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Huh? (courtesy

Aside from pointing out the fact that firearm designs are patented, words fail me. So here’s the inside dope from

Perceived Carry Decoys is a veteran owned entity that offers the worlds first and only way to exercise your 2nd amendment right, without the stigma or concerns associated with owning a gun.  PCD understands that not everyone is comfortable with owning an actual firearm. But why should those feelings affect your personal safety? Now they no longer have to . . .

With the launch of Perceived Carry Decoys, you may now give off the appearance that you are toting serious heat, while in actuality you have nothing more than a one piece device attached to your hip that is as harmless as a cell phone.

You no longer have to worry about young children finding a loaded weapon. This all-in-one piece construction does not come apart. At a fraction of the price of a real firearm, you too may enjoy the benefits of carrying a weapon, without having to shell out hundreds(sometimes $1000’s) of dollars for something that statistics show probably will not and/or should not be used.

A PCD device is meant to be a means of crime deterrent, rather than a means of self defense. After all, who’s going to run up on a person with a gun?

While these are not actual firearms, their extreme resemblance to real guns tucked neatly in a holster may be enough to give you the jump on anyone who may wish to do you or your family harm.

The whole purpose of open carry is to give off the “don’t mess with me” persona. The whole purpose of Perceived Carry Decoys is to give off the appearance that you too are ready for anyone, anywhere.

No waiting for background checks, no fees for classes, permits, or ammunition, protect yours today!

Disclaimer: Perceived Carry Devices are not intended to be used in emergencies. If you find yourself in a life threatening situation, first seek safety, then dial 911 as you should when carrying a real firearm.

[h/t Dean Weingarten via]

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    • I think he be doing a sarcastic troll. Read all the pages of the site.

      For example: from the bottom of the info page is tucked in:


      Check the “customer” comments on the blog page of the site.

      Email the dude and ask him:

      For questions or inquiries email [email protected]

      • Whether sarcastic or not, it bears mentioning that someone using something like this could still easily get shot by LEO if they’re waving it around like an idiot. We’ve had several shootings from LEO where someone had a toy gun that they wouldn’t put down on command.

  1. ….. No F***ing way. No one is that stupid… Right? Jesus… Please… No one is that dumb. I think I’m gonna puke.

    • Unfortunately, yes, they are. In fact, my experience tells me that there are a lot of people that stupid… All around us, all the time. You might even have some in your family! I know I do.

  2. I’ve tried numerous tacky, sarcastic, smart-ass responses to sum up how i feel. there are no words.

    -i don’t want to live on this planet anymore-

  3. it’s a bit. as 2nd city cop pointed out, all prices are listed as 0.00 and the add to cart function does not work.

  4. ?TF. Advertizing you have lethal force when you don’t. If you buy 2 do they throw in phony blow up muscle appliances?

  5. Well, on the one hand.

    But on the other hand, mimicry is a totally valid survival strategy and lot’s of species do it successfully as a deterrent. The question is, can you spot the difference.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so if an otherwise anti-gunner employs this, its a concession that firearms are a deterrent. A win is a win.

    btw, patents generally cover mechanical functions and designs, not “artistic” designs or style, so this would not be covered by a patent.

    • While you are right about patents, gun designs themselves are copyrighted, meaning you can’t make a product that looks like a brand name gun without permission. Glock has sued several companies for making airsoft or 22lr Glock lookalikes. So the wording used in the article may be incorrect but the statement in context is not.

      • Not sure how well either patent or copyright is going to work here.

        The problem with utility patents is that they protect functionality, and not esthetics. These are non-functional, so likely non-infringing any utility patents. There is a possibility for design patents though – but they are limited to the ornamentation, etc. As long as someone can show that a feature is functional, it is not protected by the design patent.

        Copyrights are similar – they are limited to the protection of original expression, and any functionality must be filtered out. So, Glock could possibly claim copyright for its stylized G, but not for the actual look of their guns (unless they can show non-functionality, which is unlikely). Yes, they may have asserted copyright against some parties, but I doubt that they ever went to trial (and, if the did, that the other side had competent patent and litigation counsel).

