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A poll claims that majority of Americans believe bump fire stocks should be banned.

According to a new poll released by a whopping 79 percent of registered voters support banning bump fire stocks. The majority — 69 percent — strongly support the measure.

In the wake of any highly publicized shooting, public sentiment invariably swings in favor of additional regulation. The clearest example: the furor following the Sandy Hook school shooting. Support for gun control jumped 14 percentage points over the previous year’s level. However, spikes like that are typically transient and fade within a few weeks, returning to roughly the same levels as before the incident.

In this case it seems that a majority of Americans of all demographic groups support more regulation or an outright ban. Sixty-four percent of people who have a gun in their household, 85 percent of Democrats, 75 percent of Republicans . . . just about every group surveyed seems to be on board.

The poll was conducted online; we can’t be sure the interviewees were a proper random sample of Americans. The poll’s accuracy remains an open question until we see results from other reputable sources. But it looks like Second Amendment absolutists are fighting an uphill battle.

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  1. Is that the same as 90% of Americans support UBC’s?

    In any case it wouldn’t surprise me. Most Americans are worthless morons who hate the idea of true freedom and liberty because they’re more concerned with micromanaging the affairs of their fellow citizens than they are with countering the true threats to liberty like the good little soviets the establishment wants them to be.

    God, Americans are so stupid…

    I thought the 90’s were over a long time ago. Just goes to prove how easily your fellow citizen will so eagerly give up your rights (and mine).

    • Americans are stupid, they elected Trump (with Russian assistance) and some even still support him! Doesn’t get any more stupid than that!

      • A) All proven false even your own CNN said it was bullshit. And your Robert Mueller can’t find one iota of evidence. James Comey also testified there was no interference.

        B) Funny how you forget to mention the documented foreign interference from Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere helping Hillary.

        You are a hypocrite of the highest order.

        • A) The investigation is still ongoing dillweed, everything you posted is actually lies. Nice try.
          B) Uh, what? So there is no evidence of Russian interference (despite tons of evidence) but there is evidence of those countries helping Hillary? Are you insane?

          Also, never use the name Raoul Duke. Hunter S. Thompson would have hated morons like you.

        • CNN supplying the debate questions to the Clinton Campaign wasn’t an effort to influence the election? Oh yeah those were Americans who did that. There wasn’t anything illicit, illegal or corrupt about that was there? Where is the outrage?????????????

        • See Huntmaster, that is “Whataboutism” you’re engaging in there. A favored tactic of Russia…are you Russian sir?

        • Oh yeah and what about the hundreds of millions of dollars funneled into the Clinton Campaign via the Clinton Foundation. Again where is the outrage????????

        • No, actually I am a bot set up by a antifa activist who works at Google during the day and sleeps in a van at night until he can save the $1,200,000 it takes to buy a starter home so he and his trans girlfriend can get married and buy an Eastern European Baby to adopt.

        • Jim is stupid. He probably voted for KKKlinton (who actually had Russian and Saudi assistance via the KKKlinton Foundation) and some still support her. Doesn’t get any more stupid than that.

          A.) The investigation is going literally nowhere, buckwheat. Literally everything you post is a lie, regardless. Try again later.

          B.) Uh, yes. So, there is actually isn’t any evidence of Russian interference (despite tons of unverified and unsupportable claims that there was) but there is actual evidence of KKKillary receiving tens of millions of dollars, through her foundation, from countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia. (Fun Fact: Our government had, in fact, interfered in past Russian elections, though.)

          Also, Hunter S. Thompson would have laughed at you.

          And it’s a good thing, too, that Shillary isn’t President, either. So, no, it’s actually time for you to focus, Junior. Drumpf isn’t the problem here: gun-grabbers are, and they are lined up behind Shillary.

          See, Jim, what you’re engaged in is “lying” and “projecting,” both favored tactics of Communists. Are you a Communist, sir? (McCarthy was right, by the way.)

      • Gotta love all these triggered snowflake comments. Can’t wait ’til Trump gets reelected to watch their heads explode.

        • “Can’t wait ’til Trump gets reelected to watch their heads explode.”

          Currently, that’s likely to happen.

