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(courtesy Facebook)

Gun-control group demonstrates at Northbrook Mariano’s the headline at proclaims. It’s a story of an anti-gun flash mob – all 17 of them – protesting outside a grocery store that somehow decided not to ban legal concealed carriers from its premises. You got to hand it to Northbrook anti-gun rights “activist,” founder of Peaceful Communities, Lee Goodman. The man’s got this media-friendly agitprop thing down . . .

Northbrook activist Lee Goodman, created a pile of stuffed animals in a mock shrine to a gunshot victim outside the store’s main entrance and carried signs emblazoned with slogans including “lox not Glocks” and “bagels not bullets.”

They also brought a petition for the signs that Goodman said was signed by 600 people.

It was the second trip some of them had made to Mariano’s, 284 Skokie Blvd., as a part of the effort. The group also had appeared on opening day, Aug. 25, with the same message.

Teddy Bear shrine (courtesy Facebook)

“We’re creating our own teddy bear shrine,” Goodman, who had opposed Illinois’ concealed-carry law, said at the protest. “We want to impress upon Mariano’s that this is what happens when you have guns around.”

Clever man that he is, Goodman’s catering directly to the media’s insatiable appetite for “if it bleeds it leads” bloody shirt waving. No doubt we’ll be seeing more of his anti-civil rights campaigning. But this article offers something extra: his rationale for so-called “gun-free zones.”

Goodman maintains that signs do save lives, saying gunfire is less likely to occur due to criminal intent than error, and it would be better if people with new Illinois concealed-carry permits kept their firearms in their car trunks while they shopped.

“It’s the accidents,” he said. “People drop guns, children pull them out of the purses left in shopping carts and there’s also the potential that people who carry guns, anywhere, if they get into an argument, with guns there, now it’s turned lethal.”

Goodman’s lying – and he knows it. You have to be wildly willfully ignorant to even suggest that negligent discharges and escalated “arguments” with legal concealed carriers account for more in-store bloodshed – or the possibility of bloodshed – than armed robbery. You can spend .55 seconds Googling “armed robbery Chicago.”

By the same token, Goodman knows exactly what game he’s playing. The more stores who ban concealed carry, the more he can make it a PITA to carry a concealed weapon, the more he degrades Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

Oh, and here’s something interesting: a Trib story about an armed robbery foiled by a FOID-card holding Chicago resident, one that left the perp at room temperature. How about them apples?

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  1. Angst Not Arguments!
    Feelz Not Realz!
    Frights Not Rights!
    Alarmed Not Armed!
    Hateful Not Grateful!
    Delusion Not Debate!
    Astro-turf NOT Grass-roots!

      • The signs are all done with the same handwriting. I’d be more convinced these people weren’t paid to do this if the signs were made by different people, and if the ‘activists’ looked more motivated. They just look tired…

        • I just hope the store had them charged with theft for using their carts for something other than gathering food inside the store. This is exactly the crap that pisses me off. They had the gall to use a company’s own carts for the idiocy. Entitled, jobless, stumble-bums, that are too lazy to even hold up their own signs. When I was a kid these types were called scum.

        • Like the annual anti-Walmart protest that goes on here…they buy their sign boards and markers at *sigh*…. Wal Mart.

  2. What needs to happen is at every public appearance this anus makes, is for someone to shout “LIES!” when he makes the ludicrous statements. Bring proof with you and take his crowds away.

    Destroy the credibility, destroy the SJW.

    Civilization wins.

  3. THIS got zero press on the local snooze…sadly an 8year old boy was murdered on the southside of Chiraq in a hail of gang crossfire this afternoon. Plenty of press…

    • Bets on the shooter having a valid FOID card; not good. Just like the guy above being able to have a FOID card after his 10 felony convictions.

  4. No wonder they’re upset, that store wants to shoot the flu. The sign in the background says “Get your flu shot here”.

  5. We’re creating our own teddy bear shrine,”
    “We want to impress upon Mariano’s that this is what happens when you have guns around.”

    So I get teddy bears?

  6. Lee Goodman is as anti as they come, Roundy’s who owns Marianos already told him they won’t be posting but that is not good enough. I am sure they went to the south side and offered crackers to a bunch of homeless people or got some busy body stay at home moms to sign his alleged petition.

  7. That Glock blocker at the lead cart probably has grandchildren of her own. She really ought to spend her golden years loving them, cherishing them and transferring what wisdom she’s managed to scrape together over the decades. It’s a better pastime than clomping around Chicago grocery store parking lots in the middle of winter, misleading people to go about their day as vulnerable as the self-defense firearm every thief just saw them put in their trunk.

  8. What do I see here? Well, I’ll be — it’s flock of used up, dried out, superannuated Social Justice Warriorettes with made-in-China stuffed toys being led by a bad man named good man.

    Just when you think that the left can’t get any nuttier, they renew your faith in the ability of Democrats to be stupid.

  9. Interesting, the Mariano’s I go to in Chicago (Webster location) has the stupid “no Beretta’s allowed” signs posted. Does each Mariano’s location get to make up their own rules?

    • Mariano’s stores in Chicago have to post in order to maintain compliance with a Chicago ordinance that requires businesses that serve alcohol to post. It’s a reluctant concession they need to make to serve Chicago.

      • There is a huge difference between selling alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption and a supermarket selling alcoholic beverages for off-premises consumption.

