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Barack Obama, Joe Biden

President Obama is, as we write, meeting with police chiefs from around the country. Notable among them are, naturally, chiefs from Newtown, Aurora and Oak Creek, WI. According to, “The meeting will also include representatives from the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the Major County Sheriffs Association.” In brief remarks before the non-televised meeting, the President said that he and VP Biden had been on a “listening session” for the past few months on the subject of gun violence and that no group was more important to include in those conversations than the chiefs . . .

He also made a point of saying that the top cops he’d be chatting with were a “representative group” from around the country — which, if true, may explain why the session isn’t being televised. Anywhere. And as if to tamp down expectations, the President made a point of saying that in order to get everything done that he’d like to restrict Americans’ right to keep and bear arms, he “needs the cooperation of Congress.” Watch this space.

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  1. I don’t expect this, but I hope there are the 127 and counting Sheriff’s who said they would not enforce the federal gun control regs he wants to pass.

    It will probably be something like the meeting with Biden and the groups, i.e. you have 5 minutes to say your peace and then we are going to push forward with what we want anyway.

    It is a fricken joke.

  2. Here’s hoping for total GOP intractability. I would really love to see him take a big loss on this one.

  3. “The meeting will also include representatives from the Major Cities Chiefs Association and the Major County Sheriffs Association.”

    Flyover country-except for Chicago-need not apply.

  4. I’m so sick of these people. I want to bludgeon the gun control movement to death with a crowbar.

    Maybe he’ll ask the Newtown boss why it took 20 minutes for his thug scrum to get on the scene?

  5. All this behind closed doors stuff, attacking the constitution? I’m thinking charges for conspiracy to commit terrorism are apropriate

  6. Jeez, I wonder what a bunch of anti-citizen’s rights police chief’s will tell him to do….

  7. Okay, my comment posted but didn’t?

    I’m thinking charge Obama with conspiracy to commit terrorism. He’s attacking the constitution and since he’s doing it behind closed doors, who knows what could be said?

  8. “representative group” as in “they represent your political agenda” Obama

    I once told my friend that “Great minds think alike”; he replied to me sarcastically that “So do dumb ones”

    Who in here thinks Obama’s got a bunch of Dummies/yes-men in that representative group?

  9. I do sincerely hope he is meeting with Top Cops and Sheriffs from Arizona and Texas. The other reservation I have is that most police chiefs are politicians in uniform, and know precisely jack squat about patrolling the streets. Still, I imagine there will be a few in this meeting who can tell these politicians exactly how misguided their efforts are. Any chief who can eloquently state that “Gun Free” school zones are a security nightmare will forever have my support.

  10. Anyone want to bet that the deck has been stacked on the anti-gun side for this meeting just like it was with Biden’s “task force”? When (If?) they release the names of the participants, don’t be surprised at all to find out all the police chiefs invited to participate are from cities with vocal anti-gun mayors and strict gun-control laws in place (or proposed). And you can all but be guaranteed the representatives from the Major County Sheriffs Association won’t be any of those sheriffs who have publicly stated they won’t support any federal mandates that go against the 2nd Amendment .

  11. “no group was more important to include in those conversations than the chiefs . . ”

    no group is more important than the citizens, actually.

  12. I’m sure he hand-selected anti gun police chiefs that agree with him so he can say he talked to police people and they all agreed with him. I’m sure Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, DC, etc. are all there as well.

    This is political maneuvering. Not an actual “listening session”

  13. Nothing like surrounding yourself with a group of people who see the issue the same way and expect a consensus……..

  14. The subject of gun violence is but a portion of the larger subject of overall violence which Obummer is not addressing unless it supports his various political agendas.

  15. What about the police chiefs of Virginia Tech & Northern Illinois? Maybe they should call in the top cop for the area where the Oregon mall shooting took place?

  16. I will bet Obama WON’T meet with Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., who “… set off alarm bells Friday with a radio spot some view as a call for citizens to arm themselves.

    In the radio ad, Clarke tells residents personal safety isn’t a spectator sport anymore, and that “I need you in the game.”

    “With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option,” Clarke intones.

    “You could beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back.”

    Clarke urges listeners to take a firearm safety course and handle a firearm “so you can defend yourself until we get there.”

    “You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We’re partners now. Can I count on you?”

    That’s the kind of common sense crime fighting advice we need, and I bet that Obama will put the sheriff on the TSA watch list. Hey, the Bamster has to make sure that Sheriff Clarke can’t testify in any hearings on gun control!

  17. Surely, he cannot believe that Congress will pass any of his proposals? If so, I have been giving him too much credit.

