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Yesterday, President Trump stunned The People of the Gun. The self-professed “big fan of the Second Amendment” said he’d sign an Executive Order/Action banning bump fire stocks. If that wasn’t enough to scare pro-2A Americans . . .

The Commander-in-Chief declared his support for gun confiscation without due process. With fans like that, who needs rivals?

Relax said the night man, Donald Trump is programmed to please!

Whatever the last person the CIC’s talking to wants to hear, that’s what the former real estate tycoon will say. And then forget it and do whatever the f*ck he wants. Or nothing at all. Without regard to what he said to anyone at any point.

If so, if President Trump isn’t a man of his word, his pledge to degrade Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is meaningless.

Except to the anti-gun rights agitators, who really, really want to think the post-Parkland hysteria has delivered unto them a Nixon to China moment. A chance to pass gun control legislation thanks to a pro-gun Prez’s support.

A moment that will never arrive – because the political calculus on gun control hasn’t changed. In fact, the antis’ bloody flag waving may have energized the pro-gun vote like nothing since . . . the last time the Dems tried to capitalize on a horrific mass shooting to disarm Americans.

Which is why some people think the President is a genius. He’s trolling the gun grabbers!

So what’s your take? Is President Trump a 3D chess player or an idiot with a limited understanding of the President’s limited powers?

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  1. Idiot on Guns. DO DUE PROCESS (last) is DOO DOO

    If it was 3D Chess, he coulda done it without publicly saying it.

    Now that his ‘Do Due’ Process last is out there and he can’t take it back. If he just said F the evil POS communist (D) he would’ve had been able to call up a mob to destroy them. Now he’s a ‘they’.

    • He may just want us to show up and vote for republicans in the mid terms.

      He also may want the democrats to be encouraged to support gun control.

      He may want some republicans to be able to run to the right of him on guns.

        • Actions speak louder than words. Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court and dozens of like minded judges are now on the federal bench. He signed the most comprehensive tax cuts in the 240 years we’ve been a nation. He’s restored gun rights to those banned by Obama because he claimed they were mentally deficient.

          Can you point to any legislation Trump signed that can be considered liberal or anti gun? If not, you’re the idiot.

        • 2 year budget that blows spending out like never before, tax bill that blows a huge deficit, higher, combined they add $11trillion to the debt, so 50% increase. Whatabout Gorsuch, just voted against the conservative position. He wants to do what with crazy folks, if implemented would be worse than anything Obama actually did.

        • This is wishful thinking. Trump supported renewing the AWB 10 years ago and used to be a Dem before flip flopping so he could run. He is throwing us under the bus, NY tycoons step on people all the time, its how they became tycoons.

      • Yeah, the cold hard numbers show that gun control talk is a net win for Republicans. Heck, it’s a net win for the gun industry as sales will pick up. Also getting a few RINOs to hang themselves by alienating the base is a great way to get some pro-Trump primary opponents elected. The uncertainty of not knowing where Trump stands makes this a super effective tactic if it is a tactic. I just hope it is a tactic and Trump hasn’t gone anti-gun bonkers. Also I don’t want to give up any gun freedom unless we get something, reciprocity or suppressors, something for more regulation.

        • CHILL OUT, PEOPLE –

          Look at what Trump tweeted today :

          “Many ideas, some good & some not so good, emerged from our bipartisan meeting on school safety yesterday at the White House. Background Checks a big part of conversation. Gun free zones are proven targets of killers. After many years, a Bill should emerge. Respect 2nd Amendment!”

        • I hope he’s playing Art of the Deal on these rubes, and “background checks” means federal penalties for authorities failing to report prohibited people in a timely manner and more funds for NICS investigation and maintenance, and repeal of school gun free zones act.

          We’d better get something out of this, or he will be in trouble.

        • “and “background checks” means federal penalties for authorities failing to report prohibited people in a timely manner and more funds for NICS investigation and maintenance,”

          Yeah, gun control.

    • Idiot on any issue involving the Constitution, including the RKBA, due process, property rights and free speech. He should recuse himself from any and all decisions affecting these rights, and allow Pence to decide them. His performance yesterday was nothing short of moronic.

    • Same sh_t as the wet-sh_t NRA response.

      I only have one policy on this:
      When either the President or the NRA err on the side of ‘caution’, they should sound even MORE like me.


      Look at what Trump tweeted today :

      “Many ideas, some good & some not so good, emerged from our bipartisan meeting on school safety yesterday at the White House. Background Checks a big part of conversation. Gun free zones are proven targets of killers. After many years, a Bill should emerge. Respect 2nd Amendment!”

    • He seriously and shockingly infuriated many in his core base, certainly enough to guarantee his loss in 2020 if he actually pushed 2-3 of his insane taking points through. Heck even just 1 could do him in.

      And…then look at probability of anything getting done. He has displayed mastery of trolling time and again. Said “I’ll sign any DACA bill you put in front of me” on live TV. Yet…earlier in same TV session stated “as long as we get a wall, end chain migration, DACA crowd can eventually attain citizenship after X many years and Y requirements.” And here we are. No DACA and Wall is moving in a zig zag pattern forward.

      Bet he is really feeling heat on his foolish shocking anti 2A/due process il duce style statements. Hope he learned a lesson and does nothing. Bump stocks included in that nothing. An EO for bumps will get shredded apart in court. This he likely knows.

