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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi brought out all of our favorite figures in the civilian disarmament community yesterday to roll out the Democrats’ effort to outlaw private gun sales in the United States.

(When Gabby Giffords was shot) violence shattered lives in Arizona and tragedy pierced America’s heart. We are blessed to be with survivors of so many other acts of gun violence today. But today is also a day of action.

We say enough is enough by finally bringing common sense bi-partisan background check legislation to the floor of the House. Isn’t that exciting? The gun violence crisis is, as I said, an epidemic that requires the energy and engagement of our entire nation.

– House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019

Details of the bill have yet to be released.

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    • Prohibitions always increase the viciousness of those seeking the restricted stuff of desire. This law would INCREASE violence not reduce it. Liberals are SOOOOOOO naive.

      • Voters, yes. Politicians, no. They actually know better. They want an increase in violent crime, because it justifies their existence and continued dive into a police state with absolute authority over you.

      • Naïve is one thing to call it. Another way to say it is that the Democrats know exactly what they are doing, and by passing this legislation, they are exerting ever more control over the law-abiding public. To assume that Democrats/Liberals are misinformed, is to pass judgement without looking deeper into the agenda that they have consistently been pushing since the 1980s (and earlier, to be honest). Liberals know that these types of laws punish law-abiding citizens, while simultaneously bolstering the black-market and the selling of firearms to criminals.This will ultimately increase gun-related violence, and give them more fuel to push forward and all-out ban.The agenda has been, and continues to be, full reliance on the government for protection (and everything else for that matter). While this line of thinking is completely asinine to folks with decent common sense, this legislation only furthers the Left’s attempt to disarm the citizenry, redistribute wealth, increase taxes, rely solely on the government for all aspects of daily life, and slowly erode the Bill of Rights, until everyone is at the mercy of Local, State, and Federal bureaucracy. Gun Control has never really been about guns… It’s about Control (of the People).

        • Liberal politicians yes, mostly. Some are just plain stupid. Liberals in general react emotionally to these issues, and reject/don’t want to hear our “tired old refrains”, believing that gun bans and background checks would actually reduce the number of illegal guns on the street. They do not want to hear that the only people who will follow all of these new laws are the law abiding, and that these laws will leave the law abiding defenseless against the evil doers. They refuse to accept that the human animal has an innate violent streak that it takes little to bring out. On the other hand, a lot are willing to listen when we start talking about how the welfare system has resulted in a huge number of single parent households, and that inner city kids join gangs to replace the missing father figure.


    • Why I do believe pelosi is MANUFACTURING a crisis…

      Wait.. I thought they weren’t allowed to use words with MAN in it? So maybe Womanfacturing?

  1. If they really need the engagement of the nation as a whole, they’re doomed to fail.

    If what she really means is a handful of Republican senators lacking a spine or sense or respect for the Constitution, well then, they have a good shot at it. At the moment I wouldn’t speculate odds on a Trump veto of such an abomination.

    • How committed are the Republicans in getting rid of bump fire, changing the age to buy guns to 21 years old, gun confiscation orders and passing 100% record keeping of gun sales and transfers?

      • Trump and the NRA successfully pushed for a bump fire stock ban order.

        A Florida Republican introduced a gun confiscation order bill.

        Democrats introduced an underhanded gun registration bill.

        • You know who else attacks Trump and the NRA and has a convenient link to CNN? David Hogg didlers. Nice try trolling us. What does Soros pay you and when did your hatred for Jews start? You know because Soros killed Jews. He slaughtered them.

        • @Erik Damon

          Isn’t Soros a Jewish man who aided the Nazis in order to save his own life? Isn’t that why a lot of people (including Jews) don’t like him and are constantly blaming him for everything although there are other Jewish people that do the same thing?

          Didn’t the NRA call for the ATF to look into the bump fire stock again to make a proper determination as to their legality? Didn’t Trump have a meeting with the NRA about “extreme risk protections orders,” “universal background checks” and bump fire stocks? Didn’t Trump then order the ATF to ban bump fire stocks, called for stronger background checks and red flag laws?

          Aren’t a bunch of Republicans passing and calling for more “red flag” laws? Didn’t the NRA make a video calling for “red flag” laws? Aren’t there some Republicans that are also backing “universal background checks”? Didn’t the NRA help create the background check law we have in the first place?

          Who is truly trolling Americans?

  2. ‘Details of the bill have yet to be released.’ – Well naturally we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.

