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President Trump took the stage at the NRA’s annual Leadership Forum again this year, following his Vice President Mike Pence, and proclaimed that “We love Texas” to thunderous applause. But perhaps the biggest applause line was when he endorsed Senator Ted Cruz in his reelection effort. Trump even took time to mention two of his biggest supporters, Diamond and Silk.

He told the crowd that, thanks to their activism, America now has an administration that is fighting for Second Amendment rights, and that self-defense is a natural right all Americans are born with.

Confusingly, he had this message about the safety of the right to keep and bear arms:

Your second amendment rights are under siege but they will never ever be under siege as long as I’m your president.

And he vociferously endorsed arming teachers and administrators in America’s classrooms. He said of teachers,

They love their students and they’re not going to let anybody hurt their students. But you have to give them a chance.

As for the continuing importance of Second Amendment rights, he said,

In America, we trust the people to be wise and good … that is why in America, we’ve always trusted the people to keep and bear arms.


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        • Off the top of my head I can think of four laws that were passed in my home state of Idaho since Sandy Hook. All four were backed by the NRA.

          1- Simplified and lowered requirements for concealed carry license while creating a second enhanced license that made reciprocity easier.
          2- Legalized campus carry
          3- Legalized constitutional carry (concealed carry with no permit)
          4- Stand your ground and castle doctrine law

          All of these had their flaws, but they move us in the right direction. Makes me wonder what other laws the NRA backed.

        • Here you go, ‘Bird: directly quoted from the idiot PBS (emphasis on BS) article you linked, and not at the bottom, but at the top of it. Dosen’t look all that bad as far as NRA’s involvement is concerned. Perhaps you were wrestling with your dog when you shot yourself in the foot. READ BELOW THE HEADLINE…

          “By the NRA’s count, governors since 2013 have enacted 382 “pro-gun” bills — many widely expanding access to firearms.

          Governors in Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas and Texas, signed bills that would allow people with concealed carry licenses to bring guns onto college campuses, joining seven other states with similar laws.

          New laws in at least five states — Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and West Virginia — allow gun owners to carry loaded firearms without a permit or training. So-called permitless carry laws now are in effect in more than 10 states.

          After the latest massacre in Florida, Indiana lawmakers are close to making their state the next that allows people to carry guns on church grounds, even if there is a school on church property. Jack Sandlin, the Republican state senator who wrote the bill, said it’s “common sense” to want to pass this kind of legislation after mass shootings.

          “People want to know how to protect themselves and protect their families,” Sandlin said. Before being elected to public office, he spent 35 years in law enforcement.”

          It goes on as well. So, doing the math for those of you without a calculator or brain, yeah- NRA backed at least 382 laws that EXPAND THE RIGHTS OF GUN OWNERS AND WHERE THEY ARE ALLOWED TO CARRY LEGALLY , so NRA IS NOW “culpable” for backing somewhere around 2/3 of all the approximately 600 claimed by PBS to have been passed. Need we say PBS and its minions are not happy with NRA’s ability to DO AWAY with restrictions? For the mentally deficient and ignorant, it needs to be pointed out that “Gun Laws” does not always need to mean dire consequences for gun owners.

        • Then that should of solved Everything!
          With 600 gun laws what could possibly be left?……..Oh yeah maybe upholding the laws.

    • Many on TTAG including gun owners with 6 or 7 gun safes, that hold their grandfather’s gun, totally support putting Silde Fire out of business.

      I’m glad I got my bump stock from them three months ago. This way I can “waste ammo”, as some people call it, whenever I choose to.

      I can’t afford a real machine gun so I guess I had to settle for a slide fire instead. But even some rich white gun owners want to take that from me.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The second amendment was not written for rich white people.

      • The problem with bump stocks is that pushed the law to the limit and to a point where most people are not able to distinguish the difference between a full auto this thing. Now that the inevitable happened, we are forced to use political capitol to defend this and to try and distinguish to people that don’t care, the difference between this and a machine gun from both a legal and a technical perspective. I don’t even find the details interesting, the general public certainly doesn’t.

        This comment system has none of the attributes that a modern comment system should have for a major publication.

