Moms Demand Action
Courtesy Moms Demand Action
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Moms Demand Action
Courtesy Moms Demand Action

Just kidding! The above photo is from a Moms Demand Action event in Florida (note the palm trees). Here’s the actual turnout for yesterday’s Virginia MDA lobby day:

Moms Demand Action Virginia lobby day
Courtesy Twitter

Look at them all. Almost two dozen! I think I’ve seen more people waiting to be seated at Denny’s on a Tuesday afternoon.

Here the teeming throng almost managed to fill a small meeting room (with only a few empty seats):

Moms Demand Action Virginia lobby day
Courtesy Twitter

It’s almost as if all of that alleged public support for limits on Second Amendment freedoms in the Old Dominion is a mile wide and about a half-inch deep.

If anything, these images prove Virginians DO NOT want gun control. Compare that to the hundreds (sometimes pushing 1000) that show up at some county board meetings around the state to lobby in favor of Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions.

Moms Demand Action Virginia lobby day
Courtesy Twitter

The Moms’ tiny turnout yesterday was beyond pathetic. Make sure the capital is filled on the 13th and, much more importantly, the 20th for VCDL Lobby Day. Moms Demand Action’s own photos prove they represent the underwhelming minority in all of this.

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  1. …and when you show up (if you’re able and willing), conduct yourself in a mature and polite manner. Represent POTG in a good light as you stand for our rights. Leave the name calling and condescension to the other side.

      • You’re not wrong but let them demonstrate how batshit insane they are on Livestream/leak. Shouldn’t require more than saying you disagree.

        • Engaging them isnt the same as what THEY do.

          You can engage/interact and still not end up on LiveLeak.

          All they know is what they are told by the bigtime Controllers anyway. The Mom’s dont have a clue as to what they would do if confronted by a survivor who used a gun in defense. Nor would they have a clue about resisting tyranny. The protestors in Hong Kong would spit on the moms.

        • You don’t even have to say anything. They’ll still abuse you. Look what happened to Nick Sandman. He just stood there and the media trashed him. Glad he won suit #1. Hope he wins the others.

      • And what’s with the dood in the left side of the second image? It’s like he’s trying to push out a major grumby but forgot to pull down the trousers. Good Lord, the veins on his head are ready to blow out too. As the saying goes…

        Don’t be that guy.

      • What Ralph said now is not the time to be polite. It never will be with these people. My standard response is: If you are unwilling to enforce the laws you are proposing personally we have nothing to talk a out.

        Usually ends the conversation pretty quick.

    • Where would the gay community be today if they were non-confrontational, they kept to themselves, they chose to not act out openly in public, and they did not name call? Answer…they would be in the same spot they were 15 years ago and not the powerful force that they are today.

      Your lack of masculinity is sad. In life, when two groups argue, the group who tolerates bs always loses. You are what they call the “losing right wing”. Get a gym membership, check your t levels, and learn to actually be assertive in life.

      • i order buffalo wings but “josefina” always brings mango habanero. when i object he says, “you’ll get what i bring you.”
        am i doing it wrong? it’s intimidating…

  2. I guess Bloomberg figures he’s gotten maximum bang for his buck in VA. Outspent the big bugaboo NRA by about 4 or 5 to 1. Let’s see …who was David and who was Goliath here? Now he seems to be more worried about funding his own Presidential aspirations. Let’s see how he reacts when his anti 2A gains are threatened. The Bloomberg money will flood in again.

  3. Its just plain time to tell that Governor in Virginia to go to hell and back themselves up by and with some noncompliance. Any unjust laws these klownz come up with deserves to shoved right back up the legislatures collective blow holes.
    If they need a volunteer have them give me a call.

    • “Blow Hole Shover”

      What’s the union scale on that?!

      Myself? Eh, would have to be an apprentice…

    • Handed out at the bus pick up. Just guessing but wouldn’t surprise me especially if they want to keep track of their own.

  4. Just a dribble of Demanding Commie Mommy’s,that’s what Bloomturd and the totalitarian leftist’s for in their proposed violation of Virginians rights and constitution.

    • This group… maybe it’s a dribble, unfortunately women at large are propping-up the Democrats.

      Look at the Red vs Blue Maps when gender is over-layed. Just men and the map is 90% red. Just women and it is the opposite, deep blue.

      Democrats understand this perfectly.

      Conservatives look like the three monkeys when they see this.

