Philadelphia riots walter wallace
A police car burns during a protest in response to the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., late Monday, Oct. 26, 2020, in Philadelphia. Police officers fatally shot the 27-year-old Black man during a confrontation Monday afternoon in West Philadelphia that quickly raised tensions in the neighborhood. (Jessica Griffin/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)
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Police responded to a west Philadelphia neighborhood yesterday afternoon due to reports of a man with a weapon. When police arrived, they found 27-year-old Walter Wallace armed with a knife. Following the investigation, the resulting protests turned into rioting and looting that spun out of control.

[Video language NSFW]

You can hear people on the street telling Wallace to “put the knife down,” but he continues and approaches the police officers as they try to back away. Finally the two officers fired what sounds like eleven shots, killing Wallace. That resulting in protests that escalated into rioting and looting after dark.

From the Inquirer:

Late Monday into early Tuesday, police struggled to respond to vandalism and looting along the commercial corridor of 52nd Street, an area that was the scene of clashes between police and protestors earlier this summer. At least one police vehicle was set on fire Monday night and destroyed, and several police officers were injured by bricks or other objects hurled from the crowd. One officer was hospitalized after getting run over by a speeding truck.

This is apparently going to be the pattern now. Whether or not a suspect was armed and threatened police, if he or she is black and police open fire, justified or not, expect riots and looting to follow.

Here’s the AP’s report:

Police shot and killed a 27-year-old Black man on a Philadelphia street after yelling at him to drop his knife, sparking violent protests that police said injured 30 officers and led to dozens of arrests.

The shooting occurred before 4 p.m. Monday as officers responded to a report of a person with a weapon, police spokesperson Tanya Little said.

Officers were called to the Cobbs Creek neighborhood and encountered the man, later identified as Walter Wallace, who was holding a knife, Little said. Officers ordered Wallace to drop the knife, but he instead “advanced towards” them. Both officers then fired “several times,” Little said.

Philadelphia riots walter wallace
Police officers move in formation during a protest in response to the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., Monday, Oct. 26, 2020, in Philadelphia. Police officers fatally shot the 27-year-old Black man during a confrontation Monday afternoon in West Philadelphia that quickly raised tensions in the neighborhood. (Jessica Griffin/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)

Wallace was hit in the shoulder and chest. One of the officers then put him in a police vehicle and drove him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later, Little said.

Hundreds of people took to the streets to protest the shooting late Monday into early Tuesday, with interactions between protesters and police turning violent at times, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Video showed many yelling at officers and crying.

Police cars and dumpsters were set on fire as police struggled to contain the crowds. More than a dozen officers, many with batons in hand, formed a line as they ran down 52nd Street chasing protesters away from the main thoroughfare. The crowd largely dispersed then.

Thirty officers were injured, most of them from being struck by projectiles such as bricks and rocks, according to preliminary information from police. One officer was hospitalized in stable condition with a broken leg and other injuries after she was struck by a pickup truck, police said, while the other injured officers were treated and released.

Philadelphia riots walter wallace
A police officer lies on the ground before being loaded into an ambulance on 52nd Street in West Philadelphia in the early hours of Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020. Protesters gathered after police shot and killed a Black man in West Philadelphia on Monday. (Tim Tai/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)

Video of the fatal confrontation recorded by a bystander and posted on social media shows officers pointing their guns at Wallace as he walks in the street and around a car. He walks toward the officers as they back away from him in the street, guns still aimed at him. They yell at him to put his knife down.

Both then fire several shots and Wallace collapses in the street. A woman runs up to him screaming. Several bystanders then approach him.

It is unclear in the video if he had a knife. Witnesses said he was holding one.

No officers or bystanders were injured in the confrontation, Little said. The names of the officers who fired the shots were not immediately disclosed. Both were wearing body cameras and were taken of street duty pending the investigation.

Some people spoke with city Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, who arrived at the scene a short time after the shooting occurred.

“I heard and felt the anger of the community,” Outlaw said in a statement, adding that the video “raises many questions” and that “those questions will be fully addressed by the investigation.”

Philadelphia riots walter wallace
Police handcuff a protester after charging at a crowd gathered at 52nd and Walnut Streets in West Philadelphia, early Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020. Protesters gathered after police shot and killed a Black man in West Philadelphia on Monday. (Tim Tai/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)

Wallace’s father, Walter Wallace Sr., told the Inquirer that his son was also a father, was on medication and struggled with mental health issues.

“Why didn’t they use a taser?” he asked.

The races of the police officers weren’t immediately confirmed. The shooting occurred in a predominantly Black neighborhood in west Philadelphia. The Inquirer reported that dozens of protesters gathered at a nearby park and chanted “Black lives matter.”

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    • “Why didn’t they use a taser?” he asked.

      Why didn’t he desist chasing the police with a knife? Why didn’t he comply with a lawful order? Why didn’t he just drop the knife?

      Why is the question, as if the responsibility itself, directed solely at the cop, as if it is solely the cop’s responsibility to control this outcome? Why is the perpetrator absolved of any responsibility of this outcome?

      They didn’t use a taser because of the outcome with Shaon Jermy Ochea Warner. Deploying a taser on a man wielding a knife at close range, could get you killed.

      The solution wasn’t for the cops not to shoot him, the solution was for the Philadelphia man, armed with a knife, to not force the cops to shoot him.

      • One of the news releases I read stated that the officers involved were not carrying Tasers®. They used the only stand-off tool they had to deal with an aggressive, knife-wielding individual who was rapidly approaching them.

        • Exactly.
          The Police are not there to let the perp control the situation, the police are there to CONTROL AND CONTAIN the situation. Flush the TURD!
          Dancing around and backstepping will only allow others to get involved, ultimately putting the LEOs at greater risk.
          Trump/Pence 2020

        • Perp’s mom and dad, plus all those commenters and videographers, why the FUCK didn’t somebody simply take the knife from the poor man? That would have taken care of the whole problem, and it would be so easy, right? But no, everybody just thought one of two things. 1) I’ll just let the po-leece do it, I don’t care if they get killed. Or, 2) Gotta call the kids, we need to be ready for a good midnight shopping spree.

      • Why didn’t Philadelphia police dept. send out a social worker instead of police???I think that when these calls(3 that day) involving the same people with “domestic issues” come in the cops have to use non lethal solutions ,such as a psychologist and an advisor to de-escalate the knife wielding nut job.
        When all of the stores are looted and burned I hope the owners remember who has been robbing them for years and take whatever insurance monies they get and leave town , go to a place where their business is needed and respected.

        • Please become a social worker and show us how it’s done. Show us how you talk the wacko with a knife into giving you the knife and putting it down. I would love to see it but no one in their right mind is going to send an unarmed social worker up against a wacko with a knife. Like I said though, if you want to volunteer, please post pics.

  1. I am black and I can’t stand to be involved with other black people. Talk about a people so morally corrupted and ignorant of right from wrong. That f- – -k head filming it said “you didn’t have to give him that many shots.” Only a person devoid of real common sense and sanity would say something like that in response to that situation. He witnessed the cops doing everything to avoid shooting that person and he kept trying to come at them with the knife. And they are mad at the cops saying “yall killed one of us.” Well yall kill one of yall every F—-ing day and it only matters when a white cop does it. What a group of Orcs and Goblins.

    • Ever Growing proof that Black Lives Don’t Matter…Especially to other Blacks… Black Lives “will only” Matter when the Black community cares more about Black on Black crime and murder than they do about screaming Racism. A prime example occurred on Sunday in the Quad Cities. Two black women got in an argument over a game card at a Chuck E. Cheese. Another black women who was a friend of one of the women pulled out a handgun and shot one of the women Dead. Over a Fucking game card. Is that how Black lives Matter to other Blacks. Unfortunately it seems to be as the vast majority of the violent crime in and around the area is Black on Black crime.

      • Preach on reverend of the church of what is happening now! I have seen this my whole life. I am of Afro and Latino Ancestry and I have always been torn between my sense of biological connection to Afro America and my Latino acculturation. My children have a Latino mother and I have raised them to be Latinos in order to not have them psychologically tied to the so called “black community.”

        • Interesting. I’m a grandchild of immigrants and the only culture my father and I ever acculturated to was “American.”

        • Don’t overthink it Loughsun.
          My relatives are all white trash, getting away from them was the best thing I’ve ever done.
          If you see any of my people, you tell them John made it out.

        • Well due to segregation people of color Afro, and Latino, and Asian have not had much of a choice about only a connection to the American culture. Please remember that when you want to make an hyperbolic reply like that. I wish that non blacks and non Hispanics would have allowed us to be just be Americans back in the 60’s and long ago.

        • “I wish that non blacks and non Hispanics would have allowed us to be just be Americans back in the 60’s and long ago.”

