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So a Ferguson, Missouri cop shot a young black man two days ago. Here’s the police version of events [via]: “County Police Chief Jon Belmar said the shooting occurred after an officer encountered two people—one of whom was Mr. Michael Brown—on the street near an apartment complex in Ferguson. Mr. Belmar said one of the men pushed the officer back into his squad car and a struggle began. Mr. Belmar said at least one shot was fired from the officer’s gun inside the police car . . . The struggle spilled out into the street, where Mr. Brown was shot multiple times. Mr. Belmar said the exact number of shots wasn’t known, but ‘it was more than just a couple.’ Police are still investigating why the officer shot Mr. Brown, who police have confirmed was unarmed.” Yesterday, someone in the African-American community organized a march on the police station . . .

a few hundred protesters had gathered outside Ferguson Police headquarters. At one point, many of them marched into an adjacent police building, some chanting “Don’t shoot me” while holding their hands in the air. Officers stood at the top of a staircase, but didn’t use force; the crowd eventually left.

And then a candlelight vigil. And then . . . looting.

Afterward, a convenience store was looted. Several other stores along a main road near the shooting scene were broken into, including a check-cashing store, a boutique and a small grocery store. People also took items from a sporting goods store and a cellphone retailer, and carted rims away from a tire store.

TV footage showed streams of people walking out of a liquor store carrying bottles of alcohol, and in some cases protesters were standing atop police cars or taunting officers who stood stoic, often in riot gear.

Other witnesses reported seeing people vandalize police cars and kick in windows. Television footage showed windows busted out of a TV station van.

According to the, Anger Over Michael Brown Shooting Leads to Looting. The headline makes it seem as if the cops are somehow responsible for the looting.

Just as the law should hold police responsible for Mr. Brown’s death — if it was a bad shoot — the media should hold the looters responsible for looting. At the risk of stating the obvious, looting is an act of protest like beating up a stranger is an act of friendship.

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  1. None of the “aspiring rap artists” care one bit about the community they live in. They all need to spend a lot of quality time in prison.

    • To quote a rather cheesy movie… “We should expand executions for lesser crimes.” I’d bet you that the looters would have packed up right quick the first time they took fire.

      • Many countries tried it back in the day. UK in particular was notorious for hanging people for petty theft. Turns out it doesn’t really help crime. What it does, though, is make the criminals even more violent (basically, if assault already carries the death penalty, then you might as well kill the victim).

    • No kidding. RF is right on the money on this. The wife and I were watching this being covered on the morning news. The talking point was the same: “Police shooting causes protestors to loot.”

      What a bunch of self-censored nonsense. The old media is a collective of cowards and fools. How about: “A group of detestable people used peaceful police protest as an excuse to loot local businesses today.”

      Looters are the lowest of the low, no better than rapists. They will capitalize on any crisis or excuse to prey on vulnerable people and businesses. No person with any level of dignity or sense of community engages in such behavior. Every single one of them needs to be caught and have the book thrown at them. Animals.

    • The shooting was nothing more than an excuse to loot. The looting wasn’t a protest, it was just something to do in a mob rules sort of situation. Al Sharpton was seen leaving a small electronics store with a George Foreman grille.

    • If a cop says to use the sidewalk then i use the sidewalk in a construction area. you dont get in a altercation, fight, and go for the cops gun
      . what is the issue, he was black so its ok to assult a cop then blame the cop when deadly force. yeah, this is the cops fault that the kid turned violent and assulted the cop which the gun was obviously in a struggle between the two men. i just dont get it. cop says to me use the sidewalk, i use the sidewalk. i dont fight him and get shot. doesnt matter now, it will be made into a circus. people want justice because of violence, and will use violence, looting, and mob rule in the name of peace.

