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Bolstering the sentiment that establishment media commits sins of omission as well as of commission, a curious void exists in the media narrative of the oft-deported illegal alien felon who allegedly shot a woman to death with a gun stolen from a BLM agent: The identity of the agent.

A search shows no press sources have revealed that information at this writing, 20 days after Kathyn Steinle was killed. Not nationally and not locally, and not with the media having access to sources and resources unavailable to #justablogger activists interested in truths the public has every right to know.

“Land agency: Agent’s stolen service gun used in pier slaying,” the Boston Herald headlined in a featured Associated Press report. “BLM spokeswoman Dan Wilson said the service weapon was issued to an agency ranger, and was stolen from the agent’s car while he was in San Francisco on business.”

“Pier 14 Shooting: BLM agent’s gun used in killing, was reported stolen in June,” KRON 4 affirmed in its version of events. Three reporters were assigned to the story, but evidently pressing BLM for details as to exactly who was involved and what their employee actually did (or did not do) was beyond their joint capabilities.

Ditto, we find the information has thus far eluded the San Jose Mercury News, the Bay City News, ABC News, and even the UK’s Daily Mail. The Chicago Tribune at least let readers know it was getting its information from an “official — who was not authorized to speak publicly about the case and spoke on condition of anonymity — declined to elaborate.”  So much for “the most transparent administration in history.”

It’s not like there’s no legitimate public interest in identifying the agent or ranger (depending on the story you read). Who is this person, what were the circumstances that led to a gun being left in his/her car and stolen, and are there any prior indicators in this individual’s employment record?  Oversight seems especially relevant in an anti-gun town like San Francisco, where aside from a handful of connected elites, traveling around the “sanctuary” with a gun is the exclusive province of “Only Ones.”

So what’s with the universal lack of progress — if the Google News feed is any indicator — on our intrepid watchdog journalists providing the public with a bit more depth on this? Just how did a gun “transfer” from a federal agent to a career criminal, and one who took advantage of government’s blind eye to even be here in the first place? After all, it’s not like guns being stolen from agents, most of the time due to improper retention and storage, isn’t a widely known and publicized problem.

Do you doubt, had a gun been stolen from your car and then used in a murder, that not only would your name be widely spread (and smeared by gleeful antis painting you as a typical, irresponsible ammosexual), but that you’d be lucky to escape serious criminal charges, and crippling civil ones as well?

Seeing as how the media evidently has no interest in pursuing this further, if you’d like to join me, why not demand an answer from BLM at their Twitter feed (@BLMNational) and Facebook Account? It would be nice if enough TTAG readers created the public pressure to get information the press, for reasons of its own, seems to not want to explore and share.

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  1. It is highly unlikely that we will ever know the real story behind that FED’s gun and how it got into the killer’s hands.

    • and just as likely that if it was my personal firearm that was snatched, i would be in a cell next to the killer, giving CAs gun storage laws. but since it was a FEDERAL Agent, nothing to see here, move along.

      • California has no gun storage laws that were violated by the theft. However, San Francisco’s storage ordinance (affirmed in Jackson v. SF) arguably applies, unless a court were to conclude (as it should) that a car is a “locked container.”

        • Jackson v San Francisco isn’t affirmed.

          The courts just elected not to issue an preliminary injunction. Which is fairly normal, they rarely issue those except in the case of new laws. The meat and potatoes of the case is still pending.

        • In CA the trunk counts as a locked container for the purposes of transporting a firearm. But if you’re not in the car at the time? I’m not sure how that would play out.

  2. Well I want to know. It doesn’t fit the anti-gun diatribe or the “poor downtrodden undocumented immigrant” BS…

    • I’m not sure when it really happened , how long we have been duped or if it is repairable at all but we have lost our independent media , the truth tellers are only telling us the truths they want us to hear . Our founders , great and wise men , knew the absolute importance of a free and independent press and what would happen to this republic if we were to lose it . It really is gone in the main stream of America . The majority are getting their information from Huff Po , Colbert , Jon Stewart or the networks CNN , ABC , CBS , NBC , Fox and if they have figured out the slant on these they turn to the Muslim or Russian news . I don’t think most are capable of searching the internet for truth . There is no foundation to base the info on . The foundation for all information truth is HISTORY .