      • Adam, just where has President Trump taken or tried to take away our rights?? Please, get back to me with examples. (Give references).

    • I couldn’t care less about your gay bumpstock!!! They have jacksh!t to do with our 2nd Amendment rights, give it up with that crap already. It’s not a slippery slope, they’ve been coming for our magazine capacity, ARs and handguns for decades. The NRA or any individual is not “anti-gun” if they don’t give two sh!ts about a bumpstock ban.

      • The problem with today’s gun owners and the “older generations” of gun owners is that they don’t understand America history. Let me help you.

        I will provide you with a reading list for your summer time reading.

      • Yeah, screw those bump stocks, who cares? It’s not like politicians are going to use the apathy and ignorance of people like you to get dangerously vague laws that potentially make felons out of tens or hundreds of thousands of harmless and law-abiding gun owners on the books or anything. And even if they do, I’m sure Trump will come to the rescue, right after he finishes taking the guns first and giving due process later.

        He’s probably right about the 2A never being under siege during his presidency, though. It can’t be under siege if nobody bothers to defend it in the first place.

      • The methods being deployed to ban bump stocks have a lot to do with the 2nd Amendment (and the 5th Amendment) and other parts of the Constitution.

        It’s not about that piece of plastic, it’s about the Constitution and the rule of law. If the Feds pull-off the bump stock ban without just compensation, they will be coming for your (and everyone else’s) guns.

      • Spoken like someone who doesn’t understand that just because he doesn’t want something, he doesn’t care if it’s removed from the marketplace.
        I know a few Dodge owners who feel the same way about Ford and Chevy.
        Of course, when the concept of a free market is explained, some understand.
        Evidently, you don’t, so let me give a short explanation: just because you son’t want something that’s in the marketplace doesn’t mean others don’t want it. If there aren’t enough people who want it, then that something will disappear, because there’s not enough profit for the makers. That’s how a free market works.
        What you are describing, in your apathy that would let the government decide what the marketplace offers, is called fascism.

        Evidently, you also haven’t paid attention to how the bumpstock is defined; the definition is so broad that it could, in an activist judge’s eyes, ban cleaning your trigger group.
        Do I have your attention yet?

        • Thank you sir for mentioning trigger groups. This whole issue is not about banning bump stocks. It’s about banning, outlawing anything, that makes a weapon operate more efficiently or faster than when it comes off the assembly line.

          They understand human Ingenuity. They know someone will be able to figure out a way to make a semi-automatic weapon fire rapidly. Which is why the endgame is to Outlaw the ownership of all semi-automatic weapons.

          And I’m surprised that there are so many gun owners who simply do not understand this.

    • Slidefire chose to close shop on it’s own, it wasn’t because sales were down. Keep spreading fake news you leftist a$$ kissing loser.

      • You obviously don’t understand what the Second Amendment is for. Nor do you understand how technology and capitalism has made low cost rapid fire guns available for everyone.

        I wonder why the white LGBTXYZ progressive socialists who call themselves, a “minority”, are against civilians having rapid fire guns????

        • I think it’s a sad commentary when someone determines that the Second Amendment is lost and the NRA is turncoat due to the re-regulation of a device that may be fun for some of us with progressive loaders and relatively unlimited ammo budgets but has little affect on the ability for one to actually hit what is being aimed at with any degree of accuracy or dependability.

        • Craig in IA
          This video is from Student Of The Gun. Just as I used a tripod and a bi pod on Machine guns when I was in the Army, so now a civilian can do the same thing to increase the accuracy of any rapid fire weapon. The M60 machine gun for all its faults was deadly accurate when fired from a tripod.

          Rapid guns are indeed fun. But that’s not why the second amendment says we have a right to them.

        • I think it’s a sad commentary when someone determines that their fellow gun owner’s Second Amendment rights are any less valid than their own and the NRA is beyond criticism due to an argument that splits the difference between “you don’t need that to hunt deer” and “stop liking things that i don’t like”.

        • Chris- I’ve known about “belt looping” for years (works on an M1-A) and have fired a few AK clones with Slide Fire stocks.