      • People should make sure they are at least a little informed on something before they speak on it. Mike Brown was far from a gang banger. He would’ve started college on Monday and he was apparently very smart, respectful and timid. Soft spoken. According to the people he was with, they were crossing the street on their way home. Construction or not if I live on that side of the street I am going to walk across that street. Like most ordinary people would. At some point Mr. Brown ended up on his knees, with his hands in the air asking the officer not to shoot him. The statement that he went for the officers’ gun is false according to witnesses, just like the orginal police statement about him stealing something out of the store.The officer fired a round directly into his head while young Mike Brown was on his knees surrendering…I would go on and explain how the officer found it some how necessary to put an addition 9 rounds into a young man with a hole in his head, but honestly…if any of you actually cared you would’ve used your smart phones, tablets, or computers to find out as much as you could before coming to a conclusion or making an uneducated statement on what happen. There’s plenty of info about it including video recorded witness accounts at your finger tips…if you cared, but most of you don’t. Police officers in this country have been killing people, black and white, a lot lately. Not all cops are bad, but no one is doing enough about the bad ones I feel. Thats the only problem with this country. People just don’t care about what happens to other people. Unless your a celebrity. This isn’t about black or white it’s about life and everyone’s right to live it. We have court rooms for judgements to be passed but these officers are taking the law into their own hands. As far as the looting goes though…its not smart at all, in fact it’s down right dumb, but don’t underestimate the power of the “mob mentality” 2 or 3 criminally minded people kick in a window start looting and it may give other criminals ideas. Don’t judge the entire movement or protest on the acts of a few, it doesnt change the fact that what happen is wrong. The FBI has gotten involved now so things will die down and hopefully justice will be served properly.

        • When I saw his friend (accomplice) being interviewed on TV, I could not ignore the obvious GANG-RELATED tattoos all over his neck and thought there might be a little more to this story.

          The accomplice being interviewed, (who was with him at the time of the shooting), had a graphic of the Clown Posse gang and several other other obviously gang tattoos) boldly covering most of his exposed neck. So I searched the web and found many sites that confirmed my suspicions…

          Firstly, remember he was away from his parents, visiting grandma.
          I initially figured his parents shipped him off for the summer as simply being unmanageable.
          But it now appears he might be “on the lamb, in light of his recent arrests.

          Being just 18 and barely out of high school, it is interesting how many charges he has on his record. I found no convictions, but that these charges have not yet been to court.
          And his juvenile records are sealed, so we only know about the last year of his life.

          Michael Brown had known gang affiliations and a violent rap sheet.

          Description: Burglary – 1st Degree { Felony B RSMo: 569.160 }
          Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1401000 OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

          Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }
          Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000 OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

          Description: Assault 1st Degree – Serious Physical Injury { Felony A RSMo: 565.050 }
          Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 1301100 OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

          Description: Armed Criminal Action { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 571.015 }
          Date: 11/02/2013 Code: 3101000 OCN: AJ006207 Arresting Agency: ST ANN PD

          But the media would have you believe he was headed for college.
          The sad truth he was headed for jail or the cemetary..
          Seems he wrote his own ticket.



    • Seriously, wheres the pride in your town, community and culture? These store owners are your neighbors and contribute to the community. Twisted. They can all rest easy tonight knowing they honored Mr brown’s memory. ha. Sharpton is on his way too I guess. Oh boy

  2. “I’m mad cause the police and government steal from us, beat us up and kill us, and I can’t make a decent wage or live in a safe community… I’m going to steal from random local businesses, beat up and kill my neighbors, and prevent myself and others from making a decent wage or living in a safe community!”


  3. nice looking cars, those homeless people were driving.
    well they must be homeless and destitute to be stealing something to eat, wear , and drink
    clothes, tire rims, cell phones, liquor.
    isn’t stealing alcohol a federal offense, not paying the federal excise tax at time of purchase?
    where de feds?

    • Those of us who read your posts on here know that the police could kick in your front door at 2AM, kill your pets, illegally search and seize your property, and traumatize your family, but that would not frustrate you. They could probably completely abridge your rights under the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th and 14th amendments, and that wouldn’t frustrate you.

      So what action by the police would it take to frustrate you, Paul?

      • Those are perfectly good reasons to be upset at police, politicians etc but they are NOT good reasons to attack your neighbors.

  4. I am all for demonstrations against oppressive acts, but your final statement sums it up perfectly: “looting is an act of protest like beating up a stranger is an act of friendship.

    With these things, however, usually it isn’t the original protestors who start the riot/looting, but rather either agent provocateurs, or opportunist who use the cover of the event to carry out criminal acts.

    • Indeed. Just skipping the middle man.