    • I am still unsure how much of what President Trump said in the meeting was his real feelings, how much was thrown on the table to expose Democrats, and how much was just Trump opening mouth before engaging brain. We all need to remember that, no matter how “smart” Trump may be, irrespective of his overall position on many subjects of national interest, regardless of his true patriotism, Trump is NOT a politician and he is certainly not a 2A or Constitutional scholar. (If I remember correctly, the last guy was, and look how that turned out!)

      I am willing to cut him some slack, just as I did when he seemed to be giving ground on immigration. Then, the results were clearly bad for Democrats, good for country, and NO concessions on immigration were made. Could this be the same? I don’t know, but I am willing to wait and see.

  2. He just asked DiFi to put her AWB into the new school bill. I’m leaning towards idiot.

    • One of Trump’s traits is he thinks out loud. Plus, he has been known to poison a “bipartisan” bill ahead of time (DACA). We shall see.

      But, keeping firearms out of the hands of known whackos such as Nicolas Cruz is a noble cause. That needs to be accomplished. Both on the front end (lock him up) and the back end (at the gun counter).

      • “keeping firearms out of the hands of known whackos such as Nicolas Cruz is a noble cause. That needs to be accomplished.”

        Shall not be infringed.

      • There is plenty of existing legislation that would have kept any firearms away from the Broward murderer. If the authorities deliberately ignore that legislation (for the feelz), why introduce more?

      • In a book Trump wrote 10 years ago he said he approved of the AWB. Why would you be surprised that he still supports the AWB?

    • Meaning it won’t get enough votes to be put before him to sign. Not necessarily defending Trump as I’m pointing out the obvious.

    • Or he knows that nothing DiFi touches will pass. Like I keep saying, let me know when something actually looks like it has a chance in hell of passing. He did the exact same thing with “DACA amnesty”, he took a lot of fire from the paranoiacs on Breitbart, but was actually playing out enough rope for the DNC to hang themselves.

        • So do I, but since the Illinois mag ban failed to come for a vote today, I’m cautiously optimistic.

      • I am no expert on a zillion things, but to my mind, the constant comparisons with Hitler bear fruit in an odd way. Seems to me there’s a good chance that one reason Hitler had such early successes (Czechoslovakia, Poland, France) was because he was out of control and no one could (or would) predict what he was going to do next. I think that is a key to Trump too, but with the major difference that he knows it, and so he intentionally spouts off nonsense just because it has worked before.

        It’s not 3D chess. If anything, it’s 0D chess. Just say crazy things on the spur of the moment, explicitly without any planning or foresight, see what happens, and latch onto any interesting developments.

        Notice that the few more-or-less permanent ideas he has — immigration, trade — is where he has the least progress. He’s let himself be tied down to a static idea. It’s like carriers in the beginning of WW II in the Pacific — they did worst when tied down to specific operations instead of roaming around as loose cannon.

      • Difi is being kicked to the curb by her own people. She’s the lamest of lame ducks.

        Remember how we heaved a sigh of relief when barry made slo joe biden his point man on gun control? Partnering up with difi is a hint that Trump ain’t overly serious on the issue.

        • I did think it was odd that DiFi was one of the few public figures who was pointing out that Trump’s “bump stock” memo to Sessions was meaningless, but they’re still kicking her to the curb.

          Unless I’m missing something, that seems like the Dems are punishing one of their own for being smart.
          (I’m aware there are other reasons she’s being primaried.)

    • I’ll give him cred for 3D chess if he does any of the following that makes antis think they’re winning but it gets reversed on them:
      1) declares bump stocks to be machine guns and opens a Hughes ammendment amnesty so they can get registered (thus greatly increasing the number of real machine guns)
      2) lets bad bill pass if it have lots of good parts (HPA, CCW reciprocity, no GFZ) and then doesn’t defend any of the bad parts that are challenged in court. They can get away with that kind of behavior in CA, but I don’t know if the feds will put up with it.

      Partial credit for trading bump stocks or under 21 semiautos for HPA, CCW, remove short barrel from NFA, and (not OR) no GFZ.

  3. Oh gosh. Here comes pwrsurge the anime guy, to convince us this is all 3d chess burgers…

    • You’re just jealous you only speak one language, and poorly at that. I speak 4 fluently.

        • Nah… I just don’t like ignorant idiots who insult an entire art form because of one tiny chunk of it. It’s like saying all photography is porn because Playboy is a thing.

      • Only one language? Sorry for hurting your feelings over your cartoon preferences. But assuming that I’m not at least bilingual because I’m a US citizen and/or Jewish speaks volumes to your character.

        On a more important note, maybe you are incredibly intelligent and you can see past what a lot of us feel is treachery. But how are us less intelligent folk supposed to rationalize this alleged 3D chess? Is everyone getting online to get convince by pwrserge a part of this master 3D chess plan?

        And how would that pan out in the end? Best case scenario, you’re right and this crap never passes. At that point, does Trump reassure “the right” that he was on our side all along? That he lied to us for the greater good? Or does he just pretend like none of it ever happened, hoping we all forget?

        • It’s called a distraction for the primaries. He did it with immigration, now he’s doing it with gun control. Forcing the DNC to run candidates on two massively unpopular issues is called tactical genius.

