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The first round of civilian disarmament hearings in Minnesota didn’t go the way gun control advocates wanted. Gun rights supporters showed up in force, dominating the proceedings (in a good way). Local pro-disarmament papers claimed the hearings were unfair; their guys had been “bullied” out of the room. Our sources tell us the Senate’s learned from the House’s experience and are stacking the deck. They’re handing out tickets to the Senate hearing room in a 50 – 50 split: 40 tickets for gun rights supporters and 40 for the gun control advocates. This despite the fact that over 150 pro-2A folks showed up vs. about 40 gun control advocates . . .

So the Powers That Be have made it look like citizens are equally motivated and evenly divided on the issue of civilian disarmament. The exact same thing happened in Maryland. A hearing on gun control alternated between one hour of pro-2A commentary with one hour of gun control advocacy—even after the civilian disarmament enthusiasts had long since run out and the pro-2A line was out the door.

This “fairness” isn’t “fair.” There isn’t a 50-50 split on gun rights in terms of intensity. Polls show support for new gun control measures. In reality, most voters don’t care that much one way or the other. Would they like an assault weapons ban? Sure! But they’re not going to get off their ass to do anything about it. And they sure aren’t going to use it as a litmus test for the next election.

For those of us who are about to have our property and our Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms trampled upon, however, it’s extremely friggin’ important.

What we’re seeing is the biggest push for increased gun control ever, and it’s coming at a time when more Americans than ever own guns. It’s coming at a time when the newly elected president barely got 50 percent of the popular vote against the worst candidate I’ve seen from the Republican field in my lifetime.

The things most people do care about, like the economy and unemployment, aren’t getting better, are being pushed aside for these gun control bills. And despite doing everything in their power to make it seem like gun rights supporters are bullies, they can’t rouse enough supporters on their own side to even make it a fair fight. They have to impose rules to level the playing field for themselves.

Next November’s elections can’t come soon enough. Hopefully not literally.

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  1. “Local pro-disarmament papers claimed the hearings were unfair; their guys had been “bullied” out of the room.”

    Even if it weren’t true, if this happened, it would have been totally justified. A hearing that even considers the infringement of a Constitutionally protected right has no place in a Constitutional Republic. Our first failing is allowing treasonous talk the validation of being considered.

  2. The worst part is the future looks even more dim. I heard on the radio today that Obama has a 55% approval rating (the highest he’s had in years) and Chris Christie beats every other potential Republican candidate.

    I held my nose and voted for McCain, and did it again when I voted for Romney. I don’t care if the Dem nominee is Marx himself, I absolutely will not vote for Christie. If he gets the nomination, we’ve already lost.

    • There’s this party that’s been rapidly growing in popularity – the Libertarian party. Basically, it’s what the Founding Fathers believed in.

      • Toten since most of the country is distracted by the Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo, what do you think it will take to get their mush for brains to realize there are more than two political parties?

        • Why don’t we ask them? We could start here. It kills me, week after week, listening to people on this blog talk about freedom and individual rights, etc… and then they vote Republican, or even Democrat – and usually because they don’t want to “throw there vote away”. Well guess what, if all of them threw their vote away in the same direction, they might get what they want just once in their life times.
          Listen up people, moving a bag of trash from one side of the kitchen to the other every few years, doesn’t fix the stink. Throw that crap out!

        • Well, as long as the media makes presidential elections about personality, and keeps issues out of it, we’re stuck with crap candidates. (Of course, it would help if we had candidates that weren’t clones.)