      Granted, there will always be opportunists. That said, we have whole generations of people who have been taught to believe they are entitled to the fruits of other peoples’ labor.
      Want to know what will happen when the EBT cards run dry, as they eventually must? Yep, this. But on a much larger scale. The current administration and the political movement which spawned it wants this to happen.

      • Addition too late for edit:

        If the cop didn’t have to shoot to defend himself from death or severe injury, then I hope he goes to prison. Won’t happen, of course, but in an ideal world it would. Nothing to do with the looting, though. I remember talking to a guy at a bar in CA during the Rodney King riots, and he got pissed when I expressed disgust at the ongoing riots on the bar TV. So I asked him: If they are angry at the cops who worked over King, why trash their own neighborhood and screw over their own neighbors? That seemed to make him think for a minute, at least.

  5. These communities riot at the drop of a hat over a criminal biting it, yet when honest people living in their midst are victimized by these out of control fatherless sons they don’t seem to give a damn.

    • What a profoundly true statement. How often do we hear about gang bangers offing each other? Every day. How often to we hear about innocent people and children being harmed or killed as a result? Every day. How often do we hear about massive community protests when gang bangers kill one another? Never. How often do we hear about massive community protests when innocents are harmed? Never.

      Communities with gang problems suffer need to get their priorities straight.

  6. 1) They burned/destroyed their own neighborhood – that particular area already was depressed economically, and it is doubtful businesses will re-build or expand there

    2) Al Sharpton is coming to town on Tuesday – expect more nonesense and some additional (useless) marches

    3) Eric Holder has civil rights attorneys from DOJ “on call” – just like in Trayvon Martin shooting and what do you know, nothing.

    4) Ben Crump (the attorney who cannot articulate a coherent sentence) announced he is representing the decedent’s family. Expect a lawsuit shortly followed by a quick settlement as he knows he can’t win at trial on the merits. Also expect the family to not get as much $$ as they have been led to believe

    5) The decendent was 18 and just graduated from HS. He was to begin studies at a trade school today. His family described him as a “good” kid. . . . . expect the eventual character assassination.

    6) Aniticpate the eventual calls for the governor to appoint a commission to look into the issue of police brutality but nothing to come of any eventual findings

    7) Anticipate the local whores, I mean politicians demanding economic “development” (read kickbacks to their campaign coffers) in the local area to encourage jobs. . . . but nothing to come of it

    8) Expect the local Cabelas in Hazelwood to do banner business as folks in surounding areas stock up. just in case.

    • This situation is a travesty and does much to weaken the bonds of our society. Police are treating unarmed black teens the same way they do canines. Shoot first, think later.

      As far as the looting goes… this is what you get in those kinds of neighborhoods. Everything is an opportunity.

      • “This situation is a travesty and does much to weaken the bonds of our society. Police are treating unarmed black teens the same way they do canines. Shoot first, think later.”

        The bonds of our society have been weakened far before this incident ever occurred, Id say were at LEAST back to the 1960s in terms of race/cultural relations. It is more US vs Them than it was during Civil Rights but this time, no one wants to talk about it and would rather just pretend it doesnt exist.

        Im definitely curious to see what information comes out of this in the next few days, because at this point, were all just making assumptions. Because honestly, Im equally distrustful of police and eye witness reports.

      • apparently, the decedent and his friend were walking in the street ( a busy one) and the officer told them several times to move to the sidewalk. they refused and then when he asked them to stop, they took off running. Not sure what happened after that, but in a civil society, you also expect at least some amount of respect for authority to reasonably comply with a rational request/

      • According to the officer involved, this “unarmed” teen assaulted the officer, pushed him into his car, and attempted to take his gun.

        If somebody attempts to take my gun, I’m going to shoot first and ask questions later, too. Someone going for my gun is, by that very act, demonstrating an intent to use it – and therefore, to use deadly force – against me.

        So, at the very least, the initial shots by the police officer were justified.

        Whether they remained justified when Brown was 35 feet away, and fleeing? Well, that’s what the investigation will determine.

