicly & repeatedly avowed hate of the provider I use, precisely because they can’t get in. No trail back to the source, no logs even if they do trace it back to the secure server. Unlike most, this is run by people whose very livelihood’s depend on their extremely public credibility remaining unblemished. This is a side project for them that they are directly & publicly connected to, and they’d be finished in their main employment community if they were discovered to be compromised.

          I “found” said place, only because through word of mouth from one of the founders, whom it turns out, I shoot with frequently. Hidden Service mean anything to you?

  4. I love that photo!

    And I love it each time a black man or woman exemplifies that there is no ‘black vote’; no singular ‘black’ point of view. I hope this man and his family fare well and salute them for showing the leadership teaching the elders of their towns taught.

  5. Change parties homie! Dumbocrats hate you. They hate you being armed. They sure hate a black woman with a giant stash of gays. Coincidentally my gorgeous brown wife told she had a dream she went shooting. Took quite awhile😏

    • FWW,

      “…a black woman with a giant stash of gays” ???

      Missed that in the original article.


      • I feel certain they would love a giant stash of gays. 😉

        They think gays are only allowed to vote one way. They feel the same about black people. They don’t respect people that think for themselves. They disparage them.

        • They feel that way about hispanics , latinos, or anyone with brown skin that speaks spanish. They are wrong as these groups have different agendas, issue and needs. But the left likes to label people.
          Utterly racist to the core.

    • The true modern Democrats will use the terms Oreo, Uncle Tom, DINO, and possibly race traitor to describe those who try to leave the plantation. They are committing thought-crimes against the party and NEED reeducation.

  6. WOW. I finally found a DINO (as opposed to a RINO). Been looking for one for a looooong time. Fla legislature is FULL of RINOs, mostly from the south end of the State, but there are a few from the blue areas around Orlando and Tampa.

    He won’t be chairing any committees if he every gets a chance in a Dem controlled legislature though.

  7. “I have stocks of ammo like a Neo-Nazi”

    Way to propagate a negative stereotype tied to guns. I’m not so sure that this guy is a pro 2A ally.

      • So smearing white gun owners as neo-nazis is just having a ‘sense of humor’, but any stereotype about blacks is just ‘racist’.
        You are a moron.

        • Wait… Are all new “Nazis” white? That’s racist! Not all Neo-Nazis are white. You disgust me.

          Have you heard of the Black Hebrew Israelites? Do you believe all uniform order followers, the ones Americans call Nazis, don’t come in all colors?

    • No doubt. That’s not a glaring inconsistency, nor anything of the sort…

      Don’t mind that guy at the levers behind the curtain, it means nothing.

  8. “Hi, everything I think and do is in 100% opposition to everything the Democratic Party wants. That’s why I’m a Democrat.”

    Back in the 1970’s, they sold t-shirts that said “I’m with Stupid.”

      • White women will be outraged by the vigilante “gun violence” that occurred against a young black man, the video of the “lynching” that was released days before Arbery’s birthday from the people involved and the white men arguing against charges as the mother cries for her dead son on mother’s day.

        This is the worst case scenario that Bloomberg could never buy. This kind of situation happened in Virginia after Charlottesville. Now Georgia is likely to fall just like Virginia.

        • And again, you use words that are so far out of context.
          The thug wasn’t lynched. There was no mob. There was no hanging.
          He attacked someone, and got the Darwin Award he had been begging for for years.

  9. This is the text of the Email I just sent to Mr. Duncan. I invite each of you to personally welcome Mr. Duncan to the Fold of supporters of the 2nd A and conservative values. Every person We can turn from the Dark Side is one more soldier in Our fight for Freedom and Liberty. Keep Your Powder Dry.
    “Having just read an article on The Truth About Guns website. Where you talked about how you Support the 2nd A and have Conservatives Fiscal Ideals. And yet You complain that the democrat party has abandoned you. My question to you sir is this. Why are you still willing to carry the moniker of a party who has abandoned you and the very foundations of Our nation. It seems to me that regardless of your background. Both culturally and politically you are far from anything the democrat party supports or ever has supported. Being a DINO (democrat in name only) is just as bad as being a RINO (republican in name only). Using a parties identity to win voters rather than it’s ideology. I invite you to move from the Dark Side of politics. To the Open Side of politics where you will be welcomed. Because of your Ideology and the courage of your convictions. Not simply because you follow the party line or have a D beside your name. Peace Be With You.”