          There is *concerted* effort to push the Democrat party *hard* to the Left. Saw an article yesterday that pushed the notion that the ‘Middle American working-class voter’ was *gone* to the Dems forever and never coming back, so the Leftists need to triple-down on the ‘identity politics’ that worked so well for them in late 2016.

          “‘Identity Politics,’ Not Trump Voters, Will Save Democrats”

        • @Geoff PR — There is that and, historically speaking, 75% of Presidents who run for re-elected get re-elected, anyway. Based just on that, he stands a pretty good chance.

          Still won’t vote for him, though. Didn’t in 2016, either.

        • If we can’t get the millennials back on track and undo the programming they’ve went through not only in college but their first twelve years also, the left will win in three years. I’d say three quarters of them are totally brainwashed. The left wing of the democratic party is behaving just like a syphilis infect. They destroyed the Democrapic Party chances in the last election but they are going to go dormant and come back worse in the next stage. Just like a bad case of syphilis.

        • Trump is the biggest snowflake of them all. Draft dodging, spoiled little rich boy weasel. I didn’t vote for Hillary either but I can’t stand Trump.

          • @JD — Drumpf haters are the biggest snowflakes out there. I didn’t even vote for the guy, either, but seeing people melt over literally everything he says has been oh-so-satisfying — and laughably outstrips, and by a very long country mile at that, ANY kind of reaction from The Donald himself.

      • The “fact” that we needed Russian help to elect Trump proves only that the FSB (AKA KGB) is a more reliable source of information than our current news media.

        The “fact” that, despite this “interference” from a foreign power- we still elected him, proves only how unsuitable Hillary was!

        If his “facts” are right, his conclusions are wrong.

        • None of Jim’s “facts” are right, because they’re just simply not “facts,” at all. Just more actual conspiracy theory junkit bullshit from the talkinghead presstitutes in the whorestream media.

      • Just by your ranting it looks like and is Pretty obvious that your were a serious mind bending drug user and probably still are. People like you still have not seen the light of day as you obviously have your head up Nancy P’s and/or Chuck S’s ASS!

      • dear Jim, Who is more stupid…a person who hopes for a better America…or a person who believes anything the national media says…and we all know who has the agenda…

    • DoomGuy,

      What’s funny is in every other facet of life we basically get to choose whom we live with and share our time with. At least from the time we are adults. Unfortunately we can’t choose our families, but even then there are remedies.

      But for some reason, the idea that we are “one nation” and “indivisible” has been so pounded into peoples’ head since birth that we believe this to be true.

      It is patently false.

      People all across the U.S. in various States are different with respect to their local culture, morals, values and customs. It is the height of arrogance, stupidity and tyranny to try to enforce laws as a blanket measure that affect millions upon millions of people.

      It’s a shame that we can’t learn the life lessons of personal relationships and translate those into political relationships. We mentally agree that it’s best for people to peaceably divorce if they can’t coexist with one another and they don’t love each other. Why can we not see that it’s better to peaceably divorce this forced union that we were all born into?

      I don’t remember anyone asking me if I wanted to sign any “social contract”. I don’t believe D.C. should have any say or control over my daily life. Until people here wake up like the people of Britain, Catalonia and myriad other places across the globe and realize that decentralization and local governance is always better than centralized control and authority then we’re going to always be continually screwed.

  2. “But it looks like Second Amendment absolutists are fighting an uphill battle.”

    Same as it always was. But we’ve won before and we can win again, once people stop and think about it.

    • Think?

      You’re asking a lot from a society of hen pecked sweater wearing eunics, and rabid soccer moms who incessantly scream about their worthless, amount-to-nothing hell spawn they call “children”, as well as the mindless fat blimps who believe everything the media tells them.

      • Well, I am an optimist…if they couldn’t get it done after Sandy Hook, with Obama running the show, maybe we have a chance this time as well. The same hen pecked sweater wearing eunics were around then and we still managed to shut them down.