        • The response will be…

          I never said the thing that you heard me say, fake news, I was actually tougher, some say I was the toughest, and you know that Obama banned all guns and Hillary actually took all of your guns, and yeah, I have a great memory and I gave everyone guns, and then we took all of the bad guns from the good guys, I mean bad guys, then went to court and the activist judge gave the bad guy, good guy, that guy, the guns back that he had when he did, or didn’t do the thing at the place. I have a good brain. Did you know that I won the election by the most things, like ever, and fake news.

          You can just put that on the teleprompter, wait, he doesn’t use teleprompters, he uses those cool screens with words on it, they float, like magic, how do they get the words in there…..wanders down the hall mumbling

          • Hahahahaha. Something tells me your comedic prediction won’t be far from the truth. Hilarious. And Scary.

      • Actually, serge is the closest thing I ever had to a “man crush”. Keep on fkn truckin’ serge!

        • No kidding. Just about everything Trump has done so far has turned out well in hindsight. The guy has to appeal to moderates to be re-elected. Get over it. Nobody gets everything they want. No Presidential candidate is perfect. Trump was the best of the rest of those professional politican swamp dwellers. By far.

      • I speak one language. American. All those other p u s s y Euro languages can go suck a d I c k.

  4. Too soon to tell. We certainly don’t have nationwide recipirocity, the Hearing Protection Act, or an end to Gun Free Zones. We also don’t have a president blathering about gun control at every possible moment. And we have a Congress with a razor-thin majority staffed with a lot of anti-gun Republicans and even more anti-gun Dems.

      • Well, he is helping make sure they don’t get passed by including them in HIS gun control schemes.

        In a televised conference he was browbeating republicans who wanted to include the carry reciprocity in any bill improving the NICS system because “it’ll never pass with that in there”

        A smart chess player would let the dems vote down the “background check improvement bill” (or whatever it’s called) and then blame them for it if they do.

    • The thing is, if Trump is a 3d chess player, this could be an opportunity to get some deregulation we want as a compromise to regulation that may not be tyrannical. Fingers crossed that this is tactical and not hysteria.

  5. 3d Chess player or Idiot?

    For anyone who has been paying attention, clearly an IDIOT! The man has no principles except self promotion and can barely string a coherent sentence together.

    Trump supporters, you are the marks and Trump is the conman. Finally figuring that out?

    • I haven’t figured that out yet. I’m still quite happy with him. Which part about him bothers you so much? Specifically, please.

    • Well the “idiot” appears to have been successful at stopping legislation that would have most likely banned anything that can increase the rate of fire of a firearm. Give it some time and we’ll most likely still have bump stocks as well. Based on that move alone, I’m going to reserve judgment and see how everything plays out. It’s not like we have a whole lot of control over things in the mean time anyways.

      • According to him, he’s going to get rid of bump stocks and other such devices on his own.

  6. It’s not what Trump says that you need to worry about, it’s what he actually does. Let’s see how this pans out. I’ve a hunch we have nothing to worry about.

    • I agree. One just needs to go back to the immigration debate when Schumer and Pelosi were all smiles because they said they had an agreement with President Trump on amnesty.

      Meanwhile President Trump continues to appoint quality picks of judges for the Federal Courts. SCOTUS and the Circuit Courts will be the real battle ground for our Second Amendment Rights.

      • Maybe trump is Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown ( Schumer ) again and again.

        Want an immigrstion bill Chuck?

        Want Gun Control Chuck ?

        How about infrastructure Charlie Brown ?

        • That’s my read on the situation as well. We didn’t elect a politician. We elected a 70+yo version of a 4chan troll.

        • Probably the best answer so far. Telling them what they want to hear all the while running interference 3 miles down the road. He’s probably crazy to a certain degree no doubt but he’s certainly no idiot.

      • The beauty of all that is that Schumer is the one who ended up having illegals protesting outside his private residence.

    • So him being an incompetent lying troll is somehow an excuse in this day and age… We should look up the fall of the Roman Empire because we are repeating history.

      • Melodrama much? Would you have liked to try Hillary on for size? Trump is steering the ship back towards the proper course. Though you may be right and it’s too late. But a Roman Empire-esque fall won’t be his fault.

        • Sorry dude, but Cruz is as deep a swamp dweller as the rest of them. He played a convincing act for a while and the empty suit money grubber eventually emerged. He is Marco Rubio’s big brother.

  7. Genius. Revisit your fears in 3 months. 2A and Trump win = anti loss. May even see a fuctard get taken out BEFORE hurting children because they are finally viewed as humans as opposed to non-voting unaborted fetuses that Clinton/Obama treat them as.

  8. I dunno what the future is or what’s in the man’s mind.

    What I can say is that offering political adversaries something they can accept but their friends cannot is an age-old strategy designed to divide. Its a dangerous game but when it works it works very, very well.

    The article points out, as I have for a while, that the likelihood of Congress actually passing gun control is about nil so it’s possible this a is a strategy to show the grabbers as the greedy little goblins that they are.

    Or maybe Trump just like to shoot off his mouth and say dumb shit. He’s obviously smart but he’s also wildly unpredictable. Is that a strategy or a character flaw? Time will tell. Past experience suggests there’s some thought behind it.

    • From what I can tell, he just says whatever he thinks will play best in whatever room he is at the moment. He has no beliefs, so it doesn’t matter if that’s the exact opposite of what he said yesterday or ten minutes ago.

      • I dunno. On some things he has a very, very Conservative history so far. They just don’t get talked about much (or at all).

