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Baltimore, with the help of the Brady Campaign, sued Polymer80, blaming guns for 90% of the gang murders homicides in that city. Of course, we all know that P80s aren’t like the gingerbread man in that they spring to life when completed to rush out and murder people. However, that didn’t stop the plaintiffs (Baltimore & Brady) from making all sorts of wild-eyed accusations against Polymer80, while ignoring our nation’s rich history and tradition of manufacturing firearms at home.

On Wednesday, Polymer80 settled the suit with a payment and agreed to cease sales to Maryland residents.

Bold prediction: The homicides in Baltimore won’t suddenly drop precipitously. Sure, Baltimore knows that 90% of gangland killings were done with guns, but how many of those were homemade? Do they even have a clue? Were they able to apprehend each of the murdering perps and confiscate the murder guns?

If they’re anything like Chicago’s PD, they don’t have suspects in the majority of homicides.

From The Hill:

A leading manufacturer of ghost guns will halt sales to Maryland residents under a settlement agreement reached with the city of Baltimore, the city announced Wednesday. 

The agreement will settle Baltimore’s lawsuit against Polymer80, a Nevada-based manufacturer of ghost guns and firearm parts. The suit argued the company and its firearms have created a public health crisis in the city.

Ghost guns are firearms sold as do-it-yourself kits and are usually untraceable and unserialized. 

Baltimore accused Polymer80 of intentionally undermining various state and federal firearm laws to design, manufacture and sell ghost gun kits and parts without requiring a background check. 

An increasing number of ghost guns have been recovered by law enforcement in criminal investigations or in the hands of minors, prompting both state and federal efforts to curb their proliferation. The Biden administration in 2022 announced a crackdown on ghost guns, which was challenged by gun rights advocacy groups shortly afterward.

Gun control is racist, sexist and classist. Most Americans don’t support that.

Going after Polymer80 is nothing but gun control and victim disarmament for the little people, not lowering violent crime. They’re keeping affordable guns out of the hands of the working poor who need guns for self-defense in those crime-infested cities across Maryland.

If political leaders wanted to reduce violent crime, all they would have to do is put violent predators in prison for a generation or three, and in short order the murder and mayhem in Baltimore would drop precipitously.

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  1. “…keeping affordable guns out of the hands of the working poor…”
    probably fun to build, but they ain’t cheap.

    • Generally correct. I saved a little by shopping around and waiting for sales on the various parts, but don’t do it just because you think you’ll save a couple hondo, because you won’t. Marine Gun Builder is a good resource.

      • True, but as a California resident, having a bang stick Newsom and Bonta don’t know about is worth the small premium paid.

    • That was my first thought as well. Great way to fill some tinkering hours, and you can build exactly what you want…but at a price. Even waiting for sales (and assuming you already have all the tools you need), I never came in much lower than I could buy one from a LGS. So money isn’t a thing here.

      “Labor costs” can be offset by the enjoyment/satisfaction factor.

      The Hill not not a leftist site…but geez boy howdy they managed to squeeze in “GHOST GUN” 15 times! Not just by quoting someone.

      GG is a totally made up PR focus group approved term with a built in scary death connotation. When you use your opponents language, you legitimize/reinforce it. Please stop.

  2. Now all these anti-gun orgs/cities will be suing Polymer80 and ‘settle’ them into oblivion. You give the wild dogs a taste of blood, they will always want more.

    • Polymer80 was likely advised by their attorneys to pay the $1.2 million which would have been less costly than continuing litigation, especially against deep-pocketed Baltimore. Continuing to fight would have “lawfared” them into oblivion. The company is still facing suits from other municipalities that began more than three years ago.

  3. AS stated by another 2A proponent,DC:”Throw a scrap of flesh to one circling hyena
    and what do you think the others will do?

  4. RE: “Gun control is racist, sexist and classist. Most Americans don’t support that.’

    Most Americans are clueless Gun Control History illiterates. And that is because Gun talkers and so called defenders of the Second Amendment are zipped lipped about educating the public. And Gun Control zealots see that silence as an opportunity to rewrite History and claim the Second Amendment was written to Keep Whites armed and in Control of slaves. Fact is everything these Gun Control ratbassturds say and do today is Rooted in the Gun Control Racism that long predates The Second Amendment. Like slavery and lynching Gun Control is race based and a legacy of the democRat Party…History Confirms It.

    • Debbie W.,

      You tell us that you are absolutely certain that we can significantly reduce support for gun control if we educate the masses about History.

      And the rest of us post in response that we do not believe that strategy will be successful.

