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So we “protect our rights” by making it “harder for dangerous criminals to get their hands on lethal weapons.” Huh. As for a president who invoked Executive Privilege to stymie an investigation into the death of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent (at the hands of drug thugs wielding ATF-enabled firearms) cloaking himself in the mantle of law and order, don’t make me laugh. Wait. Too late. On all sorts of levels.

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  1. Look at that picture. Do any of those guys look happy or supportive of barry? Do they look like true believers or guys that can’t believe they got stuck with filling in a picture with that jack wagon?

        • Idk I had white castle last night and this morning I locked the windows in my truck unleashed some punishment on my friend. He made the same face as the spanish looking cop while trying to hold the door open as I did 60 down a back road.

      • We can’t get White Castle here in California. When I go to see the old man in KY I make the stop at White Castle. Right off 75 just south of the cincinatti airport. Makes the rest of the drive a little easier.

        • Chuck, who hasn’t? I wound up at a KFC after some Thai Stick and in a time when you could feed a family of 4 for 10 bucks I did in 20 bucks worth of chicken. Now if NPH had stole my Nova and brought it back full of hookers it would have been the perfect night.

    • They look like almost everyone at these sort of things – filled with hatred and contempt for the peasants.

      • Or possibly contempt for the words of the man speaking in front of them and hatred for the chain of command that ordered them to be there? They don’t look like chiefs and sheriffs to me.

        Wait, that’s what I would have been thinking in the same situation. But it wouldn’t surprise me if those men were thinking the same thing. I advised citizens to arm and train themselves on two separate calls this week so far, and the week is not over yet.

        • Just because you do not hate freedom doesn’t mean all cops think the same. We’ve seen far too many thugs in places like Chicago and New York City speak out against the Constitution for anyone to be fooled into thinking that being a cop makes you pro-freedom.

        • If they won’t disobey this order, why would they disobey the one that says to come get our guns?
          They are the enemy just as much as Obama (and every other president has been).

        • No, not all cops are our friends.

          However, should push come to shove, this is a national issue. Nationally, I think most LEOs in fact are on our side.

    • Not possible as he would have recognized his mating call and started humping Obamas leg!

    • What if one of those cops uncorked his sphincter & went “KABLOOIE!” while Obama was speaking? Can’t edit it out, his fellow cops are crying, the wallpaper is peeling, while he fondly recalls last night’s Pad Thai extra hot.

      One can dream……

  2. “Common sense” gun control, “common sense” tax reform, “common sense” immigration reform,…………………..

    • It’s like starting a statement with “I swear this is true…”

      I’m immediately thinking BS.

    • Don’t screw up a good thing – common sense – by putting “common sense” in front of it. LOL

  3. My old chief jumped at the chance to go to Wash for a photo op back in the day to promote the Brady bill.
    It was all for self aggrandizement. All for his résumé. He didn’t know the first thing about the bill.
    Tese guys don’t look happy at all.
    One is a corporal and another is a sergeant, no stars on collars or epaulets.
    Ergo: told to be there.

    • Just following orders is never an excuse. They damn well can get the “Blue Flu” any other time they don’t like something. If they won’t disobey this order, then they won’t disobey the one to come and take our guns.

  4. Wonder if the O-man knows 90% of cops don’t support his “common sense” agenda.

  5. Common sense? That would have meant not rehiring Obama. That would mean not going after good citizens because of what one wacko did. But then, common sense isn’t all that common.

  6. Meanwhile he uses drones to murder children…

    If you’ve ever asked yourself why the people of Germany never stood up to The Fuhrer, why they never demanded an end to the madness, you need only look around you, you need only look in the mirror.

    The answer is before you.

    We can end this, we only need the courage.

    • Yes, Obama wanting (but not actually signing any executive orders) background checks is just EXACTLY like rounding up jews, gypsies, slavs, homosexuals and communists and putting them in ovens.

      This extreme right rhetoric is INSANE.

      • Ah, Mr rtempleton. Recovered from your previous mauling and back for more trolling, I see?

      • It may not be exactly like rounding up people and sending them to death camps. BUT, think about this:

        1. Let’s say universal background checks are signed into law
        2. anti-gun politicians say ubc is unenforceable without a national registry because people didn’t magically stop killing each other with firearms.
        3. national registry created, myriad of smaller gun laws passed. Crime still happens as it always will.
        4. Democratically elected leader doesn’t like guns. Decides to confiscate all privately owned arms, either from everyone or select groups of people for whatever reason “for the common good”. This idea is supported and all guns are destroyed except for those in the hands of military, police, and other government personnel.
        5. Who knows what would happen next; history damn well shows it wouldn’t be a trip to the land of unicorns and leprechauns.