    • I really don’t understand people who said they “held their noses” and voted for so and so. If you didn’t agree with is policies and beliefs, then why did you vote for him? America had the perfect candidate to vote for. A man that gauged every single political move he made by one measure, the Constitution! He was known in the House of Representatives as “Dr. No” because he refused to vote for any bill that could not pass Constitutional muster. He has the highest rating that any gun group can give, because he truly BELIEVES what the 2nd Amendment says, he’s not just a talking head controlled by the demopublicans and the republicrats that just read whatever the teleprompter says. He is a man of true principle, of unwavering character and the only man in today’s political world that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to introduce to Thomas Jefferson or Robert E. Lee. His name is Ron Paul. Everyone here had the opportunity to vote for him. Everyone here could have put this principled man into the oval office, and if you had, we wouldn’t be sitting here now bemoaning how terribly we’re being put upon. Yes, you could have voted for him, but you didn’t. You have bought into the “two party system” lock, stock and barrel. The democrats and the republicans own not only your brains, but your very souls. I just can’t understand how normally rational people can continue, time and time and time again to vote for the same lying, cheating, deceitful regime, and expect a different outcome! If you vote shit into office, why do you feel surprised when you get shit back? I hope that, in the future people will finally wake up and realize that the two party system is a scam. There’s no difference between a republican or a democrat. They’re just two sides of the same corrupt coin. Wake up and choose a man that actually mirrors the values, morals and political strategy you most closely believe in. Don’t even let it enter your head is the man has a chance to win. It doesn’t matter. Vote for the RIGHT man. Quit voting for the “lesser of two evils.” Because you know what, the lesser of two evils is still EVIL! I hope Ron Paul decides to run one more time. Perhaps, with the way things are going, people might actually extract their heads from the republican party posterior long enough to finally vote their conscience, and not what some party hack told him to vote for or he would be “wasting his vote” Crap!

      • +1 But even with Ron Paul as a leader it would be tough with the majority of congressional beggars and thieves. Essentially, our political process does not select for leaders, it favors promoters and their agendas have nothing to do with the constitution.

      • Ron Paul was one or two beers short of a six pack, but those four of five beers were fine quality micro brews. He is the guy revealed at the end of every Shooby Doo episode when the mask comes off (Yikes, its Mr. Smithers….”and I’d of gotten away with it if it wernt for you darn kids”.

      • Ron Paul WAS the perfect candidate, but unfortunately the GOP establishment cheated their asses off during the primaries to make sure Mittens won. Based on that, I will NEVER vote for an establishment candidate like Christie. Basically if Rand Paul or Ted Cruz get nominated, then I will vote republican, otherwise I will campaign AGAINST both the GOP and the Dems, and vote 3rd party yet again. Gary Johnson was SO much more qualified then Mittens or Obama that it wasn’t even a contest, so I definitely didn’t “waste” my vote like the people who voted for Romney…

        The only wasted vote is one for a candidate you know is just the lesser of two evils.

    • Fight for your first choice of candidate early, but in the general election, you must make the best choice between the two candidates remaining (because we are, and shall always be, a two party system). This is why you want to get a candidate that changes the party from within with your ideals in mind.

    • Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? While there’s plenty to be aggravated about with the bills still on the table, both the AWB and mag cap bills are gone. We didn’t lose “there [sic] AWB w/o a vote” at all.

  3. So what would happen if, in theory, the pro-gun side would stand as one and tell the politicians this ” We, the people of this state will adhere to 2nd amendment and your law is not binding upon us. We are the true militia and control of our arms is not negotiable. This God-given right shall not be abridged.”

    The Jim D.

  4. “the worst candidate I’ve seen from the Republican field in my lifetime…” You must not be old enough to have watched poor old Bob Dole’s doomed campaign against Bill Clinton. 🙂

    The more I see of the dog-and-pony show our two-party system has become, the more I’m convinced that voting for a third party is the only ethically defensible thing to do.

  5. Yes, even if the 3rd party platform doesn’t win, the more votes it gets, the more the “2 party system” will be influenced. Ironically, voting 3rd party isn’t a “wasted vote”, it is the most significant vote one can make. For me, that 3rd party platform is Libertarian. Down With The Tyrants…..

    • At many phases of an election cycle you would be right in putting you time and energy into a candidate (early on and in primaries). But, in a general election (and especially in a hotly contested state) you would indeed be throwing away your vote. Elections have consequences. Mitt was not my first choice, but at the end, in the general election of a two party system, you make a choice of picking someone who is IN A POSITION to have an impact during that particular time and in that environment, against THAT particular opponent (Barry…..’the One’). You change the system from within, and early on in the election cycle.

  6. Nick, you nailed that one on the head. If the Republican party leadership had half a brain, we would have had a decent candidate. Well, that’s history. Maybe, just maybe, we will field someone who can win this thing in 2016.