      • I would say our founders knew very well the value of “reporting the news”. They just didn’t pretend they weren’t biased.

        The newspapers during the colonial era was probably THE most powerful weapon the colonists had. That’s why the 1st. Amendment is first, and the 2nd amendment is second. 🙂

      • “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into a polluted vehicle.” – Thomas Jefferson

        • It goes that far back ? Of coarse , and farther , the original deceiver was a truth twister . Unfortunately there was no history before history so that first deception was a little easier to stomach . The founders , on the other hand , did know history and put everything in place in an attempt to avoid it being repeated . A concept not lost on yours truly . I loved the Jefferson quote . Well done .

  3. Unless the gun was left in an unlocked vehicle in plain sight, all the blame goes on the thief/murderer.
    Some might argue that even if left in an unlocked vehicle in plain sight the blame still goes on the thief/murderer because he took something that didn’t belong to him.
    Now if a 5 year old child opened the car door and killed someone with the gun he found laying on the seat, fault lies with the gun’s owner. This perp is an adult and knows right from wrong. He chose to do wrong, and more wrong, and on and on…

    • The issue in my mind is not the law but the media narrative. The media will sensationalize gun homicide and highlight gun to the point where more than half of the US electorate thinks gun murder rate is up when it has plunged more than 60% since the 1990’s peak and is apparently to all time low in US history.

      They were doing that with this story until both the fact of the massive arrest record, and the fact that this was an illegal as well, messed up their narrative.

      If this gun had been stolen from the vehicle or home of law abiding civilian gun owner you can bet your life the media narrative would be ALL ABOUT how the legal owner “caused” this death by owning a gun at all.

  4. Where’s the proof that this gun was even stolen?

    If this case goes to trial, then we’ll probably find out the identity of the Agent. Until then, the G will keep the lid on, because that’s what a criminals do. Frankly, the whole Federal government is nothing more that a gigantic RICO conspiracy.

    • Trial? NOW the feds will deport the SOB and keep him deported (for at least a while).

      agent’s car while he was in San Francisco… getting his rod polished.
      Fixed it for you.

  5. It will probably be for naught since any input y’all put in will be summarily censored, dismissed & deleted by BLM and/or those POS “social” sites.

    • It still puts the feds on the defensive – just like Fast and Furious or the green tip ammo ban proposed. by the ATF.

    • That, or your identity will mysteriously wind up in a comprehensive gummint database of trouble-makers, tea-partiers, and other suspicious types, which will result in more difficulty with background checks, tax audits, airline tickets, credit applications, job applications, traffic stops, etc.

  6. Here is my 0.02 cents.
    This illegal alien killed the wrong person. If he had killed a white lesbian you would have all the answers to your questions. In the homosexual power city of San Francisco, no one cares about a straight white woman getting shot to death in front of her father. Even her asking “daddy help me” does not move them.

    The city does not want a LEO to say to the press

    “I was not allowed inside the city government buildings with my weapon. They would not accept my federal law inforcement ID. I had to come to city government buildings to get my business issue resolved. Even though I came here on my own time, from out of town”.

    The few policemen I know would never leave their weapon at home while they were off duty in plain clothes. In progressive San Francisco there are expected to leave their gun at home.

    • This is sadly true. There is a specific Penal Code provision that allows officers while on official business (and CCW permitees) to carry in government buildings and in state court buildings, but that provision is routinely (and illegally) eliminated by “local rules” and police guarding such buildings who simply do not care what the law says. Further, off duty SFPD are not authorized to carry their weapons (absent a CCW which of course SFPD and SFSO do not issue). SF has specifically banned all 10+ round magazines (and black talons), even those legally possessed, even to the point officers may not carry such mags except in their duty weapons and while on duty.

      I think that if Mirikami could find a way to prohibit CCW carriers (obviously from out of town) from carrying in SF, he would do so. He and the Chief of Police join with te Sheriffs of Los Angeles/ Chief of LAPD in proclaiming the alleged truth of “more guns equals more gun crime.”

  7. What is the issue here? Seems to me that the issue is:
    – guns are everywhere and they will come into the wrong hands;
    – Federal, State and municipal agents have plenty of guns to supply leakage to criminals;
    – the MSM needs the public to NOT know this.