    • the by-product of dogs squatting over gravel was/ is vastly superior to that which was “passed to see what’s in it”

    • Give the young man a star…much like they don’t adequately safety test vaccines before they’re given, you just have to have to wait and see what potential catastrophic results may occur after you or your loved ones have had one.

      • yes… just like that. You know, unlike a stopped clock, you have yet to be right? And now back to actual, ummm, gun stuff?

        • Lol, what in my statement was factually incorrect? Should I even bother to check back? You never answer direct questions. The irony is that there is current push to mandate the flu shot in several states, a shot never adequately tested for safety, and a shot we KNOW is ineffective. And just today there was a story about a young girl who died from the flu, or at least that’s what were being told she died from, it wasn’t clear if she was actually tested for the flu. The story also failed to mention if the girl was vaccinated with the flu shot, meaning she likely was vaccinated or the the lack of vaccination would likely have been the central theme of the story. Interesting is that a number of the posting profiles below the story are literally dancing on this poor dead girls grave attempting to push this ineffective and potentially product on the public using emotion. Sound familiar? It’s obvious your income depends on you perpetuating certain myths we’ve been conditioned with for decades. Whatever joe.

        • The fact that you claim they haven’t been adequately tested for safety.

          Quick! Google stage 4 trials for medicines! Then look up why rotashield got pulled off the market.

          I wouldn’t know about dancing on someone’s grave, but to me that exactly what your post looked like. Only you did it against the vaccine instead of for.

          And again, this is a guuuuuun website.

          You keep using the words shots, I do not think we mean what you think it means.

        • Joe, instead of hiding behind google, why don’t you cite one or more flu vaccine safety trials and be prepared to answer questions about them? Should be easy for you. And as usual you have reality reversed….the push to remove the public’s rights to refuse these inadequately tested and ineffective products uses the same tactics as the gun grabbers pushing to remove our rights on owning firearms. But please, cite a flu vaccine safety and explain the safety aspects of the study. Please. Low hanging fruit for a doc like yourself. Right?

      • The only reason I’m responding is because you say I never do… you say that vaccines aren’t safety tested, which is just not true. I pointed to a case where stage 4 trials pulled a vaccine off the market in less than a year when it increased risk for intussusception to prove that what you said is it true. You bring up flu, shifting goalposts much?

        You have no idea what testing is required prior to approval of a vaccine by the government. Or any idea of what happens after a vaccine goes to market. That’s pretty obvious from your posts. So I’m going to end this discussion on my side since you don’t want to educate yourself.

        I will point out that I’ve always been against mandatory vaccines, and have plenty of parents in my practice with alternate vaccine schedules or who do not vaccinate. So that accusation isn’t true either, but I guess that’s the kind of statements I should expect from you.

        • Joe, if you consider testing flu vaccines against other flu vaccines or against ingredients contained in flu vaccines adequate safety testing, you shouldn’t be practicing medicine. Your lack of understanding of the scientific method or evidence based science is putting your patients lives at risk. Your refusal to cite even 1 flu safety study says it all.

    • it’s the first step to registration…private sales are inconsequential to criminal misuse of guns…but that doesn’t seem to matter to them…….

    • This! If the Dems package gun control with border wall funding, some boot licking Repubs will cave and Trump will sign it in a heartbeat

      • Pretty big assumption. Not that easy to pack in two completely different agendas into one bill and not have at least half the house point it out.
        Slipping in a registration while strengthening background checks, yes, easy. Claiming to violate the 2nd amendment to build a wall…. broad stretch.

        Guys like you base their idea that Trump is a gun grabber solely off his need to push bump-stock issues, yet never stopping to think that him having the ATF revisit it was a way to allow the bump-stock to become cemented as an unrestricted item, instead most of us rolled over and allowed it.
        As the saying goes, you can build a thousand bridges, but if one falls its all you’ll be known for.
        That falls on the people, not the architect.
        Mistakes happen, peoples views sway or are clouded. But to ignore all the good of someone because of a few mistakes is childish.

        • I never said that I thought Trump was a gun grabber. What I think and fear is that he is willing to sacrifice anything and everything in order to get border wall funding. While I would like increased border security, the 2A is not something I willing to bargain away.

        • So called “universal background checks” is a form of registration. All sales and transfers will be documented for the government. They have countless boxes of these records already because they can’t put them in electronic format yet (as it’s illegal to do so). Then they simply need to pass a bill allowing electronic record keeping.

          After they get their underhanded registration they can use their gun confiscation laws to take away guns from whomever they think is a danger to someone.

