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Jeremy S. put together the above viddy. That took…what? All of five hours? Probably more than we should have expected for someone to speculate in the media on a pro-gun, right wing, anti-government connection. That’s former Massachusetts statie and “anti-terrorism expert” Todd McGee on who’s likely to be behind this afternoon’s Boston bombings. The only real surprise is that the phrase “Tea Party” wasn’t uttered.

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  1. Yea, because that really makes sense that people who DON’T want them to ban things are going to start blowing up things and give them more “evidence” to use to ban things.

  2. I cruised the TV cable news stations today just in time to hear Chris Matthews say that the Boston bombing shows why we need to pass the gun control bill in Congress.

      • He claims because it happened on Tax Day it must automatically be right wingers.

        Specious logic at best. Why would “domestic terrorists” target a Marathon and not the IRS building or something related to taxes?

  3. Ahhh….hmm. Didn’t we learn a lesson about speculating after Newtown?
    For example, while I am Not a big fan of CNN, personally, and Blitzer’s performance lately, but its also true that he DIDN’T speculate that it was an “anti-tax” group responsible, as one post on Freepers said, just noting that it was Patriots Day in Boston. It was also crazy Lil Kims birthday, right, or was it North Koreas 40th anniversary of crazy? As well as being Israels Independence Day. I’m sure theres more…

    Heres the audio at HotAir:

    Just in time: CNN comes thru however:

    • Didn’t realize it was Israel’s Independence Day… Hmm, the dirka dirka jihad connection is starting to firm up.

        • Prolly as my original post was spam blocked somehow-
          you probably responded to my post on a couple of different anniversaries on April 15th, which I was editing, to include a hat-tip on the below from HotAir, and I got the “spam blocked” reply. Glitchy system???

          “CNN’s national security analyst refers to right-wing groups, in same sentence as Al Qaeda”. (you tube clip here):

  4. Who on here would genuinely be surprised if it ended up being a ‘right-wing extremist’? As much as I hope it’s not true, and as much as I hate hearing it be suggested as such in the news, there is a precedent.

  5. Frack them. They have no idea what they spew. I hereby assign the blame to the dirka dirka jihad brigade. My claim, at least, have a foundation in more recent radical acts of terror against US targets. Still complete BS, but at least my BS has some foundation in reality. Anti-government radicals attack government targets, not random people…

  6. Funny, I’ve always been taught that this type of act was more
    common with left wing radical. Could someone check if Bill
    Ayers was in town? But then again maybe all of the actual anti
    -terrorism experts are wrong and the history books are lying.
    Yah, that must be it, just another right-wing conspiracy.

    • Hanging census takers has a certain cachet to it! They should have said he killed himself because the “Tea Party” hounded him with bogus census forms.

      I’ve been able successfully avoid them there census takers for thirty years and counting. I’ve no use for them, and I’d appreciate it if they felt the same way. “There’s one person here, and he’s not Hispanic” would be all they’d ever get from me, anyway.

  7. News keeps mentioning the possibility of a domestic terrorist. As much as they have mentioned a jihad related attack actually.
    Sad that the media is quick to assume that it could be domestic.
    If nothing else it gives them a chance to say domestic terrorist a lot. This becoming regular language trains the sheeple to fear thy neighbor, perhaps they are a domestic terrorist….and you should watch them/turn them in to big brother for suspicious activity.
    Terror = fear of unknown
    Fear of unknown = need for government / regulations

  8. Is there really anything at all decent about the left? How could I possibly be the same species as such sub-human filth? Why do we tolerate them in this country?

      • Killing them is frowned upon is the reason, I suppose.

        That said, it’s at least more enjoyable to argue with one of them, than some bump on a log who doesn’t even know where Afghanistan is, and can’t find his own state on a map.

    • They tend not to get all bent out of shape about bum sex, birth control and weed smokage.

    • Silver says:
      April 15, 2013 at 21:44

      “Is there really anything at all decent about the left? How could I possibly be the same species as such sub-human filth? Why do we tolerate them…”

      Because Liberty means you have the God-given right to be as stupid as you choose to be. But, have hope – Liberty also means you don’t have to buy into the rantings of the stupid.

  9. Here’s the difference for people that don’t pay attention – anti-government nut-jobs blow up government related facilities. Terrorists blow up civilian targets.