    The ATF should have data on lost/stolen guns coming reported by government agents. Congress should be asking for a report on the volume of guns lost by government.

    Apparently, this gun was stolen by criminal C who abandoned it to be picked up by anyone; unfortunately illegal-immigrant I. It’s bad enough if a criminal uses a gun – however obtained – to perpetrate a crime. Worse still is that criminals or passers-by (possibly children) pick up a gun and perpetrate an accident.

    The clear indication here is that the public – especially children – need to be taught at least the fundamentals of gun safety.

    Almost all the news reports emphasize that the perpetrator here was an illegal immigrant who had been deported multiple times and had a rap sheet. While that’s true, it’s really not at the core of this incident. It appears that this perpetrator had no intention of doing harm to anyone; he simply didn’t know the first thing about gun safety. Precisely the same event could just as well have occurred to a citizen criminal or a citizen law-abiding person with no gun knowledge.

    More than ANY other consideration, the MSM MUST suppress the message about universal gun-safety training that cries out from the heart of this story.

    • I remember a report that the gun “went off” 3 times. If true there’s is more going in than poor gun handling.

      • Once the booger-hook is inside the trigger-guard of a 5-lbs. trigger, what makes you think that an incompetent couldn’t pull the trigger 3 times?

        I’m not asserting that the news has reported the whole truth at this juncture. We may learn more if there is a trial. I’m simply observing the reports as we have them. There isn’t any hint that this illegal harbored any particular animosity against this particular victim. Nor any evidence of an attempt at armed robbery of this particular victim.

        I’m perfectly open to the possibility that he was trying to rob someone else and his aim was 90 degrees off his target and he hit this woman.

        I’m also open to the possibly that he has a history of repeated reckless behavior.

        At this point, it looks more like he was absolutely clueless as to how to handle a gun. We PotG are vulnerable to projecting on this ignorant soul some reasonable fraction of the knowledge we have accumulated. E.g., I was fiddling with guns at the age of 8; it’s really a chore for me to believe that someone could be so stupid. Then I remember a college roommate – MS in mechanical engineering from India – who picked up my revolver and shot a hole in the wall. If he could do something so ignorant why should I imagine an uneducated Mexican must be able to do much better.

        • I was under the impression it was a revolver, which would make the second and third shots less plausible, but as your roommate proved, still plausible . I’m not sure if I heard it explicitly stated or not. I haven’t been paying close attention to this one, honestly.

    • I think the odds , of a lifetime repeat illegal criminal who would just happen to be ‘ the one ‘ to find a Federal employee firearm beside a park bench , are about as great as the odds of a repeat illegal criminal getting booted back across the border seven times and making it back in to San Francisco weeks later without the help of someone on the inside .
      I know it’s a porous border and the dude may be a lucky guy but this isn’t likely the truth at any turn . Something stinks . It’s like the pot growers down here in WV trapping skunks , killing them and throwing them in the road in front of their harvest rooms in August to cover up the stench . I smell something here and it isn’t a skunk .

    • “Apparently, this gun was stolen”

      The only people saying that this gun was stolen are the same “authorities” that lie when they say “good morning.”

      • Well, what do we have to work with at this point? Just the newspapers.

        How did the gun get from the BLM agent to the illegal immigrant?
        – an illegal sale by the agent to the immigrant?
        – a gift by the agent to the immigrant?
        – theft by some third-party?
        – theft by this particular immigrant?

        First two seem implausible. The last 2 seem equally plausible; but, what different conclusion would we draw depending upon the presence/absence of a third-party car burglar?

        I suppose if the illegal immigrant was the car burglar then he would be more culpable for neglecting to get basic gun safety training between the burglary and the killing.

  8. A Military Parade In Moscow

    ALEXANDER The Great, Julius Caesar and Napoleon were watching a military parade in Moscow. Alexander could not take his eyes off the tanks.’ If I had chariots like these,’ he said,’ I could have conquered the whole of Asia.’
    Caesar eyed the missiles and said,’ With such arrows, I could have ruled the world.’
    Napoleon glanced up from a copy of Pravda and said,’ With a newspaper like this, no one would even have heard of Waterloo!’ –

    The current “media” [I’m going to give a carve out for my local AM Radio and Fox News] is now what we used to joke about Russian media about. AND IT’S A BLUE STATE, CUP THE B_LLS, STROKE THE SH_FT, AND S_CK THE GRAVY, EVIL HOUSE OF (D) PROBLEM.