          CZ, in the last 40 or so years I’ve been standing up for pretty much everyone’s rights, locally, in-state (IA and MN) and nationally. The weapon/firearm you choose to use is not affected by ATFE reversing their position on “bump stocks”, it may have bitten into your “fun factor” a wee bit.

          Although one can purchase one in IA, they never were legal for use here under IA code which has prohibited crank devices and the original bump device (BTF Activator, I think). AK and semis are still fine, if they’d have attempted to regulate those further the alarms may have been going off a bit more seriously around the entire gun community.

          No- it’s not that I don’t care about what you believe is fun or your right. You still may use the same gun you had the stock on with no question. It’ll just take an extra second to run the 30 round mag dry.

        • How much do you want to bet that “Jamie from North Dakota”, doesn’t even know the name of a town in North Dakota? I’ll bet Sklhe’s some LGBDQXYZ from Back east that read the words “North Dakota” somewhere, once upon a time.

  1. Except the half a million or so people he’s going to make felons with his bumpstock ban.

    What a liar and fraud.

    • I don’t give 2 s___s about some cheap piece of plastic. Ban them all I say. Your priorities are misplaced. Or is it your head?

      • I don’t give a damn about bump stocks either, but why let the grabbers have anything? If they want to talk about national CC reciprocity or repealing the Hugues ammendment in exchange for a bump stock ban, then that’s worth discussing. But, just giving them that with nothing in return? We didn’t lose our rights overnight and we won’t get them all back overnight either, but we’ll never get them back if we continue to cave. We stand together or we hang together. Not one more inch.

        • “Not one more inch.”


          So now what does an NRA basher suggest, and to whom should the duties fall???

        • “If they want to talk about national CC reciprocity or repealing the Hugues ammendment in exchange for a bump stock ban, then that’s worth discussing”

          So the people who hate freedom will give us REAL machine guns, for us giving up “FAKE” machine guns????
          Ha, Ha, Ha

        • Well, at the time, I would’ve suggested the NRA keep their idiotic FUDD opinions to themselves and wait out the typical anti hissy fit. In the wake of their loud unforced error, though, I don’t know, because now all of the low-information voters in the country assume the “gun lobby” hates those bad old scary bump stocks and so it’s okay to get rid of them.

        • ATF could’ve easily re-regulated “bump stocks” on their own as they created the slot for them in the first place. Since everything seems to be a “blame game” in this arena, it makes some sense to point out that it was not the majority of firearms owners, nor NRA (which is blamed for everything gone wrong from both sides as seen around here), who was responsible for bump stocks being allowed in the first place.

          If bump stocks, or even Class III stuff, which is a blast to shoot, are that big a deal for some, start trying to sway public opinion. Right or wrong, there will be little movement without that. And, YES- I know public opinion is supposed to have no “jurisdiction” over God-given rights, but look around you? Who do you expect to actually convince without at least a healthy amount of acceptance? It’s about like trying to convince the IRS that they have no Constitutional authority to collect income taxes, and I know several who tried that one… I helped 2 of them sell their guns so they could pay them and the penalties.

      • Clearly your head is firmly up your ass if you don’t understand that it’s not just bump stocks that are on the table, it’s ANY device that enhances the rate of fire of a firearm. That can be interpreted to include any modification that lightens the trigger pull. Lighter trigger = faster rate of fire. Hell, just having a fast finger could make you a criminal.

        I don’t care about bump stocks either, but if we give an inch they will take the country.

        • Again, bump stocks are a relatively new device that was allowed at first by the obama ATF- not some old technology like semi auto, detachable magazines, bayonet lugs, vertical grips, etc. ATF allowed them likey because they in no way or manner required the alteration of the trigger or trigger group and ATF regulators were either too ignorant of what the stocks would do or actually sought to create a future backlash, like they did with Fast and Furious. So- go out and belt-loop, or construct your own device, but I have a feeling someone is going to hear you and when the Feds show up I have a feeling they’re going to take your gun(s) and spend a long time “clearing” them for your future use. Is it right? Probably not. Will it happen when it didn’t need to? Probably.