      Until this is acknowledged every battle will be a draw.

        • I forgot to mention: the chart they conspicuously excluded was “white men without a college degree” which basically is 90% Republican. You’d just get called a Progressive for bringing that one up though.

        • A majority of women to be sure, b̶u̶t̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶I̶’̶d̶ ̶c̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶“̶d̶e̶e̶p̶ ̶b̶l̶u̶e̶.̶”̶ ̶F̶o̶r̶ ̶m̶e̶n̶ ̶i̶t̶’̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶i̶n̶v̶e̶r̶s̶e̶,̶ ̶b̶u̶t̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶n̶ ̶c̶l̶o̶s̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶9̶0̶%̶.̶

          That’s it “…A majority of women to be sure…” That’s my point. No getting into the weeds or playing semantics, simply women’s voting patterns are bringing us closer to tyranny and destruction of the BoR.

          If we can agree on that point, we can move forward to other discussions, like why the Dems targeting of women for the last 50 years is now really paying off for them today. And can we counter that 50 years of targeting?

          Although I agree about “supposed conservatives”, as they do not want to admit that, women’s voting, is what is really driving the Dem’s boat. They prefer the ubiquitous term “Liberal”, even though this current wave is much more socialist-regressive-authoritarian-leftists.

          (Also a FYI; the link you supplied was not actual results, rather “projected results”. However, it also showed basically the same problem, women at large are propping-up the Democrats; Women would elect 275 Democrats to just 160 Republicans VS. men who would elect a 249-to-186 Republican majority.)

        • @Mercury
          Is it surprising that white men who did not suffer through years of leftist indoctrination at institutions of higher edumbcation vote predominantly Republican?

      • Women will reliably support Dems for as long as the GOP continues to claim the right to control other people’s reproductive systems (as in, supporting anti-choice positions). Support freedom, including reproductive freedom, and things will change. Not rocket science.

  5. AKA Skanks R Us. They are Bloomberg’s prostitutes, selling their family’s safety for Bloomberg cash.

  6. How inconvenient, the pics show so few bothered to showed up.

    Speaking of other things inconvenient, Glacier National Park in Montana has a *problem*.

    The are forced to take down all the signs in the park telling the visitors all the glaciers wold be gone in 2020… *snicker* 😉

    “Glacier Park In Montana Set To Remove “Glaciers Will All Be Gone By 2020″ Signs”

    “Some of the signs were already removed last year as it became clear the prediction wasn’t going to unfold.

    Now the rest of the signs will have to be taken down too.”

  7. Just remember, all of these Karens want you either in jail or dead in a SWAT raid rather than owning any guns.

    • M1Lou,

      That is the sad reality of the situation. And it is EXACTLY why our Framers penned the Second Amendment: because they knew that nasty people would inevitably seek to marginalize/enslave good people.

      • Nasty people, yes uncommon, more specifically nasty women.

        As I mentioned above, women’s votes are doing this.

        • Since you clearly didn’t understand the significance of my other reply, I’ll spell it out for you. Here’s an analysis of 2018 midterm exit polls:

          Women collectively voted Democrat. White women split down the middle. White voters without a college degree voted Republican. They don’t include it as a category but it’s a simple extrapolation to conclude that white women without a college degree voted republican.

          If you think this is about sex, you are clearly mistaken. Among racial minorities, men or women, votes are near-exclusively for Democrats. If only white men and white women voted Republicans would win every single time. If you take the liberal indoctrination of college out of the mix, white women alone would elect Republicans every time. White voters would elect Republicans in a landslide every time.

          Now that you’ve made me spell it out, let’s see how long it takes for someone to show up and call me names just for describing the exit poll data from 2018….

    • The left aren’t completely against guns and violence. Both are perfectly acceptable when used to further their agenda.

  8. Great Americans with differing opinions. Isn’t life great in America?
    Some of the the comments made note that in most locations there were only a few MAD moms. I would say no more or less than 2A supporters ever show up for any pro 2A events either and as for Florida, I’d say twice as many moms showed as did the 2A crowd on their day last year. That speaks poorly for the state where it all began. Just like this page, most 2A folks are full of rhetoric as the MAD moms, but, foul mouthed and rude, and, is why we are losing.

  9. The 19th should have been repealed after women gave us the miracle of prohibition. We need to reign in these destructive harpies before they can usher in a new dark age.

