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Three variables greatly influence American gun sales: elections, legislation, and mass shootings. The last factor is obvious enough; people don’t want to get shot by a sociopath. The first and second are confusing to those on the left. They really don’t understand why people arm up when an anti-gun politician has a chance of being elected, or gun control legislation looms. Why so proactively paranoid? No one’s coming for your guns! It’s simple enough . . .

Jared Fulton and son Dave at Freedom Firearms in Battle Creek, MI

Because criminals don’t obey laws, gun control only degrades and destroys the gun rights of people who’ve done nothing wrong. That’s not paranoia, it’s a fact.

Millions of law-abiding citizens in California, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Maryland have lost their right to keep and bear a modern sporting rifle (a.k.a., an “assault rifle”) or use “high capacity magazines” despite the fact that they’re virtually never used to commit crimes.

Gun owners know that they — not criminals, crazies, or terrorists — are in the gun control advocates’ crosshairs. It’s no surprise that law-abiding gun owners purchase the guns they want to own, or may want to own, before statist politicians decide what arms good people are allowed to keep.

It’s not just a matter of practicality. Buying a gun ahead of an anti-gun politician’s ascendancy to power or passage of a new, restrictive gun law is a “vote” for firearms freedom. It’s a middle finger to gun grabbers’ ambitions, a statement of individual liberty. Because I own this, you don’t own me.

Gun owners know that a Clinton presidency will (further) curtail their rights, one way or another. So they’re buying now. The parking lots of gun stores here in Wyoming are full. I’d be surprised if it isn’t like that across the country. And more than a little disappointed.

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  1. Online ammo prices (5.56 at least) have been creeping up the past several weeks…inventories are getting a bit more sparse as well. I’ve noticed many AR parts suppliers have been showing reduced inventories as well. Right now, it seems to mostly be hitting the AR sector (AWB, part deaux, I’m sure), though I imagine AK inventories are feeling the pressure too. Yeah, I’ve been ordering ammo throughout the year and have a nice little cache now, but I’m still picking up bits and pieces here an there. I suspect if ‘you-know-who’ gets elected, this stuff won’t be available at any price for while.

    • Creeping up? It’s the morning of November 2nd and 9mm still .20c/rd and .223 .31c/rd.
      Not sure where you’re looking. If it’s in a store then I don’t know what to tell you.
      Buying ammo online is the ONLY way to buy ammo as far as I’m concerned.
      It’s consistently 30% cheaper. ie – $10 box of 50 9mm online, same box is $15 in a store.

    • Ammo prices have stayed the same for the past few months. Of course they fluctuate up and down on a weekly basis, but if you use websites that crawl ammo prices across the internet, you’ll see that on average they’ve stayed the same. Hell, I just bought another 1,000 rounds of Wolf Gold .223 for $298 shipped yesterday. I don’t even need it, but at that price I figured why not?

  2. Ditto for the gun stores here in Utah. And, to state the honest truth, I’m thinking about purchasing another gun soon. Not because I need one. Only because, in this social environment, I think it’s a more effective way to resist the trend towards more gun regulations.

  3. I just submitted an order for a moderate amount of ammo. I’m pretty sure that the quantity would be misinterpreted by some as excessive. I already warned my spouse that it’s coming, and not to try to lift it from the front porch. We have a hand truck for that.

    • My Trump vote matters not a whit in Blue Illinois. And neither does Ms Tipton’s vote in Red Wyoming. I’ve had online “discussions” with holier than thou Christian types who can’t vote DONNIE ’cause he’s “immoral”. So what is the hildebeast who believes in murdering fullterm babies? Trump”s positions on pretty much everything sure sound great…oh yeah this dummy is already stocking up no matter who wins.

      • Because there’s actually a difference between winning, and winning big. If she wins big, she gets to claim a “mandate” from the people. That’s where the whole “I’m not gonna vote,” or “I’m voting third party” comes in. If she wins by 1%, and the GOP retains congress, her damage CAN be mitigated like with Obama. But if all you fucktards stay home she wins with 10% and sweeps congress, then we have you to blame when we’re knee deep in gun bans.

      • It does seem to be the case that Presidential elections elicit from many people the thought, “ah, with the ease of just sitting in my living room I can diss a major pubic figure.’ Surely it isn’t the only time of year that women can make their opinion clear re misogyny.