  10. Sounds like a Blue Dog Democrat. For those unawares, it has been a centrist faction that opposes extreme positions of both parties, looks for compromise between the parties and above all else never takes a position on social issues (members may have their personal positions, but the coalition stays silent on those big emotional hot button cultural fight to the death issues). To the political right fiscally, strong on national defense. In the beginning the Blue Dogs sought out NRA endorsement, or at least friendly terms with pro-gun groups of which they counted themselves.

    From the beginning of the Obama presidency the Blue Dog Coalition was a major player in preventing new gun control legislation gaining ground. In particular some five dozen of them signed a letter to the new Attorney General urging the administration to steer clear of new anti-gun laws.If you ever wonder how Obama could not get anything done on his anti-gun agenda, Blue Dog Dems had a lot to do with that.

    That coalition has shrunk a great deal, attacked as it was by both sides. A lot of far right candidates, quite a few of which later lost their seats to more liberal Democrats, displaced Blue Dog Dems. The end result being to move the left more to the left then it had been.

    The numbers of Blue Dogs has increased some, up from a low of a dozen or so a few years back. And there is at least one other centrist Dem group trying to oppose both far right and far left movements. So there’s a potential there for more movement toward centrist positions and legislation.

    Possibly a failure for Biden would help those groups if it is believed that the anti-gun rhetoric was partly to blame for his loss.

    One more item on the Wait & See List.

    • Kirsten Gillibrand seemed to fit the blue dog democrat definition early in her career. Look at her now. So what changed? It’s the difference between running locally and running nationally. If you have ambitions in the current day democrat party, then you have to go as far left as possible. For people like Gillibrand, it isn’t about principles, it’s about power.

    • I trust a so called blue dog Democrat as far as I can throw them since they toed the party line on Obamacare.
      Besides, “moderate” Democrats subscribe to all the same bullshit stereotypes about people that disagree with them. I refer you to the Neo-Nazi comment in this case.

      • Not correct. Blue Dogs did not toe the line on Obamacare. For that matter there were other left wing factions that fought against the Affordable Care Act because they wanted a single payer, single provider Federalized system. This myth that the Affordable Care Act had only right wing opposition is just that, a myth.

        • It passed on a party line vote in the Senate. Nothing mythological about that.

          Opposing it because you want single payer isn’t what I’d call opposing anything.

    • This is not ill spirited criticism but politics is not one dimensional with everything lying along a right left line. It isn’t even the two dimensional representation than libertarians often use. It has at least as many dimensions as there are people. The one dimensional representation is a device of the the two major parties to protect their interests.

  11. This is the story of idiots that watch too much Hollywood.

    “Black woman stands outside of her home posing with all the firearms she owns”

    This is just asking for trouble. From all sides.

  12. As of the late the Republican Party has been pretty good at passing gun control where the Democrats have failed. Let’s see, FOPA in 1986 and Trumps No Due Process, then there is the Bump Stock thing. The later has the potential for banning every semi auto in existence. But hey keep voting for these Political Parties, it’s working do well!

    • It’s obvious you haven’t read what FOPA actually is, or why Reagan signed it.
      And the Hughes Amendment was unconstitutionally added time it.
      I’d suggest you research what buying a gun or ammo before FOPA was signed, and how it helped.
      Or remain a dumbass. Your choice.

      • Clearly lots of folks here don’t understand how voting works. Your elected officials wait for an election to see which way the “wind” blows and vote the next session accordingly. Turn over the house and add a couple of republican seats to the Senate, win the WH again this year and watch how not just the republicans but the democrats change their positions on the issues that were discussed prior to the election. Why do you think there are so many RINOs in FLA, they gauged the wind to be blowing toward the democrat positions and voted to keep their seats.

