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The devolution of Detroit continues apace. The latest shooting that was either strange or heinous enough to actually attract the attention of the local media apparently started as an argument over who whips up the tastiest pitcher of Kool-Aid. While we’re not big fans of the sugary beverage, it’s not an insignificant question. If only a little gunfire had broken out in Jonestown over who brewed up the best batch, who knows how many lives might have been saved?

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  1. I guess since the populist tide has turned against his anti-gun crusade, Bloomberg needs a new cause to scapegoat. Today, the mass media reported that MB and his NYC Queendom want to ban soft drinks over 16 0z to fight obesity. Next week, Bloomberg will release a long list of foods and restaurants associated with violence. Rumor has it McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s are Bloomberg’s targets.

      • A police officer once got away with using the twinkie sugar defense after shooting to death San Francisco’s mayor and an aid. That was then and this is now, and he was a cop. Average people can’t use twinkie defenses. Oh well.

      • Actually, I seem to recall seeing something recently about a study that linked diet with overall aggression amongst prison inmates. As I recall, the chief observation of the study was that the prisoners were less aggressive/combative while on a “healthy” diet than when on an “unhealthy” diet.

        • New Yorkers are sort of like prisoners in their hometown, at least as long as Mike spends 100 million dollars getting reelected. Next they will be painting everything pink since that lowers aggression too. The embrace of gay marriage makes this more plausible.

  2. Dumbasses shooting each other over Kool-Aid yet they still manage to tie in the guns even though they have f*ck-all to do with the real problem. Never mind these kids are so screwed up they resort to shooting each other over who makes it best. Whining about guns is infinitely easier than actually deconstructing what leads idiots to shoot over something as stupid who makes the better beverage.

    • I took the story a bit differently. the suggestion was that kids don’t have the ability to solve their disagreements short of violence, and with the easy availability of guns, they turn to guns to find out who the top dawg is. Shades of that are apparent in the details of the shootings last weekend in Chicago, where most involved one group of proplr getting into it with another group, and then the firing begins. And as noted here previously, this is mostly a problem of black kids shooting black kids. So the real question is not whether guns are good or bad, but why black kids think they have to “prove” their manhood/womanhood with violence. (Same theme is found in Gran Torino.)

  3. I hope after the shooting he at least said a hilarious catch phrase…something like, “Kool down, son!”

  4. More kid-control is needed, not gun control. That ice cream vendor is a brave man driving those streets, he must be packing serious firepower.

  5. Anyone else thinking “man, Detroit’s so horrible, they even have horrible newscasters!”? Detroit’s so ghetto they need their newscasters to speak the lingo so people watching at home can understand what they’re talking about. “fellas, bad boys, 2 of the dudes from 2 crews, I know, right?!” I get news from Lima and Dayton which aren’t far from Detroit and definitely aren’t Harvard and Yale territories, but Detroit news sure makes them look far more educated.
    If this is the source of Detroit’s information and the best they can come up with is “guns are so easy to come by,” then it is no surprise the school in the background is closed down and Detroit will continue to spiral into “Canada’s Mexico.”

    • take it easy on her. Andrea Isom is an investigative reporter not a news anchor. Moreover, she did an awesome piece a few weeks ago about women and guns with our own Rick Ector that was VERY positive and pro-gun. She is on our side.

      • She didn’t seem on our side in that story. I wonder if she was “axed” to tone up the anti-gun rhetoric a bit.

        • I think it was more frustration that these dumb a$$es shot at each other over Kool Aid. Moreover, I doubt they were legal and probably had some time with the correction system so she is pissed off.

  6. I live in a suburb of the big D. It is truly out of control. Nothing funny here . good people in real danger. The police will not respond to any call that doesn’t involve a immediate threat to life. they will not come for theft, siomeone stealing your car from your driveway, breaking into your garage and still there, etc. . The governor needs to call out the national guard like the 67 riots.
    but they just broke ground on a $60 million police and fire headquarters building.

  7. They didnt shoot each other over kool aid. They shot each other cuz they’re angry violent animals and it doesnt take much to set them off.
    I know, I have anger issues too. I learned to control them.


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