      • First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
        [First the came for the automatic firearms but I didn’t speakout]
        Because I was not a Socialist.
        [Because I was not an automatic firearms owner/user]
        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
        [Then they came for the silencers and I did not speak out]
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
        [Because I did not have any silencers]
        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
        [Then they came for the Bump Stocks and I did not speak out]
        Because I was not a Jew.
        [ Because I don’t give 2 s___s about some cheap piece of plastic.]
        Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

        And they had already taken your firearms and you could not defend yourself.

        It is unpatriotic idiots like you that will destroy this country.

        • Invoking Martin Niemoller is close enough to be following Godwin’s law.

          I don’t disagree that there’s a slippery slope here, but let’s get more creative with the arguments, yeah?

        • Sure, using that particular analogy is trite, but it IS reasonable.
          There are sincere gun owners who claim to be ‘firearm rights supporters,’ and they have posted HERE their opinion that it means nothing if bump-stocks are outlawed, because ‘they are useless toys, I don’t want one, nobody NEEDS one, they just waste ammunition, and SO THERE!’
          There are also those who say, with all sincerity, that THEY have ‘good guns’ because they only hunt ducks and deer, and NObody needs a 30-round magazine to hunt deer, and why should it be ‘legal to hunt humans with a 20 or 30-round magazine’ (paraphrasing, here) when it’s illegal to hunt ducks with more than three rounds, so all of the guns that I don’t like are BAD and should be banned.
          And so it goes, people carving out little fiefdoms of opinion and ‘likes,’ because THEIR choice is the RIGHT one and everybody else is simply WRONG, and why should they support those a**holes with those BAD guns?!
          People such as this ignore the logical progression of Disarmists: First we ban ‘things that make guns into machine guns’ even though they don’t DO that. Then, we ban the guns that those things that make machine guns MAKE into machine guns, because they can be made into ‘machine guns.’ And you can’t hunt deer with them, either. Just people.
          Then we ban the pistols that don’t have cylinders and stiff triggers, because nobody needs more than six shots, and magazines that can be replaced quickly are BAD.
          Then we ban handguns with cylinders and stiff triggers, because why do you need six shots when one will do, if you’re any good.
          Then the ‘sniper rifles,’ and the ‘military-grade shotguns,’ and so on, until all that’s left is muskets.
          Then, muskets.
          Obviously, the owners of muskets will be the last ones that they come for, so why worry?
          We’ll all be dead anyway.

        • Samson Simson: The old arguments still stand true.
          Just because time marches on doesn’t mean we should forget history.

      • The problem is that they won’t just ban bump stocks, they will write the legislation to ban “bump stocks and/or any device that allows one to fire a gun more quickly…” which opens up a whole huge can of worms in terms of what could feasibly be outlawed.

        • Check your STATE laws on the “rate of fire” part. More than a few already have laws against that and state residents are already unwknowingly and unwittingly in violation of them.

    • I don’t have a bump stock, and never planned on getting one. In reality, I think they’re pretty damn useless. That said, they absolutely should be freely available for purchase and ownership with no barriers.

      For two reasons. The first is that anyone owning it and using it responsibly harms no one. No harm, no victim. Secondly, this sets the dangerous precedent of banning something that violates no law, but simply is banned because it falls victim to the tyranny of the majority because it’s “scary”. If those two reasons sound familiar its because almost all guns and related accessories have those same arguments against them. This one got to slide for lack of concern.

    • This. People keep forgetting that Trump cares *nothing* about the Constitution.

      • Trump is a blowhard, even his supporters know that. He likes to run his mouth. I’m waiting to see what actions he will take before passing judgement.

        • “I’m waiting to see what actions he will take before passing judgement.”

          He already took action – We have Gorsuch, and not a Leftist on SCOTUS.

          Oh, and he has been confirming Federal judges that have *lifetime* appointments on the circuit courts at a rate faster than *any* recent President.

          Trump’s done ‘nothing’, eh?

  2. Well he isn’t going to sign or pass anti gun bills. Bump Fire stocks aside, although at this point so many cities and states are pushing to pass anti bump fire stock bills it won’t matter what happens at the federal level.
    What we need, and what has to happen is to have a federal government go on the offensive for 2A rights for once. That will stop the state and local crazies.