        People don’t talk about it much but Gorsuch is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the Federal Court System. Yeah, that’a a SCOTUS appointment and, as such, a big fish but he’s been appointing serious Conservative after serious Conservative to lower Fed court benches since he got elected and he’s getting them ON to the bench.

        If he really had no principles at all I don’t think he’d have such a track record.

        Then there’s all the regulation and EO’s he’s rolled back. Conservative stuff right there. Damn near fanatically Conservative. Does anyone talk about it? No, not really. The MSM sure as shit doesn’t and it’s not really TTAG’s area.

        Breitbart runs the occasional story about it but even they don’t talk much about it because the truth is they don’t have an audience that cares/understands the topics well enough for it to be worth BB’s time to write actual articles about it. Such articles would be long, and pretty complicated, exactly the kind of shit people in BB’s comment section WON’T read. Their radio listeners might, and that’s why BB radio goes into more depth but their internet readership? Forget about it. They’re fucking morons for the most part. They’re more interesting in bashing people in the comment section than learning anything useful.

        Really, the only person I’ve heard talk about ANY of this stuff in a meaningful way is Andrew Wilkow. But then his audience, IMHO, seems to be leaps and bounds ahead of even Mark Levin’s audience in terms of education, attention span, willingness to learn etc.

  9. He’s a very stable genius y’all. Show some respect.

    Trump’s beliefs have historically been extremely unstable, so I’d say he’s our friend until he’s our enemy. Anyone who thinks he’s ALWAYS against Constitutionalism or ALWAYS for Constitutionalism is wrong, in my opinion.

    • I wasn’t aware of any “extremely unstable beliefs” in Trump’s past. Please educate this Trump fan and gun guy.

      • Although “educating” (informing) a Trump supporter on Trump is a hard to impossible task, here it goes: Here’s another one:

        Apparently, Trump has changed his party affiliation five times. He’s donated money to the Clintons, he’s bashed the Clintons, he’s supported abortion, he’s opposed abortion.

        Honestly, how could you not know that Trump has had changes in political opinion?

        • It’s legitimate to attack the source. It’s intellectually dishonest to automatically dismiss anything you don’t like.

          So, are you saying the articles are lying, or that ignorance is bliss?

      • Well, until 2015 he was for an AWB, there’s that. He wants a DACA bill with “heart”whatever that means, he’s just started a trade war with Canada over the objections of his own staff. He refuses to implement sanctions against Russia, and talks about his pal Putin.

        That’s just off the top of my head. The biggest benefit is doesn’t actually give a crap, so doesn’t actually push anything he says, the problem is that sometimes others may. He doesn’t believe in policy, no he doesn’t believe anything not specifically labeled TRUMP. He’s just not a president, we got a reality TV star. But we knew that going in, and he beat 16 other actual Republicans and Hillz.

        • Yes… because we should totally provoke more conflict with the other superpower on the planet over a handful of trolls and DNC fake news.

        • Woah woah, what other “super powers?” Even Putin said America is the only super power left in the world. He’s a little on the wacky side maybe but he did beat out all other Republican candidates and he beat Hillary. Unless your into that kind of thing. Personally I’m a fan of Rand Paul but he would have lost hugely.

        • How many people know that Trump was the keynote speaker at a rally protesting New York’s horribly anti-gun “SAFE Act”? How many people know that Trump Jr. was featured in a number of photos in the Creedmoor sports catalog a few years ago?

          We’re only about a year into the Trump presidency and his actions and accomplishments so far have been far better than his words. Time will tell.

      • @ OmnivorousBeorn “ignorance IS bliss” unless you’re aware of it.

        YES Newsweek and Politifact are paid fake news.

        • Fake news has become as meaningless as fascist or bigot. Too bad.

          I don’t like either website either, but if there’s truth from any source, we’d be fools to not acknowledge it.

          Is anyone willing to deny that Trump has flip-flopped on political topics? Or are y’all just going to sit there in feigned ignorance and attack sources? Sources can be indicative of content, but not always, so let’s talk content.

        • Ok, their content has proven to be fake news too often, so F em all.

          ” Freedom of the press, is the affirmed freedom to protect, through mass media, the citizens of the United States from a secret and tyrannical government; thereby being a freedom protected by an armed citizenry [1]. It is not an affirmation of freedom from any other entity. It is not, also, a freedom bestowed upon an individual member of the “press”, or their entire species, because they happen to be a more noble creature than the average citizen. It is not freedom of speech; it does not permit, or allow for megaphone amplification to shout down or over another citizen’s free speech. It does not endure the marketing of falsehood, regardless of foreknowledge or intent. As such, when pooled with the nightly news report or the daily pages it must be rejected wholly.
          Freedom of speech was acknowledged (not guaranteed) by the U.S. Bill of Rights to
          elevate the status of the average citizen above that of the government that served them. The acknowledgment of this freedom was intended to facilitate the average citizen in openly expressing their ideas of religion, and society, in order that they might coalesce, or continue to form coalitions with like-minded individuals. Again, the acknowledgment of this freedom too, was inherently meant to allow protest against individuals or parties threatening such interaction.
          Freedom of speech, however, is also freedom from government. A society is free to reject a persons ‘speech’ and limit its interaction with the person offering the speech. It [loosely society] cannot prevent an individual’s self-expression, however it can prevent its’ inclusion in shared expression to prevent the aforementioned society’s dissolution. Where expression violates societal covenant, societal support of constitutional freedom is also abolished. Thereby, self expression cannot puncture the membrane of society without rupture of the envelope of societal common cause.
          Exercise of freedom is dependent on the occluded parties, and that dependency follows
          from and through the notion of venue. Freedom requires the the juxtaposition of that which might remove it, and/or that which exposes it to discernment from others. Freedom unexposed to discernment and the test of inter-societal weight is an empty notion, and thereby non-existent. ” – [J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012, Pg. 103]

