Men jump on the hood of a police car after a family said a man was shot and killed by law enforcement on Sunday, April 11, 2021, in Brooklyn Center, Minn. (AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa)
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The situation couldn’t be much more tense in Minneapolis right now. With the trial of Derek Chauvin under way, the city is bracing for what may happen once a verdict is handed down. Then yesterday, 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot and killed during a traffic stop in the suburb of Brooklyn Center.

The shooting touched off rioting and looting in Brooklyn Center that spread to Minneapolis.

People run as police attempt to disperse the crowd at the Brooklyn Center Police Department, late Sunday, April 11, 2021, in Brooklyn Center, Minn. The family of Daunte Wright, 20, told a crowd that he was shot by police Sunday before getting back into his car and driving away, then crashing the vehicle several blocks away. The family said Wright was later pronounced dead. (Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune via AP)

From Newsweek . . .

Several businesses in the area have been “completely destroyed,” while rioters clashed with police, according to videos shared on social media.

The National Guard has been activated and around 20 businesses have reportedly broken into in the Brooklyn Park area, John Harrington, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, said at a press briefing.

Today, the Brooklyn Center police chief announced that after reviewing body cam footage from the as yet un-named officer who shot Wright, she didn’t intend to use deadly force.

People gather in protest, Sunday, April 11, 2021, in Brooklyn Center, Minn. The family of Daunte Wright, 20, told a crowd that he was shot by police Sunday before getting back into his car and driving away, then crashing the vehicle several blocks away. The family said Wright was later pronounced dead. (AP Photo/Christian Monterrosa)

From the AP . . .

Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon described the shooting as “an accidental discharge.” The state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension was investigating.

Daunte Wright, 20, died Sunday in a metropolitan area that was already on edge because of the trial of the first of four police officers charged in George Floyd’s death.

Gannon said at a news conference that the officer made a mistake, and he released body camera footage from the officer who fired. The footage showed three officers around a stopped car. When another officer attempts to handcuff Wright, a struggle ensues. The officer is heard shouting “Taser!” several times before firing her weapon.

The Brooklyn Center shooting brings to mind the incident at a San Francisco BART station back in 2009 when a cop intended to use his TASER and grabbed his pistol instead, killing Oscar Grant. It’s also eerily similar to a 2015 Tulsa shooting in which the officer involved announced that he was deploying his TASER before shooting Eric Courtney Harris and killing him.

In yesterday’s shooting . . .

Authorities said the car was pulled over for having expired registration and after determining the driver had an outstanding warrant, police said they tried to arrest him. Then the driver reentered the vehicle, and an officer fired, striking him, police said. The vehicle traveled several blocks before striking another vehicle.

Wright’s family offered a different account, with Katie Wright saying her son was shot before getting back into the car.

A female passenger sustained non-life-threatening injuries during the crash, authorities said. Katie Wright said that passenger was her son’s girlfriend.

Police fire dispersants into a crowd of protesters outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department, late Sunday, April 11, 2021, in Brooklyn Center, Minn. The family of Daunte Wright, 20, told a crowd that he was shot by police Sunday before getting back into his car and driving away, then crashing the vehicle several blocks away. The family said Wright was later pronounced dead. (Jeff Wheeler/Star Tribune via AP)

It’s not yet known how long the officer involved was on the force, how much training she’d had, how she was carrying her TASER or what led her to grab the wrong item from her belt. In the mean time, the National Guard has been called out and public officials are expressing their horror and regret at what happened.



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    • Right.

      Still not a saint. Expired registration (illegal personal property tax – something something road pirates), outstanding warrant, and got out of the car probably aggressively.

      I’ll wait to see the video evidence… But this is definitely pouring fuel on the fire. Still, could have been avoided by the guy being pulled over. And obviously the tyrant and her shitty training done fucked up, majorly.

      Fuck em both. Probably one of floyd’s homies and the officer is nothing surprising.