    • This is exactly almost word-for-word what I said to a friend a few hours ago. This was not anti-any-particular-thing. This was designed to cause fear. Period.

    • I think you mean “other terrorists”. Because if you blow up a government facility (esp. the kind with a daycare in it), you’re damned-sure a terrorist, along with being an anti-government nut.

  10. Isn’t there laws to prevent bombing violence? Isn’t Boston a “bomb free zone”? I don’t understand how such a thing can happen. The government needs to do something to make me feel safe.

    I am sorry for the people hurt or killed just wanted be a little snarky.

    • I don’t think there are signs, though. They need signs to make sure everyone knows it’s a gun-free and bomb-free zone.

      • I’m thinking “bomb free zone” signs would actually make them more likely to be bombed. That seems to be the case for gun free zones.

  11. As I said on one of the earlier forums. Just like Oklahoma City, it won’t be long before this is blamed on gun owners, and it will be used as an excuse for more pointless and often unenforceable “anti-terrorism” bills.

  12. Just shows how desperate these guys are to pin a violent act on the right.

  13. It’s a golden age for terrorists. They don’t need to kill mass amounts of people. They don’t need their rhetoric. They don’t need to declare war.

    All they need is one little attack that anyone could do with the supplies in their garage, killing fewer people than are killed by stairs in a week, and the people will destroy themselves. The pathetic people of this nation will allow their tyrannical overlords to enslave them in the name of “Safety” and the tyrants in charge will gleefully oblige, the hysterical drivel of the MSM lighting the path.

    Any semblance of courage, steadfastness, and decency has departed this nation. The people deserve every misery they allow to befall them.

      • Except for the fact that terrorism is statistically nearly off the radar in the U.S., you’re right.

    • +1 +1o +100 +1000

      Add in that, the current mass media bonanza created by one modest event now, does as much damage as what in the past might have taken a much larger or devastating event. It’s as if the reporting and media hysteria serves to be the coordinated second or third attacks that could formerly be expected in such event. And those like Chris Matthews are all to happy to oblige.

      • “It’s as if the reporting and media hysteria serves to be the coordinated second or third attacks” ….So true. So horrible. Also serves as motivation for copycat attacks, in the cases of mass shooters and such who gain infamy from the coverage.

    • The overreaction is appalling with the news channels going wall-to-wall with one story for days on end. I yell at the screen, “When you have a suspect, let us know. Until then, back to the regular news!”

    • Good idea. Let’s start blaming an entire religion and ethnic group now so we can say “I told you so” if we turn out to be right.

  14. You guys are acting real defensive in an attack-the-messenger kind of way.

    Just calm the hell down, let things play out for a bit and stop giving… new readers… more reasons to think gun owners are paranoid wackos.

    • It’s not subjective interpretation, and the McGee guy isn’t overtly acting as a messenger for somebody else. He explicitly said this was most likely caused by a group that’s angry due to gun legislation, and there was just NO reason to think this whatsoever, let alone say it on TV. As a gun owner and/or pro-second amendment type, you aren’t horribly [at least] insulted by this????

  15. be on the lookout for a black or dark skinned man in a hoodie, CNN reports FBI as saying.
    how subtle. And the DC sniper drove a nondescript white van too.

    initial reports are 95% speculative.

    • initial reports are 95% speculative.

      AND most people believe these reports, and correct later, if at all.

  16. As the evening rolls on there are reports the police have found more bombs. The planning horizon for this attack most certainly began before Newtown. It has all the Hallmarks of a AQ operation. Multiple bombs in multiple locations. This is not the signature of a domestic terrorist group. I think we are going to find a link to foreign interests here.

    Now if it turns out that it was a domestic group it is going to be a group with a history of cooperation and sympathy to the Irish Republican Army. The multiple location IED attack was developed in the late 1970s by the IRA in Northern Ireland. The IRA was funded indirectly by the Soviets through Libya and the East German STASI. The IRA trained Soviet surrogates from the Middle East and South America in these tactics in camps set up in Libya. For all you pro IRA folks out there you reap what you sow.

    • tdiinva, what, exactly is the “signature” of a domestic terrorist group?

      “Now if it turns out that it was a domestic group it is going to be a group with a history of cooperation and sympathy to the Irish Republican Army. ” And you’re proof of this is what?

      Right, a bunch of Southie/Dot pub rats are behind this? Dude, WTF are you smoking? It’s truly rare that I have ever heard such a specious and uneducated allegation.

