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“An angry President Obama criticized a minority of the Senate on Wednesday for helping defeat a proposal to expand background checks on gun purchases,” reports. “It all came down to politics,” Obama said in the Rose Garden. “All in all, this was a pretty shameful day for Washington.” The president also said the administration would do “everything it can without Congress to protect Americans.” Whatever that means.


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  1. It’s ALWAYS a shameful day for Washington!! What as ass-clown President O’Bandaid!!

    • I have to smirk a little when I saw this…
      He can’t admit the fact that the politicians listened to the people for a change..

    • +1

      I was thinking shameful day for Washington, proud day for America, but you make a great point.

    • “Obama Gun Grab Defeated”? If the Racist Right’s hate fest wasn’t so deranged and divorced from reality, it might be funny.

      President Obama’s gun control bill was shot down yesterday by a majority of votes, and whines like a little baby. Got to admit that pretty pathetic, but not as pathetic as the Racist right’s retalition to this news.

      “No. It was a glorious day for the U.S. Constitution, the 2nd Amendment, and freedom in America.”

      you are a FLAME DELETED! And so are the people agreeing with you that this is a victory for America. There is no victory here, just a sad and disgusting loss. This is a win for the Racist, bigoted, gun-loving right-wing scumbags to deman the black man in office. that ALL it is!!

      Perhaps you might tell us what lies those were Obama spread? We damn sure heard all the lies you, old Insane Wayne and the Tea party were spreading about Obama’s gun control.

      Remember the idiotic phrase you a-holes are using today.. “gun grab”!?!?!

      Get this through you thick, retarded was not, it wasn’t nor is it ever will be a ‘gun-grab’ bill. The bill would have expanded background checks for guns, a rather minor measure.

      and how the gun nuts all think that Obama wants to take their guns. Which isn’t at all true and anyone with half a brain would know that. Also, can someone please provide evidence that Obama wants to “take your guns” from you…You can’t because they don’t exist, neither does a law passed under Obama that has restricted gun rights!

      If background checks are anti-Second Amendment, the NRA leadership, assuming it is at least modestly interested in adhering to principle, should take some of the millions it gets from the gun manufacturers and immediately launch a massive campaign to repeal all existing state and federal law related to background checks.

      Is Barack Obama an evil man?

      Is Barack Obama Destroying America?
      No. The economy (biggest concern among the electorate) is slowly recovering and growing. He is trying to responsibly end two wars while also dealing with tensions in Asia, and he’s done a fairly decent job thus far. Not sterling, but then again, nobody is.

      Is Barack Obama a Narcissist?

      Is barack Obama a Marxist?
      No. If he were he would be leading the socialist revolution to overthrow the current government, not civically participating in that government

      Is Barack Obama a Communist?
      No. Do you even know what communism is? There’s theoretical and actual, for whether or not he is an actual communist, see above. For theoretical communist, that would mean abolishing government and having a classles, stateless, moneyless society. He’s clearly not for that, so, that’s a resounding no.

      Why do cons have such seething hatred for President Obama? Oh, yeah ! keep forgetting because he’s black!

      You call Obama a traitor, you are a racist!
      You call Obama a POS, you are a racist!
      You call Obama a fraud, you are a racist!

      Remarkable how gobs of money, remorseless fear-mongering, staggering misinformation, electoral extortion, and the inevitable Republican filibuster can combine to thwart the popular will. Then again, maybe not so remarkable.

      The bill is shot down, and well by all means… we shouldnt infringe the rights of murderous gangs and lunatics! ANYTHING to stop the black man in the White House!!!

      • yah dawg…we all racist dawg.
        It’s all the white man’s fault…yawn. heard that one already.

      • So if we disagree with you we are racist? Pull the race card much? Or just when you cannot win an argument?

        How is being pro 2nd Amendment racist. I, for one want people of all races, creeds, colors, religions, etc…. To be able to own firearms. Wouldn’t that be the definition of equal opportunity? The only thing I’m against is stupid.

        Everyone I know that is pro 2nd Amendment feels the same on equal opportunity. Gun control was started as a racial control. And I won’t get started on Obama’s track record.