      • I feel like any of this, like all police related shootings, would simply not occur if people would comply with any order given by a person with a badge and gun and the permission to use force when necessary. Im a white guy and I live in a nice middle class suburb and I have had negative run in’s with police. they swore at me called me names etc. I just smiled and said “yes sir”, “no sir”, “license and registration sir”. and then it was all over. Did i feel like was being wrongly abused? No, I KNEW i was being wrongly abused as i had done nothing wrong. But I was taught by my parents that when police say jump, you say “how high”. period. and you and your lawyer deal with the shit later if it comes to that. TL;DR: just listen to any cop when they tell you what to do and do.not.argue.

        • That’s right blind compliance and submission to illegitimate authority is what makes this country great!!!

        • Ar,
          So you argue that people should be treated neither:
          A, equally, nor
          B, on the basis of merit, effort, and achievement, but
          C, Every entry-level dipshit hired by a municipal civil service is entitled to unquestioning obedience like a feudal lord, and everyone else is a bowing and scraping serf. NJN, BFN.

        • “would simply not occur if people would comply with any order given by a person with a badge and gun”

          Why didn’t this young man get the same discount that all the insurrectionists at the United States Capitol received?

          The right wing extremists were repeatedly directed by the police officers with the badge and the gun to stop their assault on the building, to leave the building, to stop breaking the windows and kicking in the doors, yet hundreds refused to comply with the directions of the law enforcement officers.

          So can we agree, Ashley Babbitt should’ve complied with the directions of multiple law-enforcement officials as you folks require of this young man?

        • Miner,


          I remember you saying most of them were looking at felonies? And being happy as fuck about it too. Now they got off? Which one is it?

          Also, don’t forget the entire summer of love… lol… which you do. But I guess harming innocent people is better than taking it to the source? K then.

        • “The officer clearly states TASER, fires and then goes “shit I think I shot him””

          Oh, boy, here we go… 🙁

        • Yep. Fuck him then. He was about 2 seconds from being cuffed and would still be alive if he hadn’t done dumb shit. Nothing “blind compliant” about it. Clearly a thug and they will turn him into a martyr. I am all for the argument of “will not comply” but when you are wrong, you are wrong… and this dude was fucken wrong. Same as Floyd was. Could have all been avoided.

      • “Why didn’t this young man get the same discount that all the insurrectionists at the United States Capitol received?”

        He got a similar discount. He got a fatal bullet just like Ashley Babbitt got. The massive difference which you lefties refuse to acknowledge is that the Capitol officer (what’s his name?) that shot Ashley DELIBERATELY took aim and shot to kill. The punishment for entering the Capitol Building is NOT the death penalty. Wake me up when the police brutality protests start for Ashley. Oh wait, there’s no political power to gain there for the Democrats, so it won’t be promoted like the criminals they like to turn into martyrs. This is an old commie trick to create division.

        The traffic stop cop was incompetent and made a mistake. She meant to use her taser. It had ZERO to do with race. You guys know that, but you pretend otherwise because you need black people to be angry. It gives you political power. What you guys do IS intentional. Your heroes in the media and the political class you promote and support caused the destruction of entire communities last year that included dozens of deaths and countless assaults that never would have happened if you guys would have just been honest about what was really happening. White cops aren’t waking up in the morning looking to take out black guys. You’re smart enough to know that. Stop pretending otherwise.

  1. And the governor is placing blame on law enforcement, when the dirt bag criminal resisted arrest on a warrant. Too fkn` bad.. should have complied with officers commands and it wouldn’t have resulted in a douche bag criminal dieing from stupidity..

    • Which is what others will say when they red flag your ass and you decide not to cede your rights.

      • Due Process and rights are guaranteed for everyone, or no one, should any fail.

        I don’t care what this man did before hand until he’s had his day in court, which, like his life, was forfeited against his will.

        • No, he used his will to flee a traffic stop when an arrest attempt was made.
          Do you think they would have shot him if he had complied? He likely would have had that day in court if he had complied.
          Almost all of these shootings involve non-compliant suspects.

