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Danny Crouse (courtesy

Mr. Farago,

I’ve read your blog for some time now and have been an avid shooter and firearms enthusiast my entire life. I have my own business as a firearms instructor, worked in the firearms industry for about 4-years, and come from a very pro-2nd Amendment family. I am contacting you in order to give you a little more information on the [PA] Turnpike shooting that wasn’t in the news. My fiancé is Danny Crouse’s daughter so the past week or two has been very hectic with funeral arrangements, helping the family get through this, etc. Due to this, I have just now had a chance to read through the articles that I have missed and I happened across the one regarding the turnpike. I know that you usually post a “gun hero of the day” post and this may be something to consider . . .

We found that Danny was able break free of his restraints that Mr. Brigg’s had forced Danny’s female co-worker to apply to him. While Briggs was restraining her, Danny was able to confront him, effectively taking his handgun from him. Briggs then retreated and Danny immediately ventured outside with his coworker in order to get to the emergency phone in the toll booth. She was making emergency calls as Danny was guarding her with the handgun he took from Briggs.

The van then pulled up that was contracted by the state in order to pick up money from all the tolls in the morning and Danny warned the older security guard inside the van that there was a robbery in progress and to draw his firearm. Immediately after, Briggs returned with an AR and apparently hid in the tree line and opened fire on the van, killing the security guard.

As Danny went to assist the fallen guard, he was shot once through the shoulder, severing an artery near his heart. We were later told by a trooper that attended the viewing that Briggs AR had been illegally modified to select fire, though as you and I both know, this wouldn’t have changed the outcome.

I don’t know how much of this detail you would want to publish, if any at all, but Danny left this world how he lived…he was always trying to help someone in need. He was also a gun-guy…not quite as rabid as I, but him and I shared many long conversations regarding firearms freedom’s, concealed carry, and the need for firearms of all types to be possessed by citizens of this country. Another note, he was a PA CCW holder and was unable to carry at the tolls due to job restrictions…This entire situation may have ended a lot sooner if he had been equipped to defend himself and his coworkers from the start.

Danny never sought fame or recognition when he helped someone, he did things out of the goodness of his heart in order to help those that needed it most, but I consider him my personal hero. He saved lives with his actions and I would only hope that I could act in the same manner if, god forbid, anything similar would ever happen to me.

Thank you for your time.


Kody Moser

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  1. Another ‘Gun Free Zone’ failure. There is, of course, no way of knowing for sure if things would have been different had Mr. Crouse been allowed to carry his concealed weapon at work rather than having to be disarmed by some misguided regulation. But it is very certain how things went when he was not. Had he been armed when the criminal first showed up, there is a chance Mr. Crouse would have been able to neutralize him, but he apparently was hesitant to shoot the after he was disarmed and supposedly no longer a threat.

    Another sad lesson here is to never assume the threat is over. RIP Danny Crouse and the security guard in the van.

  2. Heroes are every day people who do extraordinary things. Condolences and best wishes to the family. Thank you for taking the time to make the truth known.

  3. This is one of the most unusual tragedies I have ever read about. Who would of thought that the criminal would have not given up after being disarmed. He obviously was a psycho and would have probably killed both people if he had succeeded with the robbery. I think too that if the criminal had been shot in the back as he made his escape (towards his hidden rifle) that the rifle probably would not have been found. Rather anyone finding it probably would have kept it or sold it. Then a jury would have crucified Mr. Grouse as a cold blooded killer himself. I think this turned out to be a no win situation for the innocent people involved. No matter what they would have done that day they would have been in big trouble but at least if Grouse had shot the guy in the tussle for the gun he would still be alive today.

  4. I’ll raise a glass to Danny Crouse; a true hero and role model. My sympathies to his family. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. He was a good and brave man. He relied on himself and helped others. His spirit is a part of what makes America great.

  6. Note to self. If lucky enough to disarm, control the criminal. If criminal escapes stay covered. If elect to shoot after disarm, interject shot because criminal may have other armaments. Save lives earns asset forfiture and a jail cell.

    • Indeed.

      And who the hell is anybody to leave a man like this with laying down his life as his *only* option.

      This is the only thing that need be said to the Bloomie-brigades, but it needs to be said clearly, directly, without flinching, every single time. Who are you to disarm people like these, so they have only their courage as they face down death that didn’t have to come?

      Mr. Crouse was a hero. So, what do the disarmers say to Mr. Crouse’s family, and the family of the other guard, both who might have lived had Mr. Crouse’s courage been matched with means. Who are you to value them so little you sacrifice their chance to live, to your emotional comfort? Who are you, so sovereign as to decide for them, when *their* lives, not yours are in play? Who are you, so wise as to judge that such men are not to be entrusted with “dangerous” weapons, at work, or any time?


  7. I didn’t read the other responses intentionally because I wanted to give him a well deserved SALUTE and heartfelt sympathy for his loved ones without a filter of others comments.

  8. My god bless him and protect his family. And curse the powers that be for disarming him, while they have armed government security on speed dial. I’m crying now. Sorry.

  9. I’m sorry, if someone has the right/ability to disarm you they should have the duty/obligation to keep you safe.

  10. I will miss you Danny. I miss seeing you and talking to you and talking to the family. You will always be in my heart. RIP COUSIN DAN… I will pray for your close family.


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