        See how easy that was to string together?

      • No, the two are NOT the same, nor did New Chris say that they were. What he SAID was that the President of the United States finds nothing wrong with his drone strikes causing the deaths of 3000 innocent brown children, mere ‘collateral damage,’ and he is doing it in our name. He is also doing it on the sovereign soil of other countries without a declaration of war, and we sit back and watch the show because it’s not OUR children and they should’ve chosen better parents.

        Are we clear?

        • Thank you for the assist, but I don’t think we are involved in an actual conversation with Rwhoseawhat.

          They are engaging in a narrative which temporarily satisfies some unmet emotional need.

          I am must be “right wing” because I have to be. It’s the only way I can be dismisses as a caricature in his/her mind. He/she is only capable of arguing against self generated caricatures.

          In a very real way, Rwhoseawhat is having a conversation with themselves. We need not even be in the room.

  7. this ass clown big O is going to go down as the worst president since jimmy carter

  8. You can always tell when Obama stops reading his script. He lacks the ability to even finish a sentence…

    I’m all for common sense, although I have yet to see any from the administration. Don’t get me started on ole ‘Double Barrel, Just-Buy-A-Shotgun’ Joe…

    It’s amazing what common sense can do though. I was able to sit down with one of my wife’s friends who had never held a gun and had a fear of touching them and talk through guns and gun safety (She’s from California BTW…). At the end of our conversation, she was not only holding various handguns that we own, but also agreeing that guns are a good and necessary thing, and that laws governing them for law abiding citizens like myself are pointless. She even brought up the point that larger magazines are better because they give you a better chance of defending yourself against a group of attackers.

    It really is amazing what common sense can do, unfortunately, what this administration and msm pump out is common propaganda, not common sense.

    • “It really is amazing what common sense can do, unfortunately, what this administration and msm pump out is common propaganda, not common sense.”


  9. And this is the most transparent administration in history.
    Do I really have to quote the rest of 1984? Or can I skip that?

  10. Its for the kids, its for hillary, its for feinswine, never does seem to be for the people protecting their families. o is protected by machine gun guards, talk about a waste of taxpayer money, Randy

  11. So we should idolize these guys because they shoulder the burden of responsibility… Don’t we as gun owners do the same, for far less recognition and respect?

    • No. Don’t.
      It’s already proven that civilians are in harms way more than police. And stop more violent crime than police.
      Almost all of my bad events were off duty.
      So, tip a hat, congratulate a neighbor, write a note to someone you read about, contribute to a legal defense fund if you can, (after thoroughly vetting)…

  12. If common sense is the goal, he would be talking about repealing a bunch of laws that make no sense. (And not just gun control laws…)

  13. I question whether America will finally awaken to the tyranny that’s taken hold in Washington. Aren’t Fast & Furious, the Boston Bombers, Fort Hood, Benghasi, the helicopter shootdown in Afghanistan (30 killed including 22 Navy SEALS) and the PC ROI’s which cost us thousands of lives enough? All these incidents, and dozens more, beg the question as to why these leftist bastards are allowed to constinue in their quest to whitewash the Islamic threat against our beloved nation – an existential threat which clearly overshadows that which was posed by the Third Reich. What about our debt to those who have made the supreme sacrifice so we could live free?

    While HUSSEIN Obama campaigns to disarm us in the name of “Common Sense Gun Control”, he’s simultaneously arming the enemy camp (al Qaeda and the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood) with sophisticated weaponry – including manpads.

  14. Well, since crime has been plummeting since the ’90s while gun control has actually been easing (the CCW explosion, expiration of the AWB, etc), it would seem to me that common sense dictates LESS gun control.

  15. I’d be persona-non-grata if I were forced to be background scenery for some politician. Each time I heard something I didn’t like, I’d “unconsciously” grimace and slowly shake my head…

  16. Let’s just ban the phrase “common sense” because it has come to be a flag for “here’s how we’re gonna plan to screw the law-abiding Citizens next”. While we’re at it let’s ban the phrase “at the end of the day”, too. It has just become annoyingly over used and meaningless as a tagline for whatever anyone wants to assert is a definitively conclusive analysis of anything.

  17. The Second Term Curse is getting started on Benghazi and we also have the IRS scandal breaking as well. A year from now no one is going to remember anything about gun control or background checks. I think a few more scandals are in the works because the way this administration had operated there are bound to be a few skeletons in the closet.

    • Perhaps a war in Syria? That would make a nice distraction to take the heat off Obama.

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