          Well, WTF is stopping you now? Most of today’s complainers hadn’t crawled upon the Earth “back in the 60s and long ago.”

          It’s all pure bvllsh!t.

        • I do not owe you or anyone else an explanation of what words I use to call myself by your call it bullshit is bullshit for presuming to think that you can take another sovereign citizen to task for such a thing. Complain to our government for creating the categories of Hispanic American, Black American etc… Not that I owe your presumptuous horse’s ass any disclosure but, I will give it to you for nothing. I am an American, I have bullet holes that demonstrate my service and dedication to country. My dad came here from Cuba to escape communism, and my mother left Mexico well because it’s Mexico and mestizos (Black, Mexican, and Indian mix) were not treated too well. I am proud of my heritage of Africans, Cuba and Mexico and the Aztecs. My uncle that raised me fought in WWII, The Korean Conflict, and the Vietnam Police Action 30years of service and he was a proud American patriot and he raised me to be one as well. And he was a proud patriotic American even during the Jim Crowe era. As for me, I gave my country “tis of thee sweet land of liberty” 13 years before being medically discharged then later medically retired. I’d like it if you and I no longer have any further communication henceforth.

        • Should have ‘Raised them’ to be AMERICAN.

          A truly Racism Free Society is a Meritocracy that DOES NOT CONSIDER RACE.

          Loyalty to a ‘Community’ is just another word for Racism and Communism.

        • Nope you don’t get to tell me what, I should have done you arrogant narsocist. My daughters are all in uniform right now. How does your beliefe system hold up to that. And my son started discounts for Vets at his restaurant. You don’t know what, I or anyone else should have done with how we raise our children. You critical Jackass you.

        • I wish that non blacks and non Hispanics would have allowed us to be just be Americans back in the 60’s and long ago.

          Well. I wish there was never slavery in the US. I wish there was never segregation. I wish there was never jim crow. But there was. And the way to get past it, is to move on. Not dwell on it. Everyone can just be Americans now. So lets accept that – and move on.

        • Amen. Just so you know, I do not believe in Black or White or any of it I see them as a status and not a true meaning of anything. I only called myself what, I did as to illustrate a point. I only waxed apoplectic to the arrogance of those who would dare to tell another grown person how they should address themselves as if that person had any authority or the person being told had any allegiance to obey them. I grew up in an Afro/Cuban/Mexican culture in the home. and my ex-Wife is from Mexico. We are Americans and we love this land, I and all of my daughters have served and all of my girls are in uniform presently. And my son’s restaurant hires vet first. We support the 2nd Amendment and we are all constitutionalist in or views. We can’t be more American. And the man who raised me put both Nazi’s and Communist deep in the cold cold ground. I am an American first last and always regardless of any nomenclature.

        • Well due to segregation people of color Afro, and Latino, and Asian have not had much of a choice about only a connection to the American culture.

          Much of the segregation of people today is by choice. I live in Tulsa, OK. In the suburbs. My white american neighbor to the right of my home is married to a woman from Peru. The white american neighbor to the left of me is an american married to a woman from Poland. The home past them, is a man from lebanon married to a woman from Russia. Across the street from me, is a white american married to a woman from Korea. Adjacent to them is a white american (vietnam vet) married to a half american indian. Across the street from them is an american black family. At the street corner, is another american black family. Nothing is stopping people from de-segregating themselves. On 21st street, there is a community of vietnamese people and hispanic people. In north tulsa, is a community of black people. I suppose these people are grouping themselves together to be with like kind. But that is their choice. Nothing is stopping them from going anywhere they want to go.

        • Good call, Loughsun or whatever, you don’t need to answer to me whatsoever. Get an education, get a job, live up to your responsibilities and get a damn life, you are not my problem. If you expect a free ride due to your lucky skin color, you are going to be sorely disappointed. I never offended you, or your family, or your ancestors, and I am an American. I have taken care of my business and I expect you to take care of yours. Are you an American, or do you need a hyphen for some reason?

        • I have a duel Master’s degree in forensic psychology and social work, and a duel BA in Public Health and Psychology. I have worked as a iron worker, I have been in sales, I have raised four adults that have never spent a day in jail. All of my children have a BA and two have MA’s and none of them have ever gotten a government subsidy based on color or any other affirmative action B.S. we do not believe in it. My son has worked his tail off building a business. He slept in hostels across Europe, and lived out of a back pack for years in order to learn how to prepare World Class cuisine. You have made so many inaccurate assumptions about me and my family. Just remember the stone you have thrown will undoubtedly be thrown right back at you. Best of good fortune to you. I hope that your confidence is enough to shield you from the mystery that you are building.

    • 11 shots dumped into a person with a service weapon will usually kill him. Maybe they should limit the shots to 2 or 3 and hold a few seconds to see if he drops. That is what cops did when they carried revolvers. I understand the need for higher capacity weapons, generally, it is thought that you then have protection from multiple assailants.

      Mag dumps into a single suspect is bad police training. Of course, even if someone is killed with 1 or 2 shots, some people will probably riot, but L.E. can then claim the high ground.

      • shoot two shots,

        wait to see if you get stabbed,

        shoot a couple more shots.

        Why dot you go confront someone armed with a knife and show us how its done.

      • Those revolvers also used to be .357 mags.

        It’s easy to sit there from the comfort of your home and wonder why someone did what they did. But you weren’t there and you don’t know.

      • 11 shots total between 2 officers is hardly a mag dump. Thats less than 1/3 of a mag each. I’d say they practiced pretty solid restraint.

        2 cops with a man, not obey in instructions wielding a knife at 10 feet is pretty good shoot.

        The shoot 2, reload 2 of the revolver days were a different era, and in fact, while many police were trained to do that, cops often tended to burn the cylinder in those instances as well.

        .357 magnum is a very capable round, I carry a kimber k6s myself and am quite pleased, but its not a death ray. The actual performance of the round is not orders of magnitude better than 9mm, .40, or .45.

        You want a one or two shot stop, bring a rifle, or at least a very meaty revolver in the .44 mag + range.

        • Lots of folks out there tell us the scariest thing you can face is a man with a knife. Personally, I hope I am never one who has faced a knife and a gun, and can tell you which is scarier. I plan, if faced with *either*, to shoot center mass until the threat is over.

        • No the SCARIEST person you will ever face is the one that does not give a fuck…. regardless of how they are armed….

      • Multiple studies have shown that most people in a defensive gun use do not remember how many shots were fired and usually recall firing less shots than actually fired.
        It is better to have a panic response of firing more than needed to stop a deadly threat than to fire one and choke while the threat is still deadly.

        Remember, when that first shot is fired, its not to slow down a person, it is to stop them from living which will eliminate the threat.
        So it really doesn’t matter how many it takes or were fired, one head shot or 22 chest shots, that weapon was discharged for the sole purpose of taking the life of the person in front of it.

      • Shoot till the threat stops. Granted, they probably did just dump as fast as they could pull the trigger once it was clear homeboy was going to do his level best Mike Myers impersonation come hell or high water. Can’t blame them for that, I’ve had a knife pulled on me before and it does get the blood pumping.

    • I am black and I can’t stand to be involved with other black people. Talk about a people so morally corrupted and ignorant of right from wrong.

      Dude, yikes, are you for real?

      • It is entirely possible for a group of people to generally be of poor character as a result of dysfunctional culture. As an example I refer you to various near eastern cultures in which rape is a social norm, not abberant behavior (e.g. Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Egypt, etc.) In Black America, pregnancy in young teens and even preteens is common as a result of rape and incest. In light of that fact you’ve got two options: either they have grown up in a culture where these things are accepted, or you have to make an argument from genetic behaviorism (i.e. racism.) Similarly, we see the fruits of the acceptance of the “fuck whitey” and “fight the police” norms in incidents like these, where some idiot comes at a cop with a weapon because he believes he’s automatically justified in doing so (because he’s been told “fight the police” all his life,) and when the cop defends himself the rest of the “community” burns and loots because they think they’re justified in doing so (because they’ve been told “fuck whitey” all their lives.)

        It may be a bitter pill to swallow, but there’s no way around it. Either everything the racists have been saying all along is right, or black Americans face a serious cultural problem that no one is willing to address because of political correctness concerns. You get cancelled if you bring it up, so counterculture is simply not an option. The dysfunctional norms self-perpetuate, and we find ourselves in the mess we are today, where black neighborhoods are poor, violent and crime-ridden, and the inhabitants of them do everything in their power to stay that way.