    • Second amendment absolutist fight uphill, downhill, no hill, capital hill, hamburger hill, Benny Hill, hill of beans, what have you. At least we fight. The real fight is yet to come. They will bring the real fight to us. And they will regret it. Or they won’t be around to regret it.
      It’s not hard to turn a leftist. You just have to be willing to show that you are more powerful than those he chooses to follow. They gain courage from the collective. They are cowards at heart. They will follow the strong. The NRA, the Republican party, the believers in freedom and capitalism have shown weakness in the form of appeasement. Michael Medved is a prime example of the party of capitulation. This doesn’t work. Reagan had it right when he said bold colors were needed to contrast with the leftist.
      Why do we walk on egg shells when we are right? March in and declare your rights. Confidence is sexy! Let’s try that approach.
      “I support the second amendment but I’m too much of a pussy to offend someone who doesn’t”.
      Man up people and save this world!

      • Michael in GA

        I agree with you 100%! The useful idiots that call themselves Antifa are only emboldened by their numbers and masks.
        No one, at first gave these communists any resistance, therefore they ran wild. When a few people showed up and opposed the communists, by hitting then in the head and exposing their faces is when people speculated, but weren’t sure at first, that this was a “Revenge of the Nerds” episode

        The communist Antifa, backed by the communist politicians in the area came back with weapons with a few good Americans fighting back against the Antifa kids.
        What is needed is a good, old fashioned bloodletting with the communists doing the bleeding. It sure wasn’t a problem with the communists and the carnage that a communist lefty started in Las Vegas so why is it a problem from the freedom loving Americans?

        There are many ways to deal with Antifa, their supporters and participants but it will involve making these communists bleed, but not on the Vegas level, the communists will force us to do this in self defense soon enough.

        Whether people see it or not, this entire sh@t show has hit the point of no return, all because no one wanted to make the opposition bleed, all the while the good people are bleeding from communist aggression

        Do you want to make an Antifa communist stutter, or appear more dumbfounded, and retarded than they already do?
        Ask one, or more, how do they plan to take over this country when they won’t leave their communist ruled, and held cities. Ask what happens if they ever sprout the balls to move on an area that doesn’t have a subversive mayor, to order the police to stand down, in turn protecting these useful idiots?
        Ask them the simple, and obvious questions, like what happens when they move on an area that doesn’t even have zoning laws and a populace that are armed to the teeth and more than happy to slowly torture these idiots before they dispatch of them and feed the wildlife?
        The only reply that these idiots usually give is “We will kill all of the resistors!” The delusions of grandeur demonstrated by these spineless, brainwashed kids is astounding, and if it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.

  3. Bogus poll, and even if it was a legit poll inalienable rights are not subject to a popular vote.

    • Thank you.

      I was going to ask a parallel question:

      If 85% of the population said Bibles should be banned, does that mean Bibles should be banned and that it would be right to ban Bibles?

      • You’re asking irrelevant questions.

        If 85% want the Bible to be banned, it will be banned, regardless of what “should be” and “would be right”.

  4. Quite often, firearms owners are their own worst enemies. The duck hunters don’t like the AR-15 “black rifles” so they see no problem if attempts are made to ban them. The traditional rifle owners don’t like machine guns, so they have no problem with them being legislated out of existence. Some pistol owners see nothing wrong with certain long guns being outlawed just as some rifle owners would have no problem seeing pistols banned. Now it’s “bump stocks”…
    Friends, ALL firearms advocates must “hang together” and realize that an assault on ANY means of firearms ownership and self-defense is an assault on ALL forms of firearms ownership and self-defense.
    There is absolutely NO ROOM for complacency among ANY Second Amendment supporters. An attack on one is an attack on ALL…
    ALL firearms laws are unconstitutional on their face. Imagine the hue and cry if “reasonable” restrictions were placed on First Amendment activities, especially with the “mainstream media”. The Second Amendment is clear–what part of “shall not be infringed” do politicians and the media not understand…of course, they understand full well…it’s part of their communist agenda…

    • It’s kind of like how the ultra left wing green hikers get the mountain bikers and the dirt bike riders to fight each other so they can weaken the efforts at equal trail access in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

    • Not all duck hunters dislike AR’s. I don’t much care them, that doesn’t mean I want them banned 79% of registered hunters don’t care what you got.Hunters Hate Black Guns, more propaganda, divide and conquer.

  5. Including several commenters on TTAG, the NRA leadership, the NSSF leadership, several gun distribution businesses, ban this ban that, etc, etc.

    It seems the Cody Wilson maybe the one and only gun maker/leader in the business I can trust.

