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Ceasefire Portland discontinued their gun buyback program two years ago because no one wanted to pay for broken ass guns. Now that anti-gun Portland Mayor Sam Adams has thrown taxpayer resources into the program (via the resurrected Portland Police gun task force) it’s baaaack! And the guns are bad. And the people turning them in fit the OFWG (Old Fat White Guy) dangerous criminal profile perfectly. All of whom appreciated the “no questions asked” policy, no doubt.

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  1. Funny how the media makes it sound like all these kid killing guns are being taken off the streets when its just a bunch of white people with older style guns that were probably their dads and they have no use for. I would buy most of those in a heartbeat considering they are only getting $50 otherwise.

  2. They do these silly gun buy programs in RI, and the only thing they get are old useless guns that no gun dealer would ever consider buying.

  3. Haven’t we all taken an old, or broken, worthless gun to one of those buybacks? A great way to make some money.

  4. As if rusted single-shot Savage shotguns and broken J.C. Higgins. 22 rifles were used in a wave of shootings. Few of these guns are even able to be fired.

    Just like Mayor Adams himself, this is another sad joke.

  5. If one child is saved from getting a mild burn on his cheek when the craptastic Higgins 22 experiences a case head failure, it will be worth every penny.

  6. Why doesn’t the PPD take some of that sweet, sweet forfeiture cash/property they steal, er, I mean acquire from people over the course of any given year and use that to fund their little gun buyback program?

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