        • We had that stupid ambiguity here until 2013 when the legislature got smart and just undid the stupid requirement.

          Bar / restaurant carry is legal now; drinking in a bar or restaurant while carrying is not. Still, a huge improvement.

          Anyway, the ’13 change shoveled dirt on grocery and convenience stores that did not “allow” carry due to misunderstanding what “serve alcohol” means.

        • And, oh yeah, State Preemption, so towns like Asheville and Chapel Hill could not try to impose their own “interpretation” of how/when to restrict firearms.

  10. If a Chicago punk rolled into the parking lot and these people were looking down a barrel, I bet they’d shake the hand of a CC person who perforated the punk and saved their life. As always, the gun-free zone idea is a poster-child of short-sighted thinking.

    • Actually, I bet “these people” would have a hard time being able to distinguish between the two because…guns!

      That is, if they are in fact even a little bit committed to the clever little messages they are carting around the parking lot and not just doing it for a little under the table ‘walk around money’.

  11. Theres any legal carry in illinois ??

    1) Elementary or secondary school, whether public or private
    2) Pre-school or childcare facility
    3) State buildings
    4) Court buildings or buildings being used for a court proceeding
    5) Local government building
    6) Jail, prison, juvenile detention / correctional facility
    7) Hospital, affiliate, mental health facility or nursing home, whether public or private
    8) Train, bus or other public transportation funded in part / whole with public funds
    9) Bars and any restaurant that serves alcohol which accounts for more than 50% of their sales
    10) Permitted public gathering / event (pass-through exception)
    11) Special Event Retailer’s Licensee location
    12) Public playgrounds (No pass-through allowed)
    13) Public parks (pass-through allowed if trail or bike path merely passes through, but is not totally within the public park)
    14) Cook County Forest Preserves
    15) College / University, whether public or private — ANY location
    16) Off-track betting parlor, riverboat or gambling venue licensed by the State
    17) Stadium, arena, or any collegiate or professional sporting event.
    18) Public library
    19) Airport
    20) Amusement park
    21) Zoo or museum
    22) Nuclear Regulatory Commission facility — you may NOT have a firearm anywhere on their property, even in your car.
    23) Any place prohibited by federal law.

    The off places make it >>

    so realy safe there *ironic*

  12. “… an armed robbery foiled by a FOID-card holding Chicago resident, one that left the perp at room temperature.”

    And how long will the “people of the gun” continue to worship things like the “FOID card” and all of the permission slips from the very ones who ache to disarm them?

    The man was able to defend himself and others because he was a good guy with a gun, NOT because he had a stupid “FOID card” from the state. I read it all the time, even on blogs like this. It’s as if people should quietly allow themselves and others to be murdered if they don’t have the required “permission slip” to do anything else.

    We know those things are a reality in some places (and not in others), but do we really need to glorify the stupid permission slips, even as we deplore the rest of the gun confiscation effort? I certainly won’t.

    • This is the reason I started OC’ing here in New Mexico.

      We do have Shall Issue, but I could OC without a license. And most places that allow CC I can also OC.

      Best decision I could have made! I understand now, after OC’ing for 8 years, why in the old days, it was considered dishonorable and cravenly to carry a Concealed weapon. That only criminals would carry a concealed weapon.

      An OC weapon is a public statement of one’s capabilities and also intent. It was a public statement of one’s commitment to being the first line of defense for ones community and a public deterrent to a human predator that might target fellow citizens as prey.

      It wasn’t perfect, but to think of a society that expects it’s fellow citizens to fall out with their personal weapons and stand and fight against the best military troops of the day, and win, is just…..incredible! It was our society, our history, the stuff of legends!

      And now? Much has been done to push back against the forces of tyranny our Founding Fathers warned us about, but so much more is needed.

    • I understand your frustration and share it.

      However, I also see another side to this. And, that is to shove into the face of the anti’s that the guy was LAW ABIDING. That even with their stupid hoops, ridiculous taxes|fees and other requirements, law abiding people WILL do the right thing.

      And, that’s the right thing in both senses.

      (1) He did the right thing by jumping through the hoops (as they exist right now),


      (2) He did the right thing by stopping the robbery.

      It might be just a little chip, but it is tapping away at their narrative that POTG are all murderous thugs that just have not gone off yet.

      In other words, by constantly mentioning the FOID and other premission slips in stories like this, maybe, just maybe, some people will start to realize, “Hey, why are we putting so many roadblocks in front of the GOOD GUYS when the BAD GUYS don’t bother anyway?”

  13. Recall a few years back a conversation with a (non gun owning) buddy about schools being gun free zones, which he was unaware of. His knee jerk response was ‘that makes sense’, but of course then couldn’t explain why. We can’t underestimate the social conditioning of the average person, especially anyone that spends any reall real time watching the idiot tube.

  14. How about today’s Tribune front page? “Store employees grateful for customer who killed robber”


  15. At what point did the store management order them off the property for trespassing? Standing on a public sidewalk in front of the store is legal and respectful of private property rights. Coming onto the property and using the store’s carts and setting up “memorials” at the front entrance is not.

  16. Goodman is a liar and a pussy. Saw him at a pro-gun meeting prior to the CCL law passing. He stood up and talked some trash in front of a room full of pro-gun people. If he really thought we were dangerous, he wouldn’t have even been in the same town.


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