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I doubt it. But one of the main media memes is that all stories are part of a trend. Crime is going up! Crime is going down! More Jews are buying guns! No one wants to hear that things are pretty much staying the same, even though, let’s face it, that’s pretty much how it is for most human activities. Anyway, as a Jew, I can say that writer Natasha Mozgovaya has found a nice place to upon which to hang her reportorial yarmulke: a latecomer to guns who wants to talk about firearms to his fellow Jews. No, I don’t mean me; my pistol-packing proselytizing is non-denominational. I mean Rabbi Dovid Bendory, an authorized shooting instructor who’s giving shooting lessons to members of the Orthodox community. Great quotes. But a big swing and a miss on the nexus between Jews and gun rights.

“I think that in view of our history, every Jew who is physically and psychologically capable of carrying a gun should do so,” the Rabbi tells Haaretz. “We must be ready to defend ourselves, and God will make sure we will never need to do so. I am not a supporter of [assassinated ultra-nationalist Jewish organizer Meir] Kahane, but I also do not want to find myself on the wrong side of a gun.”

Who would? While the reporter does a fairly good job of portraying Bendory’s “conversion” to firearm-based self-defense, she ignores the organization that steered the Rabbi on the road to Jerusalem. No wait. Different conversion. Anyway, Mozgovaya spoke to the man behind the man: Aaron Zelman, founder and president of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. But she somehow forgot to quote him.

Big mistake. Zelman’s 6500 member organization calls itself “America’s Most Aggressive Defender of Firearms Ownership.” If anyone knows if American Jews are tooling-up, it’s Zelman. And he doesn’t know. “You don’t have to put your religion on the form when you buy a gun,” he told TTAG. “So there’s no information on how many Jews own guns, or whether that number’s increasing. The last time we had any indication was when Bush was running against Dukakis. The Times Mirror did a study that said 96 percent of Jews support gun control.”

And that’s it. That’s all we know about Jewish gun ownership in the United States—other than the fact that all the powerful Jewish members of Congress are pro-gun control, dissed and dismissed by Zelman as “lapdogs for the Democratic Party.

Needless to say, Zelman sees things a lot differently. “The girl from Haaretz left out the connection between gun control and genocide. The day after Kristallnacht, the Nazis declared that Jews couldn’t owns gun, knives or other weapons . . . From a biblical poin-of-view, we are commanded by God to defend ourselves. As an American, I’m commanded by the founders to preserve the tools of freedom.”

So why don’t more American Jews own guns? On this point I could almost hear Zelman shaking his head. “A lot of American Jews are thinking about it,” he offers. “Most of them will just think about it until they die.”

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  1. Thank you for all the info you provide. I was able to get the printable genocide chart out to a number of people who were supporting the gun ban in Seattle coffee shops etc. There was a better turn out of 2A supporters than a combined million mom's, Brady campaign, etc. Hopefully we reached some of them.

    • If Jews arm up they will eventually use the guns, make a mistake and be labelled as terrorists. If they don't, they will have no defense but trust the law and have hope and we know how that can go. Same story as always. God Bless.

  2. I'm a practicing Catholic.

    I am a member of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO)

    I am also a member of the NRA, GOA, SAF, USCCA and others. I will always be a paying member of these groups (except maybe the NRA) because I hold freedom and liberty as dear to me as the G-d who endowed me with these unalienable rights. Aaron Zelman understand this concept perfectly

    I hope the Jews who read this article will see that they are the one's who cannot ever forget what socialism, progressivism and gun control leads to… Registration, Identification, Confiscation, and eventually Genocide.

    We Christians need you Jews to never let the world forget these truths. Those who forget history are destined to repeat it.

    I have always been a Christian, but I also have a Rabbi (Daniel Lappin), and I repsect the ancient Jewish wisdom.

    I hope you will join me at JPFO

  3. It always surprises me when a people who are regularly oppressed through the ages, make no efforts to stand their ground and adhere to those inherent rights to defend themselves. Jews are typically pro abortion…why? Something that eradicates a generation of people to suit the controlling power of a megalomaniac and narcissitic group of greedy & inhumane rich politicians, doesn't seem like anything the average person would want to condone or endorse. Gun control (registration, licensing and confiscation) sets the Jewish people up for a repeat of historical genocide. Look at history…every civilization that oppressed the people and reduced the populations down to controllable levels through genocide, began with destroying the economy, controlling the banks, controlling the businesses, taking away means of self defense and then taking away means of self preservation. Those who support gun control, abortion, higher taxation, government control in their lives, do so, "thinking that they themselves will be part of the controlling elite"; when in reality, they will be victims easily dispensed with and eliminated if their existence is not convenient and profitable for those rich, controlling elite.

    Go ahead, vote for them, write good things about them, support their causes…then one day, you too, will be victim of their genocide. It has happened before… There is nothing new under the sun.

  4. Great article. And great point about genocide. The religious and racial minorities in this country can never forget the history of firearms restriction and confiscation leading to oppression and genocide. To do so is a disservice to the memory of their ancestors and disrespectful of their struggle.

  5. I am in support of freedom in general, God gave us this earth to rule and live apon.
    If Able defended him self what would we have learnd from this event?

    What I learned from this event was, you can’t even trust your oun brother. if you have something and someone wants it bad enough, they will do anything to get it, If Able would have killed Cain in self defence what then of this lesson?