        • My guns will still not be registered, and I neglected to get the names of the people I sold them to, although I recall that all of them worked in Congress. Unless that’s not legal, in which case my records were stolen from my safe. Unenforceable = Do not comply

    • What do you mean “his wall”?

      I want the wall built, millions of Americans want the wall built.
      Don’t you mean “the wall”?

      Trump didn’t pull this wall out of his butt, its part of the reason he got elected, we elected him to do things, the wall was one of them. Don’t act like he’s in this alone!

      Guess Trump wants to take care of “his precious veterans” too!
      Trump wants “his” schools better funded?
      Trump wants “his” roads better built”
      Trump wants “his” troops back home and out of a war zone?

      Yea, his, he’s an American, this is his home, as it is ours, lets fix our house!!

  3. “Passing gun control requires a complete and utter lack of obedience to the US Constitution.” There, I FIFY, Nancy.
    The modern democrat party are THE domestic enemies our Founders warned us about.

  4. What, I wonder, do gun control supporters tell themselves is their purpose? Some of them have to know that what they suggest is pointless, no? How do they justify what is not only an infringement on the second amendment, but totally and objectively pointless as well? I’m legitimately curious.

    • The low-info pawns don’t think enough to bother. They just feel, then hear, then obey. politicians have motives unrelated to public safety that are served by anything that harms the ability of citizens to arm themselves.

    • They have a set wish list of incremental things to push for, this fits the “doing something about gun violence/safety” even if it doesn’t actually realistically do anything. After any mass murder event (mass shooting) they roll out the talking points, and stick with them, even when confronted with “but the killer legally acquired the guns or killed someone to get them, this wouldn’t have changed anything it saved anyone!” They will just say their polling says America wants it, if we can save one life, gotta close that gun show loop hole, gotta stop people buying those guns on the internet, or if the mask slips… Give an inch, we will take a mile.

      They keep harping on something like this, because they can easily trot it it to the media and confuse the details, and easier to get support for “closing some scary loopholes that shouldn’t be there anyway, I mean Mr and Mrs America, do you want kids buying Ak47 machine guns with grenade launchers on the Internet?!?!?? This will put a stop to that!”

      Nevermind that it is already against the law for prohibited persons to possess or buy guns from any source, background check or not. And that criminals get guns typically from other criminals, straw purchasers (also illegal), or by stealing them.

      The same as assault weapon bans, they have long decided to go after what they can more easily demonize or confuse the facts because “we are going to ban and confiscate all handguns” is a harder issue to push.

  5. “Arms in the hands of individual citizens may be used at individual discretion for the defence of the country, the over-throw of tyranny, or in private self-defense.” John Adams

    “A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.” Thomas Jefferson

  6. “Are we at last brought to such a humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our own defense? Where is the difference between having our arms in our possession and under our own direction, and having them under the management of Congress? If our defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own hands?” Patrick Henry

  7. Who gives a good ******* what this drooling old bat has to say. She is the sworn enemy of liberty and that’s all anyone needs to know about this alleged female.

  8. Any Republican who touches this needs to go down in the primaries. It isn’t much, but I will be sending $100 to whoever runs against them in the primaries. Rubio is already on my list, for his support for red flag laws, due process be dammed.

  9. Giffords was a fraud. She represented the Tucson area while she was actually living near Houston with Astronaut Kojak. Kharma doesn’t like frauds.

  10. pees-loosely:
    .virtually all criminals come from your love-the-cop-killer party
    .you want g-control so your fellow dhimmi-crats can’t get shot up as they carjack, home invade, mug, rape, etc.
    .dhimmi-crats like their victims defenseless, hence support for baby-murderers
    .big wall OK for you, not for the law-abiding?
    .gun control = a**hole

  11. The French had to do the same thing when Hitler invaded their Country! The underground French resistance was very important to regaining freedom in their Country.
    The Nazi’s decreed “turn in your arms within 24 hours under penalty of death”!
    The Liberal Democrat Nazi’s will try the same thing in the USA!
    They will find guerilla warfare works in the USA, just as it defeated us in Vietnam!
    The FREE USA UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE will eventually prevail.

    • france supported america in the war of independence, some citizens fought against hitler’s version of the american dhimmi-crat party in europe. then they voted in macron the maricon & muslim immigration, wtf. macron = taquiyya-bama = justa turd-hole = may-jor disaster = merkle-mengele

  12. Dumbass democrats want to pick a fight with the people with most of the guns and ammo when they don’t even know which bathroom to use

  13. Starting to sound like “The Hunger Games”. The one form of trade NO government can control. ” I have me a .22 I picked up in Blankship. Would really like one of the piglets ya got. Make a trade?”

