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On Friday, Congressman Peter King of New York spoke at The Nation Leadership Summit in New Hampshire. During his speech, he came out in favor of more gun control while being sure to simultaneously bash some of his fellow Republicans. In the video above, the distinguised Rep. King responds to questions about his stance on two gun control bills he’s introduced…and admits to having zero expectation that they’ll go anywhere in this congress . . .

The first bill would prevent anyone on the federal terror watch-list from legally purchasing firearms. Who could be against keeping guns away from terrorists, right? But the government can add anyone to the watch list at any time for any reason. It’s an opaque process which is ripe for abuse. maybe the congressman has forgotten that the definition of a “terrorist” can depend very much on the eye of the beholder.

He makes the necessary soothing sounds about a process for those listed in error to dispute the designation, but does anyone really think that will be either 1) easy, 2) efficient, or 3) inexpensive?

Next on King’s hit parade is the fact that he believes the non-existent “gun show loophole” should also be closed. Just as with most gun control activists, what are the chances that Mr. King has ever been to a gun show?

As for King’s desire to have mental health professionals input data into the NICS system, how many individuals will avoid needed care to avoid losing their right to own firearms? King’s never seen a gun control proposal the didn’t like, which places him in the same line with gun grabbing groups and virtually every Democrat in the House and Senate. Which makes you wonder why he even bothers to place the R behind his name.

H/T The Examiner

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  1. Has Rep. King even ever shot a gun before. I love all these politicians that point out all these “common sense” solutions and don’t even know how a gun operates. Remember the “shoulder thing that goes up”?

    • The same idiots that think the internet is a series of tubes and not a truck.

      Legislators don’t know much about anything. Lobbyists write the laws. Legislators simply collect the campaign contributions.

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  2. King is a total douchebag! Why isnt this fool booed off the stage before he even opens his mouth is beyond me.

  3. There is no better example combining every single aspect of what is corrupt and disgusting about the Federal Government today than Peter King. He is worse than Obama and his minions.

  4. Since the last redistricting, I have come to reside in this female pudendum’s district. So, cut me some slack on some the outrageous things I might post here.

  5. Typical party platform Democrat who wants all guns outlawed. It’s got nothing to do with “gun control”.

    The ultimate end game with people like King is as Feinstein so eloquently stated: “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in.”

    • Why? He loves big government, the military and the surveillance state.

      King is the textbook definition of a modern day Republican.

        • It’s called reality, my friend.

          The libertarian/small-government wing of the GOP was eradicated by the big government New England power-cabal in the late 60’s.

      • Modern day?
        The origins of the republican party are big government cronyism and militarism.
        It’s only been since the early 20th century that small government conservatives and libertarians have found a home in the party. And even now they’re a minority faction among the leadership and elected politicians.

        • I think some kooky survivalist stated that the left wing and the right wing are connected to a body of a bird of prey. Maybe the kook was not so kooky.

  6. Maybe Mr. King should recall how hard it was for Senator Ted Kennedy to get off the “no fly” list. Kennedy was refused boarding three times, as I recall. If it is hard to a US Senator to clear up ” a little mistake,” can King imagine what it is like for a regular citizen? If he wants an example, there was that architect who went to a conference overseas and was refused re-entry. She was on at least five lists, and it took a federal lawsuit, characterized by government procrastination, hiding of evidence, and obfuscation before a federal judge got REALLY pissed. The essence of the government’s position was that we can put you on a list, we don’t have to tell you why you are on that list (national security and all that), and there was no procedure to try to get off that list. When they finally agreed that there could be an administrative appeal, they also wanted to be able to review the appeal without telling you the result–which you could only learn, one supposes, by getting on a plane.

  7. Sadly, this is what passes for a “Republican” in the NE. As some on else said, Total Douchebag.

    I’m thinking we should change the political party names to Conservative and Liberal and sweep away all the bs about Democrat and Republican. Be who you really are, come out of the closet and walk into the light. Let everyone see what an a$$ you really are Rep. King. Another great endorsement for term limits.