  10. While I know that the majority of the focus of this website is the US, it’s important to note that there’s a major anti-gun push going on worldwide right now. In pretty much every Western nation there are new anti-gun initiatives or laws being pushed through as quickly as possible. The last time we saw this level of coordination was back in the 90s. You might think that most other countries already have strict laws, but it’s about to get much worse.

    As for the American issue, I can only speak from my Canadian perspective. I can understand your frustration, but you have only a limited time to act. We did the divided and angry at each other thing and now look at us up here.

    If you haven’t written any letters to your politicians or to your gun orgs, you need to start. It’s time to make sure they know just how many of you are here, and how many are ready to stand up for your rights. How about the choice of candidates? In the US you have a primary system, I believe- at the local level, who supports you and who can you support?

    It may not count for much, but there are a lot of people around the world who are on your side.

    • ” We did the divided and angry at each other thing and now look at us up here.”

      We did the divided and angry thing 2x, they’ll be a lot less blue on the map with 3.

    • “The last time we saw this level of coordination was back in the 90s.”

      Yes! We were stronger back then. We are weaker on inalienable individual rights now. IMHO, we, and the rest of the world, are so screwed.

      Excellent post; all of it.

      • Whose weaker? Quit whining.

        There’s always “Task Force Odyssey”. String my bow, and move my bed b1T<hes.

        • It’s kinda like “Task Force Troy” except everyone’s home now.

          In the Odyssey, Odysseus returns home after being away more than 10 years sacking Troy (See Homer’s “The Iliad”). He’s presumed dead, and a heap of metro-sexual suitors are camped out thick on his front yard, vying for his wife, home, house, and fields. He tells his wife, before leaving, if he’s dead and gone, she can choose any other man who can string his bow (made of Ram’s horn, it’s stout and tricky and only Odysseus can do it) and move his bed (Odysseus built his home around the stump of a huge tree that he used for the platform for his bed (for all practical purposes, immovable). Odysseus’s wife presumes him dead, but is holding out hope, and makes the bow/bed demand of her suitors. Odysseus comes home and is temporarily disguised as an old man by a goddess who wanted to help him. He joins the rank of suitors, strings his bow, and routs them.

          It’s kinda like a U.S. Service Member’s return from Iraq. You get home and wonder WTeverlivinF happened to your home and country, and you put everyone on notice and kick everyone off your lawn.

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he want to keep the AWB and reciprocity separate? Maybe he wanted to segregate the good proposals from the *extremely* bad one. Maybe he wanted to bring out the real unconstitutional crazy out of the Democrats for midterm purposes. Anyways, that’s what I’m hoping. It very well may have been 3D or 4D chess, but man that was a doozy yesterday.

    • Klavan cited a 72 hour rule over anything Trump says. Given the past 12 months, that seems like an outstanding policy.

    • Occum’s razor says we’re screwed.

      Aside from getting elected, Trump has shown no aptitude for 3 dimensional strategy.

      • Except…

        The tax bill
        Immigration reform

        And that’s just the highlights of his first year.

        • What immigration reform? There has been no such thing. DACA is still in place, the immigration ban has failed, no wall, so what exactly has passed?

        • DACA is on life support. The DNC won’t have a chance to pass a replacement before it expires.

        • DACA expiration has been put on permanent hold by the appeals court and the supreme court just refused to fast track the administrations attempt to end it. So that is a logical fallacy.

          You named two things he did in the first year, but one that didn’t actually happen, yeahbut Gorsuch, not a huge friend based on his judgements so far. So year 1, dubious tax bill, and….words.

        • Yeah, dubious, as is in suspect. No permanent tax cuts for individuals, massive tax cut for the wealthy and corporations and then you add in massive spending increase. I know,, deficits don’t matter, lower revenue, more spending, make it up in volume. I’m very doubtful, even dubious.

        • Please let me know when the new tax brackets are expiring. There’s nothing like that in the bill. Or did you miss how the tax bill also repealed a key portion of Obamacare?

        • Umm, in the bill its in 2024, it had to by statute, the most the deficit could expand is $1.5t over 10 years for any law, if the cuts were permanent, by 2017, it would expand to at least $3.8t. That’s not including new spending.

          Oh, so your justification will be, they’ll never sunset them, so we get more deficits, but much larger, and since he loves spending more money, much larger deficits. The math only works if interest rates stay low, so we’ll need a recession to ease growth, which will create a need for a cash injection, which will cause larger deficits. The math doesn’t work. Debt to GDP ratios can’t continue to escalate and maintain the dollar as the primary currency on earth, which is of massive benefit to the US.

        • The dollar will remain the primary currency on earth much the same way the pound sterling did in the 19th century and the Spanish Real did did before that.

        • The US Dollar will remain…like the Pound Sterling. So your example of a thing that will not happen is to reference the exact same thing happening. Yeah, that definitely convinces me, the sun will never set on the British Empire, got ya.

