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Don’t get me wrong: I know it’s only a matter of time before there’s another spree killing. TTAG’s flagged the inevitability of such an attack—and its potentially disastrous effect on gun rights—ever since Newtown. But gun rights advocates are holding their breath willing it NOT to happen. They’re upping and maintaining their situational awareness to PREVENT another atrocity. They’re tooled-up to STOP a spree killing (as best they can). CNN commentator Morgan and his gun grabbing sympathizers, on the other hand, are gleefully (sanctimoniously in this case) anticipating a horrific, bloody “gotcha” moment. Watch the end of this video. Could it be any clearer who owns the moral high ground? Never mind that. It’s still time to play politics. And it may never not be. [h/t Burt]

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  1. He just doesn’t know when to quit does he? After countless on air verbal beat downs he keeps trying to assert that he’s right. It’s adorable. What a wanker.

  2. Piers Morgoon probably has a safe full of AR15s, libtard hypocrites like him usually whine loudest about their biggest vice.

  3. Pretty sure Piers Morgan cries at night if there hasn’t been a child brutally murdered during the day so he could roll around in the blood and then dance on the grave.

  4. If Piers Morgan’s parents are alive they should apply for a rebate on the money they spent on his education.
    Australia has had a mass shooting, Ival Mellich (spelling of name?) killed 10 = people not all at once but 10+ is a mass.

    • Australia is a lousy metaphor to the US, they have a mostly homogenous society and a near clone of the British criminal justice system and central govt. Idiotboy Piers must forget why we fought his fembag ancestors at Bunker Hill, to prevent the nanny state central rule of matriarchies like Britain. Unfortunately, these creepy statists are insidious and never take a break from pushing their intrusive Marxist agenda, unlike freedom lovers who just want to be left alone.

      • Calling these guys “Marxists” is actually an insult to Karl Marx. Much to my surprise, he was actually against gun control. For different reasons than us, obviously, but still:

        “To be able forcefully and threateningly to oppose this party, whose betrayal of the workers will begin with the very first hour of victory, the workers must be armed and organized. The whole proletariat must be armed at once with muskets, rifles, cannon and ammunition, and the revival of the old-style citizens’ militia, directed against the workers, must be opposed. Where the formation of this militia cannot be prevented, the workers must try to organize themselves independently as a proletarian guard, with elected leaders and with their own elected general staff; they must try to place themselves not under the orders of the state authority but of the revolutionary local councils set up by the workers. Where the workers are employed by the state, they must arm and organize themselves into special corps with elected leaders, or as a part of the proletarian guard. Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.”

        Earth-shattering, isn’t it?

  5. If there were a MASS shooting every single day it would only serve to convince me totally of the need to have and carry a weapon ALL THE TIME. The loons on the left LOVE to see people get shot hoping that maybe “this time” they can get enough dolts to agree with their NAZI style confiscation.

  6. That turd makes my blood pressure go to the red zone, and I don’t even have blood pressure problems. AAAAGGGGHH!! MUST. DESTROY. SOMETHING.

    • Do you have ammo available? If not, calm down and think of something other than this imported dipsh!t. Easy, William. However if you do have ammo-print a facsimile of Moron Piers and destroy away. I’m sure that will make you feel much better…..

  7. Of course he wants another tragedy. This is what the anti gun nuts have in common. They spend their days fantasizing about the blood of innocents so they can finally get their way and – contrary to what they say – take law-abiding citizens’ guns away. To them, it’s more than a reasonable sacrifice – just as long as it’s someone else’s loved ones.

  8. You just know Piers Mogran wishes for another shooting to happen asap so he can revel in it. He’s a sick human being who doesn’t care about the sanctity of life, but instead lining his pockets and getting higher ratings. It’s sad really.

  9. I shouldn’t post because I didn’t watch the entire video. Sorry I just can’t stand to listen to that evil little twerp.

    Sadly, its not just limited to gun control. Remember how the media (at least under Bush) couldn’t wait to bring you the casualty # for the month in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  10. “I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.”
    That just about sums up my response to Morgan and others of his ilk.

  11. Ladies and gentlemen, we want Piers Morgan, Michael Bloomberg, Lawrence O’Donnell and their like to keep this up as long as possible. Without their outrageous sanctimonious actions and speeches, our side would never have had all the ammunition we needed to defeat this crap. There is absolutely nothing moderate about Morgan, O’Donnell, or Bloomberg when it comes to the 2nd amendment.

    It may be my own selection bias at work, but I’m pretty certain that they are pushing the fence sitters to our side of the equation, not theirs. My wife, after the Boston lockdown incident, turned to me and said “it’s time for me to learn how to shoot.” I’ve been trying to get her to do that for the better part of five years. And just like that, without much fanfare, she became one of us. She won’t be getting her CCW anytime soon, but we have a new ally.

    Very few ordinary citizens (who do not engage with firearms) care about this issue in the way that Bloomberg or Morgan do. Like that recent poll showed, “gun-control” is only the most important issue to 4% of the population. As was shown time and time again, we outnumber these folks about 3 to 1, and we vote, en masse. The fact that the left would let a Briton push their pet cause of disarmament, without getting the historical irony involved, just shows how out of touch they are with most of the people who make up this country. They are giving us a treasure trove of materials to use in the run-up to next year’s election. Our next job is to make sure that we make it a priority to vote in ’14.

  12. We ran the British out once so we wouldn’t have to put up with their carp. How’d this turd sneak back?

    • You are all foreigners. The USA is land that you stole from the Native Americans. Piers has every right to be there. You are all bloody immigrants and only happy when you are going around the world killing people to steal oil and their natural resources. Buy more guns and kill yourselves who cares. If you are that stupid that is your loss.