        • Yea I saw the video. He was hands behind the back and about to be in cuffs. He had warrants and committed traffic violations including expired registration (the initial stop) – what an easy way to avoid being on a police officers radar – and would still be alive if he hadn’t resisted arrest and jumped back in the car. Plain and simple. I would love to have an argument to agree with you, but not in these scenarios where thugs do dumb shit. They get what they deserve.

      • @Montana Actual

        Forgot to ask earlier…did you go to the Gun Show a couple of weeks ago? I saw a couple of good deals and lots of “creative pricing” from the vendors.

        Back to the topic at hand: Dad always told me not to argue with the Officer at the scene or stop…hold the arguments and explanations for the judge / jury.

        • I did. Found some orange box 9mm for “normal” prices lol.

          Literally all I went for. In and out.

  2. Perhaps the authorities in such incidents will effectively muster and deploy sufficient police and Guardsmen. Will that stop the mostly-peaceful protest? Or, will the disorder disburse widely into residential areas and suburbs?

    Sort of like poking an inflated balloon. The molecules will give-way where force is applied but they have to go somewhere else.

    The community is more-so like a balloon which – UNlike a metal cylinder – does not contain it’s molecules of gas within a fixed volume.

  3. One could argue that the grips of TASER devices should be so different from a handgun grip that one would immediately know by feel alone the difference when handling.

    I also have yet to see anyone, anywhere, at any level covering this event, even mention that one should not resist the commands of law enforcement officers.

    Everyone must be held accountable for their actions.
    This includes the words one uses- like those of the media asking questions during this press briefing. Words have consequences.

    • Excellent point. Tasers should feel very different from the officer’s firearm. I don’t know if that’s a different trigger mechanism or what, but it should be impossible to confuse the two.

        • In a panic situation, how often does anyone look at the weapon they are drawing in response?

          They are running on pure muscle memory…

        • Muscle memory would mean drawing from the taser spot… not the gun spot…

          Either way… Fuck em. Safer than trying to tase them. If I did the same thing, I’d expect to be shot too.

          They just need to stop making excuses. Tyrants gonna tyranny… and thugs gonna thug. Own up to your mistakes and don’t be a degenerate. If you wanna say fuck the government and fuck the law, learn how to do it and stay alive. There is a time and place for everything. When your hands are already behind your back, the time has passed.

      • I can’t speak for other locales, but the LASD has their bright yellow tasers holstered on their support side, opposite of the side where their duty weapons are located. This is for the obvious reason. So I’m a bit confused as to how a LEO somehow “accidentally” mixed them up.

      • My two cents;
        TASERs should look and feel different than the duty gun. As stated above.
        Cops training is to grab the duty gun, this instills muscle memory, with adrenaline flowing muscle memory cuts in, bang.
        Most depts carry the TASER in a cross draw position. They also don’t teach the same muscle memory.
        How about reversing this, yes a slightly slower draw, but cops aren’t supposed to be ‘speed shooters’ like Wyatt Earp.

    • Have you ever heard of a police officer accidentally tasing somebody when he meant to shoot them instead?

  4. To bad that the majority of the protesters versions of ” free at last” refers to the items stolen from the stores they broke into. Stores which may not reopen. And then the protestors will be protesting saying it is racist that businesses will not open in their areas.

    Well duh!

    • I had a friend whose family owned 2 butcher shops in Watts and had them for 3 generations. They helped out when customers could not pay, they gave food for church feeds and picnics. After the Watts riots, both places were burned to the ground and the community did not know why they did not rebuild. Duh, they were wiped out financially, both the businesses and their homes.

  5. Based on the audio of the officer cameras, it was a Black Female officer.
    Watching the media, Left, race-baiters and the Biden circus navigate/propagandize this one will be very entertaining.

    • Doesn’t matter. It’s the defund zone. Tyrant could have taxes that idiot and it would still be a story.

      Just a shitty scenario all around. Not siding with the idiot that was driving, and I damn sure ain’t siding with the tyrants.