        • You might want to check why the pound sterling lost it’s position… something about two world wars.

        • Sure, but definitely use that as a justification of why America, at war now for 17 years with massive debt is different.

          You know because the reason why the 2 world wars actually cost the British Empire that position, wasn’t combat, it was the financial cost, and another country superseded them. It might not happen tomorrow, it wont be the Euro, but saying that it won’t happen because, see it only happened the last time, it can never happen the next time is pure naivete, it will happen, the question is not if, its when.

        • Might have more to do with the fact that they lost an entire generation from the most productive sectors of their society. Go take a look at the casualty rates for British officers in WWI, in peace time, those would have been the men maintaining the British Empire.

        • great Britain failed itself through blood transfusions. It’s not a game of thrones, it’s a game of passports. GB subjugated half the known world, then made the subjugated its citizenry. Subjugated people are not good breeding stock for future ‘subjugators’ (term used just to keep the flow of the statement) and those new ‘citizens’ were too supple from supplication and they all failed to keep their led zeppelin inflated.

          It’s the same thing with the French Foreign Legion.

          Letting your fighting stock get killed off, is a form of breeding. If not enough of them return from conflict to breed more, or to tell tales of whatever victories that can be eked out of the embers buried in the coals, nothing is left to make the morning’s fire – [J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012]

        • “So year 1, dubious tax bill, and….words.”

          Words extremely dangerous to constitutional limitations on government when spoken publicly by a sitting president, no less!

    • We, (FU, I ) don’t need the duress. Yesterday was bad enough that I want to sue for reparations. I want the Feds to open the rolls on past 1986 full-auto weapons. F them and their classist BS with the tax stamp crap. You don’t have to be a ‘good’ or ‘better’ citizen, you only have to be able to fork over the multi-thousand dollar price tag plus the tax stamp.

      Whole thing NFA needs to be cratered.

  12. Trump is an idiot and he will be happy to let your gun right go down the trash if he believe it is better politically. Whoever believes that Trump was ever a 2nd Amendment supporter is fooling themselves. He will say whatever he wants to get votes. He may not be a politician but he knows how to manipulate people like the rest of the pols.

    He will cave and be happy to put restriction on rights.

    • How is he going to do that when Congress doesn’t hand him any legislation? He’s POTUS not a dictator.

      • That’s fact based, he doesn’t care, he desperately WANTS to be a dictator, they have all the cool parades.

        • There are authoritarians besides Hitler, you don’t have to go to Hitler every time. He who smelt it dealt it. Living Color said it best:

          Look in my eyes, what do you see?
          The cult of personality
          I know your anger, I know your dreams
          I’ve been everything you want to be
          I’m the cult of personality
          Like Mussolini and Kennedy
          I’m the cult of personality
          The cult of personality
          The cult of personality
          Neon lights, a Nobel Prize
          Then a mirror speaks, the reflection lies
          You don’t have to follow me
          Only you can set me free
          I sell the things you need to be
          I’m the smiling face on your T.V.
          I’m the cult of personality
          I exploit you still you love me
          I tell you one and one makes three
          I’m the cult of personality
          Like Joseph Stalin and Gandhi
          I’m the cult of personality
          The cult of personality
          The cult of personality
          Neon lights a Nobel Prize
          A leader speaks, that leader dies
          You don’t have to follow me
          Only you can set you free
          You gave me fortune
          You gave me fame
          You gave me power in your own god’s name
          I’m every person you need to be
          Oh, I’m the cult of personality
          I’m the cult of, I’m the cult of, I’m the cult of, I’m the cult of
          I’m the cult of, I’m the cult of, I’m the cult of, I’m the cult of personality

        • TexTed – Actually the Veterans are getting a parade on Veterans day. Nice to know you hate our veterans though.

      • And yet everyone here was convinced that Hillary WOULD have been that dictator…it’s like we’re willing to cut Trump all the slack in the world because at some point in time the contradictory blather that came out of his mouth resonated with one of our own opinions. Because Trump stands for nothing, he can seem to stand for anything

        • People are seeing what they want to believe. I was never for or against Trump. In fact, I thought he was more likely to mildly coax people back to sleep by happenstance. Those looking at this objectively see extreme danger in Trump and the times.

        • Hillocrap held a fire sale of U.S. assets for her own benefit.

          She GAVE AWAY,


          R U S S I A (who didn’t [publicly] “ask” for them)

          two islands in the Bering Strait that hampered our tracking of Russian and Chinese subs in that area.

          She S O L D 20% of the US Uranium Ore stores, and got millions of $$$ for her Foundation for it. (That’s the purpose of the whole ‘dossier’ thing, to stall long enough, because we would’ve broken the deal with the Russian company, and they would’ve killed her whole family).

          She’s not just a self-serving commusatanist wanna-be-Soros hack dictator. She didn’t even protect the people of AR, or the U.S. from her husband Bill.

  13. Let your voice be heard. Please contact President Trump directly and tell him NO ON GUN CONTROL, specifically no ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN. Remind him that gun owners and specifically the NRA got him elected. Tell him he won’t have to worry about a re-election in 2020 because with this historical betrayal, he’ll lose the House in 2018, at which time he’ll be impeached.

    • He could be sent a declaration if there was any sanity left in the People. But, that ain’t going to happen. The last time one was sent from this soil, it had pretty good results. It changed the World for the better.