        Speaking of which, and of “the lesser of two evils,” would sara prefer a many-times credibly accused rapist in the white house….or just a guy who gets belatedly accused of stealing a kiss?

        Here we go again. The election draws near and a few million people suddenly decide that it is a search for a candidate that has the same personal ethics as the voter. No. It is a moment when we chose which of two people (and their organization/mafia) will administer the country, chose the wars, and pick the Supreme Court justices. I hope people get their heads straight on that.

        It makes me laugh when someone launches into a moralizing polemic as to why they were superior people because they won’t vote for Trump, though they won’t vote for Hillary either. Wrong. Their non-vote magnifies the Hilary vote, compared to what an actual vote for Trump would have done.

      • former water walker,

        How do you know that your vote does not count in Illinois? Trump’s character flaws (as far as conservative Christians are concerned) actually appeal to a lot of people who are not active Christians. And I know a lot of active Christians who are going to vote for Trump simply because he is a better pick than Hillary — especially with respect to upcoming Supreme Court nominations.

        In my opinion, this is the most uncharacteristic, unpredictable election in the entire history of our nation. Go vote for Trump. For all you know Trump might carry Illinois. At the very least, add your vote to the popular vote count. If Trump wins, the greater the popular vote count in his favor, the more confident he can be in his policies. If Hillary wins, the less popular vote she has, the less confident she will be in her policies.

        • Hillary will win Illinois. Read my reply to some other guy. Sorry I didn’t notice you but I was watching the CUBS WIN! I am and will be a Ted Cruz guy but Mike Pence is a great substitute. If Trump would stick to the script he could win. I’m in my 60’s and have very little faith in politicians(or billionaires). JESUS is at the door…come up hither.

    • And yet, Keystone, you can’t get over the fact that someone who probably agrees with you on almost everything else doesn’t vote exactly the same as you.

      I don’t know who Sara’s planning to vote for, but I already voted for the best candidate in the race. And it wasn’t one of the two stinking sacks of shite foisted on us by the two major parties. (BTW, don’t try the “you’re just helping Hillary” line; my state is going for the harpy with or without me.)

      Hillary thinks I’m deplorable no matter who I vote for, and that’s enough for me.

      • It’s amazing that the democrats managed to put up such a horrendous candidate… the only thing more amazing as that the GOP managed to one-up them.

    • Despite his NRA endorsement, Trump doesn’t give a $hit about the second amendment.

      How can I make such a claim? Did you see the third presidential debate when Hitlery told a bunch of fibs about guns and Heller? Trump had an opportunity to destroy Hitlery and set the facts straight, but he did nothing but claim support of the NRA. Either Trump is a terrible debater or he doesn’t understand Heller (or both). Trump did a terrible job standing up for second amendment rights and I suspect the same will be true if he becomes president.

    • Because the owners/administrators of this site believe that a variety of opinions promotes healthy debate? And differentiates us from control freaks who only want echo chambers that they control? You may find the attitudes of the Mom’s Demand Action Facebook page more to your liking.

      • “Because the owners/administrators of this site believe that a variety of opinions promotes healthy debate?”

        Yes. Yes we do. We take a back seat to no one in our support for the 2A, but that doesn’t mean we spike or censor other views.

      • If you want another opinion on the Second Amendment – head on over to HuffPo.

        We need to support the candidate that is MOST LIKELY to protect our Second Amendment rights.

        Sometimes you can’t hire the ideal employee so you hire the one that is most likely to get the job done.

        • I am sure your diversity of guns will take a drop when Hillary is elected. All those platitudes are worthless, just like most politicians

      • Because the owners/administrators of this site believe that a variety of opinions promotes healthy debate?

        Yeah, and because its really hard to get articles from the MFM about why we should vote for Hillary.

        I’m a member of the stupid party.

        If somebody here wants to read a pro-Hillary story all they have to do is open their eyes and ears and they are flooded 24/7.

    • Because this site isn’t as cowardly as you appear to be. Are your arguments & belief so weak they can withstand no scrutiny?

  4. Gun show this weekend. I’m guessing it will set new records for turnstile turning and sales~~passing Jan 2009 when you couldn’t squeeze through ANY aisles.