  6. Is the gender fluid as it’s been called a He and a She? Anyone that claims they thought they had a taser when they pulled their gun I’d convict in a second. I’ve been carrying for a long time I know the weight & feel & trigger A N D Location of my gun, I’d no more confuse the two then I’d confuse my wife & girlfriend!
    Just say he need shooting & I’d go with dat!

  7. I don’t care what the crime in question is– if you ‘accidentally’ draw your handgun instead of a taser, you’re an idiot who has no business wearing a badge.

  8. A warrant out for his arrest…resists arrest. Gets back in the car, where it’s reasonable for police to assume he has a weapon he could start killing people with…gets shot.

    The mob chants “Justice for [insertnamehere]!”

    [insertnamehere] was an idiot who already got justice. What they want is revenge.

    • I’d like to agree, but I’d like to see video. From my understanding they got back in the car after being shot?

    • “Treat us like humans!”, they chant. Then rioters proceed to jumping on vehicle hoods like animals, looting stores and vandalizing the city. Cops don’t need tasers, they need varmint rifles.

      • I’d swap that around, myself. Cops get *only* tasers, which should be enough for basic self-defense and limit the damage they can do. The rest of us should be not only allowed, but encouraged to put our own weapons to use eradicating feral humans wherever they infringe on our lawful activities.

        And all of this without regard to skin pigmentation, mind you. Pasty-white antifa in Portland, black looters in Minneapolis, and garden-variety goblins all get the same medicine. Stack ’em up until they quit coming at you.

  9. Sounds like the police officer is guilty of manslaughter and should receive a prison sentence consistent with that.

    If I were the judge handing out her sentence (for manslaughter), given that the deceased was actively resisting arrest and directly created the circumstances of his own demise, I would impose a prison term on the lower end of the scale, perhaps as low as 2 years with good behavior.

    A lesser prison term suggests that there is basically no value in human life.

  10. WTF: Cops had his DL, his tag number, description of the car… You would think that with one cop already on trial for allegedly causing the death of a black man and a contingent of radicals all set to burn the WHOLE damn city to the ground if they don’t get the verdict THEY want, there would be some sense of caution among the cops… Unless this guy had a warrant for murder, child rape or sodomizing the neighbors dog “let him go” follow him with a helicopter and when he gets home send the Social Workers to arrest him… As far as the cop? Get rid of that one, if she had time to yell taser three times and STILL did not realize she was holding a REAL gun she has no business with either one… The family has a different take on events based on what the girlfriend said? Simple does the video show the shot (s?) fired before or after he got in the car AND “what difference, at this point, does it make”? Man it’s REALLY gotta suck to live there…

  11. Thuggy Jones pointlessly fleeing a diversity hire agent of the state. America can’t stop winning.

    • This ⬆️ I find it harder and harder to side with either the police or perpetrator. It’s like they both deserve to be jailed – together.

    • haha. Perfect comment. America needs more of this.

      Fuck em all. Fuck em all, together.

  12. Governor Walz sounds like a bitch. Does he hold his police security detail in such contempt?

  13. I’m sure I’ll get a BUNCH of grief over this statement, but it’s high time the police brought back the minimum height/weight requirements. My uncle was the only LEO in my immediate family, but when you look a pics of him and his fellow deputies from the 40s, they could be a pro rugby team.

    • Problem is, quota’s to fill, and no one who would make a good PO wants to be in a police uniform, so they get the dregs.

  14. There was a similar, but not fatal, incident in Lawrence, Kansas. A driver was stopped for failure to wear a seat belt. He had outstanding warrants, on minor traffic violations, which made arrest mandatory. Rather than submit, he punched out one of the officers. The other one, a rookie, reached for her Taser but came up with her handgun and shot him. (Contrary to policy, she had both on her strong side instead of on opposite sides. Her training officer was at fault for not correcting that.)

    What’s wrong with these fools who fight the cops over a minor bust? If the cop is right, they just make it worse for themselves. If the cop is wrong, they just won the lottery. Either way, they are better off cooperating instead of fighting.