    • The problem is that no one can seem to name a decent candidate. The Evangelicals are popular among themselves, but not among any one else, including their own party members. The old line hacks like Fig Newt and Rove are nonstarters as well. The youngsters have a knack of putting their foot–or their bottle–in their mouths, losing all credibility, not having sufficient seasoning to qualify for the post. (That makes two strikes against Paul Ryan and Santorum, and at least one against Rubio.) The fact is, as demonstrated in the debates and the position statements leading up to the last election, most Americans are pretty centrist, liberal on some things, conservatives on others, and not extremists about anything. That’s why Romney went the way he did–which after his hyperconservative nomination run undermined his credibility among most voters, including those in his own party (separate and apart from the fact that he never could seem to articulate any plan for America, any vision, any leadership.) Someday we may hear from Jeb Bush, who seemed to have quietly and competently run Florida, but unless he gets into Congress, he will lack the necessary national visibility to gain traction. So whose left that can raise the rabble? With the repblican national committee in a spitting matchover the directionof the party–in fact over its future, there is nothing that looks like Win on the horizon.

      • He took care of Florida pretty well, but the connotation with the Bush name isn’t gonna do much to help him. The dems viewed HW and almost tolerable and W and the antichrist, and even some ‘pubs jumped ship during W’s presidency. That being said, I don’t think Jeb will ever be a really viable candidate, whether he gets to Congress or not.

      • The bottle thing is a PLUS for Rubio. What effing moron would hold a man reaching a little to far to grab an effing water bottle against him? This is a manufactured NON event by the libtards and their complicit media elite lackeys that will backfire (have you noticed the blowback and that people who are seeing it have come to the defense….and LOGICALLY wondered what the BIG EFFING DEAL was). Have you also noticed that nobody is really talking about it anymore…until you mentioned it? Do you notice the fervor with which I am defending him? You shall see many more, as it sinks in how shameless the libtards were….and how scared they are. I wonder why?

  7. I wasn’t able to make it to this hearing, but from what I heard the 50/50 split on talk time between gun rights advocates and gun control advocates didn’t last very long. The gun control advocates ran out of people to talk.

    • Poor widdle Heather is partnered with Jen of nogunsense blog who is famous for blocking those who post facts she doesnt like, hence they are blocking all the factual posts clamping their hands over their ears and going a lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala in the pathetic hope it will somehow make all those pesky facts just go away!

      1,517 likes out of 4.9 mil residents, how pathetic they are.

  8. I was at the 3 previous hearings 2 weeks before and in the overflow rooms filled with “Self Defense Is A Human Right” and Gun Owners Civil Rights Association T-Shirts there were 3 (I counted) “Minnesotans Against being shot” badges in the room… 3 out of 90+ people crammed into that small room, and if anybody was the “bully” it was those chumps… the entire time, whenever anybody knodded in agreeance, or applauded (as long as you arent in the council chambers you are encouraged to show support respectfully) they started yelling at anybody who was applauding even when they would turn around and do it themselves whenever a proponent spoke.

    After a while of putting up with their snide antics a few persons from the pro-gun group turned around and asked them in the most polite manner possible if theyd like to take their spiteful attitude to another one of the overflow rooms, and lo and behold they couldnt find a single other group of pro-control supporters to rally with so they left the building altogether

    They had the gall to call us bullies?

    (By the way, GOCRA has a facebook page and I hope everyone on TTAG joins just to support your northerner neighbors.

    Im not sure if TTAG allows links in the comments field but just to show your support id appreciate it if anybody who is interested would join GOCRA on facebook

    Thank you TTAG!)

  9. Why do the states that already have the most gun control laws are the very states that are the most corrupt?

    Send a shock wave to Dianne Feinstein and the extreme left.
    Sign the petition to repeal Senate Bill SBX211. When the entire Los Angeles
    Superior Court Judges face felony charges for accepting money that was NOT
    authorized by law. That should put them back on their heels for a while.

    Google SBX211 and sign the petition. COMPLETE
    MAINSTREAM MEDIA BLACKOUT, Please help tell others to sign.

  10. Can we STOP calling them pro gun control, and call them what they are…..ANTI-GUN! Your headline and many others start off making people think the articles are about pro-gun folks, and they are not. They are about a$$hats who want to take our guns away, and that makes them ANTI-GUN!

    Yes, I feel better!

  11. The only way the Gun Control advocates get their bills passed, is to do it in the middle of the night like they did in New York, or on Sunday afternoon after the State Association leaves for the day when the session is almost over and they piggy-back legislation onto something else non-related, like IL.
    The only way to fight this is to stay involved or support those who do on your behalf 24/7. If we don’t, the gun grabbers will sneak something through. Talk with your Representatives and Senators, State and US. Let them know that the NRA doesn’t just speak for guns but the majority of their voters will remember on election day as well if they let something “sneak through”.

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