    • “Sadly, this is what passes for a “Republican” in the NE. As some on else said, Total Douchebag.”

      And that’s why I don’t/won’t live there. Rush was right: the place if filled with RINOs.

      • To the rest of the country, New York is just as filled with yankees as the rest of the North East. North of Maryland and East of Pennsylvania means NORTH EAST.

        • And a quick look through the history books and studies of demographics shows that LOTS of Yankees moved west and south from colonial days to the present; they’re everywhere! Sure, they’re most concentrated in the Northeast, but their pernicious Calvinist influence has spread nationwide since the Mayflower, and the country is run by true believers, whether they’re religious or not. This is, and has been, a British Protestant nation-state, of the Calvinist persuasion, mostly, but that is changing, and not necessarily for the better, either.

  8. ALL career politicians are the enemy. Every last one. King is particularly loathsome as he is an oath-breaker.

  9. This is a brilliant tactic actually.

    1) Introduce a bill that would bar people on terrorist watch lists from buying guns.
    2) Watch said bill die on the vine
    3) Let a person on the terrorist watch list get a gun and use it in a high profile, well “reported” crime
    4) Introduce a much harsher version that now has public and media support.

    • No it’s not a brilliant tactic, it’s pathetic and disgusting. Certainly an appropriate tactic of the left, or a RINO like king.

  10. Given what I know about King, the only reason he is NH is because he has found a way to make money from the faux campaign for president.

  11. Pure waste of time. I just don’t get why people like King want to live their lives like this. Just jacking around, playing silly games, filing frivolous bills, taking verbal potshots at others.

    After this many years, I would either redouble my effort and finally get serious about effecting lasting, positive change, or else just retire. I get it that politics is fun and exciting……early in your career, and it can be powerful and impactful…..later in your career. In King’s case, what is it?

    None of D.C. is new and exciting to him, anymore. Neither will he ever have any real power…..ever. So why bother with the shameless charade of it all? I’d retire and take my grandkids fishing, instead of sitting in meaningless committee meetings all day.

  12. He’s absolutely got it WRONG again still !!!!!! This past weekend how many people got shot in NYC? How many of the shooter are legitimate legal gun owners? Don’t believe what I say look it up for your self and then ask this. How could this happen if gun control really worked in a place like NY? ANSWER : CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY THE LAWS!

  13. The man is all over the board on everything he says and does. He preaches common sense, but has none. The term “babbling idiot” comes to mind.

    • This things busted cant even edit myself.
      Only King believes the words that comes out of his mouth.
      Other then downstate residents. He is one of the most despised members of the NY political arena.
      Remove NYC and the 5 surrounding counties from the map. He wouldn’t have a job as a dog catcher.
      Im trying to be nice here about King.
      Unfortunately that isn’t possible.
      He was hard to stomach when I lived there. Hes harder to stomach and read anything about him now as an ex resident.
      He is everything that’s wrong with politicians in this country today.
      A real mouth breather this guy is.

  14. WTF…why on earth would one spend their time to write two bills knowing they would not pass, nor build a consensus to move them to the floor. Just a complete waste of time, which says more about Rep Kings lack of ability and reflects poorly on his service.

  15. This is the same asshole supported a group responsible for mass murder… The IRA.

    But they were white, so I guess that’s ok.

    Peter King is a POS on so many levels.

  16. Peter King is a serious danger to individual liberty and to the very Constitution he swore to defend against all enemies (foreign and domestic). He is in fact an enemy of the Constitution of the domestic kind–a power-seeking would-be-tyrant with no regard for due process or individual rights.

    He is a wolf and not even disguised in sheep’s-clothing.

    I can not over emphasize this: PETER KING IS AN EXTREME DANGER TO INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY and our Constitution.


    SamAdams1776 III – Oath Keeper
    Molon Labe
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
    Qui tacet consentit
    Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges
    Idque apud imperitos humanitas vocabatur, cum pars servitutis esset

  17. I can only presume that Rep. King is on the terror watch list for his past material support of terrorists (IRA)- or does that only apply for brown-skinned terrorists?


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