  10. Kinda interesting the lack of diversity in this group. Are they racists? 95% of them are OFWW (old fat white women). Are they just football widows and needed a place to hang out, get fed, and get a free Tee shirt while hubby was watching the ball game?

  11. Why do we never hear these “mothers” mention GANG violence which is the catalyst for much of the “gun” violence? Many many more are killed as a result of that than by “mas” shootings and since the mass shootings that scare them why in Blazes aren’t they discussing the educational system?

    • Because they don’t care about that.
      They want you disarmed so they can oppress you.
      The only way to force you to accept progressive ideology is if you are disarmed.

    • Because these Karens are racist and could give a crap about violence as long as it doesn’t reach their suburban enclaves.

  12. Darkman:
    Illinois latest ploy to deny Firearms owners their Rights. Blame the system. Not the people controlling it.

    As reported by WGEM news Quincy Illinois
    FOID backlog frustrates local gun owners, businesses

    Top Stories

    Local gun owners are frustrated, due to a hold up with firearm owner ID cards.

    Illinois State Police said they’re working to reduce tens of thousands in backlogged FOID requests, but it’s going to take time.

    Business owners said owning and using a gun is turning into a lengthy and frustrating process in Illinois.

    “They kind of expect us to have the answers and we’ve had lots of frustrated customers,” Game Masters Customer Service Manager Heidi Gustison said.

    “Supposedly there’s a pile of paperwork over there somewhere that they just can’t get to,” Great River Firearms Training Owner Robert McClintock said.

    The problem is FOID cards. The card needed to legally possess or purchase firearms or ammunition in the state.

    “Customers come in and are ready to renew their card, they realize it’s expiring in 10 days, 30 days or tomorrow and obviously there’s some lag time now with that,” Gustison said.

    Illinois State Police said they’re working to reduce tens and thousands in backlogged FOID card requests. As of this week, ISP said the agency has 62,000 pending FOID card applications or renewals.

    McClintock said it’s impacting many of his customers.

    “They come in a little hot because a firearm they had planned on bringing, it wasn’t available,” McClintock said.

    Business owners said it’s supposed to take 60 business days, but it’s taking several months and if you have an expired FOID card, you can’t legally purchase or possess a firearm.

    “It is kind of uncomfortable for customers who have an expired FOID card,” Gustison said.

    However, McClintock said ISP is aware of the problem.

    “They do give you a little break,” McClintock said. “They know they’re behind, so if you have applied before your license runs out, your old license is still good until your receive your new one. You just have to keep the receipt and your old license.”

    Business owners said the best advice they can offer gun users is to check the date on your license and renew it as soon as you can. But, you can only renew if it expires in the next three months.

    ISP officials said they are working on a new service to reduce the backlogged cards.

    In the meantime, you can contact ISP by phone, email or website, if you’re having any troubles getting your card renewed.

  13. I guess Daddy Bloomberg is saving all of his money for his presidential instead of funneling it into hiring actors to show up to big MDA meetings.

  14. Moms Demand Attention – FIFY

    Just a bunch of bored, aging women trying to give “meaning” to their lives.

  15. On a serious note . It doesn’t take many moms to start a war on our rights. A dozen will do when it comes to bored , gun hating housewives, with time on their hands & Bloomberg’s bucks backing them. Dont underestimate what they are capable of .

  16. After the sante fe shooting, the moms showed up at the next gun show at the GRB Convention Center in houston. The is on a trendy side of downtown houston…nice parks, soccer stadium, minute maid park (astros stadium). Keep in mind, these gun shows are huge…thousands of people attend these things. Hundreds of people are openly walking around the downtown district carrying guns into and out of the convention center. At most, the moms had 15 people. Most protesters consisted of old childless women who run the family, their cuck husband, or they were young college girls. Every college girl had 1-2 gays or betamales…the kind of guys that follow women and dont sleep with them…around at all times. You would not let these people change a tire on your tractor.

    The common tactic of the moms is they have 15-20 people max, and they are protesting events with thousands of pro gun owners…so they spread out. They assign 2 people to each paid parking lot in bright red and a few at the entrance to the show. So you are basically harrassed the entire walk to the show. When the media shows up, they make sure all 12 are on camera at the same time and the media uses quick cuts, fancy editing, and various tricks to make it look like 200 moms showed up. Its amazing how the media can make a small group of losers, look like a powerful group.

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