        I could be wrong there – I do this stuff for a living, but none of this should be taken as legal advise. You essentially get what you pay for here.

      • Zastava already copied the SIG P226, and several other companies in turn copied them,and Canik copied the Walther P99. Haven’t seen any lawsuits from SIG or Walther yet.

  6. This is going to get someone killed. I think the best way t deal with this going forward is to point out that a non functional firearm replica is a “toy” and sure the carp out them to force them to paint it orange or something.

    • If its legal for them to carry a real gun, why would they have to paint these orange? Its not like a cops not going to shoot you if you try to rob a bank with one of these. Or a banana. Basically, orange tips are stupid, and only come I to play when using one in an unsafe matter.

  7. If you click through the links you will see data from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, so I assume this is a sarcastic play on the Second Amendment and these folks are gun banners trolling for a reaction.

    • You, sir, win the Intertubez for the day!

      “Chocolate filled gold coins?” … I am still laughing at that one!

    • I’d rather have the bitcoins, the chocolate (if it’s good chocolate), or even the monopoly money (it’s useful as kindling).

  8. Here’s an idea: If you really want to be left alone, then just go around your town and introduce yourself as a registered sex offender. You don’t even have to be a real sex offender AND you won’t have to buy a pseudo pistol!

    • Actually it’s counter intuitive, but doing that puts a big target on you. Even in prisons they keep the pervs in a separate unit for they’re own safety.

  9. From the website: “PCD was founded in 2014 by a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served multiple combat tours to Iraq, and other places throughout the world. Based in Virginia Beach, VA, the sole purpose of these devices is to bridge the gap between hardcore everyday gun toting enthusiasts and those who are less willing to have a firearm in their home.”

    Somewhere R. Lee Ermey is convulsing with anger…

  10. The product being real or not is unknown at this time. But what i see on the facebook page tells me all i need to know:
    They are liked by an Anti gun group on their facebook, and link to multiple anti gun articles.

    If real, unsafe and moronic. Frankly I think this is an ANTI Gun Stunt.

  11. Words fail me but…”you too may enjoy the benefits of carrying a weapon, …” Right up until you don’t.

  12. When you go to the site, you’ll see a button directing you to “Firearms Statistics” which, when clicked, takes you to the site of the “Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence” which appears to be run by anti-gunners.

    This is not surprising. It’s a joke in exceedingly poor taste. It’s almost as bad, though not quite, as the whole “calling cops on OCers” bit.

    They are co-opting our culture to mock us into oblivion. Stay vigilant.

  13. Now all they have to do is make an AR version and members of Faux-pen Carry Texas can storm the Capitol to their pseudo-armed heart’s content.

    No way this is a real thing, though.

  14. Why pack one of these bulky, but non-functional devices around when you can simply wear one of those fancy Concealed Carry badges? Those are really cool and can be bought in all sorts of fun fashion styles.

  15. Did someone divide by zero or the Large Hadron Collider finally make a black hole? This is extra-dimensional stupid, not the garden variety stupid we see day to day…

    • the Ghostbusters crossed the streams. the jerk lawyer hit the switch and now 99 flavors of Hellish stupid are descending upon the Earth.

      NEW FOR 2015!
      V.2 of Perceived Carry will enlist the help of miniature ballistic charges sandwiched in red strip paper to imitate the sound of an actual firearm being actually fires.

  16. Perceived Carry Decoys is a veteran owned entity that offers the worlds first and only way to exercise your 2nd amendment right, without exercising your 2nd Amendment right.


    Kinda like exercising your 1st amendment right without speaking.

  17. “exercise your 2nd amendment right, without the stigma or concerns associated with owning a gun”
    If people feel this way then they should not even own a decoy. If this gets big bad guys will think all (but their own) guns are fake and a lot more self defense shootings will happen.

  18. I messaged these guys and they actually replied back to me. My message went something like “Dear Mr. Sh*t for brains” lol

  19. This is a horrible idea. The last thing I would want on me when a strung out loser making bad decisions comes my way is an attention seeking paperweight. God only know what he will do to solve the “problem”.