    • “yall killed one of us.”
      Spoken by those who consume EVERY DROP of the leftard cool-aid!
      These people have been TOTALLY brainwashed by decades spent living on the demoKKKRats plantation.
      NYC has seen more blacks killed by eugenicist Marg Sangers\demonKKKrapic loved “Planned Exterminat….. scratch that, Parenhood” group then have ACTUALLY been born there!
      Keep drinking that cool-aid leftards, and don’t believe the truth, because THAT will set you free.
      Trump/Pence 2020

        • The Grand Wizard of the KKK, yeah the Democrat Party did put one of them on the Supreme Court back in the day. Man how did you know, I thought the dems were keeping black people uneducated back then.

    • Apparently, the distance below which we’re supposed to fear a virus with a <1% fatality rate, and the distance at which we're supposed to feel safe from a knife-wielding maniac, are separated by all of 48 inches.

    • That was my first thought on watching the vid, but the cops didn’t have their guns holstered, they looked like they were out at low ready. Not that I’m arguing that the shoot was bad, I think the video strongly suggests that they did the right thing under the unfortunate circumstances. A guy coming at you with a naked blade is an imminent and credible threat of death in any sane world. As close as the guy was, if the cops’ guns were holstered, one of the might have been bleeding out on the street. Unless there’s more to this than meets the eye, the cops look like they are in the clear on this one.

  2. Tired of seeing dumbasses shot and killed by cops… Quit calling the cops.. Get yourselves a neighborhood watch type “Social Worker” to handle the violent felons in your area… But, if all else fails you can always move to the South side of Chiraq and let your own kill the dumbass… Problem solved, no more dumbass AND no riots… It’s a win-win….

      • Just how many social workers do you think there are?

        Well even though that WAS intended as a touch of sarcasm I CAN answer your question… Not fucking nearly enough AND even fewer who would be willing OR stupid enough to go into a situation like that unarmed or without armed backup…

        • Armed backup, now there’s a plan. So, social worker leads the way, followed by LE with holstered gun. Obviously, not a year would go by before social worker is advanced on by oppressed minority with a knife, bat, gun, whatever. Defends herself with “be nice”, and is stabbed, shot, or clubbed. Cries “help, help!”, and is struck again. Escort, munching donut, thinks “did I hear something?”. Eventually presented with a mutilated dead body being gang-raped, radios in for guidance, is told to stand by, another completely selfless social worker is on the way.
          Does ANYBODY actually think this would work?

    • MaddMaxx,

      Quit calling the cops

      Exactly my thought.

      People in those environments who call the police show us an utter and complete breakdown of rational thinking:

      1) If police are so awful and dangerous, then why did someone call the police to deal with knife man?

      2) If communities do not need police, then why did someone call the police to deal with knife man?

      3) What did people think would happen when police arrive and find a man running around threatening people with a knife in hand?

      • Knife man was sacrificed to keep the narrative that cops are bad going. It simply makes no sense otherwise.

        • “Narrative” my ass, there was a Walmart 15 MILES away casually looted of flat screens and sneakers, in that order, without any sign of defense. That’s your “narrative”. There’s going to be a change, you have to order those items, the store contains NONE.

        • Yeah, I could have worded that better. I’m really one of the last to defend the cops. Seems like it’s become an “us against them – do as I say or die” mentality among the cops. It’s sad really because I remember what they were like when I was a teen (and I had my share of run-ins). Anyway, it should have said something more like “to keep the revolution going”.

  3. No mercy for (not so peaceful) protestors,
    They could care less for the fool that died.
    For them it’s all about anarchy & stealing stuff & destruction.
    Authorities should arrest & actually prosecute, put some teeth back into the law.
    🖕🏿The protesters, they definitely wouldn’t riot in a red state.

  4. Glad somebody brought up conventional police training, specifically the Tueller Drill. Simple logic would seem to dictate that when presented with a lethal threat, a lethal response is completely justified. However, facts aren’t as important as feelings, and logic has no place when you really want to vent frustration by burning cars and scoring some a fresh Nike pair. Meanwhile, righteous celebrities and public figures stand united against injustice from behind armed security and well fortified homes. Happy election season! Enjoy the dumpster fires and looting after the results… no matter what they are.

  5. Can we really be so lucky that these fools are going to burn, loot and riot days away from the election!

    Yes… give in to your hate.

  6. Row houses.

    Philadelphia’s famous row houses.

    If there’s one think I learned in the early 1980s, it’s that if a Philadelphia row house catches on fire, the whole damn block will burn :

        • How would you know about such benefits? It’s highly unlikely that a woman has touched you anywhere ‘interesting’ since your last diaper change.

      • “You’re both insufferable goofballs…”

        Too fucking bad, you’re just going to have to suffer, since pissing off fuckwits like yourself is now a religious duty.

        Suffer and like it, asshole… 😉

  7. headline:
    “after 50 years of solid evidence and critical study social scientists herald the breakthrough discovery that the blue city/blue state governance model is really just a blueprint and how to manual for the creation of civilizational failure”

    • You joke about that, but that’s exactly the consensus social scientists reached in the latter half of the 20th century, which led directly to the hijacking of the field (and academia as a whole) by the “feels before reals” Cultural Marxists. Nothing of value has come out of sociology or its applied subfields (e.g. human geography) in at least 30 years, and that’s no accident.

      • Anybody critically analyzing the Obama/Biden administration’s results would absolutely HAVE to see that their main goal was to collapse the American economy and overthrow the government and our way of life. Each and every decision led towards that, and Hillary could have completed the effort.

    • Just swimmingly, until the first 200-300 cops die in the ditch. Then some people will begin to understand what they are asking for.

      • @LarryinTX

        That’s about the time that President Harris will authorize Obama’s vaunted National Security Force (ie. AntiFa and BlM Brownshirts) to visit Conservative homes (gleaned from voter registration lists and GOP contribution records) thereby enacting their own version of Kristallnacht.

  8. There has been a push to not name mass shooters to stop copycat from trying to get famous. I see the same thing happening here. If that punk looser George Floyd can get remembered and have his name on the lips of half the country for getting shot by fighting with the cops than SO CAN I.
    These assholes have to know that they are going to die coming at the cops with a knife. They don’t care if they die as long as everyone knows who they were.

  9. this doesnt happen in ALL blue cities
    but his kind of stuff simply. doesnt. happen. in. red. cities.
    if this is happening in your city…your city is doing it wrong…

  10. So can’t use force to subdue a combative suspect and can’t use force to subdue an armed suspect.
    Anybody else see the cool video of the cop sitting in his car while some ANTIFool throws rocks, breaks the windshield and beats on it with his lacrosse stick?
    So I guess a cops job is to just die now.
    That’s one way for blue states to handle their pension deficits.

    • Yes, that was pretty shocking. Jaw was on the floor.

      I want to tell those police in those cities to just walk away. It’s not getting any better.

    • Police should declare areas no law zones. No law, no police, no postal service, no electricity, no water, no sewage, no phone or internet, and no welfare. See how long it lasts and pass the popcorn.

  11. I love when ppl say shoot the suspect in the leg lol. Heck I get amped up just seeing a good looking deer in my scope let alone an armed attacker coming at me. I couldn’t imagine getting a good leg shot before my attacker was to close. I would be lucky to get a good heart and or lung shot on a man with all that adrenaline pumping. Also the added anxiety you know these cops are just as scared to defend themselves due to repercussions that are uncalled for just as much as they are of death or serious injury.

    • You should get some decent instruction on maintaining your cool if you expect to ever become an accurate shooter. Learn to control your breathing and heart rate.

    • Well….I guess maybe 3″ double barrel 12ga with #1 buck..x 2 cops?

      Just cut one of their legs in two at the knee? That would met the Sleepy Joe’s nonsense requirement.
      Have to let the bad guy get closer though. /sarc

  12. the last republican mayor of philadelphia left office in january of 1952…

    philadelphians are currently witnessing first hand what future historians and political science majors will refer to as:

    “end stage democrat rule”

    • The double threat, black majority democrat rule. It’s the sure bet to end your city. Just ask Detroit 1950 2 million pop, whites 66%, 2020 453,000 pop and 87% black, Democrat government the whole time. End stage urban decay is called ‘urban prairie’. Just empty grass lots that used to be neighborhoods full of houses.

  13. Look start shooting these criminals they know the guy was armed can’t take a chance when someone is stupid enough. To attack with a knife, and others have guns, very stupid , but we can’t let these scum of the earth, riot, loot , any more it’s done and over wire th shoot to kill, that should have been done years ago, for looting is stealing and it is above stealing, looting is a disgrace, when there is trouble, cause more time to say you loot we shoot.

  14. Let’s see…guy wielding a knife, officers give clear commands to drop the knife, officers are backing away and the guy charges them from about 10 – 15 feet, officers fire to stop the threat…and some race-baiting attorney says that the PoPo made no attempt at de-escalating the situation (I guess the attorney was expecting warm, fuzzy hugs and singing kumbaya).

