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CNN chat show host Piers Morgan’s got a book out today. Shooting Straight: Guns, Gays, God, and George Clooney takes aim at America’s gun culture, no doubt sealing his reputation as the doyen of disarmament. The bête noire of ballistic bubbas. Despite his odious reputation amongst The People of the Gun, not a lot of people know that (to quote Alfie). Which is not helpful in the sell-a-lot-of-books department. So, in the run-up to publication, Morgan’s seeking to get the word out—by ripping gun rights supporters a new you-know-what. Last night’s interview of Alan Gottleib is representative of Morgan’s fresh, pedal-to-the-metal assault. Meanwhile, he’s Tweeting offensively and trash-talking gun ownership to UK newspapers. The last words in the Guardian interview sum up his position perfectly: “I blame the gun.” Truth be told, he doesn’t. Like all left-leaning America-hating Brits, he blames you for being too stupid to recognize his intellectual superiority. Boycott Shooting Straight? Done. And please, pay no attention to the berk behind the curtain.

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  1. Morgan likes disarmament so much, why doesn’t he go back to England where he can live in gun free utopia?

    He’s like someone knowingly buying a house under an airport traffic pattern and then trying to get the airport shut down.

    • They don’t want him. He made himself so obnoxious that no one there would hire him, so he had to come over here where his nasty reputation wasn’t known (yet).

    • He left the uk career in tatters after publishing lies about British troops, as the editor of a major newspaper he published blatantly fake photos, and had to leave. Interestingly after having his house repeatedly burglarized he complained about UK gun laws been too restrictive. Unfortunately for the rest of us, CNN’s standards are not as discerning as the British media industries. But to answer you question, he left as no one in England wants him or his brand of lies.

      • I’m given to understand that the UK authorities would like to have a little chat with him should he ever return.

        Maybe South Africa would take him? Even better, Syria…

    • Piers is about as genuine and sincere a man as RuPaul is a conservative church lady…er…man…well, you get the point. Yes, he’s genuinely anti-gun, but he’s no genuine crusader. He’s an opportunist. To be a principled antagonist, he’d first have to find a set of principles. He’s more likely to find a job as spokesperson for the NRA than that.

  2. I’ll just torrent the book and let yous guys know if it’s any good. Free exchange of information, that’s his end goal right? It’s the end goal of progressives right? Big business (like publications or big media giants) are the enemy, right? Surely he won’t be mad if I freely share the information in his book for free to other human beings. Especially if his book can save one life by being free.

  3. He is and always will be a Stupid idiot and you can’t fix Stupid .Only libatards will read his rhetoric and you can’t fix them either.Cause ,of course,”. 580% of Americans support ‘common Dense’ background checks”

  4. I really wish that more people knew what a berk was. But then again, if people knew, i may not be able to use it so freely in polite company.

    • A talk show host naturally looks for a controversial subject. In this case the host himself is the controversy, a recipe for failure. He still looks like he needs an enema!

  5. I only see one purpose for “Shooting Straight”. After it gets moved to the 99 cent shelf it would be good bathroom material–to be used and flushed a page or two at a time.

  6. He spent a bunch of time ranting about disarmament, and now he’s trying to cash in as much as he can as his US career burns down just like his UK career did. Completely predictable, and probably won’t do any damage. Most people who would take him seriously enough to read his book already agree with him.

  7. Does boycotting his book promotion mean we won’t have to read any more about this parasite on TTAG? I get the argument about “know thy enemy”, as it applies to most anti-gunners, but I think an exception can be made in Morgan’s case. The exposure he gets among gun folk is probably greater than what he gets out in the general population. In his case, I really think the best medicine is for us to ignore him, as most people (even those on his side) already do.

    I’ll bet 75% of the views of streaming videos of his anti-gun antics are from people on our side.

  8. Pierced Organ makes a very nice living being a total douchebag. It’s his schtick, and it works. Is there anyone among us who wouldn’t give a year’s pay to go all Jeremy Clarkson on his @ss?

    • Maybe we could take up a collection for mister Clarkson to punch him out again. Of course, there would need to be a Ferrari involved in the collection.

