Plinking with a Bofors 57mm Gun: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here has the 411 on this Swedish Bofors 57mm gun. I’d just like to add that it looks like a lot of fun. I mean, if they’re not just having fun, why are they shooting water jugs? I wonder how much a round costs, too. Not the smart rounds of the MK2. Basic plinking ammo. One more thing: do my Second Amendment protected gun rights extend to this bad boy? Answers below, in case I win the Powerball.


  1. avatar Norincojay says:

    Nope sorry. Sounds like full auto.

    1. avatar Big Johnson Jr. says:

      Don’t miss its mag dump at 3:45

  2. avatar Geoff PR says:

    Wasn’t that the gun that executed that North Korean general?

    1. avatar Rick the Bear (now in NH!!) says:

      “…the gun…” THAT WAS USED…to execute…

      Guns don’t hardly do nothing by themselves. Shame on you. 8>)

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        I stand corrected, sir!

    2. avatar A Brit in TX says:

      I believe that they use the Russian ZPU to cleanly and humanely execute their generals!

  3. avatar jwm says:

    It’s the ship under the gun that cost so much. If you can afford that you should be able to handle the ammo cost.

    In other words. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

    1. avatar sagebrushracer says:

      I always thought that a old WW2 era cruiser would be a good buy to just end pirates in Somalia, and the ship would be the major investment.

      boats following commercial traffic? Put holes in them till the water hides it.

      captured vessels awaiting ransom? Put holes in them till the water hides it.

      towns trading with pirate crews? Shell it with HE until its level.

      angry pirates come out in fishing trawlers and skiffs armed with AKs and RPGs? 40mm Bofors and the 50 bmg AA mounts should be fine.

      Its not like you need a lot of smart weapons to do this, something with 6 inch main batteries will be fine, no computer guidance needed.

  4. avatar Skoon says:

    Don’t feel bad I shoot a flier every now and then too

  5. avatar Garrison Hall says:

    In WWII the American 57mm anti-tank gun was judged to be ineffective against the German MKIV, Panther, and Tiger tanks; it couldn’t penetrate the frontal armor of even the more lightly armored MKIV much less the Panther and Tiger, both of which were enormously formidable. Still, this is a pretty impressive little gun, although I don’t know how well it would do in a real fight. Just sayin’.

    1. avatar A Brit in TX says:

      Is this the same 57mm shell though?

      It could be like comparing a .22 short to a .223 WSSM for example, same projectile diameter but that’s about it……

    2. avatar Big Bill says:

      This gun isn’t for heavily armored targets.
      Just like in WWII; very seldom did destroyers go up against capital ships.
      In WWII, we beat Germany, nonetheless.

      1. avatar Garrison Hall says:

        The Battle of Leyte Gulf is an example of destroyers and destroyer escorts taking on a Japanese fleet of cruisers and battleships. The history makes for an interesting read.

  6. avatar strych9 says:

    Fun, unless it’s shooting at you.

  7. avatar MLee says:

    I’d like to see them use that thing on those drug-running go fast boats we see videos of. They try to get away then start throwing bales of ….whatever overboard. That’s when I’d like to see them light em up with that thing.

  8. avatar Cliff H says:

    Generals always plan to fight the last (previous) war.

    That said, Sweden if one of the largest largest sources of military arms on the planet. Must be a reason for that.

  9. avatar bLoving says:

    Historically, if you owned an ocean-going vessel you were absolutely within you rights to arm it with whatever cannon, mortars or artillery you could afford to protect it from pirates or unfriendly navies. If you were an able captain you might even be granted a Letter of Marque empowering you to attack enemy vessels on behalf of your sponsoring country. But lets just keepthis argument about self-defense… short answer: damn right you should be able to own one… how much money you got? 😉

  10. avatar gsteele531 says:

    I have two of these – one I carry concealed; the other I use for squirrel hunting. I don’t eat much squirrel . . .

    1. avatar Rokurota says:

      EDC Pocket Dump picture or it didn’t happen.

  11. avatar PeterK says:

    And here I’d be happy with my own single shot .50 bmg.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “And here I’d be happy with my own single shot .50 bmg.”

      You can now buy one for less than the cost of 2 new Glocks, $1,199:

      1. avatar KCK says:

        Nice “prayer” rug

      2. avatar KCK says:

        should shoot this from sitting bench so that it allows the recoil to move your body. Prone, your shoulder takes it all because shoulder cant move backward

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          If I had one, I would fabricate some sort of thickly-padded telescopic stock to soak up as much of that brutal recoil as possible …

  12. avatar Tim says:

    Hmmm….a 4-foot group at 800 yards? What’s that going to look like on rolling swells in the North Atlantic?

  13. avatar A Brit in TX says:

    Not sure what it weighs, would be great to fit one to the bed of a pick up truck…….

    1. avatar Big Bill says:

      I have an F-11050 it would go on real nice…

  14. avatar Dave Lewis says:

    Light naval weapons such as the Bofors 57mm are lots of fun and very useful against lightly built opponents like the coastal fast attack boats favored by third world navies. Fiberglass and aluminum, even when its backed up by Kevlar, won’t stop high velocity rounds. Unfortunately these light weapons aren’t much good against larger ships. Once the target gets over a couple of hundred tons displacement, you have to put some explosives into the bad guys to make big holes and let the water in. There are still some old WW2 and cold war (1950s and 60s) era ships around that were built from honest steel – and some have a bit of armor plating. 57mm rounds will just scratch the paint. If somebody needs to hunt an old Gearing class destroyer a Harpoon or Exocet missile would be the weapon of choice. At knife fight ranges an old 5″ 38 (the best medium caliber naval weapon ever built) still can do a pretty good job and I’d much rather be shooting that at a target than a cute little 57mm pop gun.

    If I recall my history correctly, letters of marque were outlawed by international treaty some time after the Napoleanic wars. The law of the sea may still allow private vessels to be armed but almost no countries will allow an armed private vessel into port. Third world countries are too afraid of a private vessel being a front for a coup d’etat attempt. Even small arms such as shotguns and pistols which are traditionally allowed for ship’s captains and officers must be sealed or are totally prohibited in many ports.

  15. avatar Frank in VA says:

    Do they have it hooked up to the internet yet and how much will I have to pay to shoot it online?

  16. avatar adverse4 says:

    Now we talking home defense!!

  17. avatar Reed says:

    Please stop making the title of your post “Just Thought I’d Leave This Here” It was funny the first time. Please stop.

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