    • Really until or if the supreme Court ever takes a case and declares that the Second Amendment is actually a right that can’t be infringed, various cities, states, judges, ATF rules, and executive orders can decide whatever they like. Or I guess a strengthening bill in Congress affirming it, but it would likely degrade it when an was said and done.

      • That’s true. What we PotG really need to think about is the fundamental roles of the legislative and judicial branches.

        Congress passes laws; and, laws make it illegal to do something. Legislators vote to pass laws because more of their constituents will tolerate the new law than will vote-them-out-of-office for passing the new law. Therefore, Congress’s inevitable propensity is to incrementally encroach on our liberty.

        Courts are supposed to enforce the Constitution. They are supposed to do the right-thing by the Constitution and by precedent. They do NOT ALWAYS perform this duty; sometimes they make-up new laws themselves. Sometimes they dilute a well-established liberty. Yet, they are SUPPOSED to protect our liberties.

        I expect that we will make more fundamental gains in SCOTUS compared to Congress. To achieve these gains, we NEED 2 things:
        1. – Keep Trump in the White House, followed by Pence
        2. – Keep the Senate in Republican hands

        We may have to swallow bitter pills to this end; but, no bitter pills will prove as sweet as to have SCOTUS in the hands of original-constructionists.

        • “no bitter pills will prove as sweet as to have SCOTUS in the hands of original-constructionists.”

          The ‘Heller’ DC and ‘McDonald’ Chicago decisions have proven that to be true.

          People in every borough in New York City and every other Leftist-controlled city get to choke on the fact they can’t outlaw guns in their delusional nirvana…

  3. Lets see for a supposed pro Second Amendment president there is “First take the guns then worry about due process”,ban Bumpstocks,YuP mr. pro 2 A,NOT,try again donnie.

    • If we get a Leftist Like Liz warren as POTUS in 2020 you’ll know what a real anti-gun POTUS looks like and it’ll be thanks to whinny pu$$ies like you anti-Trump scumbags! The man isn’t anti-gun you ignorant douche canoes.

      • Jamie:
        You have helped me to understand an old joke I grew up with here in Montana.
        Q: Why is it so windy in Montana?
        A: Because Idaho blows and North Dakota sucks.
        Thanks for clearing that up.

  4. ” that is why in America, we’ve always trusted the people to keep and bear arms.”

    You haven’t so far.

    If Trump wanted to he could, in just a series of phone-calls, do the following 100% legally and within the powers he has been explicitly given by congress:
    Call the ATF: Sporting purpose is now “any purpose” for both imports and large bore. Open bolt guns are no longer prohibited (the NFA says “restored”. It’s impossible to “restore” something to a state it was never in) and barrels can be imported again.
    Call Sessions: Drop the bump stock ban
    Call Mnuchin: Declare a 90 day NFA amnesty every 89 days as he has the explicit power to do under the 1968 Gun Control Act.
    That he doesn’t shows he has no interest in protecting the Constitution to the best of his ability.

    • This !

      It would prove him a Pro 2 nd. president,up till now he’s all talk.

      • The guys a professional bullshitter and only really cares about himself, at the end of the day. The scumbag put hundreds of contractors out of business over the years by blatently not paying his bills. Trumps a true snake-oil salesman. Not one mention about reciprocity or any forward movement on gun rights…just more of his ” Me me me” garbage. No one there wanted to hear about Muller and the damn Russia probe, they wanted to hear what he is going to do for them, wich apparently is NOTHING.

    • I just think these items haven’t been brought to his attention (his staff would probably try to block them) because, if such executive orders were put in front of him, he’d probably just sign them. He doesn’t actually give a s**t but, by signing them, he would create a commotion like one of his tweets (and he likes commotions).

  5. Somehow Republican leadership from Trump and Congress seem to think fighting for the Second Amendment involves raising the age of who can buy any guns, banning bump stocks, supporting gun violence/extreme risk/red flag/gun-confiscation-without-due process protection orders, and magazine bans. And they want us to reelect them?

