Yahoo News reports that Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell may have purchased the guns used in the attack in California. I mean, the attack was in Washington, D.C., home to stringent gun control. The shooter may have bought the guns in The Golden State. In the run up to the shooting, as her bi-polar son went AWOL, Bedell’s mother found evidence that things were going from bad to ballistic to nine mil. “Within days [of reporting him missing], Kaye Bedell found a message on her son’s computer indicating he had spent $600 at a gun store or shooting range in El Dorado County, east of Sacramento. She was afraid he had purchased a gun or ammunition, said San Benito County Sheriff Curtis Hill.” Strange that Yahoo hasn’t followed that one up, as there’s only the Eldorado Rod & Gun Club in that location. TTAG is investigating. As are, no doubt, the authorities.


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