      OK, so we’re all of about ten plus hours into this thing and you’ve got it all wired up tight. Seriously??

      Look, I’m a natural born citizen of the USA and I’m also a citizen of the Republic of Ireland through the foreign birth registry. You really don’t know WTF you’re talking about. Please do get back to me when you spent twenty, thirty or forty years studying and comprehending Irish Nationalism,Republicanism and The Troubles.

      • Yes, this is probably just a coincidence. The controversy over the Boston College Belfast Project tapes has been going on for years. The IRA’s presence in Boston has greatly diminished since its height in the ’70’s and ’80’s. Though the IRA did use similar tactics to what occurred yesterday here in Boston in their campaigns in the UK, I’d be astounded if the IRA had anything to do with this.

        Judging by the video that I’ve seen, I doubt that the bomber/bombers were using commercial or military grade high explosives. A pyrotechnic composition of some sort, or possibly Tannerite (or one of its analogs) is likely the case. The fact that one of their devices was recovered hints that whoever did this wasn’t a professional.

        • I keep hearing “black powder” referred to. Most likely a substitute. Based on the smoke, it could be Pyrodex, Triple Seven or similar. Military grade in the 1800’s but definitely not today’s “Military grade” HE…

      • An emotional response.

        On August 27, 1979 the Irish Republican Army conducted the first multiple IED attack. The first component occured at Warrenpoint in Northern Ireland near the Irish border where the IRA detonated a IED as a British convoy was moving through the area. There was second IED waiting for the rapid reaction force moving in support. Several hours later the IRA assassinated Lord Mountbatten. The first attack was diversion to distract British security from the main attack.

        The IRA trained members of the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine and Palastine Liberation Organzition, both Soviet sponsored, in the same tactics in Libyan training camps. Over the years the PLO and PFLP trained or inspried other Middle Easter terorist organizations in the use these tactics. But I must emphasize the IRA is the source of modern IED tactics. You can look these facts up.

        I recently reitred after a 29 year career in the defense and intelligence communities. From 1999 through early 2002 I worked closely with the British MOD on various projects spending on average one week a month in the UK. I spent a lot of time talking to British Army officers who spent a good portion of their careers in Ulster. The IRA had more support in Boston than they did in Dublin. So every dollar you put in the NORAID tip jar at your local bar has American blood on it.

        Oh by the way, my great uncle emigrated to Dublin from Germany in the late 19th Century. I probalby have as many relatives who are Irish nationals as you do.

    • BTW, my Best Man’s daughter was a block away when the first bomb went off. Not ten minutes before she was in the blast radius. There but for the grace of God…

  17. Regardless of who bombed the Boston Marathon and why he/she/they did it, you know that some people will capitalize on the uncertainty and use this catastrophe to paint gun rights activists in a negative light. What is the gun grabbers’ philosophy, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”???

  18. Nat’l radio host was just joking ‘how many NRA and Tea Party members did you see arrested in Boston’ ? MA doesn’t have a death penalty, so Feds better handle it. Americans incl. 8 y.o. child murdered on American soil by foreigners. FBI is combing MIT campuses “due to the sophistication of the device”…to rip limbs off from a metal box from a distance however slight, not point blank…not black/gun powder…much higher detonation velocity/brisance. [note: Saudi terrorists with FSA are regularly bodybagged by the Assad regime’s SAA..obama/kerry are supporting these FSA terrorists in word and with medical equipment].

    • BOLO alert for dark skinned foreign nat’l who tried to gain entrance to secured area. Doctors report massive extreme force injuries by very powerful device, severe muscle injuries, broken bones, and ‘many wounded with ‘horiffic wounds’ that may not survive, fatalities number may change’

  19. I wonder if the song “You drop the bomb on me, baby” by the Gap Band was playing when this happen?

    I read earlier MSNBC was asking people to not jump to conclusions and blame Islamic terrorist, but in the same breath wondered if right wing anti-gov groups had something to do with it. People may think I am heartless but it’s people like this that have made me not care what happens anymore. Not only do I not care about what happens but when it does I am glad it happens in their backyard.

  20. If this turns out to be linked to Islamic extremist I wonder if it will be labeled as marathon violence instead of terrorism?