    I beleve God has givin us the freedom to take care of our selfs anywhere on the whole planet, he wants us to survive, and our enemies to parish. (basic Biblical truth)

    I not only beleve in the right to own a gun , but the right to protect my oun life at any cost.
    My God is a jelous God, and to fear Satin by beleving that I am not allowed to protect my life ,is putting Satin before God ! that in it’s self is pure evil.

    The real sin is beleving we are not allowed to live!

  6. I am a life member of JPFO. I have come to realize that the NRA has negociated away more and more of our constitutional rights, especially those relating to our right to keep and bear arms. There is a great deal of misunderstanding concerning the intent the founders had in drafting the 2nd amendment to the bill of rights. It has absolutely nothing to do with hunting, target shooting, gun collecting or even allowing honest citizens the means to protect ourselves and their loved ones from criminals. It was specifically placed in the bill of rights to provide a last ditch right of the people to overthrow a tyranical and oppressive government, a government that ignores and/or acts deliberately to take away the rights protected by all of the constitution. It concerns me greatly that so many Americans do not have the courage to defend their constitutionally guaranteed rights or even know what these rights are. The constitution does not grant us any rights. It instead states specifically what rights that all free people have always possessed that the government may not take away. Shame on any American, regardless of their religious beliefs who don’t read the constitution and demand that those rights be protected. I hear many people brag “if the government tries to take my guns away I will fight them to my last breath” and then wimp out when the time comes to stand up and fight.

  7. Exodus 22: 2-3 (A.V. 1611 KJV)
    If a thiefe be found breaking vp, and be smitten that he die, there shal no blood be shed for him. If the Sunne be risen vpon him, there shall be blood shed for him: for hee should make full restitution: if he haue nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft.
    Luke 11: 21-22 (A.V. 1611 KJV)
    When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace: But when a stronger than he shal come upon him, and overcome him, hee taketh from him all his armour wherein he trusted, and divideth his spoiles.
    Luke 22: 36, 38 (A.V. 1611 KJV)
    Then saide hee vnto them, But now he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and hee that hath no sword, let him sel his garment, and buy one.
    And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And hee saide vnto them, it is ynough.

  8. When I was in my early teens, I was privileged to meet an elderly Jewish man who had survived one of Hitler’s death camps. Naively, I asked him how 6 million Jews could allow themselves to be herded into the camps. He replied simply, “The Nazis had all the guns.”

  9. "So why don’t more American Jews own guns?" you ask? Because they are not what they say they are or wish that they were (Jews). See Revelation 2:9 & Revelation 3:9. Do these people not fit into that mold. They are not Jews to begin with or they would have, from a biblical point-of-view, (commanded by God) defend (defended) themselves. The holocaust would not have been nearly as bad as it was if only the Jews, that call themselves Jews, had obeyed God's Law (biblically commanded) and not the German Law (Nazi commanded). If (or when) this happens again, everyone whom is truly a Jew (and whom support the Jews) should obey God and forget about the Law of the Land. Don"t hand in your guns, don't allow ourselves to be rounded up and put on trains, buses,or airplanes. The real fight against this anti-gun crowd needs to begin way before they can get to that point. Resist NOW!, not when you are being shoved into a gas chamber a "GUN-POINT". Yes I know, that just makes to much sense doesn't it?

  10. Being a gunsmith and therefore being very familiar with most guns, I could not help but notice in all of the photos taken of Jews being herded into gas chambers, onto trains headed to prison camps and other photographs taken during the holocaust that none of the Mauser 98 rifles carried by the guards had loaded chambers (meaning that the guards would have to unsling their rifles from their shoulders and open and close the bolts on these rifles in order to fire them) and the MP 40 submachine guns had their bolts closed (the MP 40 fires from an open bolt and the guards would have to unsling these guns and pull the bolt to the rear before they could fire their weapons.) This would allow courageous people being herded to take the guns away from the guards and use the guns against the nazis. Even more evident was the fact that one guard per 1000 people can’t possibly make these people do anything that they don’t want to. Instead, the people were herded like sheep to the slaughter, with their heads bowed in submission. Why? because like today they had been taught by their own people that “guns are instruments of evil and no-one but the police and military should own them”. Sound familiar? These are the exact same words used by Obama when he was running for president of the US. Who are his main supporters in congress pushing towards this goal?
    Senator Schumer, Senator Boxer, Senator Pelosi, former Senator Metzenbaum. All of them Jews! Will we ever learn?

  11. Jews aren’t the only innocent people being slaughtered.
    As said earlier, the lesson is simple, never allow anyone to disarm you.

  12. I only have a few Jewish friends. The three who were marines all own guns and two of them are gun collectors like I am. None of us have the victim mentality of those Jews who tend to come from large cities where gun ownership is much more than controlled. None of us have the progressive mentality of several generations of large city Jews who, for some reason, say "never forget", but wouldn't know what to do should an incident trigger their "rememberance". The people in my grandparents generation were those who came to America with numbers tatooed on their arms. Luckily for my immediate family, my grandparents families left Europe in the early part of the last century and fled to the U.S. and Argentina. None of my family in Europe survived. None of them fought back, because they were "good Jews". My mother once said to me "Danny, Jews don't go in the Air Force!" That is the prevailing attitude toward weapons and defense in a large part of the Jewish community. There are many who, quietly and in private, are accepting the idea of self defense and owning the tools to do it. Just because they are quiet does not mean they do not exist.



  14. I am not Jewish but I do not know how you can not stand up for the State of Israel and not see what is being insidiously done. I have always been a big supporter of Netanyahu but I cnnot believe he backed down over the building in Jerusalem. nobody comes to Dallas and tells us that we can't build a new neighborhood or school district.

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