    A “star trek” replication machine is in my future. That’s where my money will be going.

    • My Phaser 1 and 2 are fully loaded. Dilithium Crystals are in storage, just in case. These uninformed people are nuts, hahahaha!

      • I am an absolutist myself, but because of Russian and German losses from the not one step/inch back orders from their respective psychopaths don’t really like using that metaphor.

  6. Its to bad all that money given to various “gun rights” groups never went to educating the general public with gun history, self-defense, education advertising.

  7. According to a new poll 134% of the people (268% of the people used for the scientific sampling community) said they didn’t believe one iota of the crap spewed by pollsters, 52.71% hung up on the poll caller. The other 39% said “I can see your lips moving, but all I hear are seagulls”.

  8. “it looks like Second Amendment absolutists are fighting an uphill battle”

    To be fair, we knew that already. Poll or no poll.

  9. A poll is what people will put your head on, out near the highway, when they really get tired of your unconvincing talking .

  10. Let me guess? They polled mostly liberal democrat voters. Polls are full of it. The same polls who predicted Hillary was going to win the presidency by 5:00 PM.

    Oh boy!

  11. It all depends on the group that is polled.

    Ask anti 2nd amendment folks and you will get a result vastly different from pro 2nd amendment folks.

    Ask people that learned about bump stocks from MSNBC and it will be different from those that frequent TTAG.

    If you want to write a click-bait article post one with a ridiculous headline like : “Poll: 79% of Registered Voters Support Banning Bump Fire Stocks”

    • IMHO, it depends much more on the question asked, and how that question is phrased.
      Very seldom do you see a poll with one question, and the question is phrased neutrally. Usually, the poll comes after an article professing to be neutral, but subtly biased. Given this particular subject, just taking the online poll at the bottom of an article outlining the shooting would bias the poll taker against bump stocks because of the content (even if only factual) of the article, because the reader would be at least a little outraged when he/she took the poll.

  12. This poll actually is somewhat worrisome in terms of public opinion (which will change in a week or two). I’ve pulled some of the more relevant data on their sample. I didn’t go into serious detail breaking it down, this is just what jumps out at me after a cursory glance.

    Their sampling isn’t perfect but it’s far from skewed to produce the “desired result” on this question. Main over and under samples as follows: (+ means oversample, – means undersample)

    People living in Rural areas: +10
    People with a college degree: -11
    People with a Masters or Higher: +3
    People who are White: +9
    Hispanic: -7

    Interestingly, the folks “more likely” to believe in gun rights are oversampled in most cases while those “most likely” to be hostile to gun rights are undersampled in some cases. The result is still decidedly unfavorable toward the bump stock. Of course you have to take into account that most people have never heard of one and the device was just used for a mass shooting like a week ago.

    The real question is if they can replicate this poll, with similar sampling, going forward. That could bode poorly.

    • “The real question is if they can replicate this poll, with similar sampling, going forward. That could bode poorly.”

      Consider this for a nightmare scenario – We get a Las Vegas type ‘event’ a few days before a Presidential election, when the polls are running tight.

      *That* scares the Hell outta me…

      • That would indeed be troublesome from a political perspective.

        I wonder how it would actually shake out though since Republicans are generally viewed as more law and order types with a steadier hand during a crisis so they might get a boost.

        Then again that sword cuts both ways. If Democrats cod gin up enough panic and actually offered “solutions” that played to that fear…

        An interesting hypothetical that I hope we never see.

  13. I think at this point making a distinction between a regular Second Amendment supporter and a absolutist is like arguing that there can be increments of being pregnant.

    The way the chest hair has come off the “molon labe” types is just pathetic. Our camp seems to be wilting away from the purported goal of ” gay married couples defending their marijuana plantations with fully automatic weapons”

    Shall not be infringed indeed…..

    • Perhaps, and it’s sad that gender preference or chosen recreation is a supposed cause, All Americans should stand proud for this country. 200proof, 100% behind the Constitution and this country. IMO we’ve lost pride in America , the list of reasons is long. United States of America unite, North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan,ect. United we stand, those in office shredding the Constitution are traitors …. I’m down right Pissed Off and Mad About It.