  6. G.O.A. Press Release Today —

    “But even with her defeat, the assault against our gun rights has not ended. For example, the ATF’s proposed regulations banning bump stocks would make instant felons of law-abiding citizens who own one the day after the ban goes into effect. Not only that, these regulations are written so expansively that a future anti-gun administration could easily use them to justify a ban on AR-15’s and other semi-automatic rifles.

    “President Trump also signed gun control into law as part of the Omnibus spending bill in March.

  7. I was really hoping the crowd would get going some kind of a “we want bumpstocks” chant or something to let him know where they all stand on that issue. Him and the crowd were both unfortunately silent on it.

  8. I’m selling buckets pig shit and it taste just like Russian caviar.Trust me

  9. While I am appreciative of the job he is doing, Im just not sure about his position on 2A stuff. There are a ton of executive orders he could sign and he could help move legislation on CCR if he chose to do so. So I hear him say one thing, but Im not seeing him follow through. And then he started blabbering about bump stock bans. I know hes all we got for the moment and far better than the moron liberals….

  10. And yet MY rights are under siege. At least he pushed Ted Cruz-MY choice for president. My (free) NRA membership is already paid for the next 2 years. I’m not getting my money’s worth😏

  11. NRA joint statement on bumpy stocks ;

    The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations.

    They call it tactical retreat ….. I prefer – QUISLING .

    • I call it Capitulation from Negating Rights Away since 1934,I’ve a more fitting line for little Wayne’s next ad campaign “Stand and Capitulate with the NRA.

  12. Apparently none of you know what the bump stock ban really is. Right now it doesn’t exist.
    There is a proposed rule that bans bump stocks. There is a written “notice of proposed rulemaking” by the BATFE that allows anyone to send their comments re this proposed rule. The comment period is still open. If you want to comment, search the net and you can find the site. After the period ends, the Gov will evaluate the comments and decide whether to let the rule go into effect as written, modify it, or drop it altogether.
    In a perfect world, it should never become law in light of the difficulty in defining its terms, and the fact the owners of bump stocks will not be compensated for the loss of their property. In this world, I suspect the Gov has already made up its mind to ban them, and it is just going through the motions by pretending that comments will be evaluated.
    Stay tuned.

  13. “President Trump to NRA Leadership Forum: 2A Rights Never Under Siege While He’s President”

    Except for right now? Except for the facts? Except for the POS NRA?

  14. Oh for crying out loud, Trump is a loudmouth! He likes to run his mouth and drum up support. I’m a supporter and even I know this. Hell, I like to talk smack too! However, talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Thus far, he seems to be reaffirming the people of the gun he’s on our side. Yes, he said things that we didn’t like and won’t let him forget about, but he wants to make his position clear. I say we keep him. Besides being a loudmouth, he’s still a businessman. He knows he’s fighting an uphill battle and throwing a large group of friends under the bus is suicidally stupid. If anything, we could see this as an apology for his comments. After all, everyone says stupid things they later regret.

  15. 2nd Amendment supporters in Illinois are under siege look at these bills. How is the President Trump helping us in Illinois with our 2nd Amendment rights?

    House Bill 4208, The bill would award grant monies to districts that did away with armed school resource officers and replaced them with social workers. This is really stupid law that has already passed the Illinois House.

    Here is a list of Bills still in play in Illinois on gun control. It really is not over till the governor votes all of these, but Chicago Democrats will just resubmit these and others.

    Senate Bill 1657 and House Bill 1273, Dead for now.

    House Bill 1465, would deny law-abiding young adults under the age of 21 their Second Amendment rights by prohibiting them from possessing or purchasing commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, standard capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and .50 BMG caliber rifles. The bill would require adults under the age of 21 to dispose of such firearms within 90 days and to dispose of standard capacity magazines over ten rounds in capacity immediately. In addition, language in the bill would prohibit out-of-state visitors from being present in Illinois for no longer than 24 hours with such firearms or standard capacity magazines.

    House Bill 1467, It would ban bump stocks and trigger cranks. It would require owners of bump stocks and trigger cranks to dispose of them within 90 days.