  7. So now we know somehow two guys were struggling with one cop where the cop was “shoved” into the car and perhaps a struggle ensued inside the patrol car. Sure sounds more and more like a life or death fight to me, it sounds like perhaps the shooting took place inside the patrol car and mortally wounded the “perp/victim” ran away from the car and fell dead. I know I would be justified in using lethal force if I was attacked by multiple attackers. I want to know what the history of the two guys are whether they have a violent rap sheet and if they have any gang affiliation. Of course those people that believe black people can do no wrong and as long as they are unarmed do not ever deserve to be shot will just call me a racist for daring to listen to any evidence or statements given by the officer involved and the investigators. How dare I question the mothers accuracy when it comes to her description that her son was a good boy that was ruthlessly murdered by the cops for no reason because he was black and all cops are racists and evil.

    • What marks you as a racist is that you felt compelled to include the adjective “black” in the phrase “..believe black people can do no wrong and as long as they are unarmed”, when in point of fact that phrase applies equally well to anyone of any color. We all know any attacker, whether armed or unarmed, can pose a threat to life – but you seem to be specifically demonstrating a fear of a particular ethnicity. You should take a moment to reflect of the basis of that fear.

      • Let’s just put this in perspective: Would you feel safer walking through Compton or the Upper East Side of Manhattan, unarmed in the middle of the night?

        • It’s the affluence of the two neighborhoods that makes one safer than the other.

          People in poor situations are generally desperate. Desperation makes people turn to crime.

          Not making a judgement as to why they are there and/or whether they had a hand in finding themselves there.

          Just pointing out the surface obvious point.

        • Compton. In Manhattan there’s a very high probability of me rearranging some rich Yankee asshole’s face.

      • and I do reflect …….and I see again and again and again and again ,etc, etc how one particular group stands out and continues to act in an animalistic manner and then wonder why they get killed, put in jail, or are shunned by others, Just calling a spade a spade and if the shoe fits then its not yours until you pay for it you bunch of shit for brains

    • Sorry, I don’t believe the cops any more. They have to prove it on video because there is plenty of examples on video of them lying. My mistrust is due to past criminal activities by the cops. That’s on their shoulders. They ruined it for themselves.

  8. “Police are still investigating why the officer shot Mr. Brown, who police have confirmed was unarmed.”

    We have to regain control of the narrative on this type of issue.

    The justification for deadly force does not arise from the attacker being armed. Being armed is ONE way deadly force may be justified. But, it’s not the ONLY way.

    I sure don’t know the facts of this case, so this is a general remark. When one carries a gun, ALL FIGHTS ARE GUN FIGHTS.

    A wrestling match that started on the street, moved to inside the patrol car and then moved back to the street, a fight with two subjects vs one officer (disparity of force), may well meet the standards for justifiable use of deadly force.

    I think the media report here is trying to subtly say that without a gun in the hand of the subject, the cop was prima facie wrong. That’s a might big leap, if they are trying to imply that.

    I could be reading more into it than is there, but that part stood out to me. It’s a bit of a throwaway factoid…he was unarmed. But, SO WHAT? THAT is not REQUIRED for the officer (or any one of us) to defend himself with deadly force.

    Be interesting to see where this investigation leads…

    • “When one carries a gun, ALL FIGHTS ARE GUN FIGHTS.”

      Sounds like something Shannon Watts would say.

      • No. That is wrong. Shannon might say it as “I want to shoot everyone over everything,” but that is not what it means.

        That’s what they taught at the Criminal Justice Academy to cops.

        When you have a gun on your person, any hand-to-hand encounter you have CAN involve your gun.

        If you carry, you HAVE to understand that.

    • With the little bits of information trickling in, it is starting to sound justified. I have no horse in the race. I can care less who wins, but I want the outcome to be based on the evidence, the facts of the incident. Too often in today’s new world order, society punishes those who are convenient political targets, and my gut tells me that the police officer in this incident is becoming that target.

    • Where are the photos of Michael Brown as an angelic 12 year old, like we saw with Trayvon Martin? Could it be that Brown is 250lbs and 6′ something? I know that Trayvon’s image when he was 12 was plastered everywhere.
      Does that deception only work once? Or is it just impossible to transform someone who looks like a linebacker into a skinny, defenseless, helpless teen victim?

  9. Good grief…here we go again.

    How long until the race hustlers swoop in and soak up some media time?

  10. My attitude towards the police has reached the point that I hope Al Sharpton causes the police hierarchy to offer up a pig for sacrifice.

    • I’m not a huge fan of the police but this goes beyond being a police issue.