  13. As people interested in the rights of gun owners, we are making a mistake to go, “all in,” for a single political party. We need to help to make sure that supporting the rights of gun owners is a willing position, no matter the political party.

    To do otherwise exposes all of us to the fate seen in some single-party states. I see very little here that says to the politician, that no matter his party, pro-gun owners rights remains his winning position.

  14. Ronald Reagan started out as a Democrat. After switching to Republican, he said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. It left me.” In Duncan’s case, all it ever cared about was his vote.

    • Funny how today’s Republicans declare Ronald Reagan as the best Republican ever. Those same Republicans are saying Trump is now the greatest Republican ever.

  15. Duncan sounds like a Blue Dog Democrat. Good for him. I thought they were extinct.

    Unfortunately for Duncan, black people as a group are Yellow Dog Democrats. They’re so loyal to the party of slavery they would vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for any Republican.

    And then they wonder why they are at the economic bottom of the barrel.

  16. Too many Bloomberg bucks infused into the Democrat Party for any pro-gun sentiments. Bloomberg senses that this is his last hurrah and is going for broke whether it is his failed Presidential run or all of his funding initiatives. Gun control is a peripheral issue for the rest of the wealthy progressives, but it’s central to Bloomberg who has virtually infinite money and a business where it might as well grow on trees. All we can hope is that money can’t buy everything. If we can hold this one, and there are a huge number of new gun owners to help, I’m hoping this tidal wave subsides a little.

  17. Kind of hard to imagine this guy in the same party with Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg who has said women and minorities aren’t responsible enough to have guns. Nice to know there are a few real people even in the democratic party.

    Brother, just switch teams.

  18. “Pro-gun Democrats“ will always vote Democrat even if that Democrat openly calls for the banning and confiscation of all privately held firearms. I wonder how “pro gun Democrats“ still vote for a party that openly calls for the banning and confiscation of their guns. Not only that but some openly calling for door to door confiscation or even the deployment of nuclear weapons. And before that sounds insane I point to one Eric swalwell; A person that openly stated what the rest of the Democratic Party thinks.

    How many of these “pro gun Democrats“ will still vote for Biden? The vast majority. If they want the Democratic Party to not be run by a bunch of anti-gun zealots who openly kind for their exterminationThen they should either not vote at all, vote Republican or vote third-party. How little of a survival and self-preservation instinct do these people have to vote for a candidate who has openly said that they want to ban you are guns and kill you if you resist?

    • They care more about their family than their guns. They believe the Democrats are better for them overall. Then there is the Republicans who want nothing to do with them.

      • lol!! Democrats don’t care about ‘families’. They are the party of infanticide, and broken homes for minorities.
        More stupidity on display there, Chief Idiot.

        • Black and brown people are given a lot of free stuff by the Democrats. They buy minorities’ votes to win against Republicans.

          “These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don’t move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there’ll be no way of stopping them, we’ll lose the filibuster and there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.” ― Lyndon B. Johnson

          “I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”

        • And your whining doesn’t negate what I said: the democrats are not family oriented for minorities
          They push for infanticide and fatherless homes.
          But keep showing your ignorance, Chief Idiot.

  19. Gun offenses should be treated like marijuana offenses. Gun control laws are racist in theory and practice. I lived in Massachusetts and was denied a permit to purchase a handgun based on racism. Liberals are paternalistic racists who REALLY believe that they know better than the great unwashed masses, if you will.

  20. The two-party system has always been a handicap to American politics (and one of a few major errors by the founding fathers) but has gotten worse and worse in the past two decades.

    Neither party is reasonable in all its beliefs yet both demand complete loyalty. In order to be ‘acceptable’ as either an R or a D you have to be unreasonable.

  21. Just how much ammo does a Neo-Nazi stock? He probably could have chosen his words a little better and comments like that may have hurt his chances. So is he a D.I.N.O.? If he’s hanging on to the dem party, it’s too much “dem” for most folks to take a chance on him. Vested Republicans are bad enough about being turncoats on the 2A.

    • Vested Republicans are bad enough about being turncoats on the 2A.

      Especially in Florida… way too many RINOS in the state legislature..


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