    How does looting and destruction tie into expressing “righteous anger”? I notice a pattern in the rioters behavior this summer: it appears that in most cities they head for drugstores, shoe stores, clothing stores, liquor stores and electronics shops… The Philly arrest records for last night seem to support my hypothesis.

    My spouse is the first-generation child of lawful immigrants to the USA (born and raised in El Paso). We made a conscious effort to raise our children to be “American” rather than a hyphenated – something. It worked, they all have successful families and careers.

    • Different life experiences, different parents, and different ideologies that were given to us by that community and parents. Most of us had no say in who or how or where we were raised; you and your spouse may be the exception in that of course. I am an American and a disabled veteran and I love this land and loved serving this country. If I want to hyphenate my status it is my business and your judgment of that choice matters very little if any to me. I do not have a greater allegiance to being Black or Hispanic than I do of being an American. It is a semantical argument and nothing more. A Banana Split and a Strawberry Sundae regardless of the other ingredients is still ice cream, and regardless of hyphenations or other government assigned designations I am still an American and that freedom of being an American alloys me to self identify as I see fit. And that’s what makes Murica so awesome!

      • You’re correct, it’s simply grammatical, assuming that means the same thing as “stupid”. I’d bet if I insisted on being identified as “German/Welsh-American” all my life, you’d think that was stupid. You are correct, as well, in that that is your decision alone, just as it is your responsibility to shoulder the burden of everyone who knows/meets you realizing that you are that stupid. But I bet you bitch about the results.

        • Larry, I don’t demand to be called any hyphenated moniker. Your making broad assumptions. I only gave that information to Illustrate a point. A point that you missed obviously. Therefore I wonder who really is stupid lol! I am 1st last and always an American and a Patriot willing to shed blood mine and others to defend this land. Let go of your desperate need to be right it makes you look like a person of poor character. If you truly believe in what our constitution stands for you will allow someone to use the hyphenation of jackass American or dumb fuck American Etc… if that is how they want to address themselves. There lots of people and practices in this country that I definitely fully disagree with. However that’s what makes America wonderful and worth protecting and dying for . People are free to be Jack asses and idiots and dumb and still be American and still be a Patriot of this land.

    • Old Guy in Montana,

      We made a conscious effort to raise our children …

      That right there is exactly why your children are successful and productive members of society.

      The main ROOT problem in all of these urban Hellscapes is single mothers birthing children and … pretty much nothing else. Children growing up without love, affection, direction, and discipline from both a mother and father become the riffraff that we see in these urban Hellscapes.

    • Oldguy the only way this might have been fixed is if the cops surrendered their weapons and allowed themselves to
      be taken prisoner.
      And even then the city PD would be sued for pointing guns at blacks.

      The black lives taken by other blacks don’t mater apparently, I propose free guns for the hood. Heck ammo too. Let them clean up their own streets, right. How many HiPoints will a $billion buy?

  15. Nothing says “I need to steal a new TV and a pair of air jordans” like the death of some person you didn’t know.

  16. “This is apparently going to be the pattern now. Whether or not a suspect was armed and threatened police, if he or she is black and police open fire, justified or not, expect riots and looting to follow.”

    what?? that was already being said 5 months ago!

    • Chris,

      Destruction of the family is the primary cause of the problems that we see in urban Hellscapes, not how dark or light-skinned people are.

      • Yes sir! The destruction of the family is a huge part of the problem. We have the data to back it up (compare and contrast black, married legal immigrants with one parent black Americans), but the self-proclaimed Party of Science isn’t interested in a scientific approach to solving problems. They need to create hate, mistrust, and division in order to get the angry black vote. They also need to keep blacks down. How many black republicans are on welfare?

        • There isn’t many black Republicans. The Republican party is full of white supremacists now. The old Democrats that brought Jim Crow style laws have joined the Republican party to make America great again.

          I haven’t experienced this much racism ever. Most of it comes from the Republicans. I haven’t heard so many white people use racial expletives in my life. It’s definitely worse than the 80s and 90s, back then it was more about race based gangs and racist cops. Only the biker gangs were so openly racist. Under Obama, racists tried to hide it when they blamed Obama for everything and hijacked the Tea Party.

          The Republican party makes it hard for non whites to feel welcomed instead of feeling like a tool for their marketing. The Democrat party have come to embraced a multi ethnic culture/society as the future. Of course Democrats are just like the Republicans when it comes to classism.

        • “The Republican party is full of white supremacists now.”

          Where did you get that statistic? America’s most famous white supremacist said he was supporting Joe Biden. Are blacks okay with Joe Biden speaking highly of a former klansman?

          “The Republican party makes it hard for non whites to feel welcomed”

          I’ve seen you make that comment before. I’m genuinely interested in hearing you explain why that is.

          “I haven’t experienced this much racism ever.”

          If you don’t mind me asking, where do you live? I’m from the caricatured “racist” south, and in my experience going all the way back to school in the early 80’s, it was always, you were either cool or not. People never obsessed over color like they do now. I first noticed that obsession with skin color becoming a nationwide trend under Obama. I still haven’t witnessed it (or heard of it around here) first hand in a very red district in the “racist” south.

        • Spencer is playing the reverse psychology game. If he endorses Biden he thinks it will make Biden lose votes. Black people already know Biden was a very racist man due to his upbringing and the American tradition. However, they experience more racism and white supremacy under Trump than they did under Bush or Reagan. For a second, they thought Obama becoming president meant white supremacy was on the way out, however, Trump has revived that culture.

          Recently, I saw Trump bragging he stopped affordable housing construction in the suburbs because white women didn’t want to live with non whites. He says that’s why suburban women love him or at least they should. Then he was trying to push his gentrification plan for the cities to black Americans by calling it the “Platinum Plan.”

          Minorities are not backing Biden, they are simply voting out Trump, Trump has become the new Hillary. They know they can make Biden do things Trump refuses to do. They know they will experience less racism under Biden than Trump just like they did when Biden was vice president. Republicans forget Obama chose Biden and worked with him for many years. Obama is half black, by the way. Biden is a career politician, if he doesn’t play ball he will fade away, whereas Trump can go back to getting into more debt trying to be a businessman.

          The Republicans’ strategy is just like the NRA’s.

          Republicans pretend racism is a myth, white supremacy was never a thing in the U.S. and systemic racism is only in the head of mentally ill minorities. They still do it even after Trump has admitted to systemic racism being a thing in an interview. Republicans make people like Brandon Tatum popular and rich because he shits on black people all the time and propagates white supremacist talking points. Republicans do not reach out to minorities with understanding, they just want to argue that every life experience they had was just them being mentally ill. Republicans argue constantly that “white privilege” is a made up thing for minorities to use as an excuse. Instead of listen and believe, Republicans choose to argue and deny.

          The Democrats have taken a different approach. However, they went too far with it by teaching everything is racist. What does Republicans do to fix this? They advocate that school teaches nationalism and patriotism instead of actual history in full context. Trump announced some 1776 education plan to teach kids to respect the nation.

          Let’s not forget that there was at least 4 mass shootings inspired by Trump. The mass shootings that Republicans say Obama inspired was by former military on cops not innocent brown people or Jewish people.

        • Pulling out all the stops on crazy there, hey Chief? I won’t argue with anything you just said, because are a pervert that gets off on provoking anger in others and that would give you a semi.

        • I appreciate the response. If minorities are against supporting republicans for the reasons you listed, then it’s out of ignorance. No matter how bad democrats have been for blacks, they keep voting for them due to misinformation. I’d like to call attention to one thing you said: “Biden was a very racist man due to his upbringing and the American tradition” Do you actually believe it’s the American tradition to raise white kids to be racists? Why weren’t you raised that way? Why wasn’t I raised that way? Are we anomalies? It turns out I know a bunch of “anomalies.”

          Regarding the racism that you personally witness, if you don’t mind me asking, what part of the country are you from? Do you live in a blue district or a red district? No need to be specific. I’m from the south, in a red district.

        • People like you created this situation Chief Censor.

          You and your ilk, like Miner, Vlad, Enuf… ect… though I’m willing to bet you are either all or some of them too.

          You leftist agitators, have been attacking normal Americans for so long, with unjust accusations of racism and sexism, that they now don’t care wether you consider them racist or not. They’re backlashing against you.

          Look up the AfD party I’m Germany as an example. Or the return of right across Europe as another example. That right wing turn in Europe will be very unfortunate to the left there.

          When the history books are written on these events, your kind will be who is to blame for what happened.

        • “stopped affordable housing construction in the suburbs because white women didn’t want to live with non whites.”

