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Here’s a shooting test of the French Wonder Bullet shotgun slug.

The weird thing about these slugs, as TAOFLEDERMAUS points out, is that they’re able to break in to fragment, causing serious internal damage but less penetration.

As TAOFLEDERMAUS says in the video’s YouTube description, “The internal ports are not there for any aerodynamic reason, but to act like a multi-chambered, giant hollow point.”

What will he shoot next? We’ll be sure to share his latest videos with you.

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  1. I like new stuff but the prices they r getting for some of these projectiles are costly. I fail to c what they developed this for? I would have liked to c accuracy at 50yrds. .. … . BTW have any of you shotgun reloaders tried a steel ballbearing in ic or open choke, talk about penetration.

    • If you’d watched the video, you’d have seen that the reason is for hunting (boar is mentioned), and a 50 yard accuracy test was done.

  2. I’m sorry. Is this guy really from France??? I’ve just never seen anyone from France that looked like that.

  3. Seriously, why do you guys even publish this? This makes no sense unless it’s fired from a rifled barrel or at least with a rifled choke. Of course it’s going to tumble. And without ballistic gel it’s completely worthless? Soaked magazines? Really?

  4. Question about 08:39: Is a “rifled choke” the same as a rifled barrel? I understood a choke to be the cylinder screwed into the inside of the muzzle.

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