    House Bill 1468, would require a 72 hour waiting period for certain commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms and .50 BMG caliber rifles. Current Illinois law requires a 72 hour waiting period for handguns and a 24 hour waiting period for long guns. House bill 1468 to impose a 72-hour waiting period on modern semi-automatic firearms is currently sitting on Gov. Rauner’s desk. Hopefully, the governor will veto this.

    House Bill 1469, would ban standard capacity ammunition magazines over 10 rounds in capacity. This bill has no grandfather clause allowing owners of these magazines to keep them, and would instead require that they be disposed of within 90 days.

    House Amendment 1 to House Bill 1470, would arbitrarily limit law-abiding citizens to one handgun purchase a month.

    House Bill 1664, sponsored by Representative Deb Conroy (D-46), would direct the state police to create a Dangerous Persons Hotline to allow anyone to report individuals who they think present a clear and present danger to themselves or others and who own a firearm without any evidence required.

    Senate Bill 2314, would repeal the firearm preemption law that has been in place since 2013. Preemption law helped pave the way for Illinois to have concealed carry. But, Chicago Democrats gave cities 10 days to put in bans for certain magazines and firearms before the deadline to be exempt during the 10 day window.

    Senate Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 2340 will impose broad and vague requirements that far exceed federal law on firearm components. It would prohibit the possession of raw, unfinished receivers, firing pins, and barrels or build components by individuals who are non-FOID card holders.

    Senate Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 2343, and Senate Bill 2247, would make it a non-probational Class 2 felony with a minimum sentence of three years imprisonment to merely sell, manufacture, purchase, possess, or carry certain firearm accessories. If these accessories are attached to a loaded firearm, it would be a Class X felony punishable by 6-30 years imprisonment.

    Source: NRA ILA

    • Currently, the president is powerless to affect state legislatures.

      What he could do to ensure a stop to this type of state law is to push for a law making federal laws/rules pre-emptive (meaning no lower government could make any law that’s stronger (or weaker) than federal law). (In theory, our federal laws concerning marijuana are pre-emptive, meaning those states that allow it’s use are invalid; see form 4473.)
      I’m not holding my breath. Such a push would be enormously dangerous politically, time consuming, and probably would fail (IMHO).
      But it would certainly be seen as proving Trump to be pro-2A.

  16. I absolutly HATE what this country has turned into, and the worst part is there’s nowhere to escape to…thanks Patriot act…thanks Cheney…thanks Soros. When the NRA backs ANY gun control measure you know we’re fucked.

  17. The president could direct the Solicitor General to join some appropriate Supreme Court cases on the side of gun rights, whether that is actual argument or amicus filings.

  18. Three words Donnie:

    Just Prove It! I want you to just shut the f*ck up, stop tweeting, and earn my trust back on this. You’ve bargained my right away, sure, I might’ve never bought a bump stock but you’ve taken the freedom to choose away because we both know BATFE is going to vote to extend their power. Then there’s nothing to stop them from outlawing the Tapco upgrade trigger in my AK or the Timney trigger I might purchase for my next AR build, You haven’t prevented them from outlawing a match trigger I might put in my 1911 or an Apex spring kit I might put in my Ruger Security 9. No Donnie, just months ago many of us on this board and in our homes were discussing which suppressor we’d run on our hunting rifles (and plinkers and pistols and etc.) when not if but WHEN the HPA passed and we were planning trips to Universal Studios in LA with our concealed carry piece when National Reciprocity passed, but now, now we’re discussing how many of us will become felons over night because of a stupid rule you let BATFE make all on their own and we’re worried that all those aftermarket triggers we’ve been lusting after to upgrade our guns might soon become extinct because you assholes can’t word a sentence or even correctly name a fucking part of any trigger system yet you believe you can regulate a large lump of plastic that makes firing a semi auto much faster. I know I’ve had times on here where I said I don’t like bump stocks and that we should’ve seen this ban coming: but really a bump stock just makes a gun LOOK like it’s firing full auto. In reality, it’s still firing one round per press all it does is make it much easier for a noob to make those presses come much much faster by harnessing a bit of recoil to force a faster pull, reset, pull cycle. So Donnie until you get off your orange ass and actually DO SOMETHING to prove that you are indeed 2A friendly I will freely and gleefully channel my money into a Republican pro 2A opponent’s coffers to see you defeated in 2020.

