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A lot of SPEC-OPs guys are high-ready types. But there’s high ready and there’s you-must-be-high ready. I believe this is an example of the latter. But what do I know? I don’t own a single knee-pad. Yet.

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  1. When I was in the army, the only thing they told us kneepads were good for, is if we wanted to get promoted real quick.


      • Ahahahahahaha……. Seriously that made me laugh. I left only an e4 so my kneepads didn’t see much use.

      • The kneepads are only an accessory.

        The real key to promotion is learning to toally suppress your gag reflex.

        Joking aside, in the days before the internet put all the HSLD gear just a click away, a pair of volleyball kneepads from the local mall kept my kneecaps safe from the rocks of Wainwright while doing endless days of platoon and section attacks back and forth across the prairies.

  2. When moving around quickly with the handgun out, indexing the gun with your head, like IZero is doing is one of the preferred ways to carry the gun. It is not as tiring as SUL and carries LESS RISK (not no risk) in the event of a AD or ND.

    When moving though a closed space like a building for instance, the position is less desirable as it is difficult to bring the gun on target from that position. Also, if the building is multi-storied, then an AD or ND could breach the ceiling.

  3. Why would you lay perpendicular to your target exposing your entire body to your enemy?

  4. If you don’t own a knee pad you just aren’t being operational 🙂 (going back to that previous post last week)

    • I used to have knee pads for tiling floors. In New Jersey, in the construction trades, knee pads have a rather vulgar nickname, ____-sucker shoes. Hey it’s NJ and that was what they were called among the contractors I worked with 35 plus years ago. As to this training video? I’m too old, too slow, too fat and too crippled up with arthritus to even attempt what these “operators” are doing. And I don’t understand the whole charging towards the bad guy targets anyway. Unless I’m a combat marine, or federal agent, or cop, I have no business charging towards anyone with a gun out, because that would make me the aggressor? right? Civilian aggressors are generally looked at as the “bad guys”. right? Bad guys are the ones that get shot by good guys, or get to spend decades of time relaxing at the gray bar hotel while wearing fashionable orange.

  5. Got knee pads but was raised Catholic (NO altar boy jokes) also , installed tile side jobs. That count?

  6. I learned the value of knee pads when I was young and a tile helper… now I wear them any time I expect to be making contact with the ground with anything other than my feet whether I am operating operationally or around the house.

    As far as the drill goes, being a smaller target is always good.

  7. I was taught to keep a handgun held high in some circumstances and to carry it low(close to leg) in others. What these guys do is cartoon like. What else can be said for operator zero.

  8. Oh, and knee pads cut off the circulation to my lower legs, so, no. Pants with pad insert pockets I like for tile/carpet type work, for outdoorsy landscaping cement pouring whatnot I have a 1×2 foot knee board, 3 inch thick closed cell foam padding with 3/8 thick plastic base. If you happen to see any for sale let me know. Need another one!

  9. They’re carrying at High Port. High Ready is with the gun more in front of you (just below sightline), both hands on the gun and ready to “punch out”. High Port is great for hauling ass with your rifle or pistol still pointed in a relatively safe direction.

    I still don’t care for the guy’s instruction.

  10. There are reasons for high port.
    There are reasons for SUL.
    There are reasons for high ready, low ready, shooting on your back or urban prone.
    I suggest learning what they’re for, when to us them and stop internet dog piling someone actually training. This guy is fast, check out the rest of his videos. Whatever.

    • He’s not training so much as selling training. If I understand correctly, he has already “trained”. If I join some army’s special ops I’ll do all that too. Right now if I find myself on the other side of a car from a shooter I will try to kneel behind a front tire and the engine block, not lay down and stick my legs out for the bad guy to shoot. And if I’m behind a low barricade, I’ll still try to line up as much as possible on the shooter and still be behind cover. Because I’m not an operator, I guess.

      • Well it might be a good idea to train to hit your target from multiple positions. I assume everyone is combat accurate from kneeling or stading facing a stationary target. What if you are walking on the sidewalk and some maniac decides to run his car up on the sidewalk and take out as many people as he can before getting out of the vehicle and shooting the survivors. You have your pistol but now you have two broken legs and the killer is comming toward you.

        • I use my arms which still work and point the pistol and pull the trigger. Honestly, if that’s the scenario the guy is right on top of me, either I will be able to still move my arms or I won’t training or no training. I have picked up a few things just in regular life, playing soccer and basketball and paintball and wrestling with my boys and such. Hopefully if it comes to it I will be able to use those transferrable skills like flopping over on the ground to bring my gun to bear. I still don see the utility of the “urban prone” in that situation.

  11. If your pistol is held high ready and you are running, it is safer to hold your hand against your helmet so your muzzle won’t be moving independent of your head. Zero knows what he is doing.

  12. Anybody know Instructor Zero’s name/background? I Google-d him but coming up short.
    He can shoot well and fast and has some neat ideas on training but I would like to know about “where” he comes from.

    • Supposedly he is former or active Italian Army special forces. I’m not sure what sort of level they’re at, but they’ve been involved in both Afghanistan and Iraq over the last decade, so there’s that.

  13. Personally, whenever i run I throw my weapon in front of me to where I want to be. That way I’m lighter, faster, and can more easily move to where I just threw my firearm.

    • I utilize the lanyard attach point on my Glock and just let it drag on the ground as I run and take cover hen I can reel in once I reach my destination. A 3 meter length of operator black paracord is more than enough.
      That is truly “the yo-yo drill”.

    • Paul, you should stop pretending that every visit to Denny’s is going to be a potential Mogadishu and get real training.

  14. I dunno, but if I get into a hot zone, the last thing I will do is assault the position with a pistol. I will be going backwards to a rifle so I can bring down some fires on the target.

  15. I like instructor zeros videos just from the standpoint he is fast and accuarate. I believe his background is from Italian SOF, but I may be wrong.

    • Used to think so too, but no, he’s not an ex SOF. That has been cleared (I know, as I am Italian and I remember reading a discussion this guy raised between a bunch of Italians willing to understand why in the first place he’d seem to be on the show off side a tad too much). Not even sure if he was ever in any Italian military group. My own uninformed perception is that he draws too much attention on himself, ending up with some followers who are not exactly the bunch I’d love to hang out with. I don’t wish him any negativeness but I demand he doesn’t draw a foolish type of attention on himself as well. Not what other Italians need exactly right now.

      • I thought I saw old photos some even black and white of him in uniform and what generally looks like being in some sort of military on the Funker Tactical FB page, just wondering if that’s him or if he isn’t Italian armed forces of some kind?

  16. Fil, oops my mistake, I do believe he has posted pics of himself in a uniform in Facebook. It would be great to know more about his background, I don’t think anyone on here would say he isn’t knowledgable about his stuff though

    • No worries, it could well be *my* mistake then (and I would be better off with it being mine). With all the terrific information, instructors and the warriors of the US of A I wouldn’t want an Italian stand out like a sore thumb for all the wrong reasons. I’m sure you understand well. With all its traditions of poor reliability, mafia, foolish machismo and whatnot, I wish Italians were far more credible than they are accounted for (and unfortunately, really are). So whenever I seem to see someone exceeding in their ways, I question their contents, as in this case. I would be very glad if contents in this case weren’t mere “fried air”. So thanks much for your reply! I can and am willing to translate any and all info available on this guy – Italian into English. Take care, Fil


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