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Kids shooting themselves with marshmallow cannons firing squishy projectiles at 15 FPS? Not only can you expect the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to include marshmallow suicides in their gun violence stats, but it’s only a matter of time before the Schmoozemeister-in-Chief issues an Executive Order to the ATF to add marshmallow cannons to the list of NFA guns requiring a federal stamp. After that, a ban is inevitable. Which means nerdy eighth graders will have to go back to messing around with deadly potatoe cannons [sic] and .50-caliber rifles. Except in California, of course.

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    • Not gun related but tangentially related to media induced hysteria, this reminded me of one of my favorite Penny Arcade comics. It’s pretty crude for the few that don’t know of it, but I find it hysterical. Upon looking, I find it the strip from five years ago tomorrow.

  1. I can visualize the extremists at the Brady Gang disapprovingly watching the video firing of the marshmallow cannon mumbling that the President is being a bad role model as it will encourage kids to want real guns….BTW, marshmallows are made with sugar so therefore Obama’s actions are encouraging kids to eat more unhealthy food.

  2. I see this differently. When I watched this on TV, I was struck by how much the President seemed to enjoy shooting the cannon. Maybe we’re at a turning point, where he can learn how much fun it is to shoot guns. Heck, we know he seems to enjoy it whenever Seal Team six opens a can of whoop ass on someone.

    Could this be hope the shooting community could embrace?

    • We ran a story a while back that the Prez went shooting with the Secret Service. Someone should ask him if it’s true. And then verify.

  3. this is certainly something that 8th grade (kid?, student?) will remember for a long time. this is one of those moments which trancends, hopefully, a (D) or (R) behind someone’s name.

    and yes, we all can hope for that “aha” moment where POTUS asks to see his security detail’s heater a bit more closely… and actually want to use it. perhaps combine this with take-someone-shooting.

  4. I don’t care much for Obama politically, but on a personal level, I’ve thought he’s a bad guy.

    Plus how cool would it be to show off your science project to the President?!

    I work at a K-12 charter school and the robotics team I help out would FLIP OUT if they got to.

    • That should be I’ve never thought he’s a bad guy on a personal level, but apparently I can’t edit my comment…

      Everytime I try the edit comment window pops up then shrinks down to a 1/4 inch box in the middle of my browser window. Annoying.

      • I’ll give our web guy the heads-up. We’re currently redesigning the site (same only sleeker) and adding all the upgrades and widgets. Hopefully some of WP’s annoyance will disappear. Thanks for your patience.

  5. The “spin” in this post is a little unfair. The President seems genuinely warm to the student and the science project. Eschewing “secret service” concerns, I thought it was great that the President was interested in seeing the marshmallow shooter in action and the President did not, even jokingly, reference “marshmallow” control or restrictions.

    • The operative word there is “seems.” A politicians entire life is an act, especially the president. He might as well be on stage every time he’s on camera. We have no clue what he’s truly like as a person (though he certainly gives us tiny glimpses sometimes) because he’s always playing the character of Obama. Any interest or kindness he shows here is likely just playing to the camera. The student is a prop.

      Call me cynical, but politicians are just soulless sacks of lies to me, until proven otherwise.

      • You asked for it: You are cynical.

        I agree that they all pander and to some extent they are all full of BS. But as I see it, it goes with the territory.

        This video looks a lot less like pandering and a lot more like a nerdy president that likes school science projects.

        • Actually, it looks like the Campaigner in Chief is campaigning.

          Does anyone know if this is an election year?

  6. I agree with those that have said that there is just too much spin in this post. I know it was meant to be a joke, but it wasn’t funny. It really just came off as political smear, masked as humor. There are too many legitimate and important issues regarding gun rights in this country to waste time on cheap shots.


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