Pittsburgh gun rights rally
courtesy triblive.com
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Hundreds of Gun Rights Supporters March in Pittsburgh
courtesy triblive.com

Following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting mayor Bill Peduto (who rejected the idea of armed guards in houses of worship) announced his intent to defy Pennsylvania’s state-wide preemption law and enact an “assault weapons ban” and red flag law in the Steel City. In response, hundreds of gun rights supporters held a rally at the city-county building yesterday.

Pittsburgh gun rights rally
courtesy triblive.com

The mayor and sympathetic city councilmen are trying to organize other cities in the state to do the same and force a court confrontation over the preemption law.

“State representatives and state senators who were here Friday are introducing similar bills to go along with this, and our goal is to get other municipalities across the state to do these bills as well,” Councilman Corey O’Connor said.

But the crowd that assembled yesterday, some of them armed, are vowed to oppose the mayor at an upcoming city council meeting.

The size of the rally crowd that gathered Monday for at the City-County Building suggests that Council Chambers on Jan. 24 will be full of opponents of the three proposed bills. They aim to regulate assault-style weapons and certain ammunition and accessories, as well as allow courts to authorize law enforcement to temporarily seize a person’s guns under limited circumstances.

From triblive.com:

About 16 protesters later entered the City-County Building in an unsuccessful attempt to speak with Peduto and City Council members. Six of them were armed and checked their guns in a secure room before entering, according to building security.

“We simply wanted to come over and get any council member’s opinion or statement on do or do they not maybe support Mayor Peduto’s position, or anything that would help us understand where the council is coming from,” said Boyd Martin, who was among the group. “We got nothing.”

The city council will meet January 24 to consider the gun control bills.


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  1. “We got nothing.” Well, what did they expect, being evil, grubby gun owners and everything…

    • January 24 Pittsburgh, I don’t live in the state but I will show up. This is the time and place to send a message to these scumbags. Just need an address posted from a local. Never surrender

  2. I like that the piece (via JPFO) said that the protesters were “heavily armed”.

    I dunno, but from the photos, the firearms looked fairly light weight. And there were no people with belt-feds.

      • Yet. Just give it time before the fighting starts. Sad to say it but the way this country is heading, we will have to fight, again. Until then, we can be more peaceful than the idiots who protest police and end up turning a city into a riot breeding ground. At least when we fight, we will kick down doors that matter and leave the local shop owners out of it.

  3. They don’t give a shit about gun owners. Philly and Pittsburgh are virally anti gun and Gov. Wolf is fresh off reelection. Next 4 years are going to be interesting.

    • And they will never give a shit until thousands/tens of thousands show up in protest! Hundreds of protesters is laughable. I see this coming to Colorado as well, and I would hope that we wake up and show up. I will definitely be there.

      • I too live in Colorado. I am all for peaceful clear communication and assymbly! Conserve protect and practice that’s our right, we need to well regulate and start something for the future of our fellow American! Let’s do something, God Bless America!

      • They won’t care if 10’s of thousands show up, either. After the vile Governor of New York passed the SAFE Act, over 10,000 gun owners rallied in front of the state capital building in Albany. The Governor’s administration responded by mocking them.

        • Doesn’t matter. We are there for when the mocking turns into an attempted removal and confiscation leading to bloodshed. By your suggestion, we should just submit and never gather.

          Go back to the crown you fucken red coat.

        • Easy there, fella. All I’m saying is that large demonstrations don’t mean a thing to those elected. Save your hostility for liberal politicians.

      • Yep. With an all blue legislature and governor, we can expect that same bullsh*t that got run up in Boulder to be coming to the state at large any time soon. They better expect noncompliance.

      • @ColoradoKid

        Wrong, they still won’t give a shit.

        It happened just like that in CT. Massive pro gun protest on the capitol in Hartford in the cold. 11 or 12 out of 13 hours of public testimony on what became PA13-3 was pro gun; I watched it all. Who knows how many letters to the governor, the legislature, and the state police; I know I sent about 20 myself. I don’t think you need to guess how they voted.

        They. Don’t. Give. A. Shit.

  4. Typical outlaw Democrats.

    Republicans still control the Pennsylvania Legislature with a substantial majority.

    The State Courts will overrule Pittsburgh and/or Philadelphia as they have in the past. Furthermore, if the City doesn’t promptly drop the case before they get a court ruling, they give the aggrieved gun owner standing to sue for damages for their violation of state law.

    It’s just another way idiotic Democratic mayors risk their taxpayer’s money.

    • Exactly.

      These Socialist Democrats don’t care how much of the taxpayers money they waste. They consider it their personal ‘war chest’ after election.

      ‘Elections have consequences…”
      Bathhouse Barry

    • “The State Courts will overrule Pittsburgh and/or Philadelphia as they have in the past.”