          Some people would call your response racist. You shouldn’t assume that all poor people are non-white. There are more white people on welfare than black people. There are projects full of white people where I live. You don’t know what you’re talking about with regard to the zoning. I work with zoning and developments. We have zoning for a reason. The federal government telling local governments where to place certain zones is an authoritarian measure, and yes it would devalue property. It has nothing to do with race.

          You seem to have a similar worldview as Miner. You’re both prejudice against republicans, but at least you’re a little skeptical of democrats as well. Maybe you were taught that, or maybe it involves life experiences. If you think every white person acts like the ones near you that are racist, then you should get out more. There’s an entire world out there that you’re unaware of.

        • Censor, the people who insist that blacks need all manner of this or that, cannot possibly make it on their own, as opposed to whites who take care of their own business, are overwhelmingly Democrats, and that was a PERFECT definition of white supremacy. Democrats’ entire platform for 50 years has been 100% white supremacy.

        • @LarryinTX

          You nailed it!

          There appears to be a common belief that Blacks can only succeed with the “benevolent guidance” of the Democrats…for reference see: urban plantation.

          Dr. Thomas Sowell has an interview on youtube that is fascinating. He compares when he was in college (the 50’s) and now. One of the things he discusses is the number of Blacks graduating H.S. He extends his analysis to those Blacks accepted into and finishing their college / university degrees back then versus now.
          Spoiler Alert: those numbers have not improved….even with all the “benevolence”.

          If Dr. Sowell was 30 years younger he would be a very good candidate for the Presidency…he would have my vote.

      • Has more to do with the systemic racism Trump and Biden mentioned. Having two parents helps, but that doesn’t change the reality of the artificial ghettos. In Brazil and Mexico, they have two parents yet they are in the drug game and killing countless people.

        Poverty, environment, culture and parenting.

        • Yes, they all magically changed side. What a maroon.

          But it is IMPORTANT to remember that he/she/it actually BELIEVES that AND has repeated it the requisite number of times to make it TRUTH….

        • There isn’t many black Republicans. The Republican party is full of white supremacists now. The old Democrats that brought Jim Crow style laws have joined the Republican party to make America great again.
          This is an old lie,Chief Censor ! There are more people of color in the Republican party than ever before & more people of color running for republican office than ever before.
          After sixty years of lying to people of color & not helping them has cause people to wake up to the lie. Democrats are losing voter in all groups.
          Candace Owens for President 2024.

    • wow….That’s some sweeping generalization you got going on there. @Chris so there is no mistake about who I’m addressing.

      ..and it’s BS too.

  17. It doesn’t matter if there’s video of cop’s being “right”. There’s video of a black teenager backing into cop’s but she claims it was an accident. They shot her thug boyfriend & her.Expect black looters murdering in Waukegan,ILL. Fun times per-election😕😕😕😕😕 TRUMP/Pence 2020!

    • I haven’t seen the video yet. The cop was fired for breaking the rules and shooting the teenage passenger dead. Usually the cop has to be fired first then charged with a crime.

      From what I have seen in the past, cops know all they have to do is step in front of a moving car that is attempting to flee then they can kill everyone in the car. The chance of being charged and convicted by their buddies is less than 1%, if that stat is accurate. Same behavior in Chicago with the street gangsters there, they know they have a very small statistical chance of being convicted of murder, they feel no repercussion for committing it, thus they kill every weekend.

  18. It is obvious that the cops need to develop some discernment. They know damn well that in the current political environment, it simply isn’t plausible to expect African-American suspects to not attack them. It is equally implausible for the police to expect the local African-American community to react violently to the use of force against an African-American suspect.

    The only sane response to this escalating insanity is for the police to disengage. Any cop who responds to a call for service and finds themselves confronted by an African-American subject should get back in their car and drive away. It doesn’t matter if the subject is a mass murderer or a child rapist much less committing armed robbery. The cops need to remove themselves from such situations. The emergency dispatchers need to be trained to recognize which neighborhoods are predominantly African-American. If they get an emergency call from such neighborhoods, they need to determine if the probable offender is Black. If so, don’t dispatch the police to that neighborhood.

    Obviously; the police also need to cease patrolling or investigating crimes in African-American neighborhoods. The police need to make it clear to the residents in these neighborhoods that they are on their own. It doesn’t matter if they get murdered, raped or robbed, the cops are not going to do a damn thing about it. The police will also not intervene if there are riots in these neighborhoods. The fire department will also not respond to put out fires in these neighborhoods. Let the African-American community burn their neighborhoods to the ground, but also refuse to provide Federal funding to rebuild these neighborhoods. Federal law should be revised to enable banks to decline to issue mortgages for properties in African-American communities.

    Of course it is probable that the African American community will be rioting in predominantly White neighborhoods and high rent business areas. (Portland Oregon is a prime example. The high rent office buildings now look like beautiful downtown Beiruit during the 1980s civil war or after the ANFO explosion). The police need to stand down and stand by in these situations as well. Inform the Lilly White liberals who vote for Democrats that they are on their own. Suggest that they might want to buy guns if local laws allow it. Inform the African-American rioters and the Lilly White rioters who support them that the police will not investigate any shootings or other deaths that occur once a riot is declared. If some Elmer Fudd opens up on them with a 12 gauge, 3&1/2 shotgun loaded with #4 buckshot and equipped with a spreader choke or rifled barrel, the cops will not do diddly squat about it.

    These policies need to be imposed until such time as the Africa-American community prooves that it prefers the rule of law to anarchy.

    • really!

      shaqueisha: “oh come help us poh-lice he’s threatening the neighbors with a knife”
      dispatch: “you’re on your own honey. ain’t going to play that game again”

  19. The price of ammo needs to be on a stock market like ticker, as every shooting and following riot unfolds, the price of ammo climbs correspondingly. I only invest in precious metals now, gold, copper, lead…

    Friday after the election is when the jump off is expected. Maybe someone will spoof MC Hammer’s song, “They’re gonna burn this mother down…..” If your department wont let you actually enforce the law, maybe there needs to be a nationwide blu flu pandemic sweep the nation. Im betting Faucci would approve and say it was because you all weren’t wearing masks while you ate, slept and had coitus.

    Rule #1, don’t be there.

    Rule #2 the 3 S’ apply.

  20. Do you ever wonder how things would work out if police departments would simply read the riot act and begin shooting to kill after the stated amount of time when the looters ignore them and kept at it?
    Do you think there would be more riots, or fewer riots?

    • I think America doesn’t allow deadly force over property damage. Someone has to be at risk, such as lighting an occupied building on fire.

      We already saw what happens when the government starts using such force, people start shooting at the cops and military. Hence why the government isn’t behaving like it did decades ago. There are too many youths with AKs and ARs willing to use them compared to back in the day with all those hippies.

      • Guns were cheap and EZ to get back in the day. It was the WW2, Korea, and Nam vets that made up the bulk of LE back then that no one wanted to mess with.

        The kind of soldier cops they don’t make anymore. Now it’s female cops that can’t run, or fight their way out of a wet paper bag. And mandatory Soy-Boy training touchy feelies.
        Same thing in the military so, we are so screwed…When your off duty males are wearing manbuns and skinny pants, time to go live in the mountains, floods a coming.

  21. Apparently the younger generations do not support the current method of policing in America like their parents and grand parents do. They want more of a European approach to protecting life, including the life of the offender.

    In Europe the police deal with knife attackers much differently, they are not as quick to use guns. Even Asia deals with knife attackers with less deadly force.

    The U.S. is a country were they want to go gun first and they have no will to learn anything different than how to blast people. They rarely use their shields and attack dogs because they have guns instead. They don’t really have a strategy to utilize their tools to their fullest potential before going to gunfire. The justice system in America allows for police to summarily execute suspects and mentally ill, as well as shooting people suspected of being armed with a gun regardless of the 2nd Amendment. The law even allows for killing people who committed a felony and are running away,

    America allows for the twisting of self defense into self offense by allowing police to shoot people under circumstances that the non badge citizen would be convicted under. For instance, the private security contractor in Denver is being charged with 2nd degree murder because he used his gun in circumstances similar to or less than what officers have done yet is being charged in a case where there is reasonable doubt he did not murder an armed, aggressive, belligerent, violent man. Denver also charged an Uber driver for shooting a Korean customer after the customer attacked the black driver and was shot multiple times because of it. The driver was found not guilty. However, an off duty correction officer shot dead an unarmed teen in the back as he ran through the officer’s backyard while police were chasing him for suspected robbery, yet he was not charged whatsoever because the Denver DA said she couldn’t prove murder (just like the AG said with Breonna Taylor’s shooting).

    Millennial and Zoomer cops are going to have it rough if they think they can shoot people like the previous generation could. Eventually they are not going to be able to use that fancy tricked out Glock with the extended mag like they planned. European and Asian style policing looks to be the future. Don’t like it? Then quit and join the military.