      • Wow, that’s creepy that you assume to know my race and political beliefs simply based upon my disagreement with POTUS about this.

        Newsflash: There are people of diverse political views and races here. Not everyone who wants to protect gun rights is an old white guy who uses race in every debate.

        When you scream “RACIST” only because of differing perspectives, you help show the many who don’t fit into your category the foolishness of your stand. That is partially why we’re not falling for it anymore. We’re done with that.

        We are a racially and politically diverse group on this forum. Your rant is nonsensical to nearly all of us. We are united behind the common cause of liberty. The vast majority of the people here couldn’t care less about my race or yours – but they do care about my stand on liberty.

        Are you so racist and bigoted that you think only old heterosexual white guys are concerned about freedom and liberty? Perhaps you should reconsider your stand.

      • Nicklaus is a libtard who is trying to incite race baiting and does not even believe what he is saying.
        We (pro-gun/American) win… lose.

  2. Boo hoo…. The Marxist brat didn’t get his way. I think he’s stressed out. He may need another vacation to Hawaii after this.

    • what in hell make you think gun-controll is marxism? marx supported private gun ownership. something to read about:
      Quote from there:
      “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.”

      If Marx would live today, he would be on our side. Marx knew that the people must be able to protect themselfes and their rights, especially against gouvernments and the state.

      • All gun ownership is “private”, in that only individuals can use weapons, and all individuals are “private”.

        The beginning of this paragraph is “2. To be able forcefully and threateningly to oppose this party … the workers must be armed and organized”

        Upon setting up a “society” which tells the people how to live, an imbalance of arms between the enforcers and the enforced is useful, if not necessary.
        The workers don’t like the bourgeois bureaucrats and business owners “oppressing” them. Therefore, the workers want a new state to keep some people from profiting too much from willing exchanges with workers, even if it means forcing the workers to deny themselves the services the “oppressive” businessmen provide.
        How is this sustainable without civilian disarmament? If Marx was serious about his ideas, he certainly should have been for general disarmament, at least after the violent revolution.

  3. A great day for those Americans who worked their butts off to defeat this legislation.

    • Apparently Obama thinks we (pro-2a) are outnumbered 9 to 1, but we are so rich that we thwarted the forces of goodness and light. (He promoted the 90% background check bs)

      I’m having to restrain myself from laughing at the tears of these liberals.

    • It’s not 60 or above, which was the required number to pass any amendment on S.649 today.

    • I meant to say that the prez is making it seem like there’s not that many people opposed to what he’s pushing and that he’s being undermined by this small group of people

  4. Poor baby didn’t get his way. I love how he spins the agenda and says it was all because of politics.. Actually, Obama, your bullshit grab was a political drive. The failing of this was upholding THE CONSTITUTION!!!

  5. If only the President got this upset over a terrorist attack on US soil, you know, like presidents are supposed to do.

    • Uncanny. I had the exact same reaction. But then I reminded myself that narcissists tend only to feel things deeply when their will is thwarted by others. The death and maiming of innocents? Fneh, not so much.

      Normal people don’t even consider wanting to be POTUS. A normal person would be horrified at the thought. At least in today’s unlimited-cash-corporate-media-rock-star-uber-meme-Big-Brother-Poster-Wallpaper environment. His reactions come across as weird and unsettling because they are.

      That part doesn’t bother me. If our constitutional republic is founded on anything, it’s mistrust of those in power. We elect them because we must, but we must never elevate them to the level of idols.

      What bothers me is how many people who hated Reagan and Clinton and Bush, resisting the form of that idolatry that cable TV introduced, now can’t spread their ankles far enough for Obama.

      Anyway. A good day for 2A. I wish Barry would spend as much time fixing the economy and infrastructure as he spends waving the bloody shirts of selected dead children, and sucking up to the power cabals of Manhattan, Chicago, and California. I doubt he’s capable of that. He was elected as a place holder. A PEZ machine dispensing tasty bricks of sugar for GenY and the Millennials.

    • Bush reacted the same way…or did you forget that. He kept on reading a childs book and it took another president to get osama.