  21. Even if he’s right, a 2nd Amendment gun nut wouldn’t do it like this. Wouldn’t they target a government building or an official? This is more likely a foreign terrorist plot with maximum international exposure–a hundred cameras at the finish line of the biggest marathon in the world and hitting innocent people?
    But don’t let a good crisis go to waste. Of course they will spin the gun issue. My first thought (after knowing my son had been two blocks from the blast and was on his way home safely) was, I’m glad it wasn’t a mass shooting after Newton and the neo-gun control debate. But because it was a bomb, the left needed to doublethink it into, “It had to be the guns nuts, trying to prove you can still kill without assault weapons.”
    I pray for the poor victims.
    NWBob in Boston, MA

    • A “good” conspiracy theorist would probably call it an event to generate needed sympathy to strip us of our rights, similar to those who call 9/11 such an event.

      NOTE: I don’t have evidence to prove or disprove such a theory or theories regardless of their plausibility.

    • Everyone knows gun nuts are insecure about their small packages so multiple small bombs is not an option. If it were a gun nut it would be one giant explosion to make up for their inadequacies. At least that’s the left’s interpretation of the desire to protect oneself. Yet again we see the left abandon their own position to stab at the right.

  22. Weelll… Had it been a Federal building, maybe the assertion would contain a shred of plausibility.

    On another hand, mayhap the White House’ll receive a letter politely informing the U.S. that if the drones stop, so will the bombs.

    In other words, speculation is pointless. It’s a real pity, however, that that a$$wipe has viewers.

  23. Can we wait until we have the f^cking facts before we start blaming anybody???

    this is the same horse shit that happened on 9/11.

    Have a glass of STFU people, wait for the facts to be released, and form your own conclusions.

  24. I don’t think it’s helpful for anyone to speculate at this point… my sympathies are with the victims and their families.

  25. I just hope it wasn’t some pro 2a wingnut on a personal crusade against the powers that be. And if it is a home grown pro 2a wingnut acting out, I hope they don’t find multiple visits to TTAG on his computer.

  26. Why am I not surprised that at 1:27 pm someone over at the Daily Kossack tried to
    infer the Boston bombing was the work of a “domestic terrorist” ,drawing specious parallels with the bombings in Atlanta and Oklahoma City. I like how he couched it in what he calls “observations”. Heck, I grew up in the 60’s where the radical Marxists were bombing every that moved and didn’t move. I like how he can call this “observation” where his magic crystal ball tells him that it was the work of a domestic terrorist. Sorry, bombings like this go one in the Middle-East every day. I find it interesting that he can use the two examples of couple of activists against the backdrop of the hundreds radical Islamic Terrorists. tried to
    infer the Boston bombing was the work of a “domestic terrorist” ,drawing specious parallels with the bombings in Atlanta and Oklahoma City. I like how he couched it in what he calls “observations”. Heck, I grew up in the 60’s where the radical Marxists were bombing every that moved and didn’t move. I like how he can call this “observation” where his magic crystal ball tells him that it was the work of a domestic terrorist. Sorry, bombings like this go one in the Middle-East every day. I find it interesting that he can use the two examples of couple of activists against the backdrop of the hundreds radical Islamic Terrorists.

    • Because all MUSLIMS share a blood guilt for the acts of one/few people who claim to be MUSLIM. And ALL OF THEM DESERVE DEATH, right?

      Or how all CHRISTIANS are guilty because of the Crusades.

      Or how all ATHLETES are guilty of rape because Trent Mays and Malik Richmond.

      Or how all WHITE PEOPLE are guilty because of American slavery and Native American genocide.

      Or how all GERMANS are guilty because of Hitler and the Nazis.

      Or how all GUN OWNERS are guilty because of James Holmes, Nancy Lanza, and Adam Lanza.

      Right? Right? RIGHT?!

      Nice try trolling, buddy…

      • Though I would not have said it in the same manner, what does the Quran teach about unbelievers?

        • The Quran requires Muslims to kill those “infidels” who refuse to convert or submit to Shariah rule.

          “Smite them on the neck wherever you find them, O ye who believe!”

        • It depends on one’s interpretation of Quran. The mainstream one says that unbelievers should be left alone in peace so long as they do not wage war on Muslims. The extremist (Salafi/Wahhabi) one says that they should be fought in any imaginable way until they submit and either convert or pay zakat.

        • Herb says:

          “The Quran requires Muslims to kill those “infidels” who refuse to convert or submit to Shariah rule.”

          Show me.