  14. He doesn’t need to play 3D chess, just tell the Democrats “Fall in line or I’m going to have the ATF rightfully recognize the smokeless powder propels by expanding gas, not explosive” (with a few smaller threats like NFA amnesty to show he’s not bluffing) so I’m going with traitor.

    • Yeah, he actually could have furthered the cause of inalienable individual rights by taking a constitutional stance. He didn’t and it has cause negative repercussions that will last generations.

  15. Well, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So far, all I’m seeing out of Trump on guns is weak sauce.

  16. I think he’s tro lling but I don’t trust him one bit. If he acts on any of this he’ll lose my vote in 2020.

    • Wouldn’t you want to wait until you see who he is running against in 2020 before making that call?

      • Not really. If we’re going to have a bad president it might as well be someone with a (D) next to his name to take the blame.

  17. We’ll see…I’m just hoping my shite state of Illinoisistan doesn’t become California😡😩😖

  18. It’s the wrong question. I believe the better question is “Do you regret voting for Trump?” I don’t. He is still better than Clinton would have been.

    • For Rick’s question:
      I voted Democrat in the primary in an attempt to block Hillary.

      I have never voted “for” Trump. I voted against Hillary every step of the way.

      I don’t regret it “yet” either.

  19. Trump is fond of emoting and he understands the media better than any president ever. Have a meeting, discuss an emotionally charged topic that will keep the media occupied for the next cycle or 2, and in the meantime go about draining the swamp and getting actual policy in place.

    After all the media was only invited to a portion of the meeting, not the entire meeting. I think dropping those lines in front of the press was deliberate and intentional. They are just words! Words for all we know (and which I suspect) were specifically chosen to both expose his enemies and ascertain the strength of his allies

    In the meantime the Neocons, #NeverTrumpers, Libertardians and general panty wetting moderates take their normal position of shooting at their own side while nothing has actually changed.

  20. Hanlon’s Razor…

    “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

    I don’t think Trump even knows what Chess is. Or the Third Dimension. Trump opens mouth & shit spews forth.

  21. Everyone who voted for trump in the primary: congratulations, you played yourself. And you screwed us all. And you deserve the blame for thinking this guy, who supported the previous assault weapons ban, had any actual values that he holds constant.

    Hillary would probably have been better, now that I think about it. Because while the supreme court pick was nice, it has shown ZERO good rulings for the 2nd Amendment. If Hillary were elected, we would probably be better off because the GOP would not only be a lot more likely to hold congress, but would hold the line on guns. They won’t with Trump.

    • I am pretty sure he already has. A bill regulating any part that increase the rate of fire of a firearm would have been a nightmare.

      We’ll see how the rest of it plays out.

  22. By the words yesterday out of his own mouth and then his order to the AG,he has removed all doubt as to his lack of knowledge of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    My personal thought is the man is clueless as to chess or for that matter checkers,if ,and I hope the man proves me wrong,I’ll apologize.

  23. He’s not an idiot and he’s certainly not a 3D chess player FOR unalienable individual rights. Just the fact that a sitting president has made those Constitution violating statements for public consumption is the canary in the mine. Publicly entertaining the lies of the left is a major blow to respecting the truth and any constitutional restraints. The government is in breach of the Constitution. The government is no longer valid. We are in full bore tyranny.

    • So, what are you going to do about it? Other than venting on the intertubes?

        • I saw The Longest Day too. Are you comparing yourself to the french resistance?

        • Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity, if you are going to be obtuse…

          Perhaps a little less than you. Perhaps a little more than you. Perhaps the same as you. Regardless, it isn’t something the prudent would discuss in public. Perhaps, I will just vent on the intertubes. Perhaps that’s all I have ever done. You wouldn’t know. What business is it of yours anyway, comrade?

          So, either you are attacking the man because you can’t attack the argument, you are trying to get POTG in problems with government, or you are an idiot. Asshole, agent, or dipshit… Which is it?

          Please, run to mommy government and show her on the doll where the truth touched you.

  24. Whatever the last person the CIC’s talking to wants to hear, that’s what the former real estate tycoon will say. And then forget it and do whatever the f*ck he wants. Or nothing at all. Without regard to what he said to anyone at any point.

    So the guy’s a fuckin’ lunatic.

    Oh, that’s right. We already knew that. I forgot.

  25. The Democrats were already emboldened and introducing their standard awb bills and the usual “common sense”, they have already made clear were they stand. The gun debate hasn’t really changed in terms of what is being offered, the only difference is that the Republicans currently control everything… and the Republicans at State and Federal levels have been increasingly voicing support for supporting gun control measures. I don’t see how that helps anything, except turning the potg against both parties. Unless the goal is to make the Republicans into the center party, which you could argue maybe they already are.

  26. I don’t trust him at all, mainly because I don’t think he has any deep principles other than Winning Hugely.

    HOWEVER…I’d temper his recent statements with this morning’s tweet and this headline from last week: “Trump Pushes to Allow Troops to Carry Personal Weapons on Bases”

    Looks to me like he’s trying to play 3D chess to get a compromise, but there’s no guarantee it will be one the POTG will like.

    • “Looks to me like he’s trying to play 3D chess to get a compromise, but there’s no guarantee it will be one the POTG will like.”