        • Maybe he should have put his big boy pants on and gone to London for Lady Thatcher’s funeral and pay respects to someone who helped bring freedom and liberty to millions of people in Europe and “fundamentally changed” her country in the best of possible ways.
          Our President could learn a lot about how to have class and to lead a nation from the greatest woman politician of our time.

      • We don’t really know what Obama did after Boston, do we? I mean…it was hours before we heard from him. And even then, he was described by one reporter as sounding “like he [was] reading a cookie recipe”.

        At least when President Bush got visibly angry, it was at terrorists – not people protecting the Second Amendment.

      • FFS. Bush sat there until the Secret Service had a plan. I’m pretty sure they weren’t going to let him run off willy nilly until they assessed the situation. The guy is an idiot, but that one has never been on him.

      • Shawn, did you see how Bush actually reacted? Did you think through the possibilities?

        Bush maintained his composure and did what a leader does in an emergency. He remained calm and did not needlessly excite or upset the children. He also showed the terrorists they would not get what they were after. Panic.

        He calmly finished the visit with the children while others coordinated the necessary actions. Then he came out and made a statement and took action. Are many out there leader enough to maintain composure and do what is right at the right time?

        Rather than our current leader who consistently makes knee jerk, emotional over reactions. Who would you rather follow?

      • Shawn, the anger prez Bush showed while ‘trying’ to read to the kids after the first plane hit (and before the 2nd which indicated an attack) was amazing. Twisted, dumbass libtards like yourself spun it by trying to make a ‘deer in the headlights’ moment. The system Bush and Cheney set up is what got Obama….I mean….Osama.

  6. I love the crybabys spin on the outcome. He says it was because it was political? Actually, the bills creation was the political drive. Getting it to fail is UPHOLDING THE CONSTITUTION

  7. You said all you asked for was a vote on the subject. You got a vote. The result was a “no.” So STFU and stop whining.

    • He didn’t want a vote, he wanted his way. He’s a tyrant. He’s not going to be satisfied with such petty inconveniences as “law” and “checks and balances.”

        • Vidal used the phrase “United States of Amnesia” rather often. Not somebody I always agree with, but he was spot-on with that one.

        • shawn,

          Bush allowed the AWB to sunset, and I called the WH to thank him for that………… yep Bush did it.

        • Shawn, we understand you don’t like Bush, I didn’t like him either. But check your calendar. Bush is gone. And you’re starting to sound like a 1 trick pony.

        • I would imagine Shawn’s point is that the ‘two party system’ is only such in imagination.

          Moreover, St. Ronnie was horrible for gun rights just like Clinton, so pull your head out and vote for someone else.

          Just my guess…

  8. I don’t know about Washington but out here in Arizona it’s been a wonderful and beautiful day. Especially with the cool weather and breeze. Now hearing this it just makes it more worth while to enjoy. If Obama what’s to do something right then get the help that people need to combat mental health and leave law abiding citizens alone for the actions of a few sick minded individuals.

  9. I think this is the first time I have ever seen the President of the United States throw a hissy fit on national television. I kept waiting to hear him say “I’m taking my ball and going home”.

      • Ralph,
        Just guessing it is the shape shifting
        Webster’s – Definition of LACONIC
        using or involving the use of a minimum of words : concise to the point of seeming rude or mysterious

        — la·con·i·cal·ly adverb
        We would rather have a smiling, shape-shifting Democrat we don’t trust than a frowning, laconic Republican we trust more. —Maureen Dowd, New York Times, 10 Oct. 1996
        How do I uses laconic in a sentence along with WTF ?

        • The word laconic comes from another name for Sparta, and their laconic quotes were famous in the ancient world. Around here “Molon labe” or “come and take them” is well known.

          My favorite is their response to Phillip, Alexander’s father. He supposedly said either “if I win this war, you will be slaves forever” or “you are advised to submit without further delay, for if I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your farms, slay your people, and raze your city.”

          Either way, the Spartans’ famous laconic response: “if”.

  10. Today freedom won!

    The next step should be to roll back the Patriot Act

    We need to protect the right to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, habeus corpus, trial by jury and fight back against unreasonable search and seizure as well as cruel and unusual punishment (torture).