  14. Pelosi: Passing Gun Control Requires the Energy and Engagement of the Nation and a complete disregard of the Constitution and Bill of Rights,for her and her Marxist minions that is not a problem.

  15. I’d give anything to hear Gifford’s say every body should be required to pass the same background check that her assailant passed because that’s literally what they’re asking for.

  16. Do you want an increase in “ghost guns”? Cuz this is how you get an increase in “ghost guns”.

    If people can’t easily buy what they want, they’ll start making their own. Prohibition taught us that. The war on drugs taught us that. Just as the AWB limit on rounds led to the proliferation of the pocket pistol which brought concealed carry into fashion, barring the unencumbered exchange of legally held weapons will led to more people buying tools, 80% lowers, and other unregulated weapon parts..and might well bring the private creation of NFA stuff into fashion

    • “If people can’t easily buy what they want, they’ll start making their own. Prohibition taught us that.”

      Oh, the Leftist scum have an answer to that, all right.

      Deep drills, chamber reamers, and other gunmaking tooling will be made controlled items, requiring paperwork and background checks and made available for sale only to federally registered gunsmiths.

      The Leftists scum will make manufacturing a home shop firearm, even a slam-fire shotgun, a federal felony with mandatory prison time.

      In other news :


      Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has missed her *third* day in a row at SCOTUS.

      Here’s hoping her health continues to deteriorate (and as rapidly as possible).

      *snicker* 😉

      (If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not a nice person…)

  17. Nothing says “energy and engagement” like Nancy Pelosi, a droopy-eyed octogenarian who can’t remember her own name half the time anymore.

  18. It’s a great idea for the elites to give up their armed protection first as an example for the rest of us. If Nancy can feel secure to forgo armed protection then what do we need guns for. All those famous rich people can walk down the street without worry their kids might be taken or they could be robbed. Clearly this is awesome.

    • She knows what she is doing. They all know what they are doing. They are not dumb. They are winning. Talk all the crap you want about them, but they were able to get power positions or keep them.

      Even that young woman from NY, who is an openly proud socialist, was able to dance her way into the minds of Republican males and a position in Congress.

      So who are the nutters?

  19. Big surprise. Democrats gain control of something and the very first thing they do is send a bunch of gun control bills down the pipeline.

      • We do not need or want “pro-2A” laws, 2a precludes laws about firearm ownership or carry. We need “no” laws about firearms.

  20. Only thing missing was a statement from the HOGG,,, I wonder what the Democraps that own guns think about intrusion’s on their 2A rights…,

  21. And when are you left wingers getting rid of your guns and your armed guards? We have a constitutional right to have guns so don’t even try to take ours.

  22. Pelosi is the most disconnected human on the planet. She should not be in office much less the Speaker. She is foolish and senile!

  23. Pelosi can try GUN CONTROL BUT a crazy person does NOT go to a store register wait 2-7 days then go kill someone !!! Most people even PELOSI have hear of under ground & can buy anything they want even a contract to kill someone or weapons & ammo BUT Liberals think that taking away your gun rights is going to stop some from killing there ASS. Check Chicago stats for no gun zones they have more murder than other areas because the people can’t protect themselves just like GOV we can’t protect ourselves from CORRUPT POLITICIANS with out weapons. P.S. Most high ranking Politicians have armed body guards !!!

  24. Dear Nancy,

    I want you to know that your heartfelt words have moved me deeply. I am energized and engaged ….

    … TO OPPOSE YOU!!!

    Warmest Regards,
    E. Nuf Already

  25. I wish RBG a long life, but since she obviously can not handle the job, she should retire. She is well past her working life time, she needs to quit and enjoy her family while she is able.

  26. Funny how Nancy calls the unchecked smuggling of people and contraband across the southern border a made-up crisis, but almost historically low rates of violent crimes committed with guns is a national emergency that has their highest priority.

    • “unchecked smuggling of people and contraband”

      Your logical fallacy is “appeal to authority.” The liars and thieves we call politicians have drawn lines on maps, declared everything and everyone (including you) on one side of the line their property, and have ordered their standing army (cops, border patrol) to kidnap or murder anyone who started life on the other side of that line who crosses it. They’ve also sent their standing army to kidnap or murder anyone who buys or sells plants or other substances that people wish to voluntarily consume.

      The real question is, why do you support such a violent gang? I’d hate to put words in your mouth, but I suspect it is just because they have flags, a pledge of allegiance, and an ingenius propaganda machine.