      However, my unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms is not his with which to compromise; shall not be infringed. Compromising something of mine away makes him a thief at best. Compromising away my ability to defend my life and property is not something I can abide, even a little bit.

  27. If Obama had said any of this, we would all be calling for impeachment but Trump, the lying narcissist, somehow makes this unconstitutional nonsense OK because haha, remember that TV show he was on where he was mean to people and those cute nicknames and tweets he does. He has proven himself time and time again to be a swampy lying politician but he was right, he could shoot someone in broad daylight (with a gun he wants to ban) and he wouldn’t lose any of his cult-like support…

      • Banning anything via executive edict is scary enough but combine that with completely ignoring due process and we do have the makings of our very own gold plated tin pot dictator…

  28. i’m concerned.

    he gave us Gorsuch but could nominate someone less friendly to replace Kennedy’s swing vote… and then the anti-2A laws would really start to fly.

  29. I distinctly remember that the f**ker was in favor of eminent domain too, that’s not conservative values, the dude is a
    N.Y. republicrat

  30. I’ve never gotten the impression he’s particularly smart, so no, I don’t think he’s playing 3D chess.

  31. Every illegal overreach, and unconstitutional provision the dems pile on, is a poison pill for this legislation. Trump’s all “Go ahead, add this illegal unconstitutional provision in, and lets have an extra health helping of illegal executive orders. What? You’re afraid of the NRA you pussies? C’mon, what else can you think of? Put it in the bill!”

    And the Dems and RINO’s are all, “Yeah, lets go for broke, what about an all out AWB?! Lets put that in too. “”Ooh… weapons of war” (as nostrils flare, and pupils dilate) can we put that in?” And Trump’s like “Yeah baby – go for it!”

    Meanwhile guns are flying off the shelves, big box stores are running scared, and mom and pop LGS are suddenly profitable again.

  32. 1) Things no pro-gun person would *ever* discount from Democrats
    2) Things pro-gun people would stop cold despite Democrat POTUS support like they did after Newtown

    This isn’t chess. Call it a true betrayal, call it political Kabuki with live ammo; the risk and consequences are the same, and as they say “the enemy is whoever is trying to kill you.” Anyone defending this as a ‘tactic’ is like those idiot Spetznaz ahooting at targets inches from eachothers’ heads.

    • i wouldnt call the most realistic live fire training for your top tier operators idiotic

      it teaches them to be calm when the bullets fly

      thats when training counts

      nobody that voted for trump and is defending him now is an idiot

      the idiots will be proven to be those who called other people idiots because they didnt come unglued like they did yesterday before one single piece of actual legislation was proposed or a single vote was taken

      he already said arm teachers and the nra are great people and patriots all the rest is bs

      this isnt going to be ANYWHERE near as bad as all the doom and gloom people are predicting

      he has to let the republicans be the good guys on this right now so they can hold congress this fall

      otherwise the whole house of cards falls down

      he understands this all too well as do all the people in his circle

      unfortunately too few people on this blog do



      have faith

      be patient

      this will all work out

        • If you even noticed that, your brain read it and appreciated the capitalized text as ‘segregated important words’ and became slightly in-favor of what they said for that small amount of “help” that it believes it offered.

          You were programmed a little there, just so you know. You can whine about the caps / no caps, but that’s a different, weaker, more-temporary-memory part of your brain.

        • Never heard of it.

          Sounds like . . . wait for it . . .

          P R O J E C T I O N

          see what I did there?

          s p r e a d i n g

          the letters of a word out also helps your brain, and it likes it.

          Just tryin to help man.

          • Meh, I’m not a huge fan of all the capitalization or spreading.

            But in regards to spreading specifically, that word reminds me of that summer you went away to community college. I got an offer to do playgirl magazine, and I did it. I did a full spread for Playgirl Magazine. I mean spread, man. I pulled my butt apart and stuff. I was totally nude. It was weird. I mean, you probably didn’t hear about it cause I went under the name of Mike Honcho. But I just wanted you to know that.

        • That flies here ok, hunh? H.B.J. ok on all that?

          Can’t believe the sh_t I’ve had deleted or redacted.

  33. Reserve judgement for at least 3 months, possibly until after the mid-terms, then take stock

    If no bad stuff gets passed and the Republicans have more, not less, seats in the House & Senate, then he was playing 4D chess.

    Otherwise, he’s a one-termer.

    • If he manages to keep a GOP majority in both houses, it will be an electoral coup that exceeds him getting elected in the first place.

      When was the last time the PotUS’ party DIDN’T loose their congressional majority in the first midterm?

  34. My take is that he doesn’t really care, he’s got verbal diarrhea. He is certainly not a genius, and he is not to be trusted.

  35. people…

    his first run for political office was for the highest office in the land

    and he won

    he destroyed every republican challenger and went on to solidly beat hillary in what was for all intents and purposes a rigged election

    you dont do that without knowing the game in and out

    the heritage foundation is essentially calling him reagans third term

    he is the master at ducking and weaving and maneuvering and outmaneuvering

    this is all for show

    its genius

    hes playing bad cop right now to the republicans in congress good cop because THEYRE ACTUALLY on the ballot this fall not him

    he has a plan

    he put gorsuch on the scotus

    he put devos in as education secretary

    he put pruitt in as epa secretary


    msnbc is already saying that if he isnt impeached he will be reelected in 2020 in a landslide

    just be patient

    dont fall for it

    everythings going to be fine