  19. Put up or shut up, Mr. President.

    We missed the chance to easily pass national reciprocity and HPA. Bumpstock ban is a certified crap gyroscope with infringement issues of at least 5 constitutional amendments. Try and make up for it.

  20. I like Trump and can’t complain about what he’s done — so far.

    It seems to me that some of you crybabies would prefer Hillary.

  21. Thank God Trump won instead of ANY Democrat and hopefully he wins in 2020 in spite of the ignorant losers who slither around this website calling him “anti-gun”. If he loses and we get a real anit-gun POTUS you ignorant losers will have yourselves to blame, that’s a GD fact!

  22. Second amendment rights under siege here in Florida… when Rick Scott signed SB 7026 and banned bump stocks he turned potentially anyone who has a binary trigger into a felon. In addition to preventing 18-20 year olds from legally buying firearms and mandating 3 day waits for all firearms and the gun violence siezure of firearms I’m conflicted in Trumps message. I don’t care for bump stocks but I’ll support your right to own them. There is no compromise with gun rights. FYI if it’s between Scott and Nelson for Fl senate I’ll leave that box blank. Neither deserves my vote

    • “Second amendment rights under siege here in Florida… when Rick Scott signed SB 7026 and banned bump stocks he turned potentially anyone who has a binary trigger into a felon.”

      I’m requesting information from the ATF if this is indeed the case, along with if drop-in trigger packs like the Giselle units and similar are a violation of Florida law…

      • Why ask the ATF? They have nothing to do with a Florida law.
        Instead, find a good 2A lawyer, and ask him.
        Or find a local Florida gun rights group, and ask them.

  23. One of the most important Obama laws Trump could rescind it the ridiculous $2,500 license for just drilling a tapping one hole to mount say a scope. 20 years in prison and a huge fine. It has effectively wiped out 99 per cent of gunsmithing in the U.S. Try and find a gunsmith also to re-barrel a rifle. Most have quit because they cannot afford the new license. Any machine work is now considered manufacturing a firearm which is a fking lie as you only manufacture a gun when you create a receiver to build a gun on.

    Repeated calls to the NRA only get the answer “We are still working on it”. Come on it takes a year under Trump and still he does nothing when all he has to do is cancel it before lunch.

    • “One of the most important Obama laws Trump could rescind it the ridiculous $2,500 license for just drilling a tapping one hole to mount say a scope.”

      Holy crap.

      The ‘Crisco Kid’ has actually written something I wholeheartedly agree with.

      I won’t get my hopes up, since it’s very likely the last time it will happen…

    • Is it true that the licensing requirement has wiped out most gunsmiths in the country?

  24. You have to admit , Trump and NRA did get ‘ something ‘ done. — ATF ‘s latest issue ;

    ( ” ATF has determined that bump-stock-type devices are machinegun conversion devices, and therefore qualify as machineguns under the GCA and the NFA. ” )

    • That’s part of a proposed rule.
      While I am pretty sure it will become a full-fledged rule, it hasn’t yet.

    • Here is someone who understands. It matters naught what letter a politician has after their name, they are all owned by the same masters, and all follow the same marching orders. Trump told the complete truth here, one just has to speak politician to understand. Your rights will never be under siege, because Trump will simply open the gates for the invaders and invite them in. In fact, in the future is the wrong tense, as he has already done so.

  25. Trump speaking with the NRA is fake news. Guy says he will protect our rights and then repeatedly tries to take away our rights. He has no morals, no political thoughts, nothing outside of “I want high polling numbers.” He’s a little boy acting up in hopes of getting daddy’s attention.

    We absolutely made a mistake in electing him over someone like Cruz or Paul. We need to not make this mistake again. Come next election, vote for the guy with a track record on freedom.

  26. I would like to believe him but his words and actions have said something else. We firearm owners for some reason keep taking the brunt of all the do gooders wanting to save our children in schools from crazy people, rather than actually protect schools from crazy people. Lets ban bump stocks, lets ban normal size magazines, lets ban ammunition…and lets screw over law abiding firearms owners.

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