    • “the private security contractor in Denver is being charged with 2nd degree murder because he used his gun in circumstances similar to or less than what officers have done”

      If cops were taking head shots at rioters with pepper spray, there would be a lot of dead rioters this year. It’s my understanding that the guy that got shot never pulled out his concealed firearm. If you don’t think it was wrong for the private security guy, then you aren’t being consistent with your opinion of the police shooting a man armed with a knife.

      • The security contractor doesn’t have the same resources and protection as a cop. He also doesn’t have the same powers. Therefore, he can’t be held to the exact standard as a cop because he is not a cop. Cops need a higher standard, not a lower one.

        The security contractor was verbally threatened, physically struck in the head, and sprayed with an incapacitating chemical. He was not the aggressor and didn’t put himself in harms way outside of his job to protect his client. Cops are not required to protect anyone because they are not private security for the average citizen. The attacker was attempting to incapacitate the contractor while he was reaching to open his vest to draw from his shoulder holster. The attacker never went passive, he was always esclating the violence. It’s only reasonable to believe he would have dropped the can and reached for his gun next. Just because he was dumber and slower doesn’t mean he was murdered.

        The DA in Denver charges non cops for murder when they shoot in self defense scenarios. She doesn’t want to charge cops that clearly commit unjustified homicide. Colorado is anti gun and anti self defense for non government, Denver being the worse. Magpul had to leave.

        • “The attacker never went passive, he was always esclating the violence.”

          I won’t redo a play by play of that incident, but that guy moved back after the slap. It isn’t escalating when you’re moving back. It wasn’t a good shoot. It’s hypocritical to claim the security guy had to shoot because he feared for his life, yet the police can’t shoot a knife wielding suspect.

        • @Chief, you can’t even watch a video right. You need to get glasses or get your AADD fixed. You’ve got problems.

      • The attacker was pushed back by the contractor after he assaulted the media and was continuing to attempt to “fuck them up.” The attacker had the same physical reaction when he was pushed earlier in the other confrontation. The attacker has balance problems and isn’t very nimble. A slight push will cause him to step back about 3 steps to not fall over, similar to an elderly person.

        You don’t want to do a play by play because that will take in all the evidence in its totality, which would show it was more self defense than murder. You can’t just say he was shot over mace, that is not genuine. He was shot because of all the things he did leading up to the attack, what weapons he had and the fact he was not going passive ever. The videos speak for themselves.

        I have seen cops shoot people for less and only get paid vacation. If that was a cop, you know there is a high likelihood the cop would have put a bunch of bullets in him. I have seen cops shoot dead naked people running away or drugged up naked people that tried to hit them.

        You can clearly see who the criminal was. You can see him threaten, physically attack innocent people, get pushed back, then sprays first while reaching for his gun. Obviously the only other thing the contractor had was mace, but you don’t get into a mace battle while surrounded by the attacker’s armed companions. A taser would be above mace, but he is not a cop, he doesn’t have a utility belt with a taser on it.

        So, just like a cop would do, he went gun as that is above chemical spray. He fired after he was sprayed. He is not going to wait to see if the spray blinded him and is affecting his breathing. He fired right when the spray is seen and heard. It’s not like it takes a long time to pull a trigger on a gun that is already on target. The dumb criminal decided to spray a man pointing a gun at him. If the contractor fired before the spray or the man never sprayed, I would lean more towards voluntary manslaughter.

        I have seen cops shoot at a suspect because they had their guns pointed at the suspect and heard a taser pop without a warning. Now cops are trained to shout “taser, taser” before using it so cops do’n’t think they are being shot at.

        It’s a justified shoot regardless of what the DA says, but that is up to the jury to make if final. I would personally say it was a good shoot too. You don’t have to agree with it being a good shoot. I have seen enough shootings to say it was a good use of force when taking in the totality of events.

        Kyle shot an unarmed man 4 times with an AR-15 (once in the head) because he threw a plastic bag at him and ran at him. Then Kyle shot at a man who tried to incapacitate him by jumping on him. He shot dead a man who attempted to grab his gun. That man appeared to try to hurt Kyle with a skateboard but failed, the same thing happened to another man at a monument tear down yet he was charged with unjustified homicide for shooting the skateboarder.

        Unfortunately, a lot of so called pro gun guys are arguing party politics instead of defending the right to self defense. Self defense isn’t only about whether the attacker poses a deadly threat, that’s only half of the rule. The argument so called gun guys are making is that mace isn’t deadly, but the use of deadly force isn’t limited to risk of death, it also includes the belief there is a risk of great injury. I don’t have to take an ass beating in America when I didn’t start anything. I have the human right to shoot you dead if you threaten to “fuck me up” then attempt to do so. In some states, I don’t even have to retreat one step before I can shoot you in the head. In red states, with no duty to retreat, I can blast you in the head if you pose a risk to my body or life.

        No Liberal Republican can make a good faith argument against that human right and the 2nd Amendment. I’m tired of Liberal Republicans trying to take away my rights because their dear leaders are more important to them than defending the principle and natural law.

        • “You don’t want to do a play by play because that will take in all the evidence in its totality”

          Assume much? I didn’t want to do it because this is old news. We’ve already had this discussion. Why don’t you mute the narrator and focus on the pictures? I don’t remember if there’s a picture of that guy being shoved, but I’m not seeing it here. It shows the slap, and then he’s back away from security guy. The narrator says he sprayed, then the guy pulled out his gun and fired once, but in the picture they show, he’s already fired the shot, which means the gun was out before he sprayed. You can see the shell casing in the air. Maybe there’s evidence of what you say, but you didn’t provide it.

          According to your rules of engagement, the Black Rifles Matter guy deserves to be shot in the head.

      • There are numerous videos for you to watch.

        The video I linked is one of the latest available that shows what happened in those few seconds that lead to the attacker being shot. You can see in the videos and pictures that the contractor pushed the attacker away from him as the attacker was battering him. You can also see the contractor reaching for his gun as the attacker says, “mother fucker.”

        Anti self defense people are only using a few still images to create their narrative. The videos show what happened in real time with audio and the pictures clearly supplement for confirmation. A picture is worth a thousand words, whereas video reflect the event. Even in the pictures you see the chemical flying at the contractor before the attacker is killed, an aerosol is not faster than a bullet. The video confirms the shot is fired after the sound of the spray. The spray was already pointing at the contractor and being used before the shooting.

        The black guy can’t be shot because he was not attacking the man. The man actually assaulted him first by pushing him. That’s why the black guy got very angry. The black then said he is not leaving because he has the right to stand his ground. The attacker then made a hand gesture that triggered the black man to think he was being threatened with a gun, which caused him to shout, “shoot me then!” At the point the attacker saw the cameras and attacked the reporters and contractor. At no point was it okay to shoot the black guy over words. The black guy was attacked for his words against the attacker’s son.

        If this case goes like the Uber driver case, the contractor will be found not guilty. He should sue the son and the government afterwards.

        • “The video confirms the shot is fired after the sound of the spray.”

          But did he already have the gun out before the spray? It would seem so. The spray could have been a legitimate (though stupid) defensive measure. The moment the gun came out, dude lost that fight. There was a professional photographer there taking those pictures. They didn’t release all of the pictures. I imagine there’s a police report detailing what happened. I don’t think it’s okay to attack people. Dude should have walked away, but it was still a bad shoot according to the evidence I’ve seen. My opinion anyway.

        • “Anti self defense people are only using a few still images to create their narrative.”

          I feel like that describes many of your takes Chief.

          When you find the video that proves Doloff had reason to fear for his life, post that one.
          All you’ve demonstrated again is the ability to fill in the blanks to suit your argument.

          And you may be right actually, I have no set opinion on the matter.

          FWIW, Keltner seemed to be a moron here. His belly bumping of the BRM dude and ultimately trying to intimidate the cameras out of the scene was literally taking the advice of the BRM dude to f*ck around and find out…and indeed found out.

        • He took the bait which is what the instigators were hoping for. A witness came forward after this and said they were just walking out, and the BRM agitator approached them and started this for no reason. Why don’t we see any video of the very beginning? Maybe it would show that. The witness also said the BRM guy was seen talking to the security guy and news producer prior to this. That agitator has also been caught on video at prior events trying to start fights. Walk away. Don’t take the bait.

    • A more European approach eh?

      You should probably pay more attention to politics in Europe there genius.

      Or don’t. You can be shocked like the rest of the world will be when the boot comes down across that continent again.

      Enjoy your glory days of worshipping Europe because they won’t last much longer.

  22. Serious question: Are cops only trained to shoot while stationary, or do they get trained to shoot while backing up?

    If not, is this maybe something that they ought to be trained on, to maintain distance from a perp walking toward them with a knife, so they have the time to stay out of melee range and assess whether to fire more than an initial double-tap?