      • Naw give him a gag gift he can drop a piano on like a 86 Fiero with the Testa Rossa body kit on it and a chevy 350 then Mr. Clarkson will punch him out… then again he may do it for free.

  9. Why can’t he just leave and go back where he came from i am so tired of CNN and these British trying to tell us what to do . If these british don’t like why can they just leave if it is so bad here.

  10. Larry King was a fixture for years. While I though Larry yo be a foolish interviewer at times at least he knew what to do. This guy sees himself as important when he clearly is not. A certain amount of narcissism is helpful in the business but first you need success to back it up. His show has been a ratings failure from day one.

    The replacement search is probably underway and I predict a more conservative host will replace him. Not a firebrand like Buchanan but definitely not a left winger from the UK. Fox has done well with moderate to right hosts 14 years in a row while CNN and MSNBC have followed a distant third. It’s a no brainer.

    Nancy Pelosi wrote a book too and nobody bought it. Any fool can pound out a few hundred pages of diatribe and a bigger fool will publish it.

    • I predict a more conservative host will replace him

      Only because it would be impossible to find a more left wing host without reviving Lenin.

      • Don’t turn on MSNBC, you’ll see Lenin, Marx, Mao, Kim Jung Un (Maddow dresses just like him) and more all on the same network.

    • You’ll notice that there is one positive review lambasting the other reviewers for not actually reading the book. That reviewer then goes on to parrot typical anti-gun crap like “assault weapons” and “fire hundreds of rounds in an instant” and “the NRA is the pawn of ‘death-dealing gun manufacturers'”, etc. And while its infuriating to see someone spout such ill-informed (or deceptive, depending on how informed they actually are), he’s set it up to make anyone who counters his misinformation look like a hypocrite by pointing out all the negative review based soley on what Morgan has said before and not necessarily what he actually wrote in this book. I hate to say it, but flooding it with negative review that don’t actually address what is actually in this specific book (or how it compares to Morgan’s previous statements) really doesn’t make us look good. It makes us look like trolls. It would be far more effective to give it a low rating backed up by a well-crafted deconstruction of what is actually written in it. Just spamming it with 1-stars just comes across as juvenile, and at this point in the battle, we should all be aiming to take the intelectual higher ground.

      • In modern America, taking the intellectual high ground – especially against leftists – means nothing when our enemies have the emotional high ground. Guess which one works better on the low-information dimwits.

  11. From the BBC, not exactly an inflammatory rag bent on exaggeration:

    Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has been sacked after the newspaper conceded photos of British soldiers abusing an Iraqi were fake.
    In a statement the Mirror said it had fallen victim to a “calculated and malicious hoax” and that it would be “inappropriate” for Morgan to continue.
    The BBC’s Nicholas Witchell said it appeared Piers Morgan remained unrepentant right to the end

    “According to one report Mr Morgan refused the demand to apologise, was sacked and immediately escorted from the building,” he said.

    Even in 2004, future employer CNN ran the story:
    “Earlier on Friday, Morgan defiantly said he would not resign, insisting the photos “accurately illustrated the reality about the appalling conduct of some British troops.” So he approved the running of photos he apparently knew to be fake because they represented his opinion of what might be happening? Lovely. And CNN having run the story in 04 wasn’t concerned about the trail of destruction he would leave here if they hired him?

    I remember when back in the day when CNN was a news organization. Very sad.

  12. You have a “hot link” straight to Amazon for this low grade toilet-paper based book. You might want to de-link it. Clooney should sue this punk.

  13. I foe one am thankfull that Piers Morgan has his program on CNN. That guy is the best thing to happen to Gun Rights & Gun Rights supporters since the 1994 election, he has nearly single handedly set the Gun Controllers back decades or longer. It is my most fervent hope that he IS NEVER deported and remains on the air for years to come. If I didn’t know better I would think that Piers Morgan was a closet Gun Lover the way that he elicits the exact opposite response from the public the way he does. He may as well be the NRA’s front man. Here’s to you Piers, keep up the good work!!! 🙂


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