      • I’m not debating the part about stealing the land, but how does that possibly relate to gun control at all? Or are you just calling all of us racist rednecks since we own guns and support the 2A?

  13. The best part is how the TN State Senator gets Piers to say he doesn’t want to take anyone’s guns away, but in the same sentence admit he would like to take everyone’s guns away.

  14. instead of the senator saying you can use it as a walking stick he should have said “you can kill your next meal then cook it in the pressure cooker……also i love the way that ass-clown danced around the question “when are you leaving?”

  15. I love that guy from Tennessee. “When are you packing up and moving back to England?”

    Bwahahahaha can I help?

  16. Is he just drunk all the time or is he just always belligerent by nature?

  17. Progressive fascists are members of a sick, sociopathic, and unequivocally destructive ideology. We as a free nation cannot survive, let alone thrive, so long as we allow that ideology to exist.

  18. I don’t know much about this Senator, but considering this article below, I think Piers owes him at least a little bit of an apology on the pressure cooker thing:

    Also, comparing our argument of “more guns, less crime” to this reductio ad absurdum of “more bombs, less terrorism”…. is he retarded? Bombs have virtually no defensive use (especially in a civilian population). Firearms do. It happens all the time. Morgan’s also a hypocrite when calls this guy out on joking about the assault pressure cooker (whether or not you agree that it was too soon or in poor taste) as if the Senator was joking about the murders of the people at Boston or the children at Sandy Hook (which he obviously wasn’t) considering the fact that Morgan was laughing with his idiot guests about shooting Alex Jones.

    One last thing: yes, Australia (a country with 1/10th our population) hasn’t had a mass shooting in over 15 years… unless you count the one at Monash University (only two people died, so I guess that one doesn’t count)… but beyond that, there was just a mass murder by arson that killed 15 people. They’re so much better off now, aren’t they?

  19. Here is the gun grabbers game plan:

    From the article:

    A week after gun legislation suffered a stinging defeat in the Senate, an uncomfortable realization has settled over the Capitol that it will likely take another mass shooting or similar tragedy to reignite momentum for gun control.

    President Obama called last week’s vote “round one.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., pledged that it was “just the beginning.” But gun-control advocates, both inside and outside of Congress, have identified no immediate path forward to alter a political landscape that left them five votes short in the Senate of passing a bill requiring expanded background checks for gun purchases.

    Focus in the Capitol has already shifted to immigration, renewed fiscal skirmishes, and the Boston bombings (though some questions remain over how the suspects obtained firearms). Even Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., the chief Republican coauthor of the background-check plan, has said it is time to move on.

    Proponents of new gun restrictions still hope to use the 2014 elections to upend the current dynamics, in which voting against the gun lobby is deeply feared, especially in GOP-leaning states. They plan to rely upon the impassioned pleas of the families of the Newtown shooting victims, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s money, and former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ national stature. Before the next election, though, the truth is that another tragedy may be the only way to shake loose the legislation.

    “Unfortunately, tragically, regrettably, there’ll be other incidents of gun violence that will remind us of how much is at stake,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat who has pushed hard for new gun laws after the December shooting that left 20 elementary school students dead.

    The calls for stricter gun laws were loudest in the immediate aftermath of Newtown. But as the weeks and months passed, the powerful National Rifle Association, which opposed virtually any new firearm limits, including background checks, regained its footing.

    On Wednesday, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough told Toomey that he was still shocked that the Senate couldn’t pass expanded background checks with 60 votes when it was an issue supported by “95 percent” of the public, as Scarborough put it.

    “I would suggest that we heard from the 5 percent who opposed—several times from each one of them,” Toomey replied. “It was a much more vocal and much more passionate expression from that camp.”

    To advance the bill in the future, added Toomey, “I think the most important thing, frankly, is members of Congress need to hear from people—and the people who support these background checks need to be as vocal as those who don’t.”

    It is a shortcoming that gun-control advocates acknowledge. “We talk about that as the passion gap, and we have to close that,” said Ladd Everitt, spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. He said his group had spent the last week “thanking and spanking” senators for their votes.

    “If we really want to succeed, what we really need to do is demonstrate that our movement can reward allies and punish people who vote against us,” Everitt said.

    Accusations that the White House did not move fast enough have been a recurrent critique of the administration’s handling of the gun issue after the Newtown massacre.

    Expanding background checks reaps as much as 90 percent support in polling. But a new Pew Research Center/Washington Post poll shows far more division on the recent gun bill: 47 percent of Americans were “disappointed” or “angry” at the legislation’s defeat, but 39 percent were “very happy” or “relieved.”

    Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., the other chief architect of the bipartisan compromise on background checks, suggested last Friday that the legislation would have proven “much more acceptable” if it had been on the floor in January. That’s when emotions still ran high after Newtown and the gun lobby was more divided.

    “At that time we could have done something. So you seize the moment,” Manchin said, though he and Toomey didn’t reach a deal on background checks until April. Manchin has said he will continue to pressure his colleagues, one by one, though such an approach seems unlikely to break the deadlock.

    Now, at least, Democrats and their allies have a package of gun-control measures—led by the Manchin-Toomey proposal—ready to be enacted practically immediately. Reid can bring the failed background-checks effort back to the floor at almost any time.

    • I wish those people who talk to PM would remind him that each and every one of his beloved mass shootings took place in one of his revered gun-free zones.

  20. I thought Jeremy Clarkson beat him to death? Oh well, just must have been a pleasant dream, Randy

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