      • IOW, you advocate anarchy and chaos. Fine, pardon me if I don’t join you. You sound like a child. Whether or not you are, you need to grow up.

  27. Commies always confiscate guns from the little people so they can take all their stuff without risking their lives. The worst inner city gang violence and gun deaths are all controlled by these Bolsheviks. They protect illegal gangsters from deportation. They allow crimes using guns to be plea bargained to a misdemeanor and stopped the 5 year mandatory sentence for crimes using a gun. If the inner city gun deaths were subtracted from the annual death toll we’d be among the safest countries in the world with least gun related deaths.

    • “Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.”
      – (Former) Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, DC

  28. Passing racially invidious gun controls requires the traditional malice and dishonesty of the Democrat party, and the traditional gullibility of the Republican party.

  29. Ms. Pelosi, you have broken your pledge that you swore to protect the constitution of the U S . you and others should be impeached voluntary or otherwise.

  30. This tramp ;being BITCH needs to go !! FAR FAR FAR away and never ever come back take dumb dumb scumbag Schumer with you Please. Your Anti MERICAN and terroriasts in disguise
    Just shut up and go away

  31. If the so called anti-war Liberals and Homosexuals had voted for a pro gun, pro freedom, anti-war gay man, Justin Riamondo, when he ran against Nancy Pelosi she would not be around. But the Liberals and homosexuals like getting “free stuff” from the government. They like government “free stuff”. More than they like guns which are Instruments of Liberty.

    This is why I say, THERE IS NOT, an anti war movement in the USA. There are a few individuals. And that’s all.

    “Nancy Pelosi voted to send U.S. troops into the Bosnian quagmire,”

    • War is like football to Americans: a spectator sport. Americans worship at the alter of the military industrial complex as long as they themselves are never affected or at least only marginally and temporarily. Why do you think they fly the jets over the Super Bowl. Roughly .5 percent of every subsequent generation of Americans will be at war for the entirety of the remainder of our history as a nation, while the other 95.5 percent live not oblivious but ambivalent to this fact.

      • Probably because everytime we try to mind our own but, the Europeans either go apeshit, start another world war, or drag us into the conflict. So we might as well do controlled burns while we are at it.

        • Name a ten year period since 1840 when the U.S. has “minded it’s own”. I vote Universal Mandatory Service, no excuses if your able bodied and minded and not providing for some one who isn’t . I did my four, everyone else should too (or at least two). Then you’ll really see what “minding our own” looks like. Might even mean big tax cuts that aren’t run up on credit. That’ll never happen though and we all know why.

      • Euro Traveler
        Actually it seems the people who support war don’t want to fight it themselves. Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left. Same for the homosexuals and the Atheists. I did over 21 years in the US Army.

        I’m part on the American 1%. Americans who volunteered to serve in the military. We have no draft. I say let the Europeans put each other into gas chambers.

        There are already tens of thousands of American soldiers buried on the European continent over the last two world wars.

        The Europeans have been invaded again only this time they invited The Invasion. Let them suffer for their stupid foolish actions.

        For those that disagree you can form the modern day 21st century version of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. If you don’t know what that is then Google it. Look it up learn some history.

  32. I’m energetically engaged against it.

    Gun control punishes everyone with a blanket law that should be left to the states. I shouldn’t be punished for what someone else did, and people in general shouldn’t be punished because of what they are “capable of” rather than what they “choose” to do.

    Everyone is capable of terrible things, gun laws or not. The problem isn’t the method that they choose to enact malice, but their decision to do so, and no gun control law can remove the malice from the hearts of those with ill intent.

      • That’s true. But better on a state level, than on a federal level.

        IMO best not at all. All gun control is – is intolerance of gun access and gun owners. It doesn’t punish people for their specific crimes, it punishes them before they committed any crime (because of the ton of regulations put common people with no intent to harm anyone). And these days, they punish people just because liberals are intolerant (like going to jail because you owned a bump stock – despite that you hurt no one).

  33. We need to badly pass common sense gun control legislation by responsible Democrats.
    The problem is that the legislation is void of common sense and Democrats are irresponsible.
    Have to remember these people cannot even figure out what toilet to use.

  34. Citizens that support the 2A and their freedom will have to start acting separate from the government now. They must now take steps to acquire those items necessary to their survival and that of the Nation should we have to retake it by force to restore the Republic! Many are already doing so. Many are now rejecting any further gun control legislature. And it must continue. Screw the leftists and liberals that support more gun control. Make sure NOT TO DEFEND THEM under any circumstances! Your life and your family is your responsibility to defend and protect.


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