  14. I have NEVER been polled on the 2nd Amendment. And I do not answer unsolicited polls of any sort…how many of you TTAG regulars answer anonymous azzwholes?!?

  15. I learned this gem from TTAG:

    Our Rights are subject neither to the democratic process nor to arguments grounded in social utility.

    I use this a LOT. Unfortunately, most of the muggles are not sophisticated enough to understand what it means.

    The “poll,” even if true… means NOTHING.

  16. This is the exact response Paddock wanted. It was his motive for what he did, his actions clearly show that. His brother also appears to be helping him after his death, just like he helped him move to Mesquite.

    How can people be so blind? Does he have to write it down like Christopher Dorner?

    I don’t expect the government investigators to announce his motive. They should already know what it is, but it won’t help them to inform the populace. They will likely pretend that it’s impossible to figure out and use the attack for the effort to repeal the second amendment.

  17. they took the poll AFTER news broke that the nra rolled over on it

    gee maybe THATS why…

    thanks nra and all the johannes paulsens out there for being the best sunny day patriots money can buy

  18. WOW, I guess I should feel privileged to be in the 21% of the registered voters that didn’t get a call from the Billary pollsters
    Although over the last few days, I have realized that there are a lot of closeted communists that only support the 2nd Amendment that they like, and not the 2nd Amendment that the founding fathers laid down in blood and ink

  19. What is most important to Congress and the Supreme Court is public opinion and damn the Constitution. How much you want to bet banning bump fire stocks is on the fast track in Congress.

  20. Honestly, if you still believe polls after 2016 and the election that took place during that year you may be terminally naive.

  21. If the exact questions asked aren’t given, the poll should be tossed out. Period. Same with methodology for selecting a random and demographic sample.

  22. 79% of registered voters support ‘feelgood legislation’ that will have no real impact on gun crime in any way whatsoever.

    This law would not hurt me, or anyone I know, but just cause I dont want a thing, doesn’t mean it should be cool to make it illegal.

    Probably irrelevant though, the product lawsuits will probably end the company anyway.

  23. ALERT….. 79% of registered Democrat liberal voters polled want Bump Stocks banned…. News at 11:00! 😏

  24. This bumpfire stock ban is going to be a slam dunk for Democrats. The majority of people are either against bumpfire stocks or don’t care if they get banned. Hell, I was listening to a Libertarian podcast last night and 50% of the people in the discussion flat out said they don’t care or are for a ban. You know it is bad when the people that don’t want government to regulate anything are for this ban.

    With the NRA and other “pro-gun” organizations now backing this legislation, I see no way for this bill not to pass. Trump will sign it and the Democrats will have a huge anti-gun victory under their belt. Likewise, we will get no compromise bills for the legislation passing. No suppressor bill, no national carry, no federal pre-emption law. We flat out lost this battle.

    • One can only hope that Trump the deal maker will step in and get something in return. I’m appalled by how quickly the hearing protection act was abandoned. I don’t think we’ll ever see national concealed carry which is a shame now that the country has gone to hell in a hand basket.

  25. When they only poll Democrats you get a high percentage against anything gun related.
    Me? I’ll just buy a REAL machine gun. I have the money.
    Just haven’t wanted one before, now I do.

  26. Trade bump stocks for suppressors, knowing that triggers such as the fostech echo, and franklin armory binary triggers now make these bumpfire stocks obsolete. They are far easier to control, and the early versions of the franklin armory trigger could actually go faster than the gun could run. Simply make sure that the bill ONLY bans stocks and not triggers.

    • James, James, James
      You say: “Trade bump stocks for suppressors, knowing that triggers such as the fostech echo, and franklin armory binary triggers now make these bumpfire stocks obsolete. They are far easier to control, and the early versions of the franklin armory trigger could actually go faster than the gun could run. Simply make sure that the bill ONLY bans stocks and not triggers”

      I do not know your age, or how long you have been around firearms, but you are either new, haven’t paid attention to the past, which means that you have no knowledge gun control, or the democrat/communist history of gun confiscation.

      While reading your post, I was actually shaking my head, when I read your last sentence, I said “Awww Jesus Christ” and loud enough that my wife, who was in the kitchen thought I was saying something to her and yelled “What?”