    • Minor traffic infractions are no reason for a warrant let alone allowing the police to kill you. Why dont those cops pull over a school bus for no seat belts. Seriously it’s ok for your kids to ride in a state owned vehicle with no seat belts but not in your own private vehicle. GTFO

      • I once had to bail a friend out of jail. He had ignored several parking tickets. One day, he returned to his car, which was parked at an expired meter, to find a cop waiting for him. The meter maid had run his plate and discovered the unpaid tickets. The cop handcuffed him and hauled him to the county jail. I had to put up his bail money to get him released.

        He didn’t learn from the experience. He did show up to answer a speeding ticket to big to just pay. He also had a ticket, from another state, that he had ignored. The judge found him guilty on the new ticket and confiscated his driver’s license. During his suspension, he had to beg rides from friends.

        My wife used to drive a school bus. There is a long running debate about whether the kids are safer with or without seat belts. The last I heard, they are not required in school buses. (My wife is in favor of them. They would keep the brats tied in their seats during the ride.)

    • Thing is, THAT would have been a 100%, unambiguous, good shoot if she had intended to do it. The guy was on the ground wrestling her partner and clearly winning while the dash cam showed that he was grabbing for the partner’s gun.

  15. Why would anyone even consider being a cop anymore……being pad-locked in a trickbag full never ending consequences!

    • Helluva job ossifer…right up there with shooting that Blake low life in the back in Kenosha. Low IQ indeed.

  16. Plenty of pictures of this “jogger” brandishing a firearm online, as they like to do. But it was really just an air freshener…

  17. Let’s just hope everybody here is stocked up on popcorn and lead, so that we can enjoy the fireworks in every major city, preferably with HD livestreams. Remember, mostly peaceful!

  18. Too many Departments are mandating that their Officers carry too many choices for an intermediate threat response. When Officer presence, command voice and open-hand techniques fail to elicit cooperation / compliance…then the involved Officer has to rely on what may be an overwhelming array of equipment choices on her belt. This particular Officer’s choices ranged from: a baton, irritant spray, TASER to lethal force…by giving Officers too many choices to chose from in a split-second scenario we’re setting them up for the eventual “Oh Shit!”.

    Training and familiarization can only do so much…it is the multitude of choices that boggles people down at crunch-time.

    The MPD policy manual is available on-line…parts of it are an interesting read.

    • @ Old Guy in Montana…. in our area with so many “taser gone wrong scenarios”, the city is training the officers with a contraption that shoots out a “bolo system” that wraps all around the perp which inactivates the so-called bad actor….whatcha gonna do now, bad-boy bad-boy!

      • Another tool that is subject to misuse (accidental or intentional) during a split-second use-of-force scenario. Ooops, he moved while I was aiming and caught him around the neck….he was running when I deployed and he face planted into a curb…it wrapped his arms / torso while he was still armed and he got off a couple of shots wounding an Officer or bystander. So many variables. At least it is much smaller to carry / deploy that the ridiculous “Net Gun”.

        It will be interesting to see how real-life deployment and use of this tool works out…not every encounter will be a manikin standing still at the perfect distance.

        The biggest issue I see with deploying the Taser is that too many Departments / Officers have grown to rely on it when another device on the Use-of-Force continuum would have worked better.

  19. The rioters should be shot dead on sight. This female cop should be put on trial and shot at sunrise. And put it on live TV for everyone to see.

    • Hell yea. We could have held hands and skipped into a burning capital building together… but NOOOOOO… they want to steal shit from wal-marts instead while crying about “muh race tho”. Stupidest fucking movements ever. Americans share so much in common it’s not even funny. But the small shit like this overcomes the actual unity and equality because people are fucking stupid.

    • Just so we’re clear, if you personally were in the position of using lethal force mistakenly, and someone died as a result, you would willingly accept a summary death sentence for your crime. Is that correct? Now that we have that cleared up, if this had been your wife? Your daughter? Your son? Is this officer more deserving of a summary death sentence than you, or anyone that you ostensibly love? Is she more deserving of death than those convicted intentional, no-mistake-about-it serial murderers that receive life sentences in comfortable prisons?

      More to the point, have you seen a photograph of the officer? Do you know anything about her history?