    The same goes for Hollywood: Where’s your ‘Lions for Lambs’? Robert Redford, Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, you evil a-holes.


    • Because nonsense is looking more and more like the truth and it’s scary?, and maybe poopstains for Hillary have a tougher row to hoe?

      Not a Trump fan or supporter, but his comments about illegal aliens were not un-truthful.

  9. The very idea that a trained federal agent would somehow provide a Mexican national with a weapon used to kill another American is so preposterous, no news outlet would give it the time of day.

    • Seriously? or /sarc – i.e., Fast & Furious “export all U.S. Legal to purchase and readily saleable fully automatic weapons to a hostile nation on our immediate southern border”?

    • I can’t imagine that anyone is saying that a Fed GAVE a gun to this illegal alien.

      What ought to be obvious here is that leaving a gun in a car – even if locked – is a dubious proposition. Just as we criticize off-body carry we ought to criticize storage practices when a gun is neither in a pretty-safe-safe and not on-body.

      We can all do better than we are doing; this PotG included.

      The question raised here is whether storage of a handgun in a (presumably) locked car is good-enough; or, should we consider raising the standard?

      Should we bolt/weld a gun-safe into our car trunks/glove-compartments/floor-boards? Not just a tin box; rather a pretty heavy-gauge steel box? I’m not proposing a UL-certified safe; but instead, something that is likely to resist an attack that a car burglar is willing to mount before fleeing.

      Another facet is whether cars are left in cars because gun carriers are accommodating GFZs? If so, should we be reducing GFZs to reduce gun thefts from cars?

      • “I can’t imagine that anyone is saying that a Fed GAVE a gun to this illegal alien.”

        Wait — the City of SF gave an illegal alien with a long felony record a safe haven and you don’t believe that a Fed would arm him?

        Well, actually, I’m not saying that the agent gave him a gun. More likely, the Fed was well paid for it.

  10. +1 – except we draw the circle around our guys. Our guys = Gov’t (incl. CIA/FBI/NSA, etc), Police, Military, First Responders (what-have-you). And we demand a lot, but we watch-out for them.

    Our biggest complaint (where the above comment falls-away) is when they draw the circle, and we’re not in it.

  11. Reporting on this issue will lead to more questions:

    What was the Bunny Ranger doing with a gun in SF? There are no BLM properties or interests in SF.

    Was the gun secured?

    How did the perp know to break into that specific car to obtain a gun?

    Those are the starters.

    • The Presidio is run by the National Park service. They’re under Interior, same as BLM. Perhaps someone got the agency name wrong somewhere…?

  12. Sounds like the sort of thing Dana Loesch would be good at. (I’m pretty sure I soaked the name wrong)

  13. This is why only government agents, military, and police should have firearms as they are so much more responsible than the serfs and subjects.

  14. Was this another PATCON or Fast and Furious Op in the making? Let’s all spread this article. far and wide with links and emails.

    By the way, for the people unfamiliar with Codrea, he broke and kept alive Fast and Furious with his friend Mike Vanderboegh.

  15. Is there really any mystery here? So, Ranger Rick went to San Francisco, hmmm? What sort of lifestyle exists in San Francisco, with a well-known, well-protected culture of silence? Anybody?……anybody?

  16. San Francisco is a cancer on the state of California, and needs to be removed before it kills the host. Los Angeles is running a not too distant second.

  17. “It would be nice if enough TTAG readers created the public pressure to get information…”

    Awww, that is so adorable! I’m sure a few tweets and some Facebook chatter will wake this administration up to the ways they’ve abused the public’s trust, and they’ll be clamoring to come clean about this incident, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and the rest of the mile-long list of scandals that have been quietly euthanized by an incurious press corps and an apathetic public.

  18. I heard the perp found the gun wrapped in a shirt at a beach or park.

    So much for being an “expert”. Just a public servant who was permitted to carry a firearm. At the very least the loss should be docked from his pay and an official reprimand issued, along with loss of firearm privileges. Preferably they should be fired for gross incompetence, be named and shamed, and face civil proceedings from the victim’s family.

  19. Since I live just outside of San Francisco, I can possibly fill in some of the blanks, at least as they’ve been reported.

