Primary Arms Partners with Credova, Letting You Buy Now, Pay Later

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From Primary Arms . . .

Primary Arms now offers order financing with Credova, a ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ option that emphasizes quality of service, accessibility, and convenience for online retail.

With Credova, financing a purchase at Primary Arms is easy. Customers can offset the full price of a major order by breaking it into smaller monthly payments, often with no interest for up to three months (depending on offer details).

Applications take only minutes, with financial approvals arriving in seconds. Unlike many financing services, Credova doesn’t impact your credit score, as applicants are pre-qualified without a hard inquiry. With Credova, financing your order has never been more convenient, and with Primary Arms offering discounts on over 15,000 leading tactical and outdoor products, you can find great deals on your next purchase.

“With Credova, our customers have more freedom than ever in choosing how they shop,” says Max Cowsert, Primary Arms’ Chief Merchandising Officer. “We’re thrilled to offer this feature-rich financing option to our customers. Credova’s fast processing and streamlined application system are perfect for today’s market. It’s great to partner with a financing company that, unlike others, is eager to work with and advocate for businesses that support the 2nd Amendment.”

For more information on Credova at Primary Arms, visit the Primary Arms financing page, where you can read about all the features and FAQs for the new service.

For other news and announcements, follow Primary Arms Online on social media, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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  1. Cool. Except I’ve done the same with layaway many times. A lot of gunshops & chains have eliminated it. And I’ve bought my last 2 gats doing half azzed 30 day “layaway”. Never go into debt or use a card to purchase gunz…

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  2. If you can’t pay cash, you don’t really need it. Car? Yep. Pay cash. House? Put the most down on it you can. Pay extra on the principle every month. Credit Card? You Sh!ttin’ Me? My credit score is 0.

    • That isn’t terrible advice, but it’s the old way of thinking from the high interest days. As long as you’re principled enough, you’re better off taking out a low interest mortgage and getting a higher return on that money elsewhere. Show me a multi-millionaire, and I’ll show you someone that still has a mortgage. Plus, inflation works in your favor. That $1,800 payment might seem like a lot now, but in 15 years $1,800 will be worth less, yet your payment stays the same. It’s also another reason not to rent. Rent goes up with inflation.

      I agree with paying cash for low mileage used cars that have finished with most of their depreciation. Unfortunately, that isn’t working in the current situation. The used car market probably increased more than anything. You’re probably better off buying a new vehicle with low depreciation. People were recently selling three year old Tacomas for the price of a new one.

      I play the credit game (and it is a game) because you never know when you might need it. Things happen.

      • @Dude
        The current interest rates are artificially low. When the boom drops, the balloon goes up, the rug is pulled out from under us, interest rates will easily approach those we had under Jimmy Carter. Those are the days I learned my lessons. I keep some precious metals (lead, gold, silver) on hand, a little cash. I try to own things of value for when the aforementioned occurs.


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    Ooops, my bad.

    Not shot, crushed to death at a rapper’s concert in a crowd surge.

    “For 37 minutes after Houston officials declared a “mass casualty” event at #Astroworld, with fans crushed near the stage, #TravisScott kept performing.”

    ““Stop the show. Stop the show. Stop the show.”

    And the #AstroWorld show continued”

    Ban rap concerts NOW, think of the children!

      • 10 years old?
        That’s almost too old for Drag Queen Story Hour at your local public library, paid for out of your taxes.

        If you’re not fighting politicians who support this garbage as well as those supporting “gun control,” then you’re bending over.

  4. I buy gunms with cash , well fact is I buy everything with cash, cant get no credit.
    On the bright side everything I own is payed for, unlike my uppity X brother in law , who has a lot of nice shit, and can probably retire debt free three years after he’s dead.

    • I knew a guy that had a big house, a big boat, and a high end six figure car as well as other cars. His wife said they live on the edge…of bankruptcy LOL.

      I met a client at his house to pick up a check. His house was super impressive. He handed me the check (not a large amount) and told me I couldn’t cash it for a week.

      On the flip side, I’ve had clients in trailers pay me more than he did in cash without blinking.

      • That brings up a point, a trend I have noticed over the last few years ; People who do not appear affluent living in older small homes, driving cars 10 years old or older, dressing “poverty casual”, paying cash for a lot of stuff and seem to always have money for vacations and “things” and come out of the grocery store with two or three shopping carts full every week.

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