    • Roll back the Patriot Act, MCA 2006, NDAA 2012 and 2013 detention provisions, imprison the former bush cabinet and others for war crimes and torture, throw eric holder in the colorado supermax, rain the Roosevelt hammer down on the banks, and allow competing currencies to the dollar.

      One could only dream.

  11. Love it when Barry gets Butthurt. And “The Little Emporer” Bloomberg is getting all melty, too.

  12. I guess next time they will need to display more bloody shirts, more children on stage and maybe hire some clowns, a lion tamer, and whatever else it takes to draw more attention to their idiotic “cause”. The fact is that nothing present for vote today would have stopped a mass shooting. It would have criminalized and restricted the rights of law abiding Americans even more. Of course, that was the whole point from the beginning. Obama and his agenda. This was just a chisel and they were hoping for a hammer to strike down on it to chip away at the foundation of the 2nd amendment. It didn’t happen today but I think this fight has just begun. They will be back. They will just wait for another horrific event so they can capitalize on it.

  13. Aww, poor baby, boo-hoo! Somebody call the whaaaaaaambulance for the cry-baby-in-chief!

  14. Wow, I’m utterly embarrassed as an American to have such a pathetic clown as President. I mean, more embarrassed than I already was. Twelve years olds have more decorum than that.

    “Shameful day for Washington.” Funny, I said the same thing the day he was elected.

    This was a victorious day for true Americans and proof to would-be tyrants that they can’t always get their evil way.

  15. Poor old Joe needs a hug! Maybe him and Feinswine can hook up tonight for some conciliatory happy time? Double barrel fun!

  16. How about you let me worry about protecting myself. You worry about China, North Korea, unemployment, the economy, etc….

  17. Poor butthurt POsTUS. He just found out that he’s a lame duck with no political capital. For a guy who craves power the way that normal people crave oxygen, I think he’s going to hate the next four years almost as much as we will.

    The guy who I feel bad for is Lautenberg, who as we all know is clinically (brain) dead and came to Washington straight from his own funeral. And I thought that only dead people from Chicago are eligible to vote!

    • Exactly my assessment about Obama as well.

      Consider the resources he threw into this legislative push. He re-formed his campaign as a legislative lobbying/PR/propaganda group to push for this specific legislation. He had the press approving his every emotive plea for “meaningful legislation” and so on. He had the entire DC press corpse wrapped around his little finger, unlike on so many other issues. He had Nurse Bloomberg on his side, putting millions into the propaganda effort for his position – a luxury he didn’t enjoy on the health care issue.

      And he lost. By anyone’s calculus, he just got a really rude wake-up call that his second term isn’t going to go as he and his fellow Fabians had dreamed…

      I have visions of him yelling “inconceivable!” at the top of his lungs.

      Somehow, I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means.

      • I agree with you and Ralph.
        Knowing that you are both highly intelligent and not prone to grammatical errors or typos (sincerely), I found “press corpse” to be hilarious! I’m going to start using that one!

  18. “‘It all came down to politics,’ Obama said […]”

    Forgive the ignorant Canadian here but, how can voting on matters of policy/law not be political? Isn’t it by definition politics?

    • It’s the usual law of leftist hypocrisy. Politics in their favor is good, politics in anyone else’s favor is bad. Just like guns. When they’re used by the government to protect politicians they’re good, but when Joe Sixpack uses them to protect his family, they’re bad. That’s a leftist for you.

      • Nah, every political loser says that. “Politics got in the way of common sense” is one of the oldest political clichés in the world.

        It’s like blaming the refs in sports: there’s usually some truth to it, but it’s also always going to be part of the game and you knew that going in. You should have taken care of your part better so it wouldn’t be a factor.

  19. This is the part that really fries me….the administration would do “everything it can without Congress” That means more unconstitutional executive orders, Folks!

  20. Excuse me? He paraded around the Newtown victims’ families in support of a bill to:

    – Expand the background checks the shooter didn’t need to pass because he killed his mother and stole her guns;
    – Ban “assault weapons” despite the demonstrated ineffectiveness of Connecticut’s existing ban; and
    – Ban magazines that hold more than ten rounds, despite the fact the shooter reloaded seven times and had all the ammo and time in the world when he shot himself.