  5. Yep, I’ve been eyeing a third AR-15 for a couple of months but didn’t want to get another S&W Sport and didn’t want the Ruger AR556. So, after Springfield announced the SAINT today, I called my LGS first thing this morning and reserved the first SAINT they receive – on Thursday (or Friday) this week. Getting geared up is fun!!!

  6. Put in an order for a Spikes Crusader two weeks ago and bought another 2,000rds of 5.56. Living in NJ made me jaded years ago as I’ve witnessed what happens to Rights when liberal democrats and RHINO Republicans get elected.

  7. Answer me this NeverTrumpers. What will your principles tell you when?

    Hillary’s supreme court OKs confiscation of semi-automatic rifles.

    Hillary’s supreme court OKs mandatory background checks for EVERY firearm transfer with associated government registration.

    Hillary’s supreme court OKs the prohibition of civilian ownership of “military and law enforcement” calibers.

    Hillary’s supreme court OKs the mandatory purchase of “Gun-Owner Liability Insurance” – from a government run marketplace of course – with annual 25% premium hikes to cover the healthcare of gun violence “victims”.

    What then NeverTrumpers?

    If you aren’t voting for Trump – you are throwing all gun owners under the bus.

    • Not sure how I’m going to run over 100 million people, but if you want to jump in front of my bus, go ahead. I ain’t stopping for nobody.

    • “What will your principles tell you when?”
      Principles are how you can tell whether it’s rain on your back or some bastard’s piss. Because without them, all you have to go on is his say-so. That the yellow rain is beautiful, just beautiful, and we’re wonderful, wonderful people for soaking it up, the biggest winners in all of the world, none more bigly ever.

      The real question is how could you possibly know ‘when’ for yourself *without* principles? A good number of the Trump supporters –namely the ‘burn it all down’ morons from the primaries that are now all about coalition building & others’ moral sacrifice– were so blinded by their fear of Hillary (were it actually hate they’d have done something about it instead of rely on a long-shot big-talker like a bunch of cowards) they completely forgot why they wanted to win the presidency & deny her the position in the first place. Such fools are easily led, and led they were by the one person most suited to either lose the election or deny them the benefits of a highly-unlikely victory by supporting liberal policies.

      TLDR I’m sure. So I’m a liberal shillary or some such horse-shit, but only because many Americans are too damn dumb to be free

    • I’m enthusiastically voting for Trump. All those saying he’s a “shite” candidate haven’t put forth a better option for POTUS because it doesn’t exist on the 2016 ballot.

      Trump wants a SCOTUS judge like Scalia, is endorsed by the NRA, and has spoken publicly in support of the 2A. My wife and I so far have donated about $800 to his campaign. We’ve also given to Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul as well as the NRA, FPC, Calguns, and SAF. (And to various police widows and orphans funds even though I doubt that will win me any points with all of the anti cop stuff on TTAG).

      Trump will also be much better against ISIS, border security, replacing Obamacare, and the economy.

      I don’t just bitch about candidates, I actually support pro gun candidates and causes. I wish more gun owners did the same.

      If Trump doesn’t make good on his promises than I support someone else.

      • I’ve been watching Trump’s public gyrations for far too long to trust that he’ll do anything he says. Is he better than Hillary? Sure. Anything would be better…but in the long run, more crap is still more crap. That’s why I voted for neither.

        • Don’t forget to assign credit for the result, in a few years. Like if we’re in the midst of a civil war. “Guess I showed them!”

      • Just occurred to me while I sat in a marketing meeting… Trump is the Republican version of Obama — the party’s populist archetype in the flesh.

        “Hope” and “Yes we can!” from a smooth minority community organizer swapped for “Make America great again” from a rough-and-tumble celebrity businessman. I can give you hope! I can make America great again! How, you ask? We’ll iron out the details later. Just trust me! I’ll save you!


        These things don’t have a history of going well. If I’m wrong and Trump turns out to be a great president, I’ll gladly admit it. But I can’t vote for the Strong Man on the White Horse (and certainly not for a criminal harpy like Hillary).

        • Ing,

          The math where I’m standing is still pretty simple. Trump *might* be a disaster. Hillary *will* be a disaster. Chances are still better with Trump. And Trump is looking at pro-gun judges. Hillary will absolutely, positively appoint lefty anti-gun judges.