  20. “Disclaimer: Perceived Carry Devices are not intended to be used in emergencies. If you find yourself in a life threatening situation, first seek safety, then dial 911 as you should when carrying a real firearm.”
    So when faced with a real self defense situation, their advice is to run and scream like a little girl?

  21. Anybody have any hard evidence that this product will do more harm than good? Myself, I have no idea other than that I would certainly not use it myself. Seems to be the worst of both worlds to me, but I have seen nothing that convinces me that open carry makes one more of a target for assault. Not saying it ain’t there, only that I haven’t seen it. Being observably stupid might invite assault though.

  22. Didn’t some moron with a purse in a bookstore brag about using a hairbrush for this purpose a few days ago?

  23. You have to make all the noises by mouth when you use it. “Bang, bang, bang, click, click sound of changing magazine, click, click, FORKING Remington R51!”

  24. They have it completely backwards. What this is is a way to incur the stigma of gun ownership without actually exercising your 2nd amendment rights.

    Fake guns are not arms.

  25. Ha ha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA man that’s funny… I guess I had the advanced model when I was 4 (it fired the red cap rings)

    What idiot would have one of those…

    If they make $50.00 in annual sales I’ll be impressed.

  26. Perceived Carry Decoys…do they have any Star Trek Phasers?
    Realistically, people who buy this stuff should just reserve space on a mortuary slab.

  27. Wait whut? Is this from The Onion? Hey I sold security systems years ago and had more than one homeowner tell me they were just gonna’ stick a “protected by” sign on their lawn. And who’s going to run up on someone packing heat…officer.

  28. All this will do is ensure that IF an armed attack does happen, the person wearing this FAKE firearm will definitely be killed. Do not be that guy!

    This also plays into why I feel that open carry is dumb to begin with. If a criminal is intent even after he sees you are armed guess who will be the one to either be disarmed after a surprise KO (which also could arm a previously unarmed attacker), have the gun wrestled from them, snatched from your holster, or to be executed with no chance to react. Your chances for success and survival are greater under most circumstances if your the one surprising the bad guy with the gun. I think..

  29. “…Perceived Carry Decoys is a veteran owned entity”

    I don’t know which…..

    Option the First: Some bit of snarky humor that is just too subtle for most people to grok.

    or Option the Second: These people are ‘disabled’ veterans who took one too many hits to the head and someone should check the local hospitals for missing patients. I am sure someone somewhere is really concerned for their absence from the mental wing.

  30. When the Cops are screaming at you to “Drop the gun!”, how many times do you get to yell “I can’t because it’s not real and stuck on my belt!” before they shoot you to death?
    OTOH, maybe we should send a few to MDA so they can carry them in Krogers, or that woman from Iowa so she can pat her fake gun in her purse instead of a hairbrush.
    Maybe they can incorporate these into the ALICE program at the schools, so the “gunman” who bursts into the classroom thinks he/she is confronting 25-30 armed kids. Might buy the kids an extra moment or two to fish those cans of corn out of their backpacks to throw at the attacker before he/she shoots any of them.
    GOOD GRIEF!!!!!

  31. you too may enjoy the benefits of carrying a weapon, without having to shell out hundreds(sometimes $1000’s) of dollars for something that statistics show probably will not and/or should not be used.

    Only fake statistics.

  32. If this is real, it may be the stupidest, most irresponsible product I’ve ever seen.

    That said, this seems like it was dreamt up under a bridge.

  33. The best benefit that could come from this would be to remind bad guys that there are also people around carrying concealed. But even then I think it would only be effective insofar as there are actual open carriers, too.

    Open carry has different benefits than concealed; the two work together. This mimicry would be effective if both of those are sufficiently common that bad guys aren’t willing to risk an apparent sidearm being real as well as worrying about concealed carriers being about.

  34. I’d like to get a bunch of these- maybe 10 or 20 and place them all around the house in plain sight. For people that visit, tell them they are just decorations, and in case of a home invasion there are gonna be some annoyed perps. In the land of fake guns, the man with the real one is king.

  35. Clearly you have been punked and repunked since several posters have identified it as being put up by an anti-gun organization.

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