      Don’t count on it, at least not if it goes all the way. Remember when the PA supreme court went democrat, in an election held the same day as a Philadephia mayoral election, that Philly showed up for but the rest of PA didn’t? We are about to feel that. And our AG office won’t bother opposing the cities who pass illegal gun control laws.

      • I think even the Democrat-controlled Pennsylvania Supreme Court will uphold the current version of State preemption. It would be too disruptive to the rule of law to do otherwise. If they don’t, all of the deep red counties in the State (which is most of the state) can then just pass their own local laws that override Pennsylvania’s uniform firearms laws.

        And proceeding with the case past the first court ruling will subject the local municipalities to being sued.

        In the past, local municipalities in Pennsylvania with unlawful gun laws would harass gun owners by filing charges and going to court but they dropped the charges before there was a ruling. The gun owner didn’t have standing if the case was dropped before the ruling. This happened very infrequently so there wasn’t enough evidence to file a class-action civil rights suit.

        If local municipalities pass unlawful gun laws and start actually enforcing them, they may have to defend their actions, not only in local and State Courts, but in Federal Court.

    • Wrong!
      It has been done successfully before, and they know it. Politicians are cowardly sorts, and they know down deep that if they push too hard there will be consequences.

      • That was 70 years ago and much different people. Now its mob rule and the left dominates that space.

    • I”m not sure I can think of something else more american.

      “Blood and Tyrants”
      – Thomas Jefferson
      (Technically he was an englishman I guess)

    • I think you forgot the ‘/s’ at the end of your statement, so I fixed it for you! You’re welcome!

      “Taking up arms against the government is extremely unAmerican./s”

      • Yes. I did forget the SARC. Actually, I typed it in to the comment, and the site turned it into an (invisible) HTML tag.

        • Funny how many people missed it tho. They thought you were serious. My my… how… “snowflake” of them.

    • That would be news to George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and the other founding fathers.

    • The video gets interesting at the 29:00 mark, especially when people off camera are ‘shoo-ed’ away to not make their availability evident.

      • That’s corruption happening right before your eyes. People don’t realize it.

        A council person was coming out when a woman told them to go away so the citizens couldn’t request a meeting. Then the desk lady says no council members are there for them to speak to. The desk lady escapes as another woman comes to “replace” her. The new woman then plays dumb while the three other government workers hide. When the protesters see a government worker that insulted them earlier, they request to know his name, but the woman (currently at the desk) starts distracting while he runs away too. At this point she tells the cops to get rid of the citizens whom are exercising their 1st Amendment. The cops of course do as they’re ordered.

        • Yep. They were caught with their pants down and had no idea wtf to do. They were so pathetic, I actually pited them a little bit (a little bit, but my pity stops when they support laws that would throw myself and others in rape cages).

          This is how real life protests pan out, not the bullshit rigged CNN townhalls that happened after florida where the media can control the narrative.

  5. 2A supporters have to stop worshiping law enforcement.

    Majority of law enforcement will simply follow orders and aid the corrupt politicians in accomplishing their goals. They want to be the monopoly of force, which means you cannot be armed. Stop pretending all of them are the good guys with the gun there to help you. They are not actually there to help you, their job is to arrest you for breaking the law. It doesn’t matter if the “law” is illegal or unjust, they will enforce it as ordered.

    Stop being played by both sides. We are supposed to respect the individual not an organization, entity or group.

    How often does the government respect your rights as an individual? How often does the government treat their employers with the proper level of respect?

    • Agreed. It’s inevitable that LEOs will get killed in our future, same with military. My only hope is the majority of them leave that bullshit “Oath” behind and fight with the citizens, leaving only the idiots left to combat true patriots. Anyone who thinks it will play out any other way is naive. a year, 10 years from now, 100, or two days from now… it will happen.

    • Yes CZ, I remember the police standing down in Berkley CA. They obeyed orders. They sat in their cars while people were getting clobbered by antifa “protesters” aka rioters. The LEO’s want to keep their jobs, go home to their families, maybe even get promoted. It takes a strong person to stand up to corruption.

      • Interesting question; If cops are told to stand down, antifa attacks a few citizens and get shot dead as a post for their effort, will cops continue being “stood down”?

        • In Charlottesville, lawn enforcement stood down, which lead to a lot of violence and a death of a woman. They later arrested a man for pulling his gun and firing at the ground after a man was trying to burn people. They later arrested men that defended themselves with blunt objects after they were attacked. Actually… they didn’t stand down, they stopped the speaking event and physically pushed opposing groups into each other, then blocked the roads for them to escape safely, which lead to violence and death. Now they want more gun control in that state because public safety.

        • When YOU need the police they “stand down”. When the Democrats need the police they are on the job.

