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George Zimmerman's Kel Tec PF-9 (courtesy

Following his acquittal, it is entirely possible that George Zimmerman became the new record holder for most death threats received per hour. Guinness didn’t immediately return our calls on that one, but we’ll let you know if and when. Anyway, since the release of Zimmerman’s PF-9 is currently being held up by the Justice Department, there’s a real concern that Zimmerman doesn’t have a replacement carry gun to defend himself from the legion who claim they’d like nothing more than revenge for Trayvon Martin. Now, though, not only is Zimmerman being threatened, but so are those who have offered to replace his missing heater . . .

Pat Johnson, a Florida gun shop owner, had offered to outfit Zimmerman’s with a new carry piece. After news of his proffer became public, those who are already calling for Zimmerman’s head on a pike started making the same threats against the helpful gun dealer. From the Daytona Beach News-Journal:

“I don’t really know how credible the threats are,” Johnson said. “The cowards are just leaving messages on my answering machine.”

There’s some delicious irony going on here.

Gun control was originally introduced as part of the Jim Crow laws following the end of the Civil War. They discriminated against Southern blacks and made sure that they were unarmed when the lynch mobs showed up to hang them from the nearest tree. That’s where we first saw things like concealed carry licenses and ownership permits coming into vogue, as a way of keeping the subjects of racial discrimination unarmed so that they made easier targets.

Naturally, this whole push for gun control was spearheaded by the KKK. Today we have groups like the Violence Policy Center and the Brady Campaign to continue their work.

Now, those calling for Zimmerman’s blood want him similarly disarmed for their convenience. They don’t want their victim to be able to defend himself if and when they come a-calling. Nevermind that justice has already been more than satisfied by the courts system, they want some payback. And they want Zimmerman to be a defenseless victim for their mobs, even if they have to kill a harmless gun shop owner who never harmed a fly to make sure their victim is defenseless.

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  1. A sorta-small part of me wants to see someone actually try to carry the threats out, especially against someone like Pat, and get “chastised” for their trouble. As Voltaire said, “pour encourager les autres.”

      • From Candide: Dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les autres – “In this country, it is wise to kill an admiral from time to time to encourage the others.”

        • FWIW edition:
          In case anybody cares to know the real event that Voltaire satirized with this marvelous line, it refers tot he execution of Admiral John Byng:

          Byng was executed for “failing to do his utmost” at the Battle of Minorca with an outnumbered hastily configured British fleet in very bad repair — as some see it he was a scapegoat for the dire disrepair of the Royal Navy.

    • “Chastised”, by a gunshop owner… Riiiight….Could people be anymore stupid?

      “Hey lets threaten an owner of a gunstore.” Thats right along the lines of “lets car jack a van full of martial arts champs…”

  2. What’s even more ironic is that the mere presence of these death threats serves as a justification for concealed carry and individual firearms ownership. So, the people who don’t think that Zimmerman should have every been allowed to carry a gun in the first place are now offering a clear and unambiguous reason why he should be allowed a gun.

    On a related note, the death threat folks should give some real thought to this. Chances are most of them have never killed anyone. Zimmerman has. I wouldn’t want to bet against him.

    • Thats an oxymoron, those idiots would need to be human and have a brain to actually think!

      • No, lots of things have brains. It is almost exclusively Humans that choose not to use them.

    • What is more ironic is that they are setting back any gainshat may have been made in racial tolerance by their single-minded determination to turn this into an “us vs them” incident.

      While I have always been cautious when traveling through gang-infested and other known unsavory areas, I have NEVER been a bigot nor given to unwarranted prejudice against any ethnic or racial group. Now I find myself immediately going to condition yellow whenever I see a young black man, and especially a group of young black men, until I know for sure they have no ill intent. How’s that for your racial harmony, Barack?

      How exactly is this fanning of racist animus in the black community helping their cause, or their future? Do people think that by making the rest of us live in fear of “retribution” from the black community that the situations in those communities will somehow be improved? How, exactly?

  3. Given the kind of fanatics involved, both race and anti gun, the threats aren’t such surprise, particularly with the continuous drum beat coming from the race baiters, the grabber politicians, and the press.

    With all their rhetoric, they are unwaveringly trying to whip up divisiveness and conflict.

  4. Divide and conquer marches full speed ahead. And NOBODY falls for this shit like the already-conquered.

  5. The amount of ignorance, hatred, and even violence (or threats of violence) coming from the African American community right now is ridiculous… And if you try to point it out, you’re a racist… The liberal media has been tossing fuel on the fire since day one, no surprise there.

    Heck, if I knew Zimmerman I’d give him a gun. No man deserves to be murdered by the mob.

      • I’m assuming that you can and will return fire. This is likely to take them by surprise as they are not familiar with the concept of a non-helpless victim and obviously do not like to contemplate such a society. Good luck in readjusting their social paradigm!