    Of course this was political – just not in the sense you meant.

    • As a wise man once said, “Common sense is not so common”. Apparently, by stating these “measures” were common sense only proved the statement. Maybe it will be elevated to a theory as it seems to be proven over and over.

  21. A shameful day for Washington, a great victory for the rest of the country, either way. Same thing.

  22. I feel it important to point out that NRA lifetime memberships are $300 until the first week of May. I know we don’t always agree with them here, but their role today cannot be questioned. A good day, but the war isn’t over yet.

  23. I went and checked some articles on this on MSN. There were so many people crying about the gun lobby and how powerful it is(Yet Bloomberg outspends them), and also people crying about if only we just needed 50 votes instead of an unconstitutional 60! I busted up laughing! I would like it if everything required 60 votes. Imagine how much bad legislation would no longer be passed!

    • As Calvin Coolidge used to say, “It’s more important to block bad legislation than to pass good legislation.”

  24. Don’t forget to thank the good guys who voted “NO”
    that includes the Democrats who defied the Emperor and crossed party lines.
    Max Baucus, Mark Begich, Heidi Heitkamp, Mark Pryor, Harry Reid?!

    • Not Harry Reid. He voted no to preserve the issue for a future vote. He also came out today in support of Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban.

      • Reid’s vote was a procedural dodge. But the other four “Good Democrats” deserve their praise. Just like the four RINOs deserve whatever happens to them. And their little dog Manchin, too.

      • If you send anything to Reid, just say thanks for voting NO, but we will be watching your ass and will do everything possible to help you lose your next election. I know I will probably be giving political contributions to some candidates in the next election cycle that are out of state.

  25. BHO is a pure asshat, but he will still be back for more…he might even pull some more EO/EA’s out of his ass just to throw gas on the fire.

  26. Watching this speech I kept getting distracted by the Veep Biden making faces. Forcing his frown. Sticking out his lower lip. I was hoping he would get a chance to speak, but his handlers knew better.

  27. i cant take the hypocricy any longer. O is on cnn saying his opponents willfully lied. and where are all the leftist saying “you lost the vote get over it” now.

    • Because leftists are spoiled children mentally and emotionally. They didn’t want a vote, they wanted their way. And ow that the vote didn’t go in their favor, they’re more than happy to cry, “That didn’t count! Wah!” and throw a tantrum.

      Just look how shamefully Obama is disgracing himself in his reactions.

  28. The Republicans who voted “yes” on the motion to proceed clearly knew what they were doing, and they rammed it up POsTUS’ @ss.

    Bravo, Rand Paul et al. Obama wanted a vote — you gave him a vote he’ll never forget.

  29. i cant take the hypocricy any longer. O is on cnn saying his opponents willfully lied. and where are all the o fans saying “you lost the vote get over it” now.

    • How did the President say it to Paul Ryan, oh yeah, “Elections have consequences, I won, you lost, get over it.”

      Senate votes have consequences too. we won, you lost, get over it.

  30. My rights arent up for a “vote” you f^cking asshats!

    now go back in the corner, put on your dunce hat, and STFU.

    and Obama, have a nice tall glass.

  31. It’s nice to see him finally muster up some anger. Too bad it was in regards to his failed attempt at gutting the 2A and not Bengazi.

    Also interesting, in all of the “evil” Bush’s time in office, the only time I saw him that mad was after 9/11, never after a personal agenda defeat.

  32. While I believe we should feel this is a positive outcome, he did say the following:
    ” The president also said the administration would do “everything it can without Congress to protect Americans.”

    My guess is we will see some very bad Executive Orders coming down that will have to be dealt with in the courts as the congress has done nothing when it comes to these orders. Also, regulations coming from EPA, Justice and other places that we are not going to like at all.
    Forever Vigilant!!!!

  33. A wonderful day indeed!

    Although I was dreading that this bill would pass anyway and was trying – like Gottlieb – to figure out a way of making lemonade out of lemons, I confess that nothing, I mean NOTHING, beats watching these sniveling weasels being beaten and breaking down. I feel like I’m in a free country again – with a Constitution!