      I have, and I do.

      You are a monster.

        • I for one am tired of the representatives of the state making “mistakes”. Any civilian gun owner would be charged under similar circumstances. And you know it. You are the kind of creature that is undermining society and civic order. You seem to be perfectly willing “to allow the state” to make mistakes. And get away with it.

          Justice is blind for a reason. So that whoever appears in court their physical appearance is not important. It should never be a factor. Only the crime that they are accused of is what is being judged. That is our system. But sadly people want to change it. I assume that includes you.

          The woman who supplied some of the guns to the Columbine shooters is a pretty, blond blue eyed, and from a wealthy family, white girl. She was not charged and did not go to jail for supplying the guns to the Killers. But the male’s that supplied the ammunition for the guns did go to jail. I will assume you’re happy with the end results. I am not. She should have gone to prison.

          Are you one of those Libertarians who is very comfortable with only the representatives of the government, police and military, being the only ones allowed to open carry weapons?

  20. I’m sure they, the democrat controlled city, cut their police training budget years ago.
    Disarm the police or only allow them have a taser.

  21. we know the perp was black
    we havent been told the race of the police officerette yet
    we should all be able to infer from that with a high degree of certainty that the police officerette was black
    if she was white we would have heard by now

  22. Funny how the police are quick to shoot people resisting but don’t do anything about the ensuing riot. If mandated, the cops could squash these riots fast but they sit back and watch everything burn.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if the powers that be wanted the cities destroyed. Pretty soon these areas won’t have any businesses or resources to sustain the population. I wonder if the population will be offered shiny new subsidized housing somewhere else.

    It’s a good thing big gov has an infrastructure plan to replace septic tanks with sewer lines for public housing in those pesky Red States. A steady dose of population injection just might shift the demographics and topple those freedom minded strong holds….

  23. It looks like he had a warrant for armed robbery. What part of being wanted for a violent felony means that the LEO should use a Taser rather than a firearm when you jump back into the car?
    A violent felony suspect with a warrant not allowing himself to be taken in means he could very well get shot.

    Kneeling on someone’s neck for 9 min or choking him out could be abuse by a LEO, but using your firearm to get him to submit is normal police procedure for a violent felon.

    • Yes, she mixed up her weapons, but when it comes down to using force, is there anything that says she’s obligated to use less than lethal force?

      • Agreed. Especially in this scenario.

        Doesnt matter. They just want an excuse to steal TV’s and cry about systematic shit that doesn’t really exist. Now it even happens with black on black in uniform. Maybe we are not far off from them realizing black on black is the problem, and their community can figure it out eventually if they stop whining so fucking much and apply themselves. Poor white people, poor black people, poor asians, poor fucken me, pour me a fucken drink.

        • If they really cared about unity they wouldn’t be killing each other in droves everyday, but nothing says justice like looting “Foot Locket.”

      • “is there anything that says she’s obligated to use less than lethal force?“

        Isn’t that the same for you and me, her life was not in danger so she had no authorization to use lethal force.

  24. This is like the fourth case I hear about when the female cop mistakenly pulled out gun instead of her taser. I think it’s the issue with how their brains work, anyone who teaches driving will tell you that women tend to have hard time when it comes to turn lights, they put on right blinker when turning left and vice versa. So she probably grabbed the weapon from wrong side, didn’t look at it in panic and voila. 🙂

    • Male police officers have done the same thing, with the same result. Adrenaline does weird things to the human brain. . .

      • Yeah, but considering how small percentage of cops are female, it’s much more common among them it seems. 😉

    • Complete and utter drivel. I taught all my nieces (6) to drive and not one ever mixed up the turn signals.

      • WOW! 6 nieces? And they all didn’t have issues with turn signals? Amazing! Theory disproved. LMAO! 😀

    • women tend to have hard time when it comes to turn lights, they put on right blinker when turning left and vice versa.

      Was it necessary to shout to world that you are a SEXIST… My wife (A Registered Nurse in Cancer Oncology for over 30 yrs) and the thousands of other women who share her profession damn sure knows right from left and many of them would probably smack the taste out of your mouth should you make the mistake of saying something like that TO them..