    • I think the black community would like to just get on with their lives, like everybody else.
      The problem is, just like every other community, it’s the obnoxious ones that have to free time and the air time to keep trying to rile shit up.

    • American Blacks SHOULD be pissed. At the dem party, who has owned them for 50 years, that is throwing them under the bus as the drive proceeds to puchase the mexicans in America cohort.

  6. Wheres Eric holder investigating the threats? Obama? DOJ? FBI?….. 🙁

    In the end your safety comes down to you and your firearms or other weapons. Period.

  7. Wonder if there are some part time postions available there as I could use some free target practice!

  8. “The rifle has ever been the companion of the pioneer and, under God, his tutelary protector against the red man and the beast of the forest. Never was this efficient weapon more needed in just self-defence, than now in Kansas, and at least one article in our National Constitution must be blotted out, before the complete right to it can in any way be impeached. And yet such is the madness of the hour, that, in defiance of the solemn guarantee, embodied in the Amendments to the Constitution, that ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,’ the people of Kansas have been arraigned for keeping and bearing them, and the Senator from South Carolina has had the face to say openly, on this floor, that they should be disarmed—of course, that the fanatics of Slavery, his allies and constituents, may meet no impediment.” The Crime Against Kansas, May 19–20, 1856, in American Speeches: Political Oratory from the Revolution to the Civil War 553, 606–607 (2006).

    As cited in DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, et al., PETITIONERS v.

  9. “I don’t really know how credible the threats are,” Johnson said.

    I do. Keyboard kommandos and telephone terrorists are pussies.

        • The people making public threats generally arent the ones to worry about. Its the ones that are smart enough not to publicly make gesticulations while privately plotting that you would worry about…

        • Just enough of the noisy ones end up being dangerous, like Chapman and so many others!

    • Precisely. The only thing Zimmerman needs to “defend” himself from these morons is to block them on Twitter. They’ll vent their spleens 140 characters at a time, and then eventually get tired of it and move on.

      Of course, the rabble-rousers and people in power will try to keep it stirred up as long as they can, further encouraging the keyboard commandos. They’re either making money off it, or using it as a useful distraction (whatever happened with all those executive-branch scandals, anyway? Did we fix all that?).

    • It’s this type of thinking that gets people killed. Always assume your enemy is dangerous and willing to hurt you, Ralph.

  10. KKK were dem. obama, sharpton, jackson are dems. Lets see that makes them all racist. Haven’t heard obama saying anything about people wanting to kill Zimmerman. What do you expect from a man that has no honor.

    • “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.” — Rahm Emanuel

      So what’s important here is not the issue itself, only that they can manufacture a supposed “crisis” and then use that crisis for political advantage. These people are crazy, they are NOT stupid.

  11. Next up: the staff of web sites start receiving death threats that have published alternate new’s content challenging or countering the mass media’s race-baiting gun-grabbing reporting agenda of the GZ-TM shooting.

    • Says he turned it in to the police when he surrendered. Any chance he’ll get that one back anytime soon?

      By the way, as I recall that Islamo-fascist at Ft. Hood had an FN Five-seveN and with all the blasting he did against a room full of un-armed victims his kill-ratio (thankfully) was quite low. And then you have the problem when you get back into court of the prosecution claiming you intentionally carried a weapon designed to “maximize the carnage”.

      Hope GZ reconsiders his choice when he gets the chance ad/or decides to avail himself all these opportunities for a new sidearm.

      • I looked up this poor lethality claim and it didn’t hold up.

        According to the wikipedia page only three of the thirtysome wounded survivors were shot in the chest. One was upper left chest, near the shoulder. Another if you check the reference the bullet passed through the arm and wound up in the chest. The third I couldn’t find any information on specifying the nature and location.

        Conclusion is if you put a couple on center mass it looks to be plenty lethal

  12. These death threats brought to you by the same people angry at GZ for being a vigilante.

    I guess wanting to kill GZ couldn’t be seen as racist since he only “self identifies” as Hispanic but is, obviously, actually white as the driven snow.

  13. The difference between gun owners and anti-gunners:

    Anti-gunners often wish death, pain, harm, rape, murder, suicide and the like on gun owners and their families.

    You rarely see a gun owner wish the same on an anti-gunner.