    • How far do you “back-up”? One block? Two blocks? I’d vote for 25 to 30 feet. WHY the perp is bringing it makes no diff. off your meds…. you get a free pass? NOPE! I do agree with sending in psychologists first, as they have MADE this mess so they should witness their handiwork up close and personal. NO excuses and NOT a volunteer program. Then maybe they’d rejoin the REAL world, (already in progress), and start creating a philosophy that actually makes sense instead of corpses. Stupid has been in charge for way too long.

      • I’m thinking of starting back before shooting and only doing so for the couple of moments it takes to see if the perp stops/drops from the first shots. I’m generally in the cop’s corner for stories like this, but I’m wondering if training them differently is a viable middle ground to the nonsense the left is calling for (defunding, etc). It’s a shame that ‘optics’ (how it looks to the public) should have to play a role in tactics, but adapting may be the least bad option now in light of the uproar that results each time this happens.

        Maybe they already are trained this way in some places, I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking.

        • Didn’t work out so well for the cop with Floyd. Creep had Covid and was taking some seriously potent drugs so he died anyway.

        • It can be difficult to walk backwards while avoiding a knife wielding attacker. I can do it all day on level ground with no obstacles because I played a lot of basketball. But I’ve never been in a neighborhood where everything is flat and there are no obstacles. And God didn’t see fit to put an extra pair of eyes in the back of my head. You can only retreat so far. So police don’t train that way as it would be pointless.

  23. Talk is cheap…Ammo is expensive…Talking never satisfies Anarchists and Rioters…Time to put the Money where the Mouth is.

  24. This is the leftist democrat nirvana they seek in action. They’ve egged on much of the inner city black population to the point that any shooting, in justified or justified, is reason to riot, loot and create further deadly violence.

    I’m a firm believer that race relations in the US were slowly but surely improving until this recent Democrat push to influence society. Now white people see this kind of thing happening across the nation and in their own homes and it simply creates animosity instead of bringing people together.

    The liberals blame Trump but this is 100% the fault of the supposedly pro black democratic party. They lit the fuse, they poured the gas on it and they are sitting back reveling in the discourse they’ve created. Is the Republican party perfect? Not by a long shot but the Democratic party has wronged black Americans since its creation and continues to so under the auspices of “helping”. I only wish more black voters saw the democratic party for what it is….thinly veiled socialist and communist evil intent on destroying freedom, the pursuit of happiness and everything great America has strived for.

  25. future dispatch calls:
    caller: send the cops…this guy is crazy
    dispatcher: does he have a gun?
    caller: no…he has a knife
    dispatcher: call a family member to take care of him…call us back when he has a gun…then we might send some officers…it’s only a knife…right?

  26. Hey, police officers, here’s a thought — don’t show up. If you get a call about a man with a gun, a knife or whatever running around the ‘hood, stay back in the cop shop and let the morons clean up their own damn mess.

    • Don’t they know suicide by cop is real? Maybe the trainers are too old they forgot to teach how to deal with that scenario?

      That warrior training works great at making killers out of peace officers. It’s also starting to spark civil unrest with people tired of seeing wannabes using their guns to solve all the problems they face.

      Sounds like another Nigeria.

  27. How come it is that some people cannot grasp that looters and rioters are subject to being shot, there being a significant difference between legitimate bitching, protesting or complaining, and criminal actions, the above mentioned rioting and or looting.

  28. give all cops two tasers…one cop pulls a real gun…light him up with a taser or two…with NO warning if brandishing a weapon…let them twitch and squirm on the lightning…better bring clean pants

    • The latest tasers have a two shot capability without reloading. You can use both cartridges if one fails or you want to make sure he gets it. You are not allowed to have two officers tase a person at the same time because it greatly increases the risk of killing. I guess you could get away with two cops tasing at the same time if the only other option is to light him up with hollow points.

      I would even be fine with them knocking out the guy during a struggle if he refuses to let go of the weapon. However, very few cops will (or can) KO a guy if they can just shoot them. Most cops refuse to go hands on like that. They are more trained in using guns than MMA. They are not trained to think critically, they are simply programmed to be “warriors.” They have a culture of “priority number 1 is to go home safe.”

      In Europe, they will use shields and less lethal to remove the knife from the attacker. If it’s a terrorist that just killed, they will call in the armed police force. In Asia, some places use some weird pole to pin the attacker from a distance, not sure if it also electrocutes them.

      I have seen some good “medieval” shield work from European cops against people armed with a knife. That’s more closer to being a warrior than American cops. Sometimes you can see a bunch of shield carrying cops rushing the armed man to pin, tase and disarm him. Even the women cops help out.

      America still have attack dogs, but they mostly use them to scare protesters or hurt non violent people who refuse to listen. They refuse to risk the animal over the human, yet America claims to be a pro life society. Recently, during a protest in Rhode Island, I saw a cop using a K9 to taught and chase protesters away. That was a horrible look for America, to use a German Shepherd like a jackboot and smile while doing so.

      • Please move to Europe or Asia if you like the way they do things so much (the UK banned sharp knives by the way so stopping a guy with butter knife is way different than stopping one with a bowie knife). We would all be very grateful. Either that or become a cop and show us all how it’s done.

        • How about Europe trains American cops how not to be a bunch of cowards thirsty for blood? They have to deal with machine guns, a group of knife welding terrorists, suicide bombers and vehicle attacks.

          Recently, in France, they had to deal with terrorists that beheaded a school teacher for showing pictures of Muhammad. I guess those terrorists were dedicated enough to get that butter knife to take a human head right off.

        • Uh, French police frequently carry automatic weapons to deal with such people. If they haven’t already they will shoot these terrorists when they find them. I didn’t say a word about France anyway. I said the UK. You seem to see and read what you want rather than what is.

          Please, be a cop and show us how a brave cop behaves. I long for the day when you post pics showing us how you gently subdued the subject with a knife bent on killing you. Please, please do it for all of us!

          By the way, one of the stills clearly shows the Antifa shooter (you call contractor) pulling up his shirt exposing his gun while the spray can is still down. Shot guy tried to prevent getting shot with the spray. It’s a bad shoot.

        • Uh censored, “Earlier this month in France, a teacher who reportedly showed caricatures of the Islamic prophet Muhammad during a civics class was beheaded by an 18-year-old Chechen refugee, who subsequently was fatally shot by police.”

          Yeah, they do things so much better. Like I said, shot him dead. No trial, not BS, just dead.

      • As an apparent Europhile have you considered moving to the EU? Heck, you could even continue to troll from there whist living in your dream country / economy / political system.

        • Nah, they wouldn’t have him. Most countries in the EU require proof of employment and money in the bank before you can become a citizen. Most lefties wouldn’t meet those standards.

        • @bryan1980

          C’mon, Man…a degree in “??? Studies” (or one of the “soft sciences”*) and experience as a barista should count for something…

          *soft science, noun. Any of the specialized fields or disciplines, as psychology, sociology, anthropology, or political science, that interpret human behavior, institutions, society, etc., on the basis of scientific investigations [sic] for which it may be difficult to establish strictly measurable criteria.

  29. They really believe it took 11 shots to kill him? Either they are lousy shots or they wanted to make sure he was dead. Either way, very unprofessional of the cops. Not like he was armed with a firearm. But, good luck finding any professional police officers anymore. They are long retired. The ones now would as soon arrest you if you look at them funny.

    • I’m usually pretty quick to criticize law enforcement but I gotta stop you right there. While their marksmanship definitely needs work, let’s not pretend two people firing 5-6 shots each is excessive. Given that handguns aren’t magic death rays and frequently take a few seconds to incapacitate (even with multiple center mass hits), AND he was ten feet away with a knife, what do you expect? A double tap followed by a pause to reassess the situation? Even if they had hit him 4 times in the chest that’s still no guarantee he would have dropped right away. Plenty of cops have been injured by knife wielding assailants who continued to advance and even managed to close the gap, even after being shot repeatedly

  30. When you enter the jungle, expect to have to kill some wild animals. I have no idea why anyone would want to be a cop anymore, that’s what the left ahs wanted to create and they have been successful. I agree 100% with Ralph above, let the animals fester in the sewer they created and let them clean up their own mess. I hear some people talk about this kind of thing happened in the 60s. I was alive in the 60s and no way is this the same thing!!!!!
    NABLM (Not All Black Lives Matter)

    • Being a city cop doesn’t require a high IQ nor a diploma and it pays very well. Most cops can’t make as much money anywhere else. Being a cop in America is an easy job overall and isn’t dangerous like people want you to believe. Worst part is the hours, but over time is very good.