          Further, the mainstream media loved Obama. They hate Trump.

        • I do see where you’re coming from. I’m not 100% sure I cast the ideal vote, but it was one I can live with. I considered voting for Trump as a “never Hillary” option, but in the end I just couldn’t make myself do it.

          Plus, unless all the polls are off by 20% (they’re probably off, but not by that much), my state is in the bag for Clinton no matter what I do. If voting for my ideal candidate looked likely to help the absolute worst candidate, I might have chosen differently.

          This election sucks.

  8. HRC on the 2A… Christ I don’t even want to think about it.

    However, anyone who tells me that I shouldn’t have voted for Trump will, after today, get a very cold response. Repealing the ACA took on a new meaning for me this morning when I was diagnosed with what is probably non-symptomatic diabetes. I want my old health insurance back and I want it back yesterday.

    • Sorry to hear that and I wish you the best. I myself am a cancer survivor – stage 3 malignant melanoma with a few less lymph nodes. For what it’s worth, I pay $18 grand a year for myself, wife, and son. And that’s just the insurance, without co pays, deductibles, and additional out of pockets expenses.

        • It’s increased my healthcare costs and created more part time jobs because employers don’t want to buy it. It would cost me less to have zero healthcare insurance and just pay out of pocket.

      • Wow. Some of the stupid decisions I have made in this life end up not so stupid. I stayed in the military until retirement because I was having too much fun to quit, so I retired in 1991. After that, my health care was paid for under my retirement other than my contributions of $3000/year max for the family, we hit that twice. After that, even prescriptions were totally paid for. Once I hit 65, Medicare steps in and starts charging me $2500/year for nothing, but the military retirement switches to a supplementary, so generally I pay 20% of prescriptions and zero of everything else. I’ve had a hip replacement and open heart surgery, the bride is a breast cancer survivor, I bet all 3 events cost us a total of a couple thousand over a 5-year period. $18,000 for insurance in a year would put a crimp in my firearm purchases. Wish I could say I planned well, but it was just luck of the draw, and the luck of a slacker looking for a good time.

  9. Well I am in a highly contested swing state and voted for Trump; and (R) for all except one local race. This is not the time to worry about the politics of specific (R)’s — I don’t like the politics of some that I voted for. For me, it is a message to the (D) party and the SJW’s. I have had more than enough of you. And BTW, my congressional vote went to Ted Budd, a gun store owner and not an attorney, two attractive characteristics in any candidate. May enough people vote for him to keep the Clinton-Pelosi lackey who is opposing him out of office.

  10. Based on the last few years everybody should have 4 lifetimes worth of 22 ammo from Walmart by now, and a dozen AR15s.

  11. IMO and probably only IMO you don’t need a dozen ARs as much as you need spare parts to keep them running over time, the skill to work on them, training on how to use them, mags and plenty of ammo.
    BCGs, Spring Kits and enough ammo for carry as well as training.
    It’s a lot of money so just do the best you can and maybe hook up with a friend and split the items. He/She buys a BCG and you buy the lower kit and some mags or something like this.
    No one in Venezuela is saying “gosh if only I had bought that super duper compensator. Nope they are saying damn I wish I had beans and a gun. Take care

  12. Well, in my situation with very limited funds I won’t be buying much, but I will be buying a few parts here and there. I am for the most part happy with the guns I have, (though I wish I could find a decently priced Israeli Light barrel FAL to go with my Izzy HB FALs), I have an OK amount of ammo/mags and an OK amount of spare parts. I know how to fix the guns I have and while I need to seriously get my butt to the range and take a few more classes, I can shoot ok for the most part.
    If you’re going to buy before the election and especially after if the worst happens, plan out what you’re going to buy. Just don’t grab everything but make a list of what you have, what you need and what you would be nice but not necessary. Sure there are going to be a lot of assholes who are buying things to sell down the road for a huge profit who don’t need any of what they’re getting, that’s never going to change, but try and make sure you and your circle are covered with what you need before you try and invest. Hell, Hitlery could win and never get anything real meaningful passed, (though I seriously doubt that), but there have been a lot of times where the hysteria has been wrong.

    • You are going to be better off than most with your attitude of having parts, and skills of fixing things and making do with what you got than those who just but stuff. Its like the difference between a prepper and a survivalist


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