  14. Wow. I’m amazed the I’m the first to call “bullshit” on the authors entire premise for this article. While I am whole heartedly behind Zimmerman, and would contribute money to any initiative that would see him well armed once again, I have to most strenuously give the lie to the authors pie in the sky assertions that gun control started in the South, and what’s more, was brought into being by the KKK no less! In the words of Charles Dickens, “this is no more than a specious piece of humbug!” which is what the famous author said about slavery being the prime reason for the South leaving the union. Also, keep in mind that Dickens was an ardent abolitionist at the time he said this.
    I’m really getting sick and tired of public school educated vap heads who have bought in, lock stock and barrel, to the federal gatekeepers “official version” of history without bothering to even SLIGHTLY check the facts for themselves using period sources of information that aren’t on the governments “approved” reading lists.
    The period immediately after the War Between the States was, indeed, a time of great fear and oppression, but it wasn’t the newly freed slaves who had anything to worry about, hell, they were running the Southern State’s governments, (albeit as puppets of the northern federal government), it was the white population of the conquered South who were regularly being murdered in their beds by blacks who were being incited to these actions by federal groups called “union leagues.” These “leagues” were nothing more than mobs of freed slaves, led by agitators from the northern government, who incited them to go out and rape, pillage and burn the farms of white people; much like we see going on right now with race hustlers like sharpton, obama and jackson. This life of terror went on, not for a month, but to a great extent, for the entire period of so called “reconstruction,” and was the impetus for the formation of the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan was formed because the white population of the South needed some way to protect themselves from the depredations brought on by the northern federal government and carried out by it’s minions in the carpetbagger and black communities. When the worst of the murders and other depredations ceased, and some small amount of order was restored, the Klan was disbanded in 1867. Also, as a side note, the rabble that now calls themselves the KKK was established and founded in the NORTH, in Indiana and Illinois, and has no connection to the original organization that ceased to exist in 1867.
    The author of this seedy piece of journalism also has the temerity to place the onus completely on the “South” for the racial sins of the entire country, leaving the rest of the States seemingly blameless. He fails to mention that Jim Crow laws didn’t originate in the South, but in Illinois, the land of lincoln…and obama! They were the first to pass laws barring the immigration of blacks into their State, even making it unlawful for them to even transit through the State, much less establish citizenship! They were also the first to set penalties as harsh as death for those unlucky blacks who crossed into their territory with firearms in tow, (gee, you can see where Chicago got the idea for their gun laws now!) If you really want to know the history of this time period, get your heads out of books written by the “gatekeepers” of federal history such as plagiarists like Goodwin and admitted Marxists like Jaffa, and study the period works by great historians such as Walter Lynwood Fleming and William Gilmore Simms. Also, if you want to get into the mind of a real mass murderer, read “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo.
    The South is done sitting on the “stool of eternal repentance” for the institution of slavery; an institution that the entire country, including the northern States, are equally responsible for. If you don’t believe me, read the book “Complicity.”

    • Give me a break. I’ve read the “period pieces” and every single one of them leads me to believe that there was exactly one reason for Cessesion: the threatened abolition of slavery. I have great scorn for people who wish to continue to beleaguer the south for past injustices, but my friend, you’re trying to rewrite history.

      • Lovely. However that does not remove the correct point made by the Southern states that was not in the authorized power of the Fed Gov’t, or Abe Lincoln, to dictate to any state that a state was required to remain part of the Union.

  15. It appears that the administration is trying to push enough to start a race war,it just seems that anything that comes along that incites people enough,like the gun control vote in April,pushed enough that even politicians,and some Sheriff’s came out and said that if the gun bill had passed it could have started a 2nd Revolution,now the administration is trying to push people enough to start something that could end up in a civil war.That would be all Boobama would need to emplement martial law and let DHS,and the rest of the alphabet agencies,the military ,and UN troops loose on us.He is chomping at the bit to do it.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  16. According to ABC, Despite all that, Zimmerman emerged from hiding at 5:45 pm Thursday to help pull a trapped family of 4 including 2 children from an overturned SUV that was on fire. Since he didn’t see the accident, he spoke briefly with a deputy and left. However, ABC was running tape of the trial instead of the wreck. Ironically, it was in Sanford, about a mile from the shooting.

  17. It’s so comforting to know the Democrats now favor vigilantism, lynch mobs and Kangaroo Courts of Guilt or Innocence by acclamation. /sarcasm

    • What do you mean Democrats? 51% of the country voted for this administration (which is behind the politicizing of this trial, and dropping the Black Panthers voter intimidation suit) twice.

      We have a much bigger problem than partisan politics. We have people who “vote” who are 1) dead 2) non-citizens 3) illiterate or 4) educated by the public school system as it exists today (Rachel Jeantel is their spokesperson). I’ll vote Democrat from the grave – just like everyone else.

  18. Completely off subject. But, it’s hard to tell what type of ammunition is in the magazine. They appear to be some type of hollow point, but with the brass casing I know it’s not your typical Ranger T, Gold-Dot, HST, etc…

    Any ideas? Just for curiosity sake.

  19. Buckeye Firearms Association in Ohio (a 501-c-3)was taking up donation to purchase a new gun and equipment for Zimmerman, however it appears they have received an overwhelming support and have ceased taking donations for this cause.

    • The store’s name is Pompano Pat’s, and he’s primarily a motorcycle dealer. He has two or three shops, but only sells guns in the DeLand store, and I’m pretty sure it’s primarily walk-in, not internet sales. You should be able to Google the rest.

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