      • Not according to our history. Farmers and every day citizens stood up to corruption. Boys, the age of 15 stood up to corruption. People left carriers behind to become riflemen because they knew what it meant. Now days, people are complacent and would rather pay higher taxes and just ignore politics hoping it doesn’t effect them. Eventually it will and these veteran cops will be forced to make the same decision a 15 year old made hundreds of years ago. Those that chose compliance, can die by the hands of true patriots. I just hope the rest of their families are smarter than they were.

    • Well said CZJay.

      I was talking to an LEO the other day, an avid Trumpie (despite being from a family of immigrants, the usual cognitive dissonance there) who was going on and on about how we don’t need things like hate crime laws and so forth.

      I finally looked at him and said, “You’re right. We wouldn’t need any of those extra laws if y’all would actually do your job at the point of contact and treat all citizens the same. In just this conversation, I’ve heard you call people wetbacks and faggots. Can’t wait to hear what you think of women too. The whole problem is that y’all are the gatekeepers about what even gets treated as a crime, and if you don’t like the looks of the person it happened to, you won’t do your job and write a report or anything else.”

      He didn’t have anything to say to that.

      I run into a lot of cops at the range. Racist language, bullying attitudes, poor firearms handling and technique, out of shape, think their guns are a magical talisman meaning that if something real happens they’re going to crap out in a fight.

      Some are good. But wow.

      • As a long time lurker, I just want to say to Elaine that when scrolling through the typical replies found on this website, whenever I read a post that I find myself agreeing with, you are usually the author. Keep it up!

      • It’s because the job pays decent and they can bully their way through life.

        I like to think I support police, but every time I run into one all I can think is “Do your fucking job” and “You are exactly how Nazi Germany became a thing”. Because they let real crime go in fear for their own lives and follow orders hoping for promotions and a better paycheck. Selfish fucks.

        I got stopped the other day cuz my third brake light was out (which I was on the way to autozone to replace) and while the cop was understanding about it, I just could not help wonder how many drunks I saw leaving in their vehicles in front of the bar they pulled over by. Granted, in MT, people drive with no brake lights, snow all over their vehicle, one headlight… etc etc… so I was a bit surprised that out of all the people, I get pulled for a third brake light. I don’t cause a problem unless one needs to be caused, and I never had to give him any info or anything. I rolled down my window and informed him I was carrying and where, etc etc… I definitely think they pick and chose who they fuck with by their looks. Maybe he wanted to see if that Combat Action Badge and “Same shit, different toilet” (with a repub and dem symbol) on my window looked like it actually belonged to me. I think he got his answer. BTW, the cop was overweight and unhealthy. No surprise there.

  6. I’m the mayor.
    My life is worth armed security paid for with your money.
    Your lives aren’t worth protecting.
    Suck it filthy rabble.

  7. The Illinois State Rifle Association does these a few times a year in Chicago. The Media shows only the paid bussed in protesters.

    • Well, after reading that….

      That was some of the worst pile of conspiracy garbage every compiled, the author jumps all over the place with is views, while some stuff is questionable, most of the ramblings are him struggling to make ends meet.
      You can make anything sound suspicious if you write it that way.

      Total garbage.

    • “Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack, which is a continuation of the joke. Islamic Jihad is just a puppet of Israel, composed of actors.“

      Hilarious. But RWNJ will believe anyone who supports their fantasies.

      It is stories like this that contributed to the Pittsburgh attack.


  8. Both the DNC and GOP despise gun owners and the Constitution.
    Rick Scott was in favor of the recent legislative changes in FL, why would he become pro 2A as a US Senator?
    POTUS is too busy on Tv and social media, picking up people from the swamp for his admin instead of “draining the swamp”, and trying to ban bump stocks nationwide.

    • Whats infuriating about Florida is that the facts are now known about who is exactly to blame and what incompetent acts that occurred that allowed the shooter in florida to do his deed.

      The silence from major media outlets and the dumbfucks like Hogg are deafening.

  9. If the gays and trans can group up despite their tiny population, why can’t we the #2A band up for thousands?

    Stop BICKERING over tiny devices and functionalities. Stop HIDING your #2A rights in public.
    Open carry when permissive and let other people know that you’re not a crazy “Gun Nut” for exercising your right to self-defense.

    • Yup.

      I tell everyone, that’s why bikers don’t have to wear helmets, they stood together.

      Its one way or the other, either you hide your firearms in hopes that what they don’t know you have will keep them from passing any laws regulating it. Or you make it such common place that everyone supports using them.
      Cars are death machines, but can’t be banned because nearly everybody wants or has one and uses them daily.

      Carry, everywhere, open!

      Stop being sissies and using that “I wanna surprise the bad guy and I don’t wanna be a target” bullcrap and OPEN CARRY!
      If you lose your right to carry, the bad guy wins anyhow.

  10. Dont forget! The PA Gunsmith school is there!! The oldest gunsmith school in the country that’s still around!

  11. may-whore p-uto: try running in joy-see, probably always room for another commie gov-traitor. did u swear to uphold & defend state and US Constitution?


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