      If you don’t care about family, being a cop is better than most jobs if you have a low IQ or no higher education. You are more at risk of developing mental problems than being killed on the job by an attacker.

      Being a cop in Mexico is hard. Doesn’t pay enough to risk your entire family’s lives. Might as well join the military to take on the same people but with better gear and not having to write tickets.

      • A cop in Mexico has the choice of silver or lead. Take bribes and look the other way or get killed along with the rest of their family.

      • There is a lot of wrong in your comment…where to begin?

        A quick survey of cities across the US regarding their PD education requirements was interesting.

        The NYPD, Dallas and El Paso require between 45 and 60 hours of college / university hours. Nashville has a tiered system with college / university hours as a top qualifier, next is a HS or GED with a two year Military honorable discharge, third is a HS or GED with a minimum of two years prior law enforcement and, finally, work their way down to having a minimum of three years of full-time responsible work experience…

        The following cities require a H.S. diploma or GED: Atlanta, Albuquerque, Denver, Laramie, New Orleans, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Omaha, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Seattle, Miami and Missoula.

        I found it interesting that San Francisco / Shreveport did not have any education requirements posted anywhere on their websites.

        Your comment regarding Police and military in Mexico illustrates your gross ignorance of the reality of today’s Mexico. Systemic graft and corruption is so widespread in Mexico that they even have a word for it…la mordida…it translates into “the little bite”. You only have to search for “Mexican army incursions USA” and you will find numerous incidents over the years of Mexican Army personnel, armed with automatic weapons, trespassing into the USA…at times firing upon Border Patrol, Customs, State and Local officers The general surmise is that they were “testing” US border coverage and response so that the Mexican drug cartels could use identified weak spots in border coverage to run drug loads into the USA. Honest cops and soldiers in Mexico have a short life expectancy…particularly in the larger Mexican border cities and surrounding areas.

  31. My wife is keeping up with events on social media. 0.2 miles from the inlaws savages are shooting at cops with BBs guns. Thank God my brother in law finally saw the light and got a gun over the summer.

  32. My oldman was a state trooper, he always said,”son don’t ever be a cop, they have all the rights”. Fast forward 40 years, and today every black that gets himself killed by cops, is a riot. And the end of cops careers. Thanks for the forewarning Dad.

  33. DC Cops are in a standoff with rioters after a BLACK man riding a rental motor scooter was killed when HE collided with a car… Seems it’s the COPS fault as they were chasing him because HE was in violation of the DC helmet law and riding on the sidewalk…. So, not only can you NOT use physical restraint to subdue a perpetrator, use non-lethal (tear gas/pepper spray/tasers) methods to deal with violent offenders or a lethal means of defense in life threatening situations you (as a police officer) can NOT engage an individual who is BLATANTLY breaking the law… Don’t try the old “high speed pursuit” crap. these “electric” scooters top out at about 25 miles per hour…

      • well, to be fair, helmet laws are unconstitutional, so there may be something to that claim

        That may be true and as a life-long “motorcycle enthusiast” I am certainly NOT a fan, however, when I travel I carry a helmet AND wear it when traversing a state that requires it (the ONLY exception WAS in DC on the several occasions that I attended the “Rolling Thunder” event there and several THOUSAND like-minded individuals said NO to helmets…. The main reason I comply with states helmet laws is two fold (1) no one other than you (that is anyone in authority i.e. the SCOTUS) has declared the unconstitutionality of those laws and (B) I’m not into being fucked with when I’m out to enjoy the various other freedoms that you feel when riding a heavy, powerful motorcycle on the open road with some little honey hugged up against your back… The last thing you want to see is a set blue lights flashing in your mirror over something as trivial and stupid as a helmet.. The mountain I’ve chosen to die on is MUCH bigger and way more important.. Hell DC ALSO has a law requiring BICYCLE helmets AND a law against riding a motorized scooter on the sidewalk… (22 other states also have statewide bicycle helmet laws and another 14 have partial bicycle helmet laws).. AND there is the fact that “Courts have held that helmet laws are not discriminatory against a particular class of people and do not violate the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause because a helmet requirement is a reasonable means to protect people (similar to the seat belt argument) on highways from the greater hazards caused by the increased risk to motorcyclists.” I might be considered by many to be an “outlaw” because of my lifestyle choices but I never BLATANTLY give law “enforcement” extraordinary reasons to fuck with me…

        • “Courts have held that helmet laws are not discriminatory against a particular class of people and do not violate the Constitution’s Equal Protection Clause because a helmet requirement is a reasonable means to protect people (similar to the seat belt argument) on highways from the greater hazards caused by the increased risk to motorcyclists.”

          As a lifelong enthusiast too and a proponent of personal freedoms I have to say that the courts and governments were pressured into this by insurance companies. It’s not about safety, it’s about money (as usual). The thing is, it’s not the government’s place to tell us what we must or must not do when it comes to our personal safety or anything personal.

          To appease the insurance companies, laws should have been passed prohibiting lawsuits when someone suffers a head injury while not wearing a helmet. We don’t employ the government to be our mothers.

          That said, to avoid the hassles, yup, like you, I wear a helmet where the law requires it though it takes much of the joy and general feeling of freedom one can experience when cruising this incredibly beautiful country!

  34. If that was a neighbor or bystander that drilled his ass, no problem! But a cop doing his job keeping society safe ???

  35. siri play “FUCK THE POLICE”… Fuck the police comin’ straight from the underground
    A young nigga got it bad ’cause I’m brown
    And not the other color so police think
    They have the authority to kill a minority
    Fuck that shit, ’cause I ain’t the one
    For a punk motherfucker with a badge and a gun
    To be beatin’ on, and thrown in jail
    We can go toe to toe in the middle of a cell
    Fuckin’ with me ’cause I’m a teenager
    With a little bit of gold and a pager
    Searchin’ my car, lookin’ for the product
    Thinkin’ every nigga is sellin’ narcotics.. …..Fuck these bitch ass cops. Fuck you bitch ass bootlickers.. Fuck donald Trump and Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell.. Burn this shit down cause fuck em and their comfort thats why. and especially you fake ass “i’m black but…” ole coonta face ahh. looking like your master bitch.

  36. Someone comes at me with a knife, I’m shooting until they stop. Might be 1 round, might be 100. I would expect anyone else to do the same, whether they’re wearing a uniform or not. I think from now on, if the cops get a call from someone having trouble with a mentally unstable family member, just tell them to handle it themselves. We’ll send a social worker to your location.

    • This. If I were a police officer I’d have long passed the point where I would be seriously considering finding another line of work, or at the very least be looking for another location. If my city expected me to let myself get an artery opened rather than defending myself, I’d agree: Let them deal with violent people themselves.

  37. The bad guy with a knife was given more than enough time to stop while he chased down the police…

    • I saw somewhere that the guy who was shot is mentally ill, though that can mean all kinds of things. Even if he wasn’t in his right mind, though, that wouldn’t make him less dangerous. It would make it more tragic, but it wouldn’t mean that the cops should have allowed themselves to be killed.

      • It’s been said repeatedly, just decide to not respond to calls for certain problems, domestic disturbance, man with knife, my son beatin’ on me, or even certain zip codes, if we can’t do it right, y’all just take care of it yourselves.

        • I agree some people just need to sort out themselves because obviously they can’t be pleased. Lets see how it goes after they tear each other apart for a piece and then check in on them after 6 months to a year ands see if their attitude towards the police would change. Or create a special units that fit in with the population of the zip code. And watch how corrupt it will become. It’ll be like the old Irish cops of New York at the turn of the 19th century, lots of corruption and abuse.

  38. The dems want to make self defense illegal!

    The Biden/Harris Bail out funders for Terrorist want to put u in jail for stopping the rape and killing of women/children..etc…

    Once terrorist/looters/rioters start getting shot ever night things will change…fast…u can’t allow it this chaos…..

    Too bad no or few shop owners in Philly stood armed to protect their property.

  39. Just another example or why I don’t live anywhere near people of color. They destroy everything they come into contact with. I don’t see riots in white communities. Please prove me wrong! Now I know you will say my comments are racist, but are they true and correct? Facts matter.

    • I’m a proud American of color, and I don’t live among so called “Black” people either. Cause black is a mentality and people of that mentality are the problem not their skin color. And to call the sky blue is not an insult of the sky. And yes so called “Black” people are self /destructive that’s why I live in a different community.

    • White trash, black trash, it’s all trash. I see a lot of white faces in the photos & videos of the looters.

      • Most of what I have recently seen of BLM was ALL white, couldn’t find a black anywhere, with all manner of violent bullshit going on (witness Kyle!!), the black community is being lied about and they are apparently proud of that, or they would be bitch slapping those white punks and running them out of town.


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