  18. We the GOVERNMENT are chipping away at the US Constitution.
    We the PEOPLE are loosing out Freedom nibble by nibble.
    2nd, 4th, 8th, 10th Ammendments.
    Soon we will be living like Australia, England & the rest of the Not so FREE World

    • What’s wrong with Australia. England and other countries.
      Do you think you have more freedom than they? Not so, probably less as you are more depented on the plastic in your wallet. Guns have nothing to do woth freedom and defence agains tyranny nowdays.It’s more an issue of self defence, which it seems Americans luck more than citizens of other countries. In any case, to make myself clear I live in a European country were guns in civilians hands are illegal (except from long 3-cell shotguns) and I wish I coulbe able to have one or two, just in case. BUT I also think that this gun issue in America is more advertisement of certain type of guns than a real freedom issue (AR-15 manufacturers will be happy with such publicity). You can do the job with a lot of other not so demonized guns and you could serve better your interests by not generalizing the issue. See, at the end most of the guns will stay legal, perhaps with a tougher background check, but prices will increase especially when the government decides that a, say, 50% tax on the high-cap mags doe the job better than a ban (who would resist the money at the end).

    • > We the PEOPLE are loosing out Freedom nibble by nibble.
      > 2nd, 4th, 8th, 10th Ammendments.

      Don’t forget the conservative and libertarian war against the 7th Amendment.

    • I believe that the only amendment in the Bill of Rights that the government has NOT violated is the 3rd. As far as I know, they have not yet quartered troops in private houses during a time of peace. So far. I probably shouldn’t mention this, because the DHS web site monitors are going to be upset that they missed one. Brace yourselves for an EO “Requiring the quartering of gummint personnel in private homes that don’t belong to the wealthy and influential. For the children!”

  19. I hope it’s not one of those situations where they use 10 chiefs as advisors and 9 of them are from towns where events like these happened. It would be just like them though.

  20. “…the President said that he and VP Biden had been on a “listening session” for the past few months on the subject of gun violence and that no group was more important to include in those conversations than the chiefs.”

    Especially when you hand pick only the ones that reinforce your plan. I’ll believe he got a true cross section when the Pro-2A chiefs say they were there. The next question will be, did they give you a chance to speak your piece and did they listen?

  21. Meeting with government enforcers on how best to oppress citizens. Yeah, this should be good.

    Ten bucks says none of the FOAD sheriffs are on that list.

    • Sherriffs are not controlled by the feds. Essentially, in their jurisdiction, they are the law of the land.

  22. “representative group” = Aurora, Newtown, Oak Creek, NYC, Chicago, DC, Boston, San Fran, etc.

    I think it’s a likely a rigged, one-sided meeting. Hence the lack of televised coverage.

  23. I imagine it going down along the lines of:
    /waves Jedi Hand
    “For 1 million dollars in grant money you leave here anti-2A”.

  24. You can bet the deck will be stacked in favor of the antis just like Biden’s “task force” was. When (If?) they finally release the names of the participants don’t be surprised to find out the police chiefs in attendance were all from cities with rabidly anti-2A mayors. And I doubt the representatives from the Major County Sheriffs Association will be any of those who have gone on record stating they will not enforce any federal mandate that contradicts the Second Amendment.

  25. The comments are similar to my own, which have been trapped in the spam filter or in cyber purgatory.

  26. I can hear it now, “Is there something WE have that YOU want that will make YOU walk outta here hating the second amendment???”

  27. Did I miss the part of Schoolhouse Rock where the bill said local law enforcement will enforce him if he doesn’t pass?

  28. Most Top BIG city Cops are imbeciles that are more of a mouth piece for the Mayors so this is really nothing more than more bullcrap from the gun ban groups. Overall I doubt Obama will talk to many US Sheriffs who say they wont enforce Obama’s BIG gun bans just scumbags from Fascist city’s who would.

  29. The outcome of any meeting with mid-to-large city police chiefs is 100% predictable. I would much rather see them meeting with sheriffs from a range of demographically diverse counties.

  30. Superb job in picking the liberally inclined Sheriffs from metro areas. It’d be horrible to get input from Sheriffs in those rural bitter Bible clutching gun counties. At last count, there were about 172 that I’m aware of that said “Mr. President… No”. Were any of them involved?

  31. Sadly, most law enforcement CEO’s (chiefs and sheriffs) are merely politicians with pretty uniforms. There are a few out there that stand up and support the citizens they serve, but they are few and far between.

  32. Most of these top LEO executives are nothing more than political whores, and fitting examples of the Peter Principle.

    I would not trust them with anything.

    Now, the Sheriffs around the country who are signing the letter advising they will refuse to enforce any unconstitutional gun control laws have the correct amount of intestinal fortitude.

    The Administration will trot out the usual suspects from the IACP, etc., who are dependent on federal grants to fund their projects.

  33. The President and VP Biden are currently in a Sound Bite Collection session. We don’t need O’s filtering. We’ve already heard from Sheriffs all over the nation advising law-abiding people to get a gun and training. Big city CofP types are like recently retired registered-Dem generals. What they say simple isn’t credible. They’re talking-for-brownie-points, a new reality show just as fake as the others.

  34. i’m sure the police chief from chicago was there beaming with pride on how gun control does work…LOL

  35. The police chiefs of America are nothing less than brown nosers, The yes men of every politician seeking support.

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