    On to the Supremes!

  34. “Whatever that means.”

    What it means is yet another ream of unconstitutional executive orders that bypass congress and attempts to implement his will by decree. He’s been doing that since he came into office and nobody has been able to even slow them down. I have no doubt he will continue.

  35. I expect some EO’s to come about, making the worst parts of the M-T bill a reality. Just wait. As they say in Bad Boys II “Sh!@ just got real.”

  36. Dear POTUS,
    A “shameful day for Washington” was when Obama Care passed after deals were struck, promises made, and lies, lies, lies when most people did “not” want it. Today the people defeated you and your fellow Constitution deniers. You were lying again when you said most people supported you. Wrong! Just go away now and leave us gun owners alone. Put all that feel good energy into your golf game and just ride out your term and try not to screw the country any further. I know, wishful thinking, but right now I feel pretty good. Besides, the Boston Marathon bombing gives you another chance to perform for the sheeple and put your phony empathy on display for the world to see. I guess I’ll live through another day of this Orwellian circus here in Boston tomorrow. When you get to the South Church Inter-Faith, Multi-Cultural and Diverse prayer service, don’t let any of your crocodile tears fall on the teleprompter, it will look blurry and might disrupt your rhythm and make you sound like the incompetent dweeb you are. I’m sure some comrade has already written a fine speech for you, complete with the names of the victims and short antidotes about their lives with special pauses so you can get all chocked up. I will watch one of the many tele-screens and I shall be playing the “shot game” (a la Bob Newhart) with my 2nd Amendment supporting friends. Every time you say “I”, “The American People”, or “Brave Heros and/or First Responders,” we’ll take turns throwing back a jigger of Victory Gin. We are going to be hammered within twenty minutes I’m sure.
    Thanks for coming here for Hate Week. It’s been so fun having Big Brother on every corner not mention all those shiny new DHS vehicles that must have cost the next few generations a bundle. Too bad it didn’t prevent some geek with a backpack from getting near the finish line. Hey, shit happens right BO? At least no one’s taking about Benghazi this week.

    Yours truly,
    NWBob in Boston

    PS Will the Boston victims get to ride on Air Force One when you lobby for a ban on pressure cookers?

    • “PS Will the Boston victims get to ride on Air Force One when you lobby for a ban on pressure cookers?”

      Not only that, but we’ll be doing moments of silence, ceremonial first pitches and dedicating the National Anthem to them for the next 20 years. In Obama’s America, justice means worshipping victims and letting criminals and terrorists get away with murder.

      Being a victim has it’s perks. Being a hero or defending innocent lives? Well, you’ll probably get the book thrown at you.

  37. > The president also said the administration would do “everything it can without
    > Congress to protect Americans.” Whatever that means.

    a) He will send his goon squad to the state level and other Red states will enact more worthless crap

    b) Money will be spent for 2014 mid-terms like it never has before to win the majority they need so that this can come up again in 2015

    c) More EO’s and he will double down to make sure that Holder has more goons to take rights away.

    d) FDA, ATF & EPA are all under his control, if nothing, zippy will be vindictive.

  38. Obama spits more lies than his entire political party put together. Between potus and sen. Feinbitch, I couldn’t tell who wined about it the most. She was pissed that all her hard work got the shaft. Lol f ing hilarious to watch her pouting on the senate floor. As for all of us on the winning side of the fence. Keep up the pressure its not over until shotgun joes fat wife sings.sings

  39. I propose a new statistic, 90% of Americans are tired about being told that 90% of Americans support universal background checks.

    • Graham Chapman: I think all righthtinking people in this country are sick and tired of being told that ordinary, decent people are fed up in this country with being sick and tired.

      All: Yes, yes…

      Graham Chapman: I’m certainly not! And I’m sick and tired of being told that I am.

      Not Sure?: Mrs. Havoc-Jones.

      Mrs. Havoc-Jones: Well, I meet a lot of people and I’m convinced that the vast majority of wrongthinking people are right.

      Not Sure?: There seems like a consensus there. Could we have the next question, please?