      The race hustlers want to paint anyone who defends themselves against an “unarmed” thug as a racist murderer no matter the circumstances. This is serious.

      • One question….why did the whole incident start. Was it because one of the black guys did…NOT RESPECT MY COP AUTHORITAY

    • You are just a blank face in the pack asking for blood, no matter of right or wrong? Ever heard the saying “walk a mile in their shoes”?

      • My attitude might change when they sell their MRAPs and stop their no-knock invasions. They put themselves on my sheet list. Until then …F’em. Life long R-voting conservative that is tired of their sheet. They won’t change until they start taking resistance from their backside.

  11. You assault an LEO, there’s a solid chance you’re getting killed. You might get tased and cuffed or you might get ventilated. You’re rolling the dice. This kid should’ve known better.

    • But that is not how it will be spun. The media may convict the cop before the courts get a chance. Much of this will be for optics and political gain. The truth will be trumped to further other agendas. There will be a circus before we hear the truth.

      I do not trust the police, but from what I have been hearing and reading, the cop may very well be justified. IMHO, there is still not enough information and emotions are high and the one witness I saw I TV did not seem credible to me.

  12. Come on, guys – a few shots fired, a little impromptu redistribution of wealth – just another day in north county.

  13. One of the tactical problems with carrying a firearm is that in addition to protecting yourself you must also protect your gun. If there is a contact struggle and you are not free to draw and fire, technically you are not armed. Whoever gains control of the weapon becomes armed.
    The story claims that Mr. Brown was not armed. If there was a struggle then Mr. Brown was potentially armed. With a retention holster the cop had an advantage but was not armed either until control was achieve. If Mr. Brown had gotten control of the gun he would be armed (sorry for the Mr. Obvious)
    It is forgotten that if you are armed and adversary is approaching, you are in danger of losing your weapon.
    The simple statement “he shot an unarmed man” biases the story against the cop. But if the story was told, “ Mr. Brown was going for a gun when he was shot” we would look at it differently. The telling fact would be that Mr. Brown was going for the cops gun. And true, Mr. Brown would have been unarmed up till the moment he may have gained control. So to use tried and true TTAG language, during a struggle neither is armed until one is.
    So as a OC or CCW we may have to protect our gun with our gun from an unarmed man because he may become armed with our gun. That is a real tough to know, when the threshold has been crossed, but “ IF” Mr. Brown physically assaulted the cop, the cop has to protect his gun.

    • yea we’ll wait for the report(s). some eye witness accounts indicate the victim had his hands in the air and had separated some distance from the police officer when he was shot. I’m thinking the officer may have gone to draw his weapon when the teen(s) forced him back into his car, and maybe the struggled to prevent him from drawing.

      Whatever happens, the result is we have a dead young man, and an improperly trained law enforcement officer running around the community with a deadly weapon.

  14. I don’t believe either side. This crap happens all the time in Chicago. Look at the Westside of Chicago. It NEVER recovered from the 1968 MLK riots. At least the POlce didn’t shoot the 18year olds dog…

  15. If you go for a cop’s gun, expect to die.

    As a CCW holder, if I was open carrying or printed enough that some punk saw my weapon and went for it, and I retained it in the struggle, it’s lights out for that guy. Officers are trained that once they go for your weapon, all the mental safeties click off and it’s fire away.

    I don’t understand why people argue with the police on the street. You win the fight with the police in the court room. You get tased and crap yourself or assume ambient temperature if you fight them on the street.

  16. some cops are trigger happy scumbags, no doubt about it, but looting up stores and setting them on fire is not how you protest a police state

  17. You need to update the article to include the part about where they burned down a local gas station, too.

  18. “Anger Over Michael Brown Shooting Leads to Looting”

    Here, let me correct that headline: “Michael Brown Shooting Provides Thugs with Excuse to Loot”.

    There, that’s more accurate….

  19. No one even knows if it was a good shoot yet. The witnesses (who are friends of the deceased) on the news have difficulty speaking in full sentences and don’t seem trustworthy to me. The cops report makes it sound like a justified shoot even though the media seems to think that the man being unarmed is important. People should just wait until there’s more information before ruining their neighborhood. I wonder why so many people can protest during the day instead of being at work. Hmmm…

  20. Here’s a clue for the jackholes who want to loot something after a police shooting: start with the police station, and leave neighborhood businesses alone. Otherwise, people might decide that your protests are just an excuse to commit more crimes than usual and you are shedding crocodile tears.