    According to various media sources, the BLM ranger was traveling through SF on personal business. I believe that they said it was his family, but don’t hold me to that. His service sidearm was in a travel bag inside of his car though not in the trunk, but was not visible. The media here has sated that he violated BLM/Federal procedure by not having it in the trunk.

    SF has a massive problem with car break-ins. It doesn’t matter if it is day or night, and the people who do this are FAST. Some have had their cars broken into in less then 3 minutes while they run into the grocery, post office, pharmacy, etc. Walk on any street in SF and you’ll see shattered car glass from break-ins.

    It’s out of control because the DA won’t prosecute anyone caught for the crime which in turn means that the police don’t arrest anyone who they catch. Yes, the place is a mess. Nothing like the beautiful city that it used to be.

  20. I don’t care how embarrassing it may be for the Feds. I do know if it were my gun I’d be getting my ass handed to be on a silver platter. Another issue which is clearly driving in a wedge, dividing society. A situation going from bad to worse.

  21. Call me a conspiracy nut but this makes me think a lot about Fast & Furious all over again. I kind of wonder if we’re not on the edge of a pretty big coverup here.

  22. I’ve resided in SF for the past 22 years. As a resident, I find its a travesty that the nanny state progressives have created an environment that allows things like this to happen.

    According to the local media as CA Native stated, the firearm was illegally removed from the possession of the BLM agents vehicle. Vehicle break-ins in SF are classed as misdemeanors and even though the gun was reported stolen immediately, the SFPD and Sheriffs Dept’s let it slip through the cracks and didn’t acknowledge the report until 3 days after it happened. The fourth day was when Ms. Steinle was murdered!

    This scum was released because his possession with intent to distribute charge was dropped because selling pot is no longer a felonious offense here. If charged with any “petty theft crime” i.e. breaking into cars, stealing bikes or non weapon street assaults, you’ll be held for 24 then released. If you are charged with a felony you can stay in the 50’s era gulag across the street from my house until your P.D. arranges your bail, and unless you’re charged with murder they will let you out most of the time even with pending felony charges.

    It’s disgusting and it’s why I’m filing for a CCW to challenge the bullshit laws in this town!

    P.S. 9mm hollow point rounds are illegal here!

  23. The issue in my mind is not the storage laws. but the media narrative. The media will sensationalize gun homicide and highlight gun to the point where more than half of the US electorate thinks gun murder rate is up when it has plunged more than 60% since the 1990’s peak and is apparently to all time low in US history.

    They were doing that with this story until both the fact of the massive arrest record, and the fact that this was an illegal as well, messed up their narrative.

    If this gun had been stolen from the vehicle or home of law abiding civilian gun owner you can bet your life the media narrative would be ALL ABOUT how the legal owner “caused” this death by owning a gun at all.

  24. The Federal government is above the law, or thinks it is, because that is what it makes me believe by not releasing the name. Just another straw on the back of the camel named Revolution if you ask me.

  25. Thanks, David. I also searched to see if there had been any details about the BLM agent that this gun was stolen from, and posted these questions in a comment section to another article three days ago-

    Was the agent a BLM law enforcement person?
    Was the weapon his/her federally issued service weapon?
    Was the gun stolen from a personal or government vehicle?
    Why was the gun not locked in a secure container in the trunk?
    Will the BLM agent be held accountable for allowing this gun to be stolen?
    Are the actions of this agent typical of people who are trained to become agents of the Bureau of Land Management?

    You article answered one of my questions, and a commenter answered another. But since I have a curious mind, I have another question that’s been bugging me. Did this agent participate in the Bundy Ranch standoff?

  26. GOOGLE “Seldom was heard an encouraging word.” Dennis McLane was my friend and we’ve both been critical of BLM law enforcement in our own ways. We were there. Dennis went to the top, in Washington, D.C., as did another friend with whom I worked in the National Park Service. My experience with one law enforcement job with the Forest Service, Park Service, and BLM was enough for all concerned. However, on-duty or off, when away from home, my sidearm was with me, or secured with courthouse guards. There is a certain arrogance in that is noticed and commented-upon by state and local authorities when the federal government maintains a holier-than-thou attitude about such matters. And I don’t blame them. And, really, San Francisco of all places.


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