      Woman: I would like to ask the team what changes they would make if they were Hitler?

      Graham Chapman: Well, speaking personally, I would annex the Sudetenland.

      Not Sure?: Norman?

      Norman: I think I’d pay some Dutchmen to set fire to Lord Snowdon.

        • You’re right. My meta was that Python is always kinda relevant.

          In the phraseology of BSG- “All of this has happened before and will happen again.”

  40. im going to take this opportunity to pose a very important question to “President” Obama….. You mad bro???

  41. Nothing makes me happier than to watch politicians cry when they can’t piss on the Constitution.

  42. Pretty sure he’s committing in this speech to his “Organizing for America” PAC joining with MAIG to be a major anti-gun lobbying group.

    I’m also worried that this stance will reinvigorate the attacks on gun rights on the state level (such as the major state senate committee vote coming up tomorrow in Oregon, for instance).

    One thing he said is certainly true: this is only the first skirmish in a longer struggle.

  43. Maybe they should spend more resources on preventing terrorist attacks than on disarming people who were doing nothing wrong. Seems kind of simple.

      • The battle is far from over. I think the term is monomania when someone goes stark raving mad over one obsession. If this country were being invaded on every shore and every border, they’d still be trying to disarm civilians.

  44. From Obama’s remarks in the Rose Garden:
    “Families that know unspeakable grief summoned the courage to petition their elected leaders –- not just to honor the memory of their children, but to protect the lives of all our children. And a few minutes ago, a minority in the United States Senate decided it wasn’t worth it. They blocked common-sense gun reforms even while these families looked on from the Senate gallery.”
    Corrected version:
    “Families that know unspeakable grief summoned the courage to petition their elected leaders –- not just to honor the memory of their children, but to protect the lives of all our children. And a few minutes ago, a minority in the United States Senate decided it wasn’t worth it to penalize law-abiding American Gun Owners with a law that would not have stopped the Newtown, CT massacre. They showed common-sense gun and blocked this unfair infringement on all American’s Second Amendment Rights while these families looked on from the Senate gallery.”

    Fixed it for you BHO.

  45. First he tried to buddy up with gun owners by releasing a photo of himself shooting which only made him look desperate. Now he’s saying that it’s “shameful” that politicians listened to their boss – We the People… – to deny gun control?

    The “shameful day” in Washington came when he entered office.

  46. Obama couldn’t care less about guns or violence or dead children. This is purely his wounded ego. So deep is his narcissism that he’s mouth-frothingly enraged that we peons dared deny him his kingly mandate.

    Keep showing him what true Americans think of kings and tyrants. Part of me hopes he stays so angry that he royally lets his mask slip and introduces EO’s of such staggering illegality that impeachment proceedings begin. A guy can dream I suppose.

  47. Here is where i believe Obama takes his lead from.

    “Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.” (Fell apart a little for him today)

    “The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.” (He keeps trying, scary part is look how many sheepeople fall for it)

    “But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.”

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
    All Above by― Adolf Hitler and followed by Obama

  48. Yes Mr. President, we are serious. Emotions are not relevant to the debate and the fact you just admitted that using the victim’s emotions was your strategy to force unconstitutional legislation on the American citizens is irresponsible and tyrannical. You should be ashamed.

    Yes, the loss that the victims and survivors of mass shootings is tragic. But how is that tragedy prevented by diminishing the rights and capacity of the US citizens to defend themselves and their loved ones from further loss of life?
    When you decided to demonize law-abiding citizens, you just rejected your Oath of Office and thoroughly embarrassed your entire Office with a staggering level of ignorance of gun facts and principles that your gun control / registration legislation represented.

    The last couple months were a complete waste of taxpayer dollars and a clear sign that you need to be out of the office if you truly believed your plan to disarm the American people and leave us defenseless against evil and tyranny was actually a good idea.

  49. Love that Slow Joe Biden was pouting and looked like a 3 year old who lost his toy LEGOs for a hour LOL. Love it. May Obama fail on everything his fascist mind wants.

    And Washington DC has no shame SO no news here LOL!