      • You’re one seriously whipped, ball less weakling, aren’t you? Your wife made you write this? Or you read it to her and decided to show her how tough you are? 🙂
        Are you serious? That’s basically a step away from brain surgeon. Show us her diploma etc. LMAO!
        And learn to read with understanding.
        If she would hit me, she would definitely have issues with telling right from left afterwards, I would smack way more than taste from her mouth.

        • I would smack way more than taste from her mouth.

          And you would find yourself rapidly achieving room temperature… I can only hope that a moron like you never gets the opportunity to reproduce.. As far as the tough guy crap, I never threatened you in any way, I simply pointed out what most women would most likely do should you or anyone talk shit like that to them… I see now, however, that I was wrong, they would most likely take pity on a feckless, ignorant, POS like you… On the other hand most MEN would bitch slap you just for thinking that shit and kill your dumb ass should you ever lay a hand on their wife, mother, girlfriend or whatever… I think you’ve told everyone just how tough you are, what’s wrong mommy got you locked in the basement and won’t let you out… Go fuck yourself punk…

        • It is common for individuals lacking both moral and physical courage to be tragically susceptible to one of the more disturbing side effects of testosterone- the pitiful compulsion to denigrate those they are most threatened by, and to seek validation from others with whom they share these personal shortcomings.

          It is also unfortunate that this type of personality defect will keep the sufferer from grasping just how pathetic they truly are.

          We can hope they come to realize it- but it rarely happens.

  25. WOW! This cop was a 20+ year veteran? Back in the day, among other steps, we had to be interviewed by a psychiatrist and a phycologist. Granted a persons thought process may change over time but ….

    • All smart cops have left in the last few years. Now you are stuck with diversity hires and defunded training budgets. The guy in the car was a robber evading arrest and trying to flee in his car, the officer was completely incompetent. They can both be idiots at the same time.
      At this point i’m neither pro nor against police, i can just shake my head when i see what this country has become.

  26. “Court records show Wright was being sought after failing to appear in court on charges that he fled from officers and possessed a gun without a permit during an encounter with Minneapolis police in June. ”

    Permitless carry is not a crime in 20 states, and should not be a crime in all 50. If the Democrats would embrace constitutional carry, Wright would be alive.

    Guess who is against constitutional carry? Of yeah, the police union (

    I dont support organizations that dont support constitutional rights.

    • Guess who is against constitutional carry? Of yeah, the police union

      No crime, no fine… It’s all part of the “revenue sharing” that funds the local governments (including cops) so they are against taking ANY laws off the books… It’s simple math, cops need a raise or some judges daughter wants a big fancy wedding… No problem increase traffic fines and step up enforcement… Take a crime off the books? Same answer… Pretty soon regular folks can’t pay the fines or complain about too many cop stops… Need a NEW law that’s easy to break… It’s a vicious circle…

  27. So, the cop has resigned AND been charged with manslaughter for shooting (accidentally or otherwise) a combative individual (who happened to be black) KNOWN to have used a firearm in the commission of a crime… Meanwhile a Capitol cop is exonerated for knowingly pointing a gun at an OBVIOUSLY unarmed woman (who happened to be white) and firing at point blank range causing her death? Yeah, I can see the wheels of justice at work here… One (in Minneapolis) is driven by angry mobs, riots and threats of more violence while the other is fed by a line of left wing bullshit bolstered by the lying MSM bent on painting ALL conservatives as terrorists and “insurrectionists” trying to destroy America…

  28. Are we EVEN now? White cop shoots and kills WHITE 16 year old who pointed an “air soft” gun at him and produced a knife after being shot. When the kid refused to drop the knife the cop shot him again killing him… Guess Maryland State cops don’t carry tasers… This will go down as a good shoot and there will not be any riots or looting, no cop “resigning” or being arrested, no demands to “defund” the cops or assaults on police stations AND no major news coverage… “Move along, there’s nothing to see here”…

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