      Please do what all successful enterprises do: test market your idea and report the results to us. Apply your strategy to 7 people who you know who support gun control and tell us how many of them abandon their support for gun control after you educate them. And repeat the same process with 7 people who you do not already know and tell us how many of them abandon their support for gun control after you educate them. (That last bit of test marketing requires striking up conversations with strangers to find out if they support gun control–at which time you can apply your strategy.)

      All you have to do is try your strategy on 7 family/friends and also 7 strangers. If a significant number of them withdraw their support for gun control as a result of you educating them about History, you can come here and gloat about it–and the rest of us can eat crow. I will be happy to eat crow if your strategy works because we need a good strategy.

      • common…Are you trying to say once again you are a zipped lipped no count Gun talker as noted in my post? I think so I know so. Now you get off your behind and you ask 10 random people to Define Gun Control By Its History. When they cannot answer you man up and post something for the first time in your life that has teeth and educates Gun Control History illterates like this man and others in the fight…

        • Debbie W.,

          Read carefully: I am asking how many people who support gun control will abandon their support after you convince them that gun control is an invention of the post Civil War Southern United States.

          I want a strategy to change hearts and minds that works. Since you have offered no evidence to back up your claim, I am asking for evidence that your strategy actually changes people.

        • Void,

          I won’t mention the fact that her video disproves her very assertion. California’s attorneys openly admitted in court that historical bigotry and racism inspired gun control laws–and yet those attorneys and the entire California legislature and executive branch continue to enthusiastically support gun control knowing what inspired those laws.

          Of course we could ask how historical bigotry and racism in the United states inspired other nations like Japan to implement gun control (technically all weapon control) 200 years BEFORE those laws became active in the United States. It’s almost like the Ruling Class all over the world for the last several hundred years have enacted and will continue to enact gun control because they want to, not because several bigots in the United States wanted to punish minorities 150 years ago.

        • uncommon, she sees any and all gun issues through the lens of racism — whether that applies to the situation or not. If you don’t see everything that way, it’s obviously your problem, not hers in her failure to connect her pet issue to anything about firearms or policy.

        • “Are you trying to say once again you are a zipped lipped no count Gun talker as noted in my post?”

          No, he’s saying they won’t listen and you are doing nothing more than bore us to sleep…

  5. Well , I guess those @theists and h0 m0 sexu@ls in the anti-civil rights movement, really are interested in being in your bedroom, and every other room of your house.

  6. Warning to folks on this forum: do not buy or do business with Standard Manumitting. They pride themselves with the highest manufacturing quality standards but in reality they produce overpriced crap. I just spent $$$$ on a Single Action revolver. Never fired a shot and the cylinder hand broke the next day. Now they want me to pay for the shipping label to send the gun for repair. Their customer support sucks, there is only one guy on the phone and gives the same standard answer: “write us an email with your concerns”. I will never buy anything from them again.

  7. I remember when the singer Hank Williams junior complained that in the state he lived in. He could not get his favorite “skin magazine”. And he loudly complained about it.

    But I’m sure in the state of Maryland run by the “open-minded” class. You can get whatever mail-order pornography you want.
    But no “firearms lego kits” for you. The smartest people in the room certainly don’t want you building your own guns.

    • It’s sort of irrelevant as to what they “ban” for delivery in Maryland. No matter where you live in the State you are never more than 45 mins at most from a free State. With that in mind have your purchase sent to a buddy in another State,,, take your buddy out to lunch, take your product home with you and enjoy!

  8. Why does your headline…and article…say that Polymer 80 was selling guns to Maryland residents? They were doing no such thing. 🤷‍♂️

    • Because the State of Maryland passed a law redefining “gun.”

      Synopsis of bill: Altering a certain definition of “firearm” to include a certain unfinished frame or receiver; prohibiting a person from purchasing, receiving, selling, offering to sell, or transferring an unfinished frame or receiver; prohibiting a person from selling, offering to sell, or transferring a certain firearm; prohibiting a person from possessing a firearm on or after March 1, 2023, unless it is required by federal law to be, and has been, imprinted with a certain number in a certain manner; etc.


      • They are now saying they want a serial number on every block of solid metal that *could* be machined into a gun?

        Good luck on that one…

        • No, I don’t think they are saying that.

          I think that they’re trying to create criminals out of law-abiding citizens — because going after real criminals would alienate their voting base.

      • “Because the State of Maryland passed a law redefining “gun.” ”
        Being part of a Constitutional Republic, words matter.

  9. Imma just stickin to build ars. Keeps gettin cheaper and cheaper, i keep getting better at building and nothing makes gun haters pee themselves more is a nasty black rifle

    • They’re coming for your hobby, too. Since they can harass manufacturers of handgun parts and achieve results, manufacturers of rifle parts can be similarly, umm, “targeted.” Just make sure that you’re not a Maryland resident or you’re already a criminal according to their statute.


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