  27. Im sorry, it this were the work of a 2A gun nut, wouldnt they have used the follow up of massive gun fire of an AR15?

  28. I’ve just heard one of the fatalities was a 8 year old boy. I’ll expect the “bloody shirt” to waved by Obama and the other anti-gun-ghouls within a few days.

  29. So those who defend the constitution are enemies and radicals?

    It won’t be long before we get a president in that boldly attacks the Constitution and does so publicly…oh wait…NM…smh.

    True Americans are now the enemy. What a load of dung.

    • True Americans have always been the enemy, since we don’t engage in the teen-drama of politics and playing the roles.

      We have never been broken, and we have ever retained our identity. They hate us because of this.

  30. the blame for this rests squarely with the Federal government. They’ve been blowing people up for most of the last 100 years, and then to compound their ways, they have epicly failed to guard the borders of this country, a most basic duty, kind of like wiping your ass after you go to the bathroom.

    • Yep, we’ve been bombing Germans, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Panamanians, and Serbians. Funny how none of those groups are engaging in terrorism against the United States. Whenever I have met a Serb and made comments about my activities in 1999 all I ever got was professional courtesy. Why is it that only one group is takes such offense at being bombed by Americans? We inflicted a lot more civilian casualties on most the other groups than we have on them. By your logic we should still be having Japanese kamikazes blowing themselves up in US airports in retaliation for nuking them.

      So I conclude that your statements are a reflection of your lack of intelligence.

    • As of this writing, there is only one comment under that story (the original, not the one you linked). That comment is:

      The media really needs to stop this idiotic ‘exercise in speculation’ under the guise of ‘journalism’ every time something like this occurs. YOU are part of the problem…

      This is me nodding my head.

  31. We need to find who did this, throw them in prison for a few years, then give them a job as a Professor at a major university!

  32. Here’s the thing: No matter what the reality is, the perception that’s spun by the left swinging media is going to become the truth to the American public. As yourself how many stories you’ve seen on nightly news (ABC, NBC, CBS) about the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell? I’ve got a very strong stomach, seen lots of icky stuff both here and overseas, but this one almost had me yorking in my trash can.

  33. Suadis or Syrans
    who ever it was how did 4 bombs get past the bomb sniffing dogs, BPD, MSP, DHS, FBI, CIA NSA, State Dept, SS, BATF ?
    where was our vaunted security network, at prayers in a local Mosque?

  34. Nobody or no orginization is stepping forward to claim responsibility and I am now beginning to lean toward a lone wolf with no particular political agenda. A James Holmes who went with a bomb over the gun. There are lots of armed security at the Marathon. It isn’t the best place to go on a spree shooting. A bomb would be the weapon of choice for an event like this. If there are no leads by this weekend I would definitely say that this was not a political act. Terrorist groups live for publicity. A successful attack ups their “street cred” so why would they be silent?

  35. I hate to say it, but it does prove the point that evil will find a way and that disming the “militia” won’t stop it.

    They aren’t going to outlaw whatever substances were that IED, most likely.

  36. Ironic that Boston was bombed. The good people of Boston funded the IRA attrocites for years – Karma

  37. My, my isn’t this little band of “Happiness is a Warm Gun” fans just a bit defensive today… feeling like your abusive rhetoric just may have contributed to the carnage?

    Oh, and guess what the Senator that got that poison letter is in hot water with the Tea Party crowd for? You guessed it, he was one of the TP gang that had the temerity to vote against the gun legislation filibuster, hmmmm…

    Time to cook up another batch of anti Obama (isn’t he the 1st black president?) venom ‘patriots’.

  38. So now we ‘know’. Boston bombing suspect and fugitive Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was a “normal pot head” who supported President Obama for re-election last November, according to friends and his Twitter account. Critical race theory proponents draw a blank as suspects turn out to be from a region few Americans have heard of…
    After all, CNN’s Chris Mathews says nearly all domestic terrorists are conservative tea baggers…

    Join the movement to ban all pressure cookers.

    1. Nobody needs to cook more than 10 ribs per pressure cooker. Limit capacity to ten ribs or half a chicken.

    2. Close the yard sale loophole immediately. Nearly half of all pressure cookers are bought at yard sales.

    3. Grandma’s pressure cooker shall be “grandmothered” in, but it must be registered.

    4. Any person wishing to purchase a pressure cooker, must submit to a background check.

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