  50. Since Obama is a card carrying member of the George Soros, “post modern,” “one world order” elite he didn’t bother listen to the Godfather of populist politics, Bill Clinton. Now Obama will have to follow the advice Slick Willy gave Juanita Broaddrick about her lip after he raped her, “You better put some ice on that.” Obama’s lip is in full pout mode.

    “Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them,” Clinton reportedly said. “A lot of these people live in a world very different from the world lived in by the people proposing these things…”

    He proceeded to explain how, though polling data is certainly useful for politicians, it doesn’t measure the emotion and enthusiasm associated with an issue. And it’s the passion associated with gun control, Clinton argued, that makes it so delicate.

    I bet both Clintons are laughing their fat rear ends off and Bill is saying to whoever will listen what he told fellow rapist Teddy Kennedy, “he (Obama) should have been carrying our bags.”

    This is definitely going to leave a mark on Obama and hopefully is the beginning of the end of Obama as a force in American politics.


    Need to cut down on playing Shogun 2…

    Anyway, I laughed when he complained about the 60-votes Senate rules, since neither party wants to make it easier to overcome a filibuster in case they end up in the minority in the future. You know, the same noise the Democrats were making when the Republicans threatened to change the rules during the Bush years. Executive Priviledge, Patriot Act, Filibuster rules… Hypocrites.

    • @gyufygy: that’s how the “progressives”operate, you know… When things don’t go their way, they start pouting about how the system is broken and democracy doesn’t work.

  52. I’m waiting for the day when Obama calls for re-naming the White House to something like the People’s House.

  53. Join Me in Contacting the White house

    My message. . . Sad day for Washington? President Obama Your just mad because the Senate listened to and Supported The People. Guess the infidels just pissed ya off a little today.

    A free people [claim] their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate. -Thomas Jefferson

    Of liberty I would say that, in the whole plenitude of its extent, it is unobstructed action according to our will. But rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add “within the limits of the law,” because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.-Thomas Jefferson

  54. I love it! If they are not props, then why isn’t Wayne LaPierre and some hunters and some people who used a firearm to protect their family up there? He’s stacking the deck with ONE SIDE OF THE DEBATE and then he says they are not props. This man is a FOOL.

    You got your vote and the Senate decided to remember it’s oath to protect the Constitution…just because you’ve abandoned your oath doesn’t mean they have. Thank you Senators…those who voted against it, enjoy unemployment after 2014…

  55. The president also said the administration would do “everything it can without Congress to protect Americans.”

    To quote Jack Nicholson’s Joker – “Come to me, you gruesome son of a bitch”.

    Please, Barry, give us a reason to impeach you and throw you in a cell in Gitmo.

  56. How lame. So Mr. President, do the Benghazi survivors get to weigh in on their loss? How’s that investigation going? Where are the tearful human interest stories in People Magazine and other media outlets about how the President slept while Consulate staff fought for their lives without assistance from their Commander in Chief?

  57. ha ha ah ha! aww your false flag attack didnt stir up enough emotion to get your way. its okay mr.bama naaw dont cry!

  58. [pay no attention to that man in the background. HE is a big fan of the SIG 226.]

    “Are they serious?”
    Yes sir.

    “Who are we here to represent?”
    ALL OF AMERICA, sir.


    “Are they serious?”
    Yes, of course, sir.

    “Do we really think that thousands of families whose lives have been shattered by gun violence don’t have a right to weigh in on the issue?
    They certainly do sir. They vote. They pay taxes like… 47% of us do. WE ALL feel genuine sympathy and grief along with the families.

    “Do we think that they’re emotions, they’re loss, is relevant to this debate?”
    Certainly sir but a caution, debating with passion is one thing, debating with emotion is traumatic. Debating the larger issue with REASON and LOGIC is another, entirely.

    “So all in all this is a pretty shameful day for Washington.”
    No really, sir. The people have contacted their Representatives and have spoken. Pretty loud and clear, sir.

    May I be excused? Sir?

  59. Our president and several members of congress have wasted months of precious time attacking basic rights and principles that they should have been defending. And now that congress has finally, surprisingly done the right thing with their votes, the president has promised to push federal bureaucracy down the same failed road. So yes, it is a shameful day for Washington.

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