      The “Part time” or selective supporters of the 2nd Amendment will be the downfall of the 2nd Amendment, and this country. I feel really bad for the younger generation and the generations to come

      • 1. Please learn to use basic grammar, it would help you convey your message far more effectively.
        2. You are not a mind reader, and it shows. I am very well versed with the history of gun control at large as well as here in the US. I realize that when you give an inch, they take a mile. However, the way in which the public perceives an issue also directly affects policy. If they don’t like the way a certain political party dealt with an issue, they vote in the opposition in order to undo whatever the public didn’t like. Undecided voters, the ones who sway elections, have a generally bad perception of bump stocks, with a recent poll showing that 80% of Americans think they should be banned. I am not one who toys with the second amendment, and if this issue was about AR-15’s or other “scary” guns, I would be firmly in the “not one inch” crowd, regardless of public opinion. However, since bump stocks are not firearms, I simply don’t care if they are banned. They are an accessory that mimics (unjustly) banned full autos, but they are in no way necessary for the firearm to operate.

  27. I wish they never existed so this wouldn’t have happened and we would have to talk about them over and over again.

    Now that some of us have been so kind as to demonstrate that the stock is not necessary to induce bump fire, I predict that we’re heading down the path to a mandate that semi-auto rifles will have to have a grip safety or some other gizmo to eliminate manual bump fire.

    • Gaston’s love child
      What happens when a grip safety is bypassed, pinned or removed? What will the communist party claim that they have to have gun owners/supporters give up next, in their classic sickle and hammer quest, for “Common Sense” gun laws, which is their rephrased version, of their previous mission statement of “Common sense gun ban”

      You can “Bump fire” with fingers alone, rubber bands, shoestrings, altering springs, etc. etc. The communist party has been disarming Americans through incremental gun laws for years. A few years ago smart gun owners set the emergency brake and yelled NO MORE! and Not another inch/thing.

      Along comes this insane, murderous leftist, commits a murderous event, leaves carnage most people have never seen, or thought of and just like that, the communist left kicks off their gun ban campaign again, before the blood has even started to dry

      The most idiotic part of this communist campaign is that the commiecrats have actually enlisted the help of the people that they want stopped, and want to rule over

      A word of advice that I got from an older, “Commie Hunter” and Senior Chief was “Always remember, communist never quit, NEVER!” and damned if ole Senior Chief isn’t right.
      RIP Senior Chief.

  28. If 79% support this, then 79% do not understand our Byzantine gun laws.
    Essentially, they would likely support simplification of our gun laws.

  29. The Las Vegas nutball shooter could have killed more people with an ordinary truck or bus that day.. banning this or that ‘evil thing’ isn’t going to stop a madman. We’d have to ban large vehicles, gasoline, fertilizer (ammonium nitrate), fuel oil, bleach, lye, drain cleaner… all those things could be used to kill people in mass quantities.

    The harsh reality of life is sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. Preparation is always good, but recognize that even that is often not enough. If you ban bump-fire stocks, the next madman can simply make a homemade flamethrower or a working machine gun in his basement. He may even do a Tim McVeigh. Without putting every American under constant 24/7 surveillance, the madman will tend to win.

    • Exactly Buzz, You can’t fix everything and bad things are always going to happen, there’s no way around it. somewhere in our Socialist education system and the non existent/bad parenting in our society people are being taught that they bare no accountability or responsibility for anything they do and that the government or somebody will always fix it. we are surrounded by fools and mindless idiots.

  30. Were it not for the Hughes Amendment making civilian sales of machine guns manufactured after May 19, 1986 illegal, bumpfire stocks may not even exist. They are a poor substitute for the real thing, but are the closest that most of us can afford to get.

    Other than the Vegas shooting, I am unaware of any crime in which a bumpfire stock was used. They should not be regulated or banned over the actions of one a$$hole.

  31. Yup. As predicted politically ignorant absolutists would rather risk everything than give an inch on a stupid pointless accessory.

    • Yup. As expected, politically-ignorant sellouts would rather risk everything by giving another inch, which will very soon turn into another mile.

      FIFY. YW.

  32. Anyone with the least common sense knew this would be the result after the Vegas shooting. Fortunately, the NRA has abundant common sense and took the proper stance vis-a-vis this question. Wish others had too.

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