    • Oddly enough, the same thing was said in the Rodney King riots in ’91.

      The poverty pimps never seemed to have a response other than to change the subject.

    • That’s because they, are, Ralph,

      Expect to hear more about how this “studious youth” had a “bright future ahead”. He might have been a loving and devoted baby-daddy to all his baby-mammas.

  21. Eric “the Snake” Holder is going to fix it. Radio report that FBI is taking charge of the investigation.

  22. Bottom line…. if the the police officer had not had a gun, no one would have gotten shot. Police officers routinely get into emotionally volatile situations. They shouldn’t make situations worse by introducing the means for lethal violence. If police officers weren’t armed, they would be seen as less of a threat to the criminal class and the kinds of confrontations that previously had ended in violence could be handled with calm, quiet, reason. Our streets would be exponentially safer. (no I’m not serious)

    • I’m all for more restraint, but your reasoning is faulty. We don’t know that this wasn’t a justified shooting – if the kid tried to grab a gun and got shot, well, that what his poor decision. That said, we don’t need to take weapons away from police officers any more than we need to from private citizens. What we need is for every police use of force to go in front of a jury composed of citizens and instructed by an impartial judge (ie, not one of the mayor’s BFFs). If excessive force was used that jury will come down on the offenders with a vengeance, 2 years of that and you wouldn’t be reading about police using excessive force.

      The police don’t need less options, they need more (and by more I mean INDEPENDENT) accountability.

  23. It is strange how the police alibis all sound the same. When the cameras are rolling the “resistings” and “went for my guns” are never there. All we see is an over-use of force. Things like that tend to be easier to see when those on the wrong end of the barrell usually look like you.

  24. Years ago before any of you were born, I took a job in downtown Detroit, in ’72. I could still see the tank treads on Michigan Ave from the ’69(?) riots. I lived in Canada as it seemed safer as I’m white. Took the bus across the river to my job.

    ALL my coworkers, black, white, Asian, whatever, were selling their houses in Detroit and moving to the burbs. It made no sense to me that someone would burn down their own neighborhoods.

    Then I finally figured it out, they didn’t give a SH** about their neighborhoods since they didn’t own anything or have any prized possession’s in them. Ownership is what it takes and they were never taught to own anything, thus who cared. They brought on the destruction of Detroit themselves.

    Then the community leaders complain about no stores in the area to shop.

    There are many poor destitute people in that neighborhood who did not loot or riot. They are the vast majority. BUT, they will end up paying for less diversity for shopping, getting cars worked on, getting doctors close by, etc.

    Maybe we need to end the War on Drugs and put violent people, looters and rioters, etc in jail for a long time.

  25. The single mom in Jersey deserves a riot, not a fool who fights a cop in a squad car. Also, why are teens standing in the street nowadays? I’ve seen this everywhere, and now some poor kid is actually dead because of it (google “tony stewart.)

  26. Let’s get one thing straight right now: nothing “caused” these looters to loot. They only wanted any old excuse to cause whatever kind of harm they could, knowing the media won’t condone them.

  27. When the Government decided to conscript New York City men to fight in the Civil War, the men rioted. Mobs of White men hunted down defenseless Blacks, and killed them. Was this just an excuse to kill, as you say that the recent rioting was just an excuse to loot? Are you able to “understand” the killing but not the looting?

  28. I just happen to be up here in Kansas City, MO this wek on business, and this thing is all anyone’s talking about today. I don’t know all the facts, but neither does anyone else just yet.

    Looting? Rioting? Seriously? There are vast swaths of the population out there who are willing to act out violently not on principle or in protection of anything, but on pure ignorance, emotion and craven opportunism. Let the investigation unfold and let the system work. There will be plenty of time for legitimate protest later on, if necessary.

  29. Come tomorrow these businesses will be gone forever. Detroit never recovered, neither did SC LA.

  30. Maybe next time a young white male is shot and killed we ahould riot and stuff. Oh wait! When the police shoot a white guy in a defensive situation and its a good shoot thats okay! But God forbid a